Posted in hiphop | music on September 11, 2012

Chief Keef

To quote BET:

Chief Keef has found himself mired in a discussion about the perils of gangster rap after one of his rivals, 18-year-old Lil JoJo, was gunned down in the street last week. But according to Keef's grandmother, with whom he lives in Chicago, the buzzed about rapper isn't the thugged-out gangster he portrays in rhyme. Rather, Keef, neè Keith Cozart, is just an ordinary 17-year-old who spends his time playing loud music, raiding granny's refrigerator and hanging out with girls.

"How can he be doing all that gang stuff when he's always home and when he's not at home he's out of town with me or his uncle?" Keef's grandmother Margaret Carter told the Chicago Sun-Times in a recent interview. "And where's this gang at? In my kitchen? In my basement? Where they at? In my refrigerator where he go all the time?"

"Look, I'm Granny. That's what they call me and I didn't grow up with none of that mess. That don't go in my godd--- house," she added. "Let's be real, I'm always saying, 'Cut that down, turn that off, that's too loud' when he's doing all that music... And girls is his thing. Girls, girls, girls. I get sick of all them girls."




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