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September 1, 2015

photos by @griffinshot - Tim Griffin

RIP Red 7 - Nashville Pussy & Riverboat Gamblers - 8/28/2015
RIP Red 7 - Nashville Pussy & Riverboat Gamblers - 8/28/2015
RIP Red 7 - Nashville Pussy & Riverboat Gamblers - 8/28/2015
RIP Red 7 - Nashville Pussy & Riverboat Gamblers - 8/28/2015

Five songs and roughly a half dozen stage dives into his band's farewell-to-Red 7 show on Friday night, Riverboat Gamblers singer Mike Wiebe took a short breather to consider what the night meant to him, his band, and the 600 or so fans jammed in front of the club's two stages.

After a bit of a ramble he got to the heart of the matter, that in its nine years of operation Red 7 had earned a spot on the continuum of dearly departed Austin clubs such as Emo's and Liberty Lunch. It did that, Wiebe explained, by hosting shows with acts trafficking in adventurous original music, rather than "some (expletive) Stevie Ray Vaughan cover band in one of those places a few blocks from here." - [Austin 360]

After nine years of live music, Red 7 held its final show on Friday night (8/28), offering up Red 7 regulars The Riverboat Gamblers, Sweet Talk and Spray Paint inside, and Nashville Pussy (who were joined by Gary Lindsey from Black Eyed Vermillion for a song), Valient Thorr and and Crimson Devils outside. Pictures from the last goodbye are in this post. As its two stages were the home of our SXSW parties the last few years, we are sad to see Red 7 go.

Monday night (8/31), Mutoid Man helped christen Sidewinder, Transmission's new club right down the street. Pretty amazing turnaround, seeing how the space was still Red Eyed Fly just a couple days before. The venue's next show is Wednesday (9/2) with Unearthly, Krow, Spectral Manifest, and Ayasoltec. You can check out Sidewinder's upcoming show calendar, and check out more pics from Red 7's last night, below...

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August 14, 2015

photo: Power Trip at Red 7 during SXSW 2015 (more by Tim Griffin)
Power Trip at Red 7

Red 7 will be closing earlier than initially planned, closing up shop at the end of August and now all the shows that were supposed to happen at Red 7 will be moved to Sidewinder (aka the Red Eyed Fly space down the street). Reports Austin 360:

"We had kind of planned on doing a big blowout month, but once we started to get into the nitty gritty of the move out, the discussions with the two groups of people who are our landlords were getting worse and worse and worse, less friendly," Red 7 manager Tyson Swindell said Friday.

To cover their bases and ensure they were able to comply with the terms of the move out, they decided to turn the closing festivities for Red 7 into the opening celebration for Sidewinder, a new club run by a management group that includes managers of Red 7, Transmission Entertainment's Graham Williams and John Wickham from Elysium set to launch this fall. Sidewinder will take the place of Red Eyed Fly on Red River St.

Sidewinder wasn't due to open until October, which is "a little bit of a nightmare," says Red 7's Tyson Swindell but they will get it done. September shows moving to Sidewinder include the Black Lips show on 9/19.

The final show at Red 7 will now be on August 28 with Nashville Pussy, Valiant Thorr and Riverboat Gamblers (tickets) and Sidewinder opens on August 31 with Mutoid Man, Indian Handcrafts and Unmothered.

August 5, 2015

Red 7
photo: Red 7 (more by Amanda Hatfield)

We're really sad to see Red 7 go, but at least The Sidewinder seems like it will be a pretty cool, Transmission-booked replacement. Full story at BrooklynVegan.

July 7, 2015

Jack White, Chicano Batman @ Austin Music Hall - 1/24/2015
Jack White, Chicano Batman @ Austin Music Hall - 1/24/2015
Jack White, Chicano Batman @ Austin Music Hall - 1/24/2015

Another one bites the dust:

The Austin Music Hall is to be demolished to make way for a 28-story office building.

Officials with Cielo Property Group, an Austin real estate company, confirmed in an exclusive interview with the Austin Business Journal that it is teaming up with Tier REIT of Dallas to build another downtown office tower.

Demolition of the 43,000-square-foot entertainment venue at 208 Nueces St. will begin in January. Construction of the 349,000-square-foot building is scheduled to start in early 2016 and deliver at the end of 2017. [BizJournals]

The photos above are from one of Jack White's two shows there earlier this year. More pictures from that show, by Tim Griffin, HERE.

Three more shows are scheduled at the venue at the moment: one by Faith No More, and two by My Morning Jacket.

June 25, 2015

photos by @griffinshot - Tim Griffin

Free Week - 1/10/2014
photo: East Cameron Folkcore @ Holy Mountain 1/10/2014

The troubles on Red River continue. The Austin Chronicle confirms that Holy Mountain is closing on October 1st.

Casualties of the pricing boom, owners were confronted with a 45% rent increase, putting their monthly bill at $8,000 plus "triple net" fees - taxes, insurance, and maintenance - totaling in the thousands. It's an unmanageable figure for the club to sustain, confirms co-owner James Taylor.

A small room with big ambitions, Holy Mountain opened on New Year's Eve 2012 in the revamped shell of erstwhile hipster chain Beauty Bar.

More details at the Chronicle.

Sorry to see you go, Holy Mountain. We hope all the other clubs on Red River and Red 7 make it out of all of this alive.

Meanwhile check out their schedule of final shows, and especially keep an eye out for some big ones. As the Chronicle says:

Taylor's filling Holy Mountain's September calendar with old favorites and bucket-list acquisitions. They'll host a weekly "Super Secret Special Guest Series" on Mondays, bringing in mega-artists for underplays announced on the day of the show. Beyond marquee bookings such as Lætitia Sadier of Stereolab (9/17), familial locals will soundtrack Armageddon: Hard Proof, Not in the Face, Feral Future, East Cameron Folkcore, Harvest Thieves, Ben Ballinger, and Mike & the Moonpies, who'll be the last band to play Holy Mountain.
And speaking of East Cameron Folkcore at Holy Mountain, we caught them there during Free Week 2014 and have an uposted set of pictures which is now posted in this post. More below...

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January 30, 2014


Infest took over the old Antone's space on 5th and LaVaca last spring, but Republic of Austin notes that they've been locked out of their space, with a sign taped to the door that reads, "LOCKOUT NOTICE. IN ACCORDANCE WITH THE LEASE APPLICABLE TO THIS BUILDING, THE LANDORD HAS TAKEN POSSESSION OF THE SPACE." Waka Flocka Flame was scheduled to play Infest tonight (1/30).

January 7, 2014

Club DeVille RIP. Cheer Up Charlie's East RIP.

The Cheer Up staff writes on 12/30:

Dear friends,

As you may have all heard, we are moving from our current location on January 15th. Our last operating night in our Eastside treehouse is January 12th. Today we signed a new lease at 900 Red River St. Although we are incredibly heartbroken to leave the Eastside, we are excited that we will have the chance to keep doing what we love. We hope that you will join us in recreating the place that we all call home. There will be some down-time as we get ourselves resettled. The space that we are moving into needs lots of love, and that is only something that a community can provide. We are so happy to be able to have a new place to go to and to share with you.

Looking forward to our first big blowout at our new space! Stay tuned- we will announce our opening date as soon as we know.

Tamara, Maggie, Charlie, and the Cheer Up staff

This wasn't just because a new space was available though. You might have also heard about the letter they wrote on 12/13:
Dear Friends,

We have received news that the property that Cheer Up Charlies sits on has been sold, and the new owners have given us notice that our current lease will be terminated on January 15th.

We are currently seeking a new space, and we intend on continuing to grow. When we find our new spot we will continue to play host to the same types of events, free live music shows and all kinds of other fun stuff! We are deeply saddened that it's ending for us at 1104 East 6th St. but nothing is dying. Our rhythm may be disrupted for awhile, but we will keep on dancin'!

We hope that you stop by sometime before January 15 to celebrate with us in what will soon become our former home. Consider the next 30 days more of a celebration of the creative endeavors our current building has housed, than an eulogy. Thank you for hanging out with us for 3 tremendously fun years- it couldn't have been the same without you! We will find a new space and we will let you know as soon as we do! No matter where we end up, we will take the spirit of the Eastside with us. Let's all give this 600 sqft building a proper farewell hug!

We Love YOU,

Candice, India, Brian, Carly, Celesta, Paul, Matt, David, Zach, Dustin, Paul E, Max, Ellie, Tison, Cole, Tamara, Maggie and Charlie

The final three shows, as you can see in the flyer above and the flyers below, happen this end-of-Free Week weekend: Jan 10, 11 & 12. Go party!

Final lineups below:

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October 13, 2013

Zilker Park flooded! (photo via Sarah Rodenberg)
Zilker Park flooded

Check out all that water in Zilker Park! No wonder they had to cancel ACL. Click the pic for a bigger version.

UPDATE: Check out a second picture of the flooding below...

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January 21, 2013

Mountain Goats at Antone's, Dec. 2012 (more by Tim Griffin)

YNN is reporting that downtown fixture Antone's will close its doors after SXSW this year with plans to open in a new location. Details of the move will be announced on January 28.

The 5th and Lavaca location is actually the club's fourth, with Antone's originally opening on 6th Ave in 1975, then relocating to Anderson Lane around 1980, then to Guadalupe Street in 1981, and then to it's current West Fifth Street address in 1997.

October 14, 2012

Austin Music Hall

Very sad news... YNN says:

Authorities are trying to identify a body found in downtown Austin Saturday morning.
Police say the body was discovered floating in Shoal Creek near Third and Nueces streets. They say it appears to be a man in his early 20s. YNN received word from someone near Austin Music Hall that people saw the body in the creek.

A trail behind the Austin Music Hall was closed because of the investigation, which detoured some people headed for the Austin City Limits Festival.

Our condolences in advance to the friends and family of the unidentified man.

Bassnectar played there Friday night (the body was found Saturday morning). Saturday night's show at Austin Music Hall was by the Weeknd who was supposed to play ACL today too, but cancelled. No shows are scheduled to happen there again until Justice on 10/30.