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October 7, 2015

by Bill Pearis

Pill band Brooklyn

Brooklyn band Pill have signed with Mexican Summer and the first fruits of that come in the form of a 7" out October 30. The a-side, "Hot Glue," is pretty indicative of Pill's sound: scratchy, paranoid, with some seriously skronky sax. You can stream it below.

Pill are playing a couple shows during CMJ week: October 14 at Acheron with Weed Hounds, Expert Alterations and headliners Wildhoney (tickets); and then the Dull Tools CMJ hangover party on October 18 at Silent Barn (which, after the fire last month, they're expecting to be up and running by that point). Then in December, Pill will be on the road with Parquet Courts including the NYC date at Warsaw on 12/11 (tickets). All dates are listed below.

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Bill Clinton

Forget Pope Francis at MSG. Bill Clinton is coming to the way more intimate NYC music venue, Highline Ballroom on Thursday (10/8). Here are the deets:

President Bill Clinton will be speaking to a group of young professionals in New York City from 7:00 to 10:00 p.m. The evening will also include a musical performance by Marc Roberge, lead vocalist of O.A.R., a special celebrity welcome, an open-bar sponsored by Diageo, and more. And, there are VIP ticket opportunities to meet and take a photograph with President Clinton!
In addition to the OAR frontman, honorary ambassador Raven-Symoné and Buffy herself, Sarah Michelle Gellar, will be in the house too. Tickets, ranging from $150 to $10,000, are available.

The former president joins a pretty solid schedule of shows happening at Highline Ballroom this month, including Ty Dolla $ign, Big K.R.I.T., The Polyphonic Spree, and Benjamin Clementine.

In related news, Hillary Clinton made a very funny cameo on the Miley Cyrus-hosted season premiere of Saturday Night Live over the weekend. (Darrell Hammond reprises his role as Bill.) If you missed that, watch it below...

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by Rob Sperry-Fromm

photo: Kowloon Walled City at Cake Shop in 2010 (more by Justin Tyler)
Kowloon Walled City

That sense of being packed into a city definitely had an influence on me personally. I don't dislike that feeling, but I was aware of it and I know it seeped into our lyrics. And lyrically things are a little different this time around, so maybe that's partly why. As for the space in the music, the more that we've explored that, the more it's spoken to us. It feels like we are figuring out the band that we're supposed to be. I can definitely hear that happening on Container Ships, especially compared to our previous record, Gambling on the Richter Scale, which was super blown out and aggressive and dense. I can totally draw a line from our first EP to this record as far as slowly firing ourselves into orbit. [Noisey]
Bummed-out sludge greats Kowloon Walled City are streaming their new album Grievances, which is out on October 9th on Neurot. That quote above is from an interview that Kowloon guitarist/vocalist Scott Evans just did with Converge guitarist and metal mega-producer Kurt Ballou. The whole thing is worth a read, especially for the true gear-heads out there; the two producers get way into the recording techniques used for the record, and its pretty fascinating.

As for Grievances, its a compelling new direction for KWC. Using a raw, newly clean-sounding guitar sound, these songs really breathe. There's such a strong command of dynamics, such directness in the way the band delivers emotional content, that the album feels like the most refined possible expression of what they've always done. Listen below.

Kowloon Walled City are heading out on a quick west coast tour with Fight Amp. Those dates are listed below.

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The Best Buy Theater in Times Square, which used to be the Nokia Theatre before that, is no more. It has been renamed the PlayStation Theater. (Before Nokia it was the Sony Astor Plaza movie theater, so it's a bit of a return, corporate-wise.) Upcoming shows at the now Playstation Theater include Danzig on 10/21 and King Diamond on 11/19 - 11/21. So if you have tickets for those, don't forget, and don't get confused: Best Buy is no more. This is the dawn of the age of PlayStation.

photos by P Squared; words by Bill Pearis

FFS @ Terminal 5 10/7/2015

"There are not two bands on stage tonight," proclaimed Alex Kapranos to the Terminal 5 crowd on Tuesday night (10/6). "There is only FFS!" The collaborative effort between Franz Ferdinand and Sparks has been paying off all year, first with their excellent self-titled debut album and then this tour which provided this writer with the most fun T5 show he's ever seen. It was also apparent that both groups, together as FFS, were having a total blast, with Franz Ferdinand getting to back up Russell and Ron Mael on Sparks singles and vice-versa in addition the FFS songs. This tour also really allows FF's Nick McCarthy to be a Nile Rodgers disco riff machine , something he is very very good at.

The apex of the night comes with the double shot of Sparks' synthpop singalong "The Number One Song in Heaven" that then leads to a breakdown where everyone is playing drums -- except stoic-faced Ron Mael who gets up from his keyboard to dance and send the crowd in hysterics -- and then leading right into Franz Ferdinand's "Michael." Before the applause dies down, they launch into "This Town Ain't Big Enough for the Both of Us" which just sounds great with the full band and Russell Mael's falsetto remains in astonishingly fine form. We got the entire FFS album, plus three songs each from Franz Ferdinand ("Take Me Out" and "Do You Want To?" being the others) and Sparks ("When Do I Get to Sing 'My Way'" during the encore).

The night concluded with their meta-epic "Collaborations Don't Work" which was really the only way to go out and probably the show's other big highlight. (FFS' "Piss Off" was pretty killer, too.) But there were no low points, apart from it being over too soon. If you have a chance to see one of the remaining dates on this tour, listed below, you should 100% go. They play Chicago on Thursday (and another set of pics from the NYC show are at BV Chicago). Their 10/9 Minneapolis show will stream live on Yahoo at 11 PM EDT.

The Intelligence were fitting openers at least on an, uh, intellectual level, as both bands have a firm grasp of satire and tongue-in-cheek lyricism. The band banged out a short, sharp set of their mutant garage, opening with the darkly comic "Cleaning Lady" (from new album Vintage Future) with help from Franz Ferdinand's Paul Thompson on syn-drums. Pictures from their set, plus more of FFS, below.

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food, folks and Jack White (photo via @jedidiahjenkins)
Jack White at neighborhood bbq

Jack White lives in Nashville these days and over the weekend attended his block's annual neighborhood potluck BBQ. Thing is, his neighbors had no idea he's a Grammy-winning musician. Here's the story from Jedidiah Jenkins who posted the above photo on instagram which was sent to him by his mom:

My mom helps put on a neighborhood potluck in front of my childhood home. Our little dead-end street is populated primarily with older and quiet people. The houses are modest and suburban. My neighborhood has been doing this potluck for over a decade. At the bottom of our street, there is a large gated historic home shrouded in trees. We've never really spotted that neighbor. But we have from time to time heard guitar coming from the garage.

This year, without warning, the occupant decided to come mingle with the neighbors. Of course they had no idea who he was. "Jack White, nice to meet you." He apologized for traveling so much and missing out over the years.

Wonder if Jack brought his chunky guacamole?

In other news: Jack produced the new Courtney Barnett 7" and his band The Dead Weather just released their new album.

Tame Impala

Tame Impala, who played Austin City Limits on Friday, headlined a sold out show at Radio City Music Hall in NYC last night (10/7). With a giant backdrop of psychedelic visuals and lights and fog to match, the giant-sounding band had no problem filling the giant room with a crowd-pleasing multi-sensory experience. Check out the setlist below.

Meanwhile, hopefully some bad royalty lawsuit news didn't sour the major milestone for the band. The BBC reports today:

A court in New York has dismissed claims Tame Impala are owed over $450,000 (£295,000) in royalty payments.

The lawsuit had been filed by the rights management organisation BMG.

It claimed Steve Pavlovic, the founder of Modular Recordings, had withheld royalty payments from the Australian band.

But the case has now been dismissed, with Mr Pavlovic being cleared...

...The system of paying royalties is "complicated. It's so complicated," according to the band frontman Kevin Parker.

More at the BBC.

Meanwhile, the band is probably (hopefully) making a ton of money thanks to their hit new album Currents, undoubtedly one of the best of the year. Riding high off this success, the band also had no problem selling out the very big Terminal 5 which they play tonight. What's next for the Australian band? Arenas? Barclays? MSG?

Like last night, Tame Impala's NYC show competition (but not actually competition) tonight includes the Kurt Vile / Waxhatchee tour which takes over Webster Hall for the 2nd sold out night in a row. A big night for classic rock-tinged indie rock in NYC, tonight is also the first of two War on Drugs shows. It takes place at the relatively intimate Music Hall of Williamsburg, and should warm the band up nicely for their own Radio City show which happens Thursday (who's going to Radio City twice this week?).

Ex-Late of the Pier member Sam Dust aka LA Priest opened the Tame Impala show with his minimal set up. Like at Baby's, "Dust was solo onstage, using some sort of homemade-looking drum machine / sampler / sequencer for most of his backing, with occasional use of guitar and a keyboard." He also sings, and said he was having a lot of fun opening for Tame Impala on a giant stage in a giant, fancy room to the few (relatively speaking) who decided to sit down early. He opens for Tame Impala again tonight.

Check out Tame Impala pictures from ACL HERE, and the Radio City setlist with some pics & video below...

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Ticketfly, a ticketing company for several venues in the US and Canada, has been purchased by Pandora. The NY Times reports:

Pandora announced early Wednesday that it would acquire Ticketfly for $450 million, in a mix of cash and stock. The deal further expands Pandora's interests in providing services to artists. Last year, it introduced a data system, the Artist Marketing Platform, or AMP, that shows musicians which songs are most popular on the service and where. And in May, Pandora bought Next Big Sound, another data service, which studies the listening and online searching patterns of streaming music customers.
The Times also points out that this could be a threat to Ticketmaster/Live Nation:
Pandora's control of Ticketfly could pose a challenge to Ticketmaster, particularly given Pandora's history of using its user data for marketing. The company, which derives about 80 percent of its revenue from ad sales, has long pitched advertisers on its ability to identify its users based on their demographic data and listening habits -- even going so far as to say it can predict its listeners' political affiliation.

"The combination of Ticketfly and Pandora will be a marketing and event discovery powerhouse," said Andrew Dreskin, Ticketfly's chief executive and co-founder, "giving venues and promoters unprecedented access to a massive and targeted audience of nearly 80 million music fans."

If you live in NYC, you've probably used Ticketfly to get tickets for shows at The Bell House, Saint Vitus, Acheron, Baby's All Right, Cake Shop, Union Pool, Union Hall or many others.

Pandora issued an official statement, which you can read in full below...

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by Andrew Sacher

photo: Kurt Vile at Webster Hall - 10/6/15 (via BV Instagram)
Kurt Vile

Kurt Vile's on the road in support of his new album b'lieve i'm goin down..., and he and the Violators began a sold-out two-night run at NYC's Webster Hall last night (10/6). They mostly stuck to the new album, playing seven of its twelve tracks, and cherry-picked just a few older ones. We got the bookends (and two longest tracks) of Wakin On A Pretty Daze ("Wakin On A Pretty Day" and "Goldtone"), "Jesus Fever" from Smoke Ring For My Halo, and one oldie, "He's Alright." Plus, as many Kurt Vile shows do, the pre-encore set ended with "Freak Train." (The encore was b'lieve closer "Wild Imagination," which was also a great way to end a show.)

Kurt and his band, which now has the bassist and guitarist playing keys at various points (the new album is his most piano-heavy), were great as ever. Even with the new sounds explored on the new album, it still has all the masterful fretwork we've come to expect from Kurt -- he continues to make a case for himself as one of our generation's most inventive rock guitarists -- and watching that come to life is always a treat. Kurt's someone I've seen a lot, but it's been a while since I've seen him indoors (maybe not since opening for Dinosaur Jr in 2010?) and KV's not half bad with a light show. There's nothing like seeing Kurt Vile with a natural breeze, but the little bulbs they had scattered around the stage set the mood for his lightly psychedelic sounds too.

Direct support on this tour is coming from Waxahatchee, which was an awesome pairing. Both bands have roots in folk and punk, but they bring entirely different approaches to the table. And it seemed just as full in there for Waxahatchee's set as for KV's. I've said this before, but Waxahatchee's current five-piece band (with two members of Swearin' and Pinkwash/Bleeding Rainbow drummer Ashley Arnwine) is by far their best live setup yet. Their super full sound is perfect for the big-sounding new record, and sparser old songs like "Brother Bryan" sound tighter and bolder than ever. We also got the Lucinda Williams cover that Waxahatchee has been incorporating into recent sets, which they do really well.

Opening the show was Luke Roberts, whose 2012 album on Thrill Jockey I thought was pretty underrated. I hadn't ever seen him play though, and I thought last night's set was great. He's joined just by a drummer and a a keyboardist, and they make sad, slow country rock not too far removed from On The Beach or I See A Darkness. His set ended with "Unspotted Clothes" off his 2010 album, for which Kurt Vile came out to sing harmonies.

Kurt, Waxahatchee, and Luke do it again at Webster tonight (10/7). Also tonight, Kurt's pals/former collaborators The War On Drugs begin a two-night run in NYC. They're at MHOW tonight (Jukely members only) and Radio City on Thursday (10/8) with Natalie Prass (buy tickets or win them).

KV's setlist from last night is below...

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by Andrew Sacher

Mammoth Storm

Mammoth Storm isn't quite what we got with Joaquin last weekend (at least not here in NYC), but it is the very appropriate name of Draconian guitarist Daniel Arvidsson's new-ish band. The Swedish doomers known as Mammoth Storm will release their first full length, Fornjot, on November 6 via Napalm Records (pre-order) and we've got the premiere of the lyric video for the title track. It's a slab of thick, de-tuned, badass riffs and Arvidsson's gruff vocals that maybe have just a bit of Neurosis influence. Listen below.

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