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by Rachel Angres

DOWNLOAD: A Place to Bury Strangers - So Far Away (SOSB remix) (MP3)

A Place to Bury Strangers @ BV-SXSW 2011 (more by Tim Griffin)

A Place To Bury Strangers recently released a remix of their song "So Far Away" by School of Seven Bells (who just celebrated their own new record in NYC). Grab that MP3 above.

APTBS will be touring in support of their recent EP: Onwards To The Wall, across North America starting on March 7. That tour, most of which is with the Joy Formidable, hits the Empty Bottle with the Big Sleep on March 21st. Tickets are still available for the Chicago show. All tour dates, Metallica's new festival in NJ included, are listed below.

I sat down with the band's front man Oliver Ackermann to discuss, among other things, dinosaurs and robots. Our BVChicago exclusive interview starts here...


Rachel: Is it okay if I call you Ollie?

Ollie: You can call me Tony if you want

Did you always want to play music?

Tony: No I wanted to be a painter industrial design; as a band we build our own instruments.

continued below....


What do you always bring on tour?

Guitars, pedals....
Oh. The other things like clothes and toothbrushes, not needed.

Tell me an interesting fact about another member of the band?

An interesting thing about Dion is he was born in 1976 the year of Dragon, both of us are, so we have these secret dragon handshakes, some we do across the room; We use 'em all over the place.
Robi grew up in Alaska. He is a sweet mellow dude. He also plays drums in Trouble Andrew

Craigslist: missed connections ad about you, what does it say?

I saw you with mismatched socks with you collar folded under your shirt, as you were politely helping a lady across the street-

You don't do that!

Yes! I do! Actually the other day it was really scary some lady grabbed me, and I was like 'what the hell', like thinking she was going to kidnap me, but she just needed help across the street.

Dinosaurs vs. Robots

Robot dinosaurs

Tell me about your live performances?

On stage we build light contractions; elaborate boxes that are used to interact with sounds from our instrumentation [synesthesia] We also build giant robots that we construct at home or on the road and destroy on stage.

What is the desired effect you want the scenery to have on the audience?

Well I remember when I used to go to shows and they were so bizarre, maybe it was just me being on acid, but it was so loud and so dark that the music envelops you completely to where you are like 'Where did my friends go? How am I going to get home? Where am I?" We want our shows to be experimental- like student art films, or even like old movies from the 70's with those three minutes of awkward silence. We like that it builds tension and creates something esoteric. Sometimes they are perceived as scary; we just move things around the room to sort of transform the environment and space. We also tell terrible jokes that we have been practicing for a long time.

When you see reviews on your band, are you flattered or offended?

It is hard to say, it is like when we work so hard on these things when we record them, and to see a review that is just kind of glazing over their interpretation, it is kind of strange.

Tell me a joke.

If pro is the opposite of con: what's the opposite of progress?


Yeah you go it. Yeah I do birthdays, so if you ever need an entertainer, I'm your guy.

Can you dance? If not what is your day job?

I love to dance; I think dancing is fun... it is the eye of the beholder to determine, but maybe I can't dance... so my day job is just building things and nerding out with my friends.

How do you nerd out?

Talking about tech stuff maybe I'll build a drum set using a washing machines and random objects.

What are you always losing?

My mind.


Thanks Tony, I mean Oliver! Catch A Place to Bury Strangers on tour....

A Place To Bury Strangers | Dead Beat (Live) | Death by Audio | 8.19.10

03/07/12 Pittsburgh, PA - Shadow Lounge w/ Saint Motel, Slingshot Genius
03/08/12 Toledo, OH - Frankies w/ Dead Sun, Words After
03/09/12 Iowa City, IA - Gabes w/ Surgery, Alex Body
03/11/12 Salt Lake City, UT - Urban Lounge
03/12/12 San Francisco, CA - Independent w/ The Joy Formidable
03/13/12 San Francisco, CA - Independent w/ The Joy Formidable
03/14/12 Los Angeles, CA - The Music Box w/ The Joy Formidable
03/17/12 Denver, CO - Bluebird Theater w/ The Joy Formidable
03/18/12 Lincoln, NE - Bourbon Theatre w/ Battle Ship Gray
03/19/12 Minneapolis, MN - Fine Line Music Cafe w/ The Joy Formidable, Exitmusic
03/20/12 Madison, WI - Majestic Theatre w/ The Joy Formidable, Exitmusic
03/21/12 Chicago, IL - Empty Bottle w/ Apteka, The Big Sleep, DJ Brady
03/22/12 Bloomington, IN - The Bluebird w/ The Joy Formidable, Exitmusic
03/23/12 Cincinnati, OH - 20th Century Theatre w/ The Joy Formidable, Exitmusic
03/24/12 Atlanta, GA - Masquerade w/ The Joy Formidable, Exitmusic
03/25/12 Asheville, NC - Orange Peel w/ The Joy Formidable, Exitmusic
03/26/12 Washington, DC - 9:30 Club w/ The Joy Formidable, Exitmusic
03/28/12 New York, NY - Terminal 5 w/ The Joy Formidable, Exitmusic
03/29/12 Philadelphia, PA - Union Transfer w/ The Joy Formidable, Exitmusic
03/30/12 Boston, MA - Paradise w/ The Joy Formidable, Exitmusic
03/31/12 Montreal , QC - SAT w/ The Joy Formidable, Exitmusic
04/02/12 Toronto, ON - Lee's Palace w/ The Joy Formidable, Exitmusic
04/05/12 Bologna, IT - Locomotiv
04/06/12 Moncalieri, IT - Audiodrome
04/07/12 Milan, IT - Mezzago
04/08/12 Saint Jean De Vedas, FR - Secret Police
04/09/12 La Rochelle, FR - La Sirene
04/10/12 Bordeaux, FR - Le Krakatoa
04/12/12 Lyon, FR - Le Ninkasi
04/13/12 Chelle, FR - Les Cuiines
04/14/12 Reims, FR - La Cartonneire
04/15/12 Paris, FR - La Boule Noire
04/16/12 Cologne, DE - Gebaude 9
04/18/12 Copenhagen, DK - Loppen
04/19/12 Oslo, NO - Blaa
04/20/12 Stockholm, SE - Strand
04/21/12 Malmo, SE - Debaser
04/23/12 Hamburg, DE - Hafenklang
04/24/12 Berlin, DE - C-Club
04/25/12 Weinheim, DE - Cafe Central
04/26/12 Lausanne, SUI - Impetus Festival
04/27/12 Barcelona, SP - Sidecar
04/28/12 Murcia, SP - 12 & Medio
04/29/12 Madrid, SP - Moby Dick
05/01/12 Utrecht, NL - Tivoli De Helling
05/02/12 Nijmegen, NL - Doornroosje
05/04/12 Antwerp, BE - Trix Club
05/05/12 Courtrai, BE - De Kreun
05/06/12 Amsterdam, NL - Paradiso
05/08/12 London, UK - Cargo
05/09/12 Birmingham, UK - Hare & Hounds
05/10/12 Manchester, UK - Sound Control
05/11/12 Glasgow, UK - King Tuts
05/12/12 Newcastle, UK - Cluny
05/13/12 Leeds, UK - Cockpit
06/24/12 Atlantic City, NJ - Orion Music & More @ Bader Field



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