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Texas post-rock crew This Will Destroy You are slated to welcome their fourth album, Another Language, on September 16 via Suicide Squeeze. The LP serves as the follow-up to 2011's Tunnel Blanket, and you can take a listen to its great lead single "Dustism" at the bottom of this post. That's its cover art above, and tracklisting for the LP can also be found below.

TWDY will be embarking on a fall North American tour with support from Future Death and Silent Land Time Machine in October. That tour includes a show at Lincoln Hall on October 25. Tickets for the Chicago show go on sale this Friday (6/27) at noon CST.

All TWDY dates, that song stream, and album info. for Another Language lie after the jump...

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photos by Grant MacAllister, words by Parker Langvardt

This Will Destroy You @ Lincoln Hall - 2/1/12
This Will Destroy You

This Will Destroy You brought their tour with Amen Dunes to Lincoln Hall last week.

Amen Dunes performed a hazy, psychedelic, set to begin the night. The drummer used felt-tipped mallets and a maraca on the first song, with snares loosened as to not make contact with the bottom of the snare drum. The second song featured some creepy and slightly uncomfortable chord changes, relieved by the pleasant chords and spacey keyboards of the third song. At a certain point the heavy reverb on the vocals and instruments got a bit tiresome, but they changed up the vocals with looping and scrambling effects.

Mountains (the second band of the evening) pulled out a table covered with synthesizers and effects pedals, linked together with a colorful myriad of cords. It all spilled down to the floor, where the duo controlled pedals with their feet while sitting behind the table with their guitars, one acoustic and the other electric. They began to create a bright, soothing drone, which morphed over the course of their entire performance. Quick, light chords, finger-style picking, and bowed acoustic guitar contributed to the swelling volume of the drone while a cloud fractal was projected on a screen above them. They played small synthesizers and adjusted some pedals to change the character of the sound, eventually creating a sense of rhythm and melody. Their visuals later turned to forest canopies, man-made bee hives, and some abstract refracted light. Towards the end of the performance the drone sounded like waves crashing on a beach, strongly swelling in the last few moments before ending in a sharp withdrawal.

This Will Destroy You guitarist Chris King strummed his guitar to create an ambiguous, crescendoing drone that was emitted from the speakers while his pick could be heard hitting the strings due to the very live acoustics of Lincoln Hall. The seismic bass rumbled along to an electronic beat for the crowd-pleasing opener "A Three-Legged Workhorse." They worked their way into the descending chord progression of "There Are Some Remedies Worse Than The Diseases," with warm muted bass and drums that had a nice, full "thud" to them when hit with felt-tipped mallets. The song progressed to a post-metal intensity with distorted guitars and bass chords before crashing into a thick decay.

The looping strings and deep choral sounds of "Black Dunes" flowed softly over the minimalist beat, which focused on the pinging ride cymbal. King's resonating e-bow created smooth ethereal sounds out of his amp while audibly rattling against his strings (at least in close proximity) during "Glass Realms" before the majestically funereal "Communal Blood." The backing track of "They Move On Tracks of Never-Ending Light" had African percussion rhythms and crisp, precise electronic sounds similar to a thumb dragging down a deck of cards. Bassist Donovan Jones played the Rhodes piano, which had the deep pluck of a large music box.

Unlike many post-rock bands, This Will Destroy you has strong stage presence that matches their music. None of them really go wild though, letting their music handle the most intense parts of the performance. Their shows are very solemn, but the audience occasionally gets riled up from the intense songs. There were some gritty, drunken "woo!"s from the audience, which led guitarist Jeremy Galindo to quietly scat "skiddly diddly doo" without a microphone.

Check out the seltist and more pictures from the Chicago show, below...

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This Will Destroy You @ Bottom Lounge in May (more by Grant MacAllister)

Texas post-rockers This Will Destroy You released their latest album Tunnel Blanket back in May, and went on a two-month tour in support of it as well. If you missed them at the Bottom Lounge in the spring, dont fret: they've just announced a show at Lincoln Hall, taking place on February 1st. Tickets go on sale this Friday (12/16), at noon CST.

Tunnel Blanket was just released on 2x cassette, and they are also selling hand-numbered, limited edition vinyl of the album (269 copies). Five of those vinyl copies are from the initial test pressing.

The band also recently scored their friend Rui Cavender's film:

THE DEEP FIELD is an honest and unflinching look at the tenderness, grief, and love that mixes strangely with the black vacuum of impending death. I feel the themes of this film are something that all people think about and must eventually face. Why are we here? Did we live our lives to its full potential? Do we have regrets? What comes after death? While there is an un-negotiable sadness in death, I discovered that there is also a terrible beauty that paradoxically goes along with it. We are fortunate to have existed and to be aware of it. There are many moments of beauty, healing and catharsis in this film, that to me, far outweigh the sad aspects.
He needs help financing the remainder of the project, if you'd like to contribute. Check out an HD trailer below.

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words by Parker Langvardt, photos by Grant MacAllister


On May 28th, This Will Destroy You played the warehouse-like Bottom Lounge, below the elevated trains on Chicago's industrial Near West Side. Inside, the exposed rafters and ducts audibly shook with the deep bass produced by the drum machine of openers; Sleep ∞ Over. The slightly delayed rattling of metal didn't annoy, but rather added a welcomed sharpness to the pure and soft texture created by synthesizers and soft vocals. Guitar harmonics swelled and distorted as a result of heavy effects, and there was a tasteful amount of reverb on their voices. The lights were kept very dim, and a video was projected onto the band and the wall behind them in the absence of a screen, casting shadows on the vague but intriguing visuals.

The bassist and male keyboardist of Sleep ∞ Over joined a drummer and guitarist to perform as the atmospheric Pure Ecstasy. The vocalist sang through an excessive amount of reverb that made between-song banter unintelligible, presumably with the intention of smoothing his whiney timbre into something the crowd would be more likely to enjoy. The drummer played appropriately minimalist beats, deadening his drums by covering them with what looked like his grandmother's blankets.

This Will Destroy You began their set with an ambient drone, leading into textures of thunderously distorted bass, and furiously strummed guitar. The band performed passionately, and even guitarist; Jeremy Galindo, who sat during the entire performance, threw his body into his playing. Drummer; Alex Bhore rolled on two gigantic crash cymbals with yarn mallets, building walls of noise with the tornado siren-like guitars, shaking bodies to the core before dropping off to an ominous drone. While the opening bands were somewhat sedating, This Will Destroy You's ethereal qualities let me breath deeply once again.

About half of the songs played, were off of their new LP Tunnel Blanket, along with the track "There Are Some Remedies Worse Than the Disease" from Young Mountain, "Burial on the Presidio Banks" from their self-titled, and an unreleased song called "Cosmic Fold." They finished their set within 70 minutes and played "Quiet" as their single encore. Despite the excellent performance, it left at least a half hour more to be desired.

Head below to view more pictures, and This Will Destroy You's setlist.

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Coliseum, Sweet Cobra, The Swan King, and Hunters can be found over at Beat Kitchen.

Damon & Naomi, Amor de Dias, and Good Night & Good Morning will play Lincoln Hall.

Night one of BLACKOUT Fest 2011 takes place at The Velvet Perineum.

Bruno Mars, Janelle Monáe, and Plan B will bring their 'Hooligans In Wondaland' tour to Aragon Ballroom.

Kaskade will play The Mid.

This Will Destroy You, Pure Ecstasy, and Sleep Over will play the Bottom Lounge.

Just like The Swan King, Chord also shares ex-members of the band Pelican.
They'll play Abbey Pub with Birthmark, and Litesalive.

Seafarer, Republic of Lights, Black Canvas, and Glendenning will play Lincoln Hall.

Anna Calvi, and Cuckoo Chaos can be found at Schubas.

Night two of BLACKOUT Fest 2011 takes place at The Velvet Perineum.

Rabble Rabble are set to play a 5PM In-store at Permanent Records.

Chixdiggit, Cerebral Ballzy, Kepi, and Love and Squalor will play Subterranean.

The Marked Men, Football, and Head of Skulls! can be found at Empty Bottle.

Nomi Ruiz of Hercules & Love Affair as well as, Jessica 6 will play a DJ Set at Berlin.

Nancy Wang of LCD Soundsystem will play a DJ Set at Smart Bar along with fellow spinners: Jacques Renault, Michael Serafini, Kid Color, and Adulture.

This Will Destroy You @ Bowery Ballroom in 2010 (more by Benjamin Lozovsky)

This Will Destroy You are set to release their new LP Tunnel Blanket tomorrow (May 10th) via Suicide Squeeze Records.

Tunnel Blanket is the third proper full length from This Will Destroy You. It is the product of over two years of having the abyss stare back at the creator and, in turn, the creators lashing back at it with everything they've got. While previous albums managed to strike a universal chord of human hope and near-optimism toward the future, Tunnel Blanket is the darker and more intricate sides of human emotion, grief, and tragedy. It's "pretty" in the way decomposition is pretty. It's "artful" in the precise way that a sniper's bullet passes through the largest artery is artful. [Suicide Squeeze]

The post rock group have slated a large-scale U.S. tour, which will hit both the East and West coasts in 2011. They'll play the Bottom Lounge on May 28th with tourmates Pure X, and Sleep Over. Tickets are still available.

Head below to view the Tunnel Blanket LP tracklist, and all 2011 tour dates.

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