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"Snap it just hit me....this is the first time P picked up an instrument. #Welcome2Chicago" - Questlove

"WOW!!!! "Old Friends 4 Sale" why isn't the audience going out their minds!?????? 11 Piece Horn are right on it #Welcome2Chicago" - Questlove

"This confetti sweeper guy is awesome! #welcome2america" - Questlove

Prince at United Center - 9/24/12 (via Ramon Smikle)

Prince kicked off his 'Welcome 2 Chicago' 3-night residency at United Center last night (9/24), and his set led to some pretty controversial reviews. Greg Kot, for the Chicago Tribune, wrote, "Prince's concert Monday at the United Center didn't really finish, it fizzled." He's referring to the fact that after about a two-hour set (one encore included), Prince left the stage and the lights dimmed, implying a second encore. More than a half hour later, after a stagehand spent an exceptionally long time sweeping the stage, the lights came back on and fans began to boo and leave the venue. According to Frank Sennett for Time Out Chicago, his band finally did return for some instrumental songs with the house lights on, and eventually Prince re-joined them on stage to play "1999" and "Little Red Corvette."

It wasn't just the encore that demanded criticism though. On this Prince fansite, one commenter complained that he only played his guitar for three songs and "forfeited his 'Guitar God' moment of a Purple Rain solo and ushered in a... wait for it... SAXAPHONE SOLO? WTF." The Roots drummer Questlove (whose band just covered Prince in NYC with Maya Rudolph last week) was in attendance too, and as you can see above, he was tweeting throughout the show.

After the show ended, Prince went to House of Blues for the aftershow, which he'll do on all three nights of the residency. The residency continues tonight (9/25) and Wednesday (9/26), with Janelle Monae supporting on the last night.

Prince's setlist from last night and the full list of his band members and guest musicians are below...


Prince's Band: (via Prince Vault)
Prince (vox, guitar, (sampler) keyboard), John Blackwell (drums), Andrew Gouche (bass), Morris Hayes (keyboards), Cassandra O'Neal (keyboards, vox), Ida Nielsen (guitar, vox), Mike Scott (guitar), Shelby J. (vox, tambourine), Elisa Dease (vox, tambourine), Liv Warfield (vox, tambourine), Damaris Lewis (dance)

Andy Allo (guitar), Sylvester Onyejiaka (saxophone), BK Jackson (saxophone), Marcus Anderson (saxophone), Adrian Crutchfield (saxophone), Keith Anderson (saxophone), other horn players T.B.C.: Joey Rayfield (trombone), Roy Agee (trombone), Lynn Grissett (trumpet), Nick Marchione (trumpet), Phil Lassiter (trumpet), Steve Reid (trumpet)

Prince at United Center - 9/24/12 Setlist:
Pop Life
We're a Winner
I Never Loved A Man (The Way I Love You) (Aretha Franklin cover)
I Don't Want Nobody To Give Me Nothing (Open Up The Door, I'll Get It Myself)
The Bird (The Time cover)
Jungle Love (The Time cover)
The Glamorous Life (Sheila E. cover)
Old Friends 4 Sale
Nothing Compares 2 U
Take Me With U
Raspberry Beret
Cool/Don't Stop 'Till You Get Enough (Michael Jackson cover)
Purple Rain

Instrumental snippets:
When Doves Cry/Nasty Girl/Sign O' The Times/The Most Beautiful Girl In The World (w/ vocals)/Alphabet St./Darling Nikki/Shockadelica/Hot Thing/A Love Bizarre/Would Die 4 U

Late Encore:
Little Red Corvette



  • Anonymous

    He is doing the same thing as Madonna with the snippets, it sucks, just play the damn songs!

  • Anonymous

    I LOVE Prince but playing clips of your old songs for five plus years on stage for an encore is almost as bad as Sly Stone playing his new music off a computer at coachella a few years back.

  • Anonymous

    9:49, someone should find your 3rd grade teacher and punch them in the mouth for having set you on such an awful course of low reading comprehension. no comparisons were made, just a simple question--how much?--followed by irrevelant commentary on bands disappearing during encores. sheesh.

  • Anonymous

    annon 9:43 What are you talking about? You're comparing going to see Prince, one of the greatest performers of all time to a hardcore punk show? I've done both many times. They are apples and oranges. Dumb comparison.

  • Anonymous

    just curious what someone would pay to see a show like that. $100 on the floor? no clue. too accustomed to hardcore/punk shows for $15...and, with the exception of the bad brains, everyone showing up on time, performing to their utmost, then splitting. bad brains used to -- and still might, i wouldn't pay to see them again -- pull that "diva" shit, though that was probably more drug related than attitude. who knows?

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