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April 29, 2015

photo by James Richards IV

Jose Gonzalez @ Lincoln Hall 4/15/2015
Jose Gonzalez

González's songs really push some powerful and thought provoking images that he and his band performed with unbelievable poise. With "Killing for Love" González explores the dark and scary territory that love can fall into, urging to question the length of ones desires. Questioning continues on in "What Will", where González pushes away ideas of status quo and dogma with the suggestion action. Under any other hand these songs could seem heavy handed, but González and his band bring in subtleties with their instrumentation that soft the message while still letting it flow through. - [Gapers Block]
Jose Gonzalez and Olaf Arnalds played two nights at Lincoln Hall on their tour together. Check out a full set of pictures from the second night (4/15) over at BrooklynVegan. Setlist from the show is below.

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April 28, 2015

photos by James Richards IV

Jessie Ware

Jessie Ware took over the Metro with Jesse Boykins III along as support earlier this month. Pictures are here and continue below...

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April 20, 2015

photos by James Richards IV

Neil Diamond

Neil Diamond made small gestures register maximum effect Tuesday at a packed United Center. He cocked his head while reflecting, placed his left hand over his heart to express gratitude, shifted his shoulders before taking deep breaths and gently waved to admirers as if saying farewell to a good friend boarding a train. The singer-songwriter's music also benefited from a similar simplicity, with nearly every one of the set's 25 songs underscoring the importance of melody and pacing. [Chicago Tribune]
Neil Diamond brought his current tour to Chicago on 4/14. Full set of pictures at BrooklynVegan. Setlist below...

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photos by James Richards IV

Foxygen @ the Metro, 4/09/2015

Foxygen recently announced their breakup and brought their "farewell tour to the Metro in Chicago on 4/9. More pictures from the show, along with remaining tour dates, below...

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April 16, 2015

photos by Milos Markicevic

Single Mothers @ Schubas -- 2/24/2015

Single Mothers, The Dirty Nil, and local band, Jack Torrance came to Schubas back on 2/24. Here are some pictures. More below...

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April 9, 2015

photos by James Richards IV

Alabama Shakes @ Chicago Theatre on 3.14.2015
Alabama Shakes

On the third date of its tour Saturday at a sold-out Chicago Theatre, the group seemingly performed every track off its highly anticipated "Sound & Color" record, not slated for release until April 21. The bold decision--and gutsier 90-minute set--served notice Alabama Shakes is no longer the same quartet that made a name for itself with its 2012 debut and acclaimed live shows. Augmented by two instrumentalists and three backing vocalists, the band already looked ready to graduate to bigger venues. Challenging the audience with ambitious material steeped in texture, moodiness and nuance, it also sounded eager to jettison the soul-revivalist label occasionally linked to its reputation.
[Chicago Tribune]
More pictures from Alabama Shakes' March 14th show, below...

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April 6, 2015

photos by Milos Markicevic, words by Jonathan Mondragon

Twilight sad at Beat Kitchen on 02.28.2015

After a recent November stop at Empty Bottle, Glasgow shoegaze greats The Twilight Sad returned to Chicago, though this time to the Beat Kitchen, a much smaller venue. The show was sold out, and in the Beat Kitchen's tiny walls, it was definitely felt. First opener, Magical Beautiful, a local act, had an eclectic sound, combining elements of indie rock, synth pop, and psychedelic rock. Featuring driving drums, spacey guitars, and melodic synth leads, they brought to mind Grizzly Bear, New Order, or Black Moth Super Rainbow.

Following their set, Port St. Willow (of NYC) took the stage, apparently their first show in Chicago ever. The band formed as a solo project of frontman Nick Principe, putting out music since 2010, though they played this show as a trio, with a drummer and keyboardist/trombonist filling out the lineup. The band's expert mix of ambient clean guitars, prolific jazz drumming, atmospheric piano and synth work, and angelic falsetto vocals gave the whole set an otherworldly feel. Their set primarily consisted of tracks from 2012's Holiday, as well as others both new and old.

After many extended and gorgeous compositions, and a very positive reaction from an otherwise apathetic crowd, it was finally time for the main event. The Twilight Sad opened their set with the first two songs on their newest record, 2014's Nobody Wants To Be Here and Nobody Wants To Leave, "There's a Girl in the Corner" and "Last January". Singer James Graham's stage presence was, as usual, highly energetic and passionate. He effortlessly hit every note. Following these two, Graham dedicated their next song to a friend of the band that was about to propose to his girlfriend (sources say she said yes). They then proceeded to play what is arguably their biggest song, from their debut record Fourteen Autumns & Fifteen Winters, "That Summer at Home I Became the Invisible Boy".

Andy MacFarlane's massive wall-of-sound guitars were in full form, as were drummer Mark Devine's pounding drums. The contributions of their touring bassist and keyboardist throughout the rest of the set were of particular note, with the former also playing bass synth and baritone guitar, and the latter conjuring up lush soundscapes and various sequenced electronic beats.

The rest of the set consisted primarily of songs from Nobody Wants... , as well as two from their previous record No One Can Ever Know ("Alphabet" and "Nil"), the sole track from Forget the Night Ahead ("I Became a Prostitute"), their masterpiece EP track "The Wrong Car", and a perfect pair of Fourteen Autumns... tracks to end the set ("Cold Days From the Birdhouse" and "And She Would Darken the Memory"). The band consistently thanked the crowd, stating Chicago always has genuinely been their favorite place to play in the US, and assuring us they would be back soon. Chicago can only hope.

More pictures, video and the setlist from the show, below...

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March 7, 2015

photos by James Richards IV

Perfect Pussy
Perfect Pussy

It was a cold day at the end of February but that didn't stop music fans from bundling up and coming out in force for the Empty Bottle's MUSIC FROZEN DANCING. We've got a load of pictures from the chilly, Goose Island sponsored event that featured sets by locals NE-Hi and Oozing Wound, as well as Protomartyr and Perfect Pussy.. Find yourself in them, below...

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February 18, 2015

photos by James Richards IV


Tucker's voice leaped to the top of its range, as if she were being shoved off a cliff every time she started a verse. Brownstein sometimes sang alongside but more often in opposition. Her guitar provided a running commentary of its own, seldom settling for stock chords or harmonious counterpoint, but always in the mood for an argument. Weiss did not sit meekly and watch her two bandmates joust. She jostled and prodded, and yet for all the thunder in her rolls and fills, there was also swing and subtlety. She colored the songs instead of merely steam-rolling them. Her taut responses suggested another voice in "Light Rail Coyote," brought shades of cool to "Get Up" and patiently stacked kindling on "Good Things" until it caught fire. [Greg Kot for Chicago Tribune]
Sleater-Kinney are fully back in action with an excellent new album making their current tour much more than just nostalgia. The tour began in their home state earlier this month, and hit Chicago for a show at Riviera Theatre last night (2/17). The review quoted above is from that show. Did you go? How was it?

More pictures (including opener Lizzo) and the setlist below...

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February 10, 2015

photos by James Richards IV


Taking the stage amidst rolling clouds of fog, Manson and his band of cohorts - including the renowned film composer, Tyler Bates, Manson veteran Twiggy Ramirez, and former Dillinger Escape Plan/current Stolen Babies drummer Gil Sharone - ripped right into The Pale Emperor's lead single, "Deep Six." The show would chug along at full steam from this point on, unleashing a relentless torrent of Manson classics including "Rock Is Dead," "Disposable Teens," and his legendary cover of "Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This." Fans were just as excited, though, to hear new fan favorites from The Pale Emperor like the shitkicking stomp of "Killing Strangers" and the funked out blues dirge, "Third Day of a Seven Day Binge" - but he saved the best for last with the death knell of Pale Emperor material, "Mephistopheles of Los Angeles." [UR Chicago]
Marilyn Manson released a comeback (?) album earlier last month. His subsequent tour with Hide had him stop by the Riv on Thursday. Pictures and the setlist from that show are here. More below..

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