Posted in comedy on August 30, 2012

by Klaus Kinski

Hello Chicago! I am BrooklynVegan's New York Charter contributor Klaus Kinski. This past Monday I had a terrible layover experience at your O'Hare International Airport that had my flight delayed for an hour, followed by a three hour wait on the tarmac because of a faulty cargo door and once that was fixed it turns out the 'flaps' weren't working properly and we had to go back to the terminal, de-plane, and get on ANOTHER plane. The ordeal had me lifting off over 5 hours late. Though it wasn't your fault, Chicago, I was internally cursing and hexing you with such creative passion that when I landed safely in NYC I regretted my irrational venom. As a peace offering, I present you with this post.

Basically you guys are in for a really big treat. Like, SOON. One of my all-time favorite comedians/monologists/storytellers/cool dudes Mike Birbiglia is bringing his epic one man show My Girlfriend's Boyfriend to the Zacek McVay Theater at the Victory Gardens Theater for a whopping 7 performances from October 25th - 29th. Mike and I are both New Yorkers and I feel lucky in that I was able to see this work's genesis; from small workshop sessions at UCB to one of his many sold out performances during its 15 week run off-Broadway here in NYC. The work discusses some of Mike's larger romantic blunders throughout his life, moments that a guy like me would have tried hard to bury through repression and/or alcohol. Profoundly hilarious, sometimes sad and poignant, and 100% brilliant, this is a real treat for you Chicagoans. Tickets are currently on sale and sure to sell out. Though I've never been there, from what I can tell online the Zacek McVay Theater looks like a great, intimate, not-a-bad-seat-in-the-house room.

Before My Girlfriend's Boyfriend, however, Mike unleashed an even more remarkable one-man show called Sleepwalk With Me. Presented by Nathan Lane back in 2008, this show had an epic run off-Broadway at the Bleecker Street Theater and, as good as My Girlfriend's Boyfriend is, I am not sure Mike could ever top the sheer brilliance he unleashed with Sleepwalk. A delicate weave of tales about a busy on-the-road comedy career, failing relationships, and a troubling sleep condition that has him literally jumping through a window, Sleepwalk takes listeners on a profoundly unique, heartfelt, but always hilarious journey with Mike. The show exploded beyond the confines of the Bleecker Street Theater and became a sensation as a book, a live CD, and now a cinematic experience. Moviegoers at Sundace, SxSW, BAMCinemafest, and here in NYC have already been able to indulge in this superior film adaptation of Sleepwalk With Me but now it's your turn, Chicago! Beginning tomorrow, Friday August 31st, Sleepwalk With Me will be showing at the Music Box Theater. There are tons of screenings on their schedule, but you might want to book some seats for Friday August 31st or Saturday September 1st because the screenings will be accompanied by an introduction and Q&A with NPR's Ira Glass who also co-wrote the screenplay and produced the film.

Beside the stuff listed above, Mike's always on the road and stuff, so keep your eyes on his website to stay abreast of all things Birbigs. Sleepwalk with Me trailer is below.


'Sleepwalk with Me' trailer



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