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photos by Chase Turner and James Richards IV, words by Parker Langvardt

Wild Flag / Sleigh Bells
Wild Flag
Cloud Nothings
Sleigh Bells

Day 2 of the 2012 Pitchfork Music Festival happened on Saturday (7/14) with sets from Grimes, Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Hot Chip, Sleigh Bells, Nicolas Jaar and more. We've already got pictures of day 2 up on BrooklynVegan, and here's another set of pics for BV Chicago.

I began my Saturday at the Blue Stage for The Atlas Moth, whose bluesy doom was an appropriate fit for the grey weather we had early on at the fest. Vocalist and guitarist Stavros Giannopoulos flashed a friendly peace sign that contrasted the aggression of his high, crackling scream. The interweaving riffs of the three guitarists give a lively edge to the band's slow, doomy rhythms. They were later joined by Chicago jazz trumpeter Jaimie Branch, who previously lent her skills to a track on The Atlas Moth's 2011 album An Ache For the Distances, and de facto Chicago rock saxophonist Bruce Lamont of Yakuza and Bloodiest. Lamont also performed with The Atlas Moth at SXSW 2012, and just last week contributed to The Black Lips' performances at The Empty Bottle and West Fest.

Cloud Nothings started on the cheerier end of their 2012 album Attack On Memory opening with "Fall In" and following with "Stay Useless". The rain began after "Separation," and it was down-pouring by the noisy bridge of "Wasted Days" a couple songs later. The stage hands covered the floor monitors with tarps before the PA system was shut off entirely, leaving the band jamming at stage volume. When frontman Dylan Baldi went to sing and found his mic off, the crowd took over the chant of "I thought I would be more than this" before Cloud Nothings closed out their set. They seemed disappointed, but great set nonetheless.

The sky had cleared by the time Bradford Cox took the stage as Atlas Sound, decked out in a straw hat, white face paint and a harmonica hanging angularly from his neck. Like most Atlas Sound shows, it was just Bradford and his acoustic guitar on stage, but he creates layers of sound with the loop and effect pedals that he runs it through.

The rain picked up again for Liturgy, who have disintegrated from a black metal quartet into a guitar duo backed by programmed drums. This was not the kind of set that you casually walked away from; it either captivated or repelled. The bizarre electronic drum tones might have fit better with dance music, but instead followed chunky, mechanical rhythms which usually synced up well, but lacked the dynamics that used to be provided by live drummer Greg Fox.. At one point, frontman Hunter Hunt Hendrix gave a solo vocal performance that involved him looping his voice into a strange, twisted chant, which stood in contrast to the howling and yelping scream he produced during the rest of the set.

The sun made its final return by the time Flying Lotus began his set. He spun bits of A$AP Rocky, a sped up Schoolboy Q, and the beat to "Niggas in Paris," mixed with pieces of his own abstract recordings. He was joined mid-set by rapper and Brainfeeder label mate Azizi Gibson, who also played the Brainfeeder showcase that night.

After a long set up and some volume issues with the PA, Nicolas Jaar and his live band began creating a swell of noise before settling into a cool electronic R&B groove. Though some of the band's mics were too quiet, the set was still enjoyable.

Back at the Blue Stage, Schoolboy Q walked on stage and yelled "Pitchfork, what it fuckin' do?" He later made a comment about being faded, a mental state fans might have expected from the lyrics of "Hands On the Wheel," which was heard during both his and Flying Lotus' sets. Many of his songs work in a party setting, but there is a dark sense to it. He made sure to keep the energy up, jumping and yelling more aggressively than heard in his recordings.

Hardcore fans of Godspeed You! Black Emperor had camped out in front of the Green Stage for a couple hours prior to their set, though it was still possible to get a good spot, about as far back as the sound booth, fifteen or so minutes before they began. The proximity of the stages made it easy to catch any artist for an acceptable amount of time, yet there was very little bleeding of sound between stages.

Godspeed spent the first several minutes of their set focusing on one note, working intently on expanding it slowly by creating noise that inched up toward harmonizing notes. After a careful build, the strings broke out into a dark Eastern European melody. When the first song ended, the silence was eerie, like a cease-fire in a war zone. The often sepia imagery projected behind them reinforced the seriousness of their set, at one point showing sped up smoke stacks spewing vapor and particles into the atmosphere. Having seen their other project Thee Silver Mount Zion Memorial Orchestra earlier this year, the instrumental Godspeed seemed to be more apocalyptic and bleak. Both bands are very critical in a post-modern way, but the lyrics in Silver Mount Zion provide a sense of hope, in that there are other humans aware of the world's problems. Godspeed You! Black Emperor is more like the soundtrack to the human race destroying itself.

Pics from day 1 are HERE. More from day 2 are below...

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Chromatics @ Lincoln Hall in January (more by Zach Pollack)

Chromatics were recently added to the lineup of the 2012 Pitchfork Music Festival, which is taking place from July 13-15 in Union Park. The group will also play an official festival aftershow on July 14 at Lincoln Hall with support from BAIO (aka Chris Baio of Vampire Weekend). Tickets for the late night show go on sale this Friday (6/22) at noon CST.

All Chromatics dates are listed below, along with a stream of their album Kill for Love.

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Chromatics @ Radio City Music Hall in April (NYC) (more by Dana (Distortion) Yavin)

Both Japandroids and Chromatics have been added to the 2012 Pitchfork Music Festival, which is taking place from July 13-15 in Union Park. Single-day passes are still available.

Japandroids are currently on tour in the UK and will return to North America in June for a string of dates. This includes their previously announced show at Lincoln Hall on June 21. Tickets are still available.

Chromatics made their Chicago debut at Lincoln Hall in January and have a bunch of international shows scheduled for this summer.

Some videos of both acts below...

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photos by Zach Pollack, words by Jamie Gooden

Glass Candy @ Lincoln Hall last night (1/11/2012)
Glass Candy

Tomorrow Never Knows is a staple in Chicago's music scene. The annual festival has only grown in popularity and has now spread across four venues and attracts some of the year's hottest up-and-coming bands. It came as no surprise that Italo Disco label Italians Do It Better hosted an evening with Desire, Chromatics, and Glass Candy (all three of which IDIB co-founder Johnny Jewel plays in.)

Desire, who along with Chromatics recently gained popularity by having been featured prominently on the soundtrack to Drive, started the evening with an intensity and sexiness that carried through the evening. Singer Megan Louise coyly smiled behind a thick dark fringe and sparkled in a sequin dress. Her playful charm on stage relieved some of the seriousness of the other members who were absorbed in their instruments. Politely and sweetly thanking the crowd for coming out, they ended with "Under Your Spell," which instantly sent the crowd into a dazed state of awe and dance as they swooned over the tunes.

Less playful, equally as serious, and very unassumingly, Chromatics took the stage, sweeping the audience away from the bars and towards the dance floor. Announcing that it was their first time in Chicago, it was almost immediately apparent that it would be the first of many. The room swelled with bodies completely entranced with the music, so much so that the pretty blonde girl behind me shouted, "This beat is sickkkk!" as Johnny Jewel tapped away at his synthesizer.

Between sets and before headliner Glass Candy, Johnny Jewel intensely cleaned the floor, taking the shirt off his back to wipe it down. This was probably due to the sweat he worked up during the first two sets, and partly because his Glass Candy bandmate Ida No doesn't wear shoes. Finally, the lights lowered, the colored stage lights beat down, and taking his place behind the synthesizer Jewel cued up "Digital Vescolour" and Ida No danced out onto the stage (barefoot), dressed in primary-colored red tights and a blue, knit dress. The crowd reared with excitement, pushing forward with longing faces and eyes closed, hands stretched out toward the stage. Ida screeched a long "wooooo" into her mic, "It doesn't register as a word in the English language, but you can say it to me as much as you want," the crowd wooed in response, "Woo is my favorite word." Again this time, all together.

Despite Ida No's wild stage antics, her sexually charged comments concerning our beautiful Chicago faces and our miles of hands that never end, the real treat of the evening was Johnny. Having performed with both Desire and Chromatics, it was a wonder he wasn't too tired to take up dancing with Idaon stage. The two were a vibrant and dynamic duo. Then having played their entire repertoire, they enthusiastically cycled back around to dance-hit "Candy Castle," after audience pleas for more.

Tomorrow Never Knows continues. More pictures from the Italians Do It Better show, below...

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A few TBA shows aside, the lineup for Tomorrow Never Knows 2012 is complete! Tickets for each individual show are going on sale tomorrow (11/11), and Saturday (11/12). Five-day passes (which are your best bet) go on sale tomorrow (11/11), at noon CST. Check out the lineup below.

Com Truise, Lazercrystal, Special Guests @ Schubas (18+)
Tickets go on sale tomorrow (11/11), at noon CST.

Glass Candy, Chromatics, Special Guests @ Lincoln Hall (18+)
Tickets go on sale tomorrow, at noon CST.

Tycho, Active Child, Ant'lrd, Abstract Science DJs @ Lincoln Hall (18+)
Tickets go on sale tomorrow, at noon CST.

Plants and Animals, Herman Dune, Special Guests @ Schubas (18+)
Tickets go on sale tomorrow, at noon CST.

Gauntlet Hair, Caveman, Special Guests @ Schubas (18+)
Tickets go on sale tomorrow, at noon CST.

Lincoln Hall show TBA

Craig Richards (Fabric), Kate Simko @ Smart Bar (21+)
Tickets go on sale tomorrow, at noon CST.

Nadastrom, Rampage & Nader, Special Guests @ Metro (18+)
Tickets are on sale now.

Chairlift, Poliça, Special Guests @ Schubas (18+)
Tickets go on sale tomorrow, at noon CST.

Grouplove, Hospitality, 1,2,3, Special Guests @ Lincoln Hall (18+)
Tickets go on sale tomorrow, at noon CST.

The Walkmen @ Metro (18+)
Tickets go on sale this Saturday, at noon CST.

Mr. Saturday Night, James Friedman, Only Children @ Smart Bar (21+)
Tickets go on sale this Saturday, at noon CST.

Two Gallants, Special Guest @ Lincoln Hall (18+)
Tickets go on sale tomorrow, at noon CST.