Founded in February of 2011, BV Chicago is a localized version of BrooklynVegan. We were the first extension of BV, BV Austin came next, and we're here to stay. While we're based in music news, we also put on live events, as well as provide pictures and reviews of Chicago shows on a daily basis.

BV Chicago is operated by Zach Pollack, with much assistance from an invaluable, tight-knit team.


  • Zach Pollack - BV Chicago Editor, Concert Booker, Live Reviewer, Photographer, Interviewer, New York transplant, Non-vegan
  • Milos Markicevic - Live Reviewer, Occasional News Writer, Photographer, Interviewer, Not-so-secretly Serbian, Eagle Scout
  • Ben Wilkes - Live Reviewer, Interviewer, Not afraid to say "y'all"
  • Hubert Snodgrass - Live Reviewer, Movie Buff, Eccentric, Trusted Advisor, Self-proclaimed "Ex-Chicagoan" (though he still lives here), Master Chef

James Richards IV, Cory Dewald, Sara Pieper, Stan Golovchuk, Chase Turner, Matt Ziegler, Carmelo Espanola, Jimmy Farabi, Kirstie Shanley, Chris Hershman.

The biggie: Q: Are you all vegan?
A: No. While we all enjoy vegan delicacies very much, the only full-time staff member of BrooklynVegan who is a vegan is BV.

Related: Q: Is this a food blog?
A: Unfortunately, no, this is not a food blog. We like food though, especially vegan food.