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a screenshot from the Pitchfork.TV episode
Chief Keef

Pitchfork posted the following earlier today:

"Selector" is a show in which we interview rappers and watch them freestyle over beats. We often try to conduct these shows in unusual locations, and several months ago we interviewed Chief Keef at a gun range in New York City. This concept was rushed and never should have happened. We're proud of the "Selector" series as a whole and its production will continue, but this particular episode was insensitive and irresponsible.

Pitchfork's roots are in Chicago and many of our employees and several contributors live in the city. The horror of the gun violence that has plagued our hometown is something we all take very seriously. Many people have pointed out that this episode could be seen as trivializing gun violence, and we feel they have a good point.

Given recent news regarding the shooting of Chicago rapper Lil Jojo and the investigation of people involved in Chicago's rap scene, this seems like the right time to express our regrets regarding that episode. We apologize for this mistake and have removed the video from our archives.

PREVIOUSLY: Police looking at Chief Keef's tweets & gang connections in Lil JoJo murder case



  • Anonymous

    Great post!

  • Eddie McMenamin

    Chief Keef is terrible. And Pitchfork, Interscope and other established media and consumers are even worse for glorifying that lifestyle and using his backstory for their own entertainment. It's deranged and fucking depressing.

    As a commenter on another website said, there's a differences between promoting a voice from the streets and promoting the cause of street violence.

  • Anonymous

    Oh, you mean the video they featured prominently on the main page for weeks after these same questions were raised about it?

  • Anonymous

    Niggas Likke hummus? Smh

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