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photos by @griffinshot - Tim Griffin

Erasure @ ACL Live - 10/18/2014
Erasure & Superhumanoids @ ACL Live - 10/18/2014

Erasure played ACL Live lat night (10/18), and play a second night tonight again with opener Superhumanoids. A full set of pictures from the first night are up at BrooklynVegan.

photos by @griffinshot - Tim Griffin

Aretha Franklin @ ACL Live 9/3/2014
Aretha Franklin @ ACL Live 9/3/2014

Queen of Soul Aretha Franklin made 'em sweat at her sold-out ACL Live show on Wednesday (9/3). Literally. She had the AC turned off before the show as is her wont. We've got more pics and setlist over at BV. Meanwhile, Aretha plays two more Texas shows this week: Saturday (9/6) at Winspear Opera House in Dallas and Tuesday (9/9) at Arena Theatre in Houston, both of which are sold out.

Look out for a new Aretha album this fall.

photos by @griffinshot - Tim Griffin

Little Dragon & Octopus Project @ ACL Live 8/31/2014
Little Dragon & Octopus Project @ ACL Live  8/31/2014
Little Dragon & Octopus Project @ ACL Live  8/31/2014

The last time we caught Swedes Little Dragon, they were playing one of our intimate SXSW day parties. Needless to say this was a much bigger show, in support of the group's lovely fourth album, Nabuma Rubberband. Locals The Octopus Project kept things just a little west of weird. Pictures from the whole show are in this post and more follow below...

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photos by @griffinshot - Tim Griffin

J Roddy Walston and The Business - ACL Live - 9/2/2014
J Roddy Walston and The Business - ACL Live - 9/2/2014

Now in its 40th season, Austin City Limits continues to bring some of music's most engaging live performers to the small screen (even though screens are getting bigger). On Tuesday night (9/2), Richmond, Virginia's J Roddy Walston and The Business, who are still going strong off 2013's Essential Tremors, hit ACL live for a taping. While their set streamed live on ACL's YouTube channel, folks will have to wait till their episode airs later this year on PBS to see it again. We do have pictures from their set which are in this post. More below...

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photos by Sarah Frankie Linder

Nick Cave @ The bad Seeds @ ACL Live - 7/19/2014
Nick Cave @ The bad Seeds @ ACL Live - 7/19/2014

Dressed in black, tan chest glistening under gold chains, Cave delivered a performance without reservations Sunday evening. He jumped, thrusted, swayed, cursed, blasphemed, and crooned the packed Moody Theater for an hour's worth of crushingly loud deliverances and sexualized come-ons.

Platform extensions on both sides of the stage allowed Cave to extend himself to the audience where throngs of writhing hands lifted upwards for a quick grasp of his robes. He gave much more than that. Hands supported his slender figure as he leaned into his lustful disciples. "I saw you last night," Cave said to a blond in the front row, referring to his Saturday night performance. "At the show, of course," he clarified with a smirk. [Pop Press International]

Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds are continuing to support last year's Push the Sky Away on an ongoing tour with Nicole Atkins which hit Austin for an ACL Live show at Moody Theater earlier this month (7/19). Pictures from that show are in this post. They continue, with the setlist, below...

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photos by @griffinshot - Tim Griffin

Tweedy - ACLTV - 6/20/2014
Tweedy - ACLTV - 6/20/2014

...Father and son (Tweedy and pop?) had just finished playing a full album's worth of new material at ACL Live along with guitarist Jim Elkington, multi-instrumentalist Liam Cunningham, bassist Darin Gray, and backing vocalists Holly Laessig and Jess Wolfe of the band Lucius. It's not common for a show to begin with 14 songs no one has yet heard: "That's always fun at a concert," Tweedy acknowledged apologetically as he thanked the audience for the indulgence.

The pleasure, as it turned out, was all ours. Though Tweedy followed the new stuff with nine Wilco and Uncle Tupelo favorites played solo plus a couple of full-band ringers for an encore, it was the sneak preview of "Sukierae," the upcoming debut from the band just called Tweedy, that made the night special. [Austin 360]

The setlist from that show along with pictures from the taping (which happened back on June 20th) are in this post. Stay tuned for the episode to air on TV.

More below...

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photos by @griffinshot - Tim Griffin

Valerie June taping an episode of Austin City Limits - 5/28/2014
Valerie June taping an episode of Austin City Limits - 5/28/2014

Powerhouse vocalist Valerie June has been playing a number of shows and festivals this year, and last night (5/28) she played Austin for a taping of Austin City Limits TV, which is currently in its 40th season. Her set included a few covers, like Muddy Waters' "Rollin' & Tumblin'" and Carter Family's "Happy or Lonesome," and she was joined by Binky Griptite of The Dap-Kings who Valerie toured with this year. Pictures of the ACLTV taping are in this post.

The night before the taping, Valerie also played an intimate Austin show at Stubb's indoors. More pics from ACLTV below...

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photos by Sarah Frankie Linder

The National @ The Moody Theater - 4/22/2014
The National - Night 2 @ The Moody Theater w/ Warpaint - 4/22/2014
The National - Night 2 @ The Moody Theater w/ Warpaint - 4/22/2014

The dull roar opening "Bloodbuzz Ohio" rose the crowd in immediate recognition, yet the group kept the song reigned in and continued the build through newer material "Don't Swallow the Cap" and the piano-led "Hard to Find" as well as High Violet's "Afraid of Everyone" and an exquisitely pained "Conversation 16." The first cathartic swell didn't break until 10 songs in, with the uproar of "Squalor Victoria," which reset the performance as Berninger smashed the mic stand into the stage and stormed manically from end to end.

That release is Berninger's forte, but it's the band and frontman's build to it that makes the National beloved and their shows powerful enough to carry three nights in one of Austin's largest venues. The singer's raw in performance, peeling back a vulnerability and insecurity in open wounds. He draws the crowd into this naked susceptibility so that the relief when the emotion finally shatters rivets and razes the entire audience. [Austin Chronicle]

The National wrapped up their three-night run with Warpaint in Austin at ACL Live at Moody Theater last night (4/23). You already saw pictures of night 1, and here's a set of night 2. The setlists were pretty similar from night to night, but for anyone who went multiple nights there were some differences. Only night 2 got "Anyone's Ghost," "Heavenfaced" and a few others, and only night 3 got "Demons," "Looking for Astronauts" and a few others then too.

More night 2 pics, and the night 2 & 3 setlists, below...

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photos by @griffinshot - Tim Griffin

Matt Berninger of The National takes a breath @ The Moody Theater on 4/21/2014
The National - Night 1 @ The Moody Theater w/ Warpaint - 4/21/2014

The National brought their tour with Warpaint to Austin for their first of three great double bills at ACL Live at Moody Theater last night (4/21). Like other shows on this tour, The National did a pretty good job of mixing it up between their last few albums, hitting tracks like Alligator's "Abel," Boxer's "Squalor Victoria," High Violet's "Conversation 16" and their newest, Trouble Will Find Me's "I Need My Girl." Pictures of the show are in this post.

The National and Warpaint do it again at ACL Live tonight (4/22) and Wednesday (4/23). Both sold out. More pictures and The National's setlist from night 1 below...

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photos by @griffinshot - Tim Griffin

Sharon Jones and The Dap-Kings @ ACL Live - 2/26/2014
Sharon Jones and The Dap-Kings @ ACL Live - 2/27/2014

When Jones emerged 15 minutes later, she was dressed like that bright star: gold dress, gold earrings, shining scalp, and some small white heels that didn't look easy to dance in. "Cancer got kicked in the ass!" yelled Griptite. Jones never looked so alive.

She swayed side to side to "Stranger to my Happiness," "You'll Be Lonely," "Long Time, Wrong Time," and 2010 b-side "If You Call." She was all business through the Gladys Knight arrangement of "I Heard It Through the Grapevine" and "We Get Along," breaking for nothing and stepping with muscle across the floor.

Jones didn't mention her cancer until "Get Up and "Get Out," but even then she sang about it. "I had to give the people what they want," she howled. "And now I'm cancer free!" - [Austin Chronicle]

Cancer-free, Sharon Jones is back and seems better than ever, as evidenced by her and The Dap-Kings joyous ACL Live performance on Wednesday (2/26), one of three Texas dates on her current tour. Valerie June opened the show, but we don't have pictures of her, unfortunately. You can, however, dig into lots more from Jones' set below...

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Nick Cave @ Stubb's - SXSW 2013 (more by Amanda Hatfield)
Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds

Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, who were in Austin in March for SXSW just announced a 2014 tour, and as promised, that includes an Austin date which will take place at ACL Live @ Moody Theater on July 19. Tickets for all dates of the tour will go on sale Friday (11/22) but a special presale starts Tuesday (11/19) at 10 AM.

photos by @griffinshot - Tim Griffin

Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails on 11/4/2013
Nine Inch Nails tape for Austin City Limits on 11/4/2013
Nine Inch Nails tape for Austin City Limits on 11/4/2013

More pictures, info and the setlist from NIN's recently announced Monday night ACL taping, at BrooklynVegan.

The band's tour, now with Explosions in the Sky, hits the AT&T Center in San Antonio on November 5 and the Don Haskins Center in El Paso on November 11. Tickets are still available for both.

photos by Sarah Frankie Linder

Atoms for Peace @ The Moody Theater,10/13/2013
Atoms For Peace @ The Moody Theater - 10/13/2013

When the final day of the two-weekend 2013 ACL Music Festival got rained out -- a foot of it (!) between Saturday night and Sunday morning -- many of the bands still wanted to play so event organizers and venues scrambled to fit in as many as possible Sunday night (10/13). Atoms for Peace ended up at ACL Live's Moody Theater where they played a nearly two-hour set that included a lot from both Thom Yorke's Eraser and Atoms for Peace's album from this year, AMOK, as well as "Rabbit in the Headlights" (Yorke's contribution to the UNKLE album) and Radiohead b-side "Paperbag Writer." Setlist is in this post. The show also was webcast live, and you can watch an archived version of that below (concert starts around the :41 minute mark).

You can check out ACL Weekend Two's not-rained-out day 1 here and here, and day 2 here. You can also check out pics from the much drier ACL Weekend 1 here. More pictures from Atoms for Peace at ACL Live are below.

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photos by @griffinshot - Tim Griffin

Christian Bland and Alex Maas @ The Black Angels' first ACL Taping
The Black Angels taping for Austin City Limits - 8/28/2013

The Black Angels (Alex Maas, Stephanie Bailey, Christian Bland, Kyle Hunt and Nate Ryan) taped an episode for Season 39 of Austin City Limits on 8/28. Maybe you watched the live stream? If not, stay tuned for when it airs on PBS.

We were there and took some pictures. More of them along with the setlist, below...

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photos by @griffinshot - Tim Griffin

Grizzly Adams Taylor Goldsmith of Dawes @ Austin City Limits - 8/25/2013
Dawes taping for Austin City Limits - 8/25/2013

On Sunday (8/25) Taylor Goldsmith, Wylie Gelber, Tay Strathairn and Griffin Goldsmith (better known as Dawes) came to Austin to tape an episode of Austin City Limits, which has added live streaming via YouTube as something new for Season 39. Pictures from the taping are in this post.

Local psych heroes The Black Angels will tape tonight (8/28) and stream live as well beginning at 8 PM Central.

Dawes will be back soon for ACL Festival. More pics from their taping below...

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photos by Sarah Frankie Linder

Empire of the Sun @ The Moody Theater - 8/1/2013
Empire of the Sun @ The Moody Theater - 8/1/2013

Armed with costumes straight out of an '80s fantasy movie and pop hooks the size of star clusters, Australia's Empire of the Sun invaded Austin last Thursday (8/1) for an ACL Live show at The Moody Theatre. It was an over-the-top night and pics from that show are in this post.

More below...

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photos by Sarah Frankie Linder

Stuart Murdoch of Belle & Sebastian @ The Moody Theater - 7/16/2013
Belle & Sebastian @ The Moody Theater - 7/16/2013

Belle & Sebastian have been on a tour with Yo La Tengo that recently hit NYC and culminated in both bands' appearances at Cincinnati's Bunbury Festival. With some time off between that festival and this weekend's Pitchfork Festival in Chicago, Belle & Sebastian stopped in Austin to play ACL Live at the Moody Theatre show on Tuesday (7/16) with support from Blitzen Trapper. Pictures from that show are in this post.

They continue, along with B&S' setlist, below...

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Belle and Sebastian

From Belle & Sebastian!...

"We announced one additional show today to our tour of the USA in July. Hopefully some of you will keep a space in your diary on the 16th July as we'll be playing at ACL Live at The Moody Theatre, Austin, TX with Blitzen Trapper."
Tickets go on presale Thursday, April 11th at 10am CDT (password = banchory). General sale begins Friday. All tour dates are listed below...

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photos by @griffinshot - Tim Griffin

Vampire Weekend @ The Moody Theater - 3/17/2013
Vampire Weekend @ The Moody Theater - 3/17/2013

As we recently mentioned over on Brooklynvegan, Vampire Weekend have released the details of their upcoming new album, Modern Vampires Of The City. They head out on the road in April, and you can stream two of their new tracks now.

During their visit to Austin for SXSW, they stopped by The Moody Theater to help kick off Season 39 of Austin City Limits with VW's first-ever taping for the show.

Speaking of Austin City Limits, they have big things in store for Season 39 - rumored to include live streaming of performances. So far there are some great tapings to look forward to, including Grizzly Bear, Jim James (of My Morning Jacket), Lumineers and Phoenix.

More pics of Vampire Weekend's ACL taping are below.

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photos by @griffinshot - Tim Griffin

Austra @ The Moody Theater on 2/11/2013
Austra @ The Moody Theater - 2/11/2013

"I think I kind of started making electronic music by accident. It was mostly because I was coming out of the classical world and opera world and I was really interested in writing soundtracks like for movies. I was writing soundtracks for my friends who were dancers and performance artists and my way of doing that was tinkering with orchestral samples on my computer. So that's actually how I got involved in electronic music, I was using fake violins, and fake cellos, and fake oboes, and then eventually I just got really partial to the synthetic sounds and instead of replacing them with the real instruments, which a lot of people suspected I would do, I kind of just delved deeper into the electronic world and slowly but surely discovered dance music. It took me a long time though."- Austra's Katie Stelmanis to Austinist
Hopefully you managed to dance a bit to the sounds of Austra at Moody Theater on 2/11 or 2/12, one of the two nights Austra opened for the xx at the Austin venue. Some pictures from Austra's set on 2/11 are in this post, along with the announcement that Austra will be back soon for SXSW! To quote SXSW:
SXSW success story and Music Fest favorites Austra return to the festival this March, debuting new songs from their eagerly awaited forthcoming sophomore release, which is expected later this year.

The band will be performing at the Moog/Switched On showcase on Saturday, March 16th at Elysium, alongside fellow synth enthusiasts Xeno & Oaklander, The Soft Moon, S U R V I V E, Ssleeperhold and Kontravoid. They are also the first artist announced to be playing the Brooklynvegan Official SXSW Day Parties, more details to be announced.

Following their 2011 SXSW appearance, Austra released their wildly successful debut LP, Feel It Break (Domino), have toured the globe non-stop (most recently with The xx), and were shortlisted for the 2011 Polaris Prize.

Stay tuned for more details on the BrooklynVegan shows. More pictures from ACL Live and the Moog SXSW show flyer below...

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photos by @griffinshot - Tim Griffin

Diana Ross @ The Moody Theater - 1/30/2013
Diana Ross @ The Moody Theater - 1/30/2013

In its relatively short tenure, The Moody Theater has hosted its share of legends (current and future), and Wednesday night was no exception with the amazing Diana Ross gracing the downtown stage.

Miss Ross opened from backstage fittingly with "I'm Coming Out," and as the curtains fell away the people rose to their feet and cheered their approval. By the time she began Spiral Starecase's "More Today than Yesterday", the entire audience was a sea of swaying bodies, waving arms, and of course many-a-cell-phone trying to capture a shot of one of the most successful female music artists in history.

Pictures of Diana Ross from the 1/30 show in Austin below.

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Fun Fun Fun Fest 2012 (more by Glen Brown)
Fun Fun Fun Fest

Sorry for the late post of this. Graham actually did send us this last year, but we forgot to post it!

We posted many year-end lists from artists and other people in the music world as 2012 came to a close (browse our "Best of 2012" tag) and this one comes from Fun Fun Fun Fest/Transmission Events booker Graham Williams who gave us a list of the "best stuff of 2012." A few albums make the list, as do some live shows in Austin and a certain reunited group that Graham booked at this year's FFF Fest.

You can check out the full list below...

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Deftones at MSG, Sept 2010 (more by Matthew Eisman)

BV has the lowdown on the return of Deftones to the road in the US, the dates of which include four stops in Texas:

03/26 - Corpus Christi, TX @ Concrete Street Amphitheater
03/27 - Pharr, TX @ Pharr Entertainment Center
03/29 - Austin, TX @ Austin City Limits @ Moody Theater
03/30 - Houston, TX @ Bayou Music Center

Celebrate tracks from the band's new LP Koi No Yokan at Austin City Limits on March 29th. Tickets for that show go on sale 12/21 at 10AM.

Chan in the USA (via)
Cat Power

As discussed at BrooklynVegan, Cat Power will hit the road for a string of US dates in the new year. Those shows include a pair of Texas shows::

01/25 - Dallas, TX @ South Side Music Hall
01/26 - Austin , TX @ ACL @ Moody Theatre

Tickets for the Austin show go on sale Thursday at 10am.

photos by @griffinshot - Tim Griffin

Gary Clark Jr. @ The Moody Theater - 11/30/2012
Gary Clark Jr. @ The Moody Theater - 11/30/2012

KLRU's Austin City Limits is now finished filming Season 38 of the longest-runnning live music show. Before they wrapped up for the year, Gary Clark Jr., who landed on Rolling Stones' Best Albums of the Year list, came and did his Austin proud for the second-to-last taping. From ACLTV's site:

"I've been wanting to do this for like 16 years," the young guitar slinger commented before he began. "So let's have some fun!" There's an irony to that statement being followed by the downhearted "When My Train Pulls In," but the heavy blues riffs defied the lyrics' melancholy cast. The show kicked into high gear immediately afterward with the driving fingerpicked boogie of "Don't Owe You a Thang," and the hometown crowd settled into the palm of his hand. "@garyclarkjr is slaying @acltv right now mayne!!!," claimed tonythecuate on Twitter.
One of Gary's next shows will be opening for the Rolling Stones in Brooklyn. See more pictures from the ACL taping, and a shot of the setlist (though the band actually jumped around), below.

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