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As mentioned, the Do Division Street Festival is set to take place from June 1-3 in Wicker Park. Since the beginning of this month, the fest has been revealing a few bands per week and the schedule is now almost complete. Check out the current lineup-by-day, below...

Damen Stage (programmed by Empty Bottle Presents)

Friday, June 1st
Black Belles 8:30 pm (May 31 at the Empty Bottle)
BBU 7:15 pm
Moon Furies 6:00 pm
Hosted by Peter O'Connell [Wham City Comedy] 4:45 PM

Saturday, June 2nd
Peanut Butter Wolf 8:30 pm
Besnard Lakes 7:00 pm (June 1 at the Empty Bottle)
Craig Finn 5:30 pm (June 2 at the Empty Bottle)
Mannequin Men 4:00 pm
Peter O'Connell 3:50 / intro
In Tall Buildings 2:30 pm
Chris Connelly 1:00 pm

Sunday, June 3rd
The Antlers 8:30 pm
Pinebender 7:00 pm
Cory Chisel & The Wandering Sons 5:30 pm (June 3 at the Empty Bottle)
Teengirl Fantasy 4:00 pm (June 4 at the Empty Bottle)
People's Temple 2:30 pm
Eiren Caffall 1:00 pm
Leavitt Stage (programmed by Subterranean and House Call Entertainment)

Friday, June 1st
JC Brooks & The Uptown Sound 8:30 pm
Todd Hembrook & The Hemispheres 7:15 pm
The O' My's 6:15 pm

Saturday, June 2nd
Le Butcherettes 9:00 pm (June 1 at Subterranean)
O' Death 7:45 pm
White Mystery 6:45 pm
Brown Bird 5:45 pm

Sunday, June 3rd
Murder By Death 8:00 pm
*more to come! (Battles?)



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  • Hubert Snodgrass

    I'm a poopy poo poo pants!

  • Anonymous

    Another crap lineup for another crap festival!

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, that Saturday night is going to be pretty awesome.

  • Anonymous

    Le Butcherettes, Besnard Lakes & Craig Finn at a street fest for $5? That's gotta be one of the best deals of the summer. Count me in. Good job to both the Bottle & Subt for booking this.

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