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On Sunday, January 27, 2013 at 8PM, Hopscotch Cinema will be presenting "Sprocket Hole/Speaker Box: The Music-About-Film & Film-About-Music Show" at The Hideout in Chicago. The evening will be a mix of film and music forms interacting and informing each other. Film artist and professor Lori Felker will be presenting a projector performance that uses the plastic forms of the film strip and the mechanical processes of projection to create a "musical" performance. Film artist and acclaimed cellist Tatsu Aoki will be providing a musical accompaniment to Tony Conrad's classic experimental film "Film Feedback." Local film critics Edward Crouse (Village Voice, Film Comment) and Ben Sachs (Chicago Reader, Cine-File) will be performing a selection of pop songs about films and film directors under the name Farewell Scarlet. Finally, a selection of four 16mm short films from the seminal art rock band The Residents will also be screened.
Tickets for this one of a kind show are on sale now. Watch Lori Felker give a short lecture // demonstration on how she makes music with film below...

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