Posted in hiphop | music on November 28, 2012

Chief Keef

'Chicago Hip Hop Insider' David Newman posted a list of the top 20 Chicago rappers of 2012. rubyhornet reposted that list with reasons why they do not agree. Chief Keef tops the list and is followed by King L at #2. Check out the whole thing HERE.



  • brooklynvegan

    oops! Clarified, thanks!

  • RTC

    Thanks for checking the site. Just want to be clear that rubyhornet DID NOT create this list, nor name Chief Keef the best rapper in Chicago. We were emailed this list and posted it as an example of how fycked up things are. We critique the list as narrow minded and not authentic. While some artists they name are deserving, the list is bogus and that is the point of our article. Just want to clarify. We will have our own list, but this sure as he'll ain't it.

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