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by Wyatt Marshall

Pyrrhon at the Invisible Oranges CMJ Showcase 2013 (more by Caroline Harrison)

Tech-death weirdos Pyrrhon just made a new track available to stream, and, true to form, it's a warped nightmare of a song. "Balkanized" is off Pyrrhon's forthcoming album The Mother of Virtues, which is due out on April Fool's Day (heyo! -- 4/1) via Relapse. Click play if you want to know what it sounds like to cross an event horizon.

Pyrrhon will be touring in advance of the album release with fellow NYC band Psalm Zero. The tour will hit South by Southwest and lands in NYC on March 28 at Trans Pecos. That'll be a good'un--prepare to be weirded out by two of Brooklyn's finest. Psalm Zero just released a new track via Stereogum--stream it below.

Full disclosure: Pyrrhon's vocalist is none other than our very own Doug Moore, who writes about all things heavy on BV and IO. Doug, you sound terrifying. Mother of Virtues is up for preorder from Relapse.

All dates are listed, along with those streams, below...

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Well, it's that time of year, when no one in their right mind would host an outdoor party because it's the dead of winter and what the hell are you thinking? We're thinking this is the worst winter we can remember and god dammit we're gonna have some fun outside if it means freezing our asses off. Lucky for us/everyone, we're inviting some kick-ass bands for this snow down throwdown we're calling Music Frozen Dancing and there's always the comfort of good booze to warm that chilly heiny [Empty Bottle].
You crazy for this one! The Empty Bottle will be hosting a winter block party called Music Frozen Dancing on March 1, with performances by guitar-slinging favorites Marnie Stern and Diarrhea Planet, and locals Heavy Times and Rabble Rabble (DJs). The free event will kick off at noon, and is set to feature brews from Goose Island, a chili buffet provided by Bite Cafe, hot coffee from excellent local roasters Dark Matter, and plenty of winter activities (indoors and out).

They're also planning "some late-night shenanigans," so stay tuned.

Metronomy in Chicago in 2012 (more by Ben Rodig)

You can browse our full NYC show calendar for all of tonight's shows, but here are some highlights...

Metronomy, The Range @ MHOW
Metronomy's new album, Love Letters, is out in about a month and sounds more like something from 1974 than 2014. (Not that that's a bad thing.) This will be most folks first taste of the record, though expect favorites like "The Bay," "The Look" and "Heartbreaker" at the BrooklynVegan-presented show. Sold out!

Flaming Lips, Lauryn Hill, Tegan & Sara, Pussy Riot, Blondie & others @ Barclays Center (Amnesty International Human Rights Concert)
This concert for a very good cause includes sets by some excellent artists (Flaming Lips, Lauryn Hill, Tegan & Sara, Blondie) and it also, excitingly, will be a chance to see the members of Pussy Riot in NYC (not to mention Madonna is introducing them).

Steve Earle @ City Winery
Having worked inside and outside the music industry, country survivor, protest singer and occasional actor Steve Earle plays the first of four City Winery shows tonight.

Brazilian Girls, Davi Vieira, DJ Hardege @ Highline Ballroom
Blending tango, chanson, house, reggae and lounge with electronic beats into a fruity frozen drink, NYC quartet Brazilian Girls reactivated in 2012 after a few years hiatus. Tonight's the homecoming show of their East Coast tour.

NOBUNNY, The Hussy, A Rex & J Rex @ Baby's All Right
It will surely be a night of garage-fueled debauchery as sleazy (in a good way) bubblgum purveyor Nobunny hits town.

Bass Drum of Death, Hector's Pets, Scully @ Union Pool
Mississippi duo Bass Drum of Death (who are a trio live) make raw, lively garage rock, and tonight they wrap up their 2-night stand at Brooklyn's Union Pool.

Outer Spaces, Gregory And The Hawk, Field Mouse, Laughing Fingers @ Death By Audio
Athens, GA indie rockers Outer Space (who released a single as part of the 2013 Matador singles series) make their way to NYC tonight for this show, and there's good local support coming from folk-pop singer/songwriter Gregory and the Hawk, poppy shoegazers Field Mouse, and lo-fi duo Laughing Fingers.

2 Chainz, Pusha T, August Alsina @ Roseland
2 Chainz may have better hooks than full songs, but those hooks are fun as hell and with Pusha T balancing out the bill with his more technically-proficient rap, this should be an all around great show.

Young Yeller, Moon Bounce, Kazimier, AIMES DJ set @ Glasslands
Brooklyn musician Young Yeller (aka Jesse Brickel), formerly a member of Chrome Sparks, releases his self-titled debut LP next week (2/11) which you can now stream in full on Hype Machine. Tonight's the release party which also includes glitchy Philly producer Moon Bounce.

Trevor Luikart, Ant'lrd, Ivy Meadows, Gardener @ Cake Shop
Brooklyn ambient musician Trevor Luikart just released a new EP, Angelica, via BARO Records (which you can stream and download [name your price] at the BARO bandcamp), and tonight he celebrates the new EP at Cake Shop.

Fabolous, DJ Prostyle, DJ Self @ Stage 48
Fabolous may not currently be as visible as when "Young'n (Holla Back)" was everywhere, but he still finds ways to stay modern like his recent collaboration with Jeremih that he just made a video for. UPDATE: Moved to tomorrow (2/6).

Johnny Winter @ BB King's
Johnny Winter is in the midst of his winter (get it?) residency at BB King's, and tonight's the second of three shows, the third being on 2/23. Expect over 4 decades of blues rock riffs. Rescheduled from 1/21.

Toys and Tiny Instruments @ Grand Victory
Playing songs with kazoos, plastic guitars and other miniature gear would be a total novelty if the songs weren't as good as they are.

For all of tonight's shows, and tomorrow's, check out our NYC concert calendar.

For laughs, check out the NYC Comedy calendar too.


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What else?

Red Hot Chili Peppers


Dear everybody,

When we were asked by the NFL and Bruno to play our song Give It Away at the Super Bowl, it was made clear to us that the vocals would be live, but the bass, drums, and guitar would be pre-recorded. I understand the NFL's stance on this, given they only have a few minutes to set up the stage, there a zillion things that could go wrong and ruin the sound for the folks watching in the stadium and the t.v. viewers. There was not any room for argument on this, the NFL does not want to risk their show being botched by bad sound, period.

The Red Hot Chili Peppers stance on any sort of miming has been that we will absolutely not do it. The last time we did it (or tried to) was in the late 80's, we were thrown off of 'The Top Of the Pops' television program in the U.K. during rehearsals because we refused to mime properly, I played bass with my shoe, John played guitar atop Anthony's shoulders, and we basically had a wrestling match onstage, making a mockery of the idea that it was a real live performance.

We mimed on one or two weird MTV shows before that and it always was a drag. We take our music playing seriously, it is a sacred thing for us, and anyone who has ever seen us in concert (like the night before the Super Bowl at the Barclays Center), knows that we play from our heart, we improvise spontaneously, take musical risks, and sweat blood at every show. We have been on the road for 31 years doing it.

So, when this Super Bowl gig concept came up, there was a lot of confusion amongst us as whether or not we should do it, but we eventually decided, it was a surreal-like, once in a life time crazy thing to do and we would just have fun and do it. We had given this a lot of thought before agreeing to do it, and besides many a long conversation amongst ourselves, I spoke with many musician friends for whom I have the utmost respect, and they all said they would do it if asked, that it was a wild trippy thing to do, what the hell. Plus, we the RHCP all love football too and that played a big part in our decision. We decided that, with Anthony singing live, that we could still bring the spirit and freedom of what we do into the performance, and of course we played every note in the recording specially for the gig. I met and spoke with Bruno, who was a beautiful dude, a real talented musician, and we worked out something that seemed like it would be fun.

We recorded a track for the day, just banged one out from our hearts that was very like in spirit to the versions we have been playing live the last few years with our beloved Josh on guitar.

For the actual performance, Josh, Chad, and I were playing along with the pre recorded track so there was no need to plug in our guitars, so we did not. Could we have plugged them in and avoided bumming people out who have expressed disappointment that the instrumental track was pre recorded? Of course easily we could have and this would be a non-issue. We thought it better to not pretend. It seemed like the realest thing to do in the circumstance. It was like making a music video in front of a gazillion people, except with live vocals, and only one chance to rock it. Our only thought was to bring the spirit of who we are to the people.

I am grateful to the NFL for having us. And I am grateful to Bruno, who is a super talented young man for inviting us to be a part of his gig. I would do it all the same way again.

We, as a band, aspire to grow as musicians and songwriters, and to continue to play our guts out live onstage for anyone who wants to get their brains blown out.



We're pretty sure they were playing their instruments though one night earlier at Barclays Center.

by Bill Pearis

The Woodentops today...

One of my favorite albums of the '80s is The Woodentops' 1986 full-length debut, Giant. Released by Rough Trade at the heights of Smiths mania, it shares a jaunty acoustic-ness with The Queen is Dead, but The Woodentops were both more manic and rhythmic, musically, and more wistful and nostalgic lyrically. The band were also a part of the then-burgeoning acid house scene, as singles "Well Well Well" and "Why" somewhat bizarrely became staples at Ibiza clubs. After 1988's Wooden Foot Cops on the Highway, the band -- led by Rolo McGinty -- dove deep into dance music, making an album that never ended up seeing the light of day, and the band dissolved not too long after.

Sometime in the mid-00s, McGinty reformed The Woodentops with most of the original members and have been going sporadically ever since. Last year saw the release of retrospective Before During After, that collected everything the band ever released, including 12" mixes and a few tracks off the aborted third album. If you've never heard The Woodentops the collection is worth dipping into -- it's streaming on Spotify.

More excitingly, The Woodentops got back into the studio last year and the result of that is Granular Tales, the band's first new album since 1988. While very much in the Giant mold, the record never falls into the "let's re-write our most popular song" trap, and McGinty and the rest of the band are in top form. They also got their longtime collaborator Panni Bharti to design the album art in her distinctive woodcut style. Granular Tales is out February 24 via Cherry Red and you can stream two songs -- and watch a short making-of documentary -- below.

The Woodentops have a few UK shows lined up. No word on the possibility of US shows -- they haven't played here since Reagan was president -- but we can hope. (They would be a nice fit on a NYC Popfest bill.) All dates are listed, along with new streams and some '80s-era videos, below....

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By Doug Moore

Steve Tucker('s finger)

You may remember that we debuted a song by Warfather, which features ex-Morbid Angel frontman Steve Tucker, a few weeks back. Tucker effectively vanished from music for eight years after appearing on Morbid Angel's 2003 album Heretic before turning up as the frontman for Nader Sadek's one-off death metal album in 2011.

Invisible Oranges spoke to Tucker about the Warfather album and about what he's been up to for most of the past decade. It turns out that Tucker has effectively become a doomsday prepper, which made for an unusual interview:

What are your survival skills?

Well, first of all, where I live, I don't need a grocery store. I don't live 100 percent off the land, but I would if I had to. I have tons of creeks full of fresh water, I have deer in my yard, and I have a pit bull who is trained to take down a large animal. I would not starve. Where I live does not flood, and wouldn't be touched by, say, a tidal wave, so my strategy would be to pretty much stay where I am at, and secure the place. A couple years back, we were hit by this big storm called a derecho. I'd never heard of one in my life, but the thing hit in five minutes. We had 85 mile-per-hour winds. It took out my power for 10 days, and when that happened I realized that having water in my garage was a good thing. I gave some of that water in my garage to my neighbors. So it's all about improvisation and just being ready.

The scarier thought is what do individual groups of people do after society breaks down.

It would become tribal. That's the first thing that happens. People will go be with their families, with people they know, trust and think will protect them. Personally I think people will realize they need to get out of cities. They will travel to places like where I live, and ask people like me to help, I think. So the question you need to answer is: who can you trust? It's the same scenario you come across every day ― can I do business with this person? Can I tell this person a secret? ― but survival would be the consequence.

The weirdest part of the interview is that Tucker actually comes off as kinda level-headed about the subject. You can read the whole thing here.

If you missed it the first time, you can stream that Warfather song below...

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Welsh band Los Campesinos! were recently in NYC playing one of a handful of U.S. shows in support of new album No Blues. While they were here, the band made time to perform the ninth installment of our BV Studio Sessions recorded at Grand Street Recording in Brooklyn. They played "Cemetery Gaits" and "What Death Leaves Behind," both from new album. Check it out:

Big thanks to Jessica Amaya, Albert Amaya for making this look (and sound) great. Much appreciation to Chris La Putt as always.

Los Campesinos! don't have any tour dates coming up, but if you haven't checked out No Blues you can listen via Rdio. More info on their BV Studio Session, as well as links to all the other episodes in the series, below..

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by Andrew Sacher

Alden Penner

Towards the end of last year, we mentioned that former Unicorns and Clues member Alden Penner would be releasing his first solo album following a few singles and EPs. That album is titled Exegesis and it comes out today (2/4), but you can hear it before you buy it, a stream of the whole thing makes its premiere in this post.

As someone who was one of the pioneers of 2000s-style indie rock, most notably on The Unicorns' final album, Who Will Cut Our Hair When We're Gone?, and delivered more promising material in that vein (though less quirky) on the only Clues album, Alden keeps that up on the new solo record. It features all four songs from 2013's Procession EP, which we said "floats somewhere between airy folk and grandiose baroque rock," and the whole record pretty much lives up to what that EP promised.

Check it out, along with Alden's upcoming dates (none in NYC), below...

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by Doug Moore


Portland racket-makers The Body have historically enjoyed collaboration albums, having worked with both The Assembly of Light choir on All The Waters of the Earth Turn to Blood and with Braveyoung on Nothing Passes.

They've just announced another collaborative album, and it's a doozy. On the upcoming I Shall Die Here LP, The Body will collaborate with critically-beloved electronic musician Bobby Krlic, AKA The Haxan Cloak. They've already debuted a song from the LP, which is pretty much what you'd expect -- noisy, repetitive, and forbidding. You can stream it below. I Shall Die Here will come out on April 1 in the US via RVNG.

In related news, the Body will be touring North America during the month of March (including an NYC stop at Saint Vitus on 3/22), as well as appearing at the Gilead Media Fest in Wisconsin in July. Meanwhile, The Haxan Cloak will play Barcelona's Primavera Sound fest on May 30.

Stream the new Body tune and check out their upcoming dates below...

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by Andrew Sacher


When you hear a band name like Creepoid and hear that they're on No Idea Records, you probably think you know what you're getting: a punk band. But this Philly band are anything but. Their self-titled sophomore LP (due out on 3/4) has more in common with '90s slowcore bands like Red House Painters or Low than it does with most of their labelmates. They can still get intense, but in a different way. Clean guitars and dreamy vocals make up most of the album, pulling you in via entrancement rather than full-throttle attack. And though they can pile on the distortion in some parts (like the psychedelic-sludge drone at the end of "Tired Eyes"), it's more of a rare secret weapon than their main tool to fall back on.

They don't pile on the distortion at all on the new record's single, "Sunday," which is all strummy acoustic guitars and a twangy electric lead. The black and white video for that song makes its premiere in this post, and you can watch it below.

Creepoid also have a number of dates coming up, including SXSW and two NYC shows. The first is the NYC stop of the Graveface Roadshow at Shea Stadium on February 17, which we already knew The Casket Girls were playing, and since we last spoke, The Stargazer Lillies and Dreamend were added too. Tickets for that show are on sale now. They also open the NYC stop of the Whores / Fight Amp tour, which happens on March 28 at Saint Vitus with No Way. Tickets for that show are still available.

All dates are listed, along with the new video, below...

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Chino Moreno (Deftones) and Shaun Lopez's (Far) side project/supergroup/whatever Crosses (†††) previously announced a few shows for this month, including NYC at Santos (2/12). That show is now sold out, but they've added a second NYC date happening at the larger Music Hall of Williamsburg on February 13. Tickets for the newly-added date go on sale today (2/4) at noon.

The band's new record is due out on 2/11 via Sumerian Records. Watch a video for its single, along with the updated list of tour dates, below...

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Bass Drum of Death at the Seaport in 2013 (more by Amanda Hatfield)
Young & Sick

You can browse our full NYC show calendar for all of tonight's shows, but here are some highlights...

Young & Sick, Yellerkin @ Baby's All Right
Young & Sick is the somewhat mysterious R&B project of "Nick" who used to record as Japayork and has done album artwork for famous artists like Foster the People, Maroon 5 and Robin Thicke. Nick and his band (they're a trio live) are playing their first-ever live shows this week, and tonight's their NYC debut. Will it live up to the hype?

Weeknight, Courtship Ritual, Certain Creatures @ Mercury Lounge
If you like the darker, dustier side of The Ravoenettes, you might want to check out Brooklyn band Weeknight who mine a similar territory. Their debut album, due in about a month, is a nice wintry listen.

Honduras, Coastgaard, High Waisted, Behaviors @ Pianos
Uber-catchy Brooklynites Coastgaard begin their February residency at Pianos tonight with three other hand-picked bands.

This is Head, Robins Egg Blue @ Cake Shop
Malmö, Sweden's This is Head just got their debut album released in North America and are over for a few East Coast shows. This is the first of two NYC ones.

Bass Drum of Death, Shadow Walker, Low Fat Getting High @ Union Pool
Mississippi duo Bass Drum of Death (who are a trio live) make raw, lively garage rock, and tonight they kick off a 2-night stand at Brooklyn's Union Pool. Worth getting there early for local punks Low Fat Getting High too.

Michael Snow, Alan Licht, Aki Onda @ Issue Project Room
This avant trio features Lee Ranaldo & the Dust guitarist (and onetime SPIN editor) Alan Licht, composer and visual artist Aki Onda, and Canadian pianist Michael Snow.

Amon Amarth, Enslaved, Skeletonwitch @ Irving Plaza
Sweden's ever-popular death metal band Amon Amarth bring their tour to NYC tonight, and they've got great support including progressive black metal Norwegians Enslaved and wild Ohio thrashers Skeletonwitch.

For all of tonight's shows, and tomorrow's, check out our NYC concert calendar.

For laughs, check out the NYC Comedy calendar too.


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What else?

by Bill Pearis

Non Violent

In addition to the Fear of Men special edition LP, Kanine Records announced their other Record Store Day 2014 releases today as well. One of them is a compilation called Non Violent Femmes, which culls tracks from some of today's more promising female-fronted bands from around the globe (well, America, UK, and NZ): Speedy Ortiz, Eternal Summers, Bleeding Rainbow, Beach Day, Tashaki Miyaki, Is/Is, Beverly, TEEN (who just played Baby's All Right), Joanna Gruesome, Flowers, and Beaches. Ten of the 11 tracks are exclusive to the release.

And in a related vibe -- and this is cool -- Kanine will be reissuing Elastica's eponymous 1995 debut on vinyl for RSD. While they never managed to do much after, Elastica is packed with great songs -- "Connection," "Stutter," "Car Song," "Annie," "Line-Up," "Vaseline" -- and a true '90s classic.

Kanine is also releasing an alternate version of Surfer Blood's 2013 album Pythons, one that, apparently, Warner Brothers rejected for being too "punky."

Record Store Day happens in brick-and-mortar shops all around the globe on Saturday, April 19. Speedy Ortiz play free shows at Brooklyn Night Bazaar this Friday (2/7) with Krill, Odonis Odonis, Heeney, and Infinity Girl; and Other Music on 2/10. They're also streaming their new EP, Real Hair, which you can listen to on Pitchfork.

Check out a few Elastica videos below...

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by Wyatt Marshall

The Body at The Acheron, June 2013 (more by Fred Pessaro)
the body

As you may know, the Gilead Media Fest is happening in Oshkosh, Wisconsin on July 18 - 20 and has announced a number of additions to what was an already loaded lineup. Fest-goers can catch black metal bruisers Barghest, get solid doses of sludge and doom from Kowloon Walled City and Loss, and bear witness to what looks to be UK experimental black/death band Lychgate's debut US performance. That's in addition to performances from previously announced acts Ash Borer, Hell, Inter Arma, Hexer, Mutilation Rites, Oozing Wound and more. The Body and Thou will be collaborating for a performance, too, which will be one that will surely rattle ear drums. tickets are on sale now. Look for two more bands to be announced soon.

Speaking of The Body, they're touring again and hitting Saint Vitus on 3/22. Still no word on advance tickets for that one.

Gilead Media Fest lineup below...

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by Andrew Sacher

Pity Sex at Baby's All Right at BV-CMJ 2013 (more by Amanda Hatfield)
Pity Sex

Last year's Indie Pop Prom (which featured TPOBPAH, Swearin', Waxahatchee and others) wasn't a one-time thing; it will return this year on February 22 at Baby's All Right with Syracuse punks Friendless Bummer, Ann Arbor shoegazers Pity Sex, Atlanta's Places to Hide, scrappy poppy punks Radiator Hospital, a Bad Banana reunion (one of Katie Crutchfield [Waxahatchee] and her twin sister Allison's [Swearin'] old projects), DJ sets by Weekend and Neon Indian, and very special guests "Traitor Bitches" (TBA 2/12). The show is 18+ and tickets are on sale now.

Indie Pop Prom is one of three chances you'll have to catch Radiator Hospital in NYC this February, including their show with The Marked Men and the Double Double Whammy showcase.

Not that the whole lineup isn't worth highlighting, but one especially exciting thing is that Places to Hide will finally make it to NYC from Atlanta. Back in 2013, they released a terrific album, Almost Nothing, which you can download (name your price) at bandcamp and stream in full below. The band tag the album as "90s," "punk," "emo," "indie pop," "indie rock," "stoner," "surf," and other things, and though those tags usually describe pretty different sounding bands, they kind of do all apply to Places to Hide. If you ever wondered what "stoner emo indie pop" would sound like, it might be this.

Streams Almost Nothing, along with music from the rest of the lineup, below...

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Flaming Lips in San Francisco on Halloween 2013 (more by Chris Tuite)
Flaming Lips

The Flaming Lips are about to come to NYC to play the Amnesty International concert at Barclays Center on Wednesday (2/5) (tickets), and after that frontman Wayne Coyne will be going on a solo tour of record stores. It kicks off at Manhattan's Other Music on Saturday (2/8) at 11 AM, and that's followed by an appearance at Brooklyn's Rough Trade at 4 PM the same day. All dates on the tour are listed below.

For Wayne's solo tour, he'll be selling an "extremely limited edition" of the Flaming Lips first EP, which was initially released in 1984 and at that point featured Wayne's brother Mark on lead vocals. Details via press release on what this edition of the EP will entail:

Wayne will be selling an extremely Limited Edition version of the 12" EP which is housed with a hand-crafted, custom-made solid chocolate skull; anatomically correct and life-sized, of course. Each skull contains a special Gold Coin that is redeemable as admission to any headline show by THE FLAMING LIPS in the world.

The Flaming Lips 1st EP will be available as a limited edition 12-inch on green vinyl and signed by Coyne. The last time this recording was available on vinyl was in 1986. It was originally recorded in two sessions at Benson Sound in 1984 and released on the group's homemade label Lovely Sorts of Death Records. This edition has been remastered by LIPS bassist Michael Ivins and given a reimagined cover by freak artist Charlie Immer.

The Flaming Lips are also performing on The Late Show with David Letterman (which is filmed at the Ed Sullivan Theatre) on Thursday (2/6), celebrating Beatles Week.

Stream a track from the EP, along with all Wayne Coyne solo and Flaming Lips dates, below...

Continue reading "Wayne Coyne going on a solo tour of record stores; Flaming Lips reissuing 1st EP on vinyl in a chocolate skull"


We're only days away from the 50th anniversary of the day The Beatles set foot in America, and as you may know that means tons of events, many of which are right here in NYC. Since we last spoke, more have been added, including that JFK Airport will celebrate the 50th anniversary of the day the band first landed at the airport, February 7. At 11:30 on that day at the TWA Flight Center, located in JFK's Central Terminal Area, adjacent to JetBlue's Terminal 5 (not that Terminal 5 of course), the tribute will take place and include an unveiling of the Beatles historical airport maker and a live band playing the band's hits.

Other events in NYC include "Ladies and Gentlemen ... The Beatles," which runs from February 6 - May 10 at the New York Public Library. The exhibition, created by the GRAMMY Museum, covers the band's 1964-66 period, and will have many pop culture artifacts, instruments, posters, photographs, interviews, and more on display.

NYPL also hosts an interview with Mark Lewisohn, who wrote Tune In: The Beatles: All These Years on February 10 at 6 PM, and a screening of What's Happening! The Beatles in the USA on February 13 at 6 PM.

There will also be NYC Fab 50 tribute concerts, including one at The Apollo on 2/6 with Mary Wilson (of The Supremes), Bettye LaVette, Lloyd Price, Melvin Van Peebles and Gary U.S. Bonds; followed by one with the Spin Doctors, NYC's Williamsburg Salsa Orchestra and School of Rock, and international Beatles tribute bands on 2/7 at Hudson Theatre (145 West 44th St); then a closing concert at Town Hall on 2/8 with Tommy James, Melanie, Marshall Crenshaw, Fred Schneider (of the B-52s), Al Jardine (of The Beach Boys), Gene Cornish (of The Rascals), Greg Hawkes (of The Cars), and many more. There's also a final party at The Bitter End on 2/9. More info and tickets (with proceeds going to Food Bank for New York City) for all four events HERE.

Concert promoter Sid Bernstein, who presented the Beatles' first NYC shows at Carnegie Hall, plus their Shea Stadium shows (and who passed away last year), will be honored with a memorial concert at The Cutting Room on February 12, the 50th anniversary of the Carnegie Hall shows. Tickets for that show are on sale now.

If you missed them, check out the other Beatles' US 50th Anniversary events that we posted last week.

And lastly, Ringo Starr is also touring this year.

photos by Chad Kamenshine

Black Keys / Albert Hammond Jr @ Roseland Ballroom - 1/31/14
The Black Keys
Albert Hammond Jr.

Albert Hammond, Jr. got the show going, and sounded just as razor sharp as he did when I saw him open for Jake Bugg a few weeks ago. This time the crowd was much bigger, but the execution was just as on point. Was it wrong that all throughout the set I was anticipating The Strokes performance later this summer at Governors Ball? What? Just being honest.

I've seen The Black Keys quite a few times now. At this point in their career, it was a treat to see them at the rather intimate (for them) Roseland Ballroom, which is closing in a few months. Which makes this show likely my last at the venue. Seeing The Black Keys there is not a bad way to go out.

With a show like this, you knew it was going to be a special one. Dan agreed, sharing a bit of cool information during one of the only talk breaks he took. He mentioned that the last time they played Roseland was 11 years ago, when they opened up for Sleater-Kinney (!). Dan said it was them who taught them how to tour. It was a nice moment, something that put The Black Keys insane success into perspective. [We All Want Someone]

Another of the Super Bowl week shows that just happened in NYC was the Black Keys show at Roseland Ballroom on Friday (1/31) (one of the last shows at the venue), which Strokes guitarist Albert Hammond Jr. opened. The band's 16-song set relied most heavily on their last two records, El Camino and Brothers, not diving any further back than Brothers' 2008 predecessor, Attack & Release, whose single "I Got Mine" closed the show. Pictures of that show are in this post.

The Roseland show wasn't the only appearance Black Keys made in NYC Friday night. They showed up (not initially announced) at the Howard Stern 60th Birthday Bash at Hammerstein Ballroom which also included Louis CK, Jon Bon Jovi, Steven Tyler (joined by Dave Grohl), and others. A video of the Black Keys from that show, along with more pics and the setlist from Roseland, below...

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Sandra of SISU w/ Dum Dum Girls at Merc last week (more by PSquared)

Alex Bleeker at Brooklyn Bowl in 2012 (more by Tracy Allison)
Alex Bleeker

You can browse our full NYC show calendar for all of tonight's shows, but here are some highlights...

SISU, Young Boys, VBA, Willy Muse, Brandon of Crocodiles (DJ) @ Cake Shop
When Sandra Vu isn't busy drumming in Dum Dum Girls, she's also making gothy shoegaze with her own project SISU (which also features DDGs guitarist Jules live). Willy Muse, who you may have caught playing bass in Widowspeak, also does his own thing at this show.

Juan Wauters @ Other Music
Juan Wauters is a very busy guy, playing many hometown shows with his band The Beets and also doing the solo thing quite often, like tonight at Other Music. Free admission, 8 PM start.

Sun Araw, Mark McGuire @ Body Actualized Center
Sun Araw is prepping a new album, Belomancie (out 2/18 via Drag City), and he's also got a new piece called "The (3) Vases," which he's performing from tonight. Ex-Emeralds guitarist Mark McGuire was initially DJing this show, but he is now billed as "live," making this an excellent bill for fans of ambient/experimental music.

Alex Bleeker & the Freaks, Skies @ Manhattan Inn
Alex Bleeker spends much of his time playing in Real Estate, but his own band is quite different, giving him the opportunity to dive into bluesy psychedelia. They're playing acoustic at tonight's show, which is free and starts at 10 PM.

John Hodgman @ Union Hall
You may know John Hodgman as a Daily Show correspondent, but he's also got tons of his own excellent (and hilarious) material. Tonight's another of his Secret Society shows at Union Hall.

Night Train w/ Wyatt Cenac @ Littlefield
Hop aboard Wyatt Cenac's weekly comedy show, Night Train, which this week features Marina Franklin, Joe Zimmerman, Sabrina Jalles, Lukas Kaiser, and Matt Koff.

For all of tonight's shows, and tomorrow's, check out our NYC concert calendar.

For laughs, check out the NYC Comedy calendar too.


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Philip Seymour Hoffman

Philip Seymour Hoffman, one of the greatest actors of our time - known for many great films like Boogie Nights, The Big Lebowski, Magnolia, Punch-Drunk Love, Almost Famous, Capote and many more, has sadly passed away at age 46.

The Academy Award winner was found in his Manhattan apartment at 35 Bethune St. in the West Village neighborhood of Manhattan this morning morning, according to the New York Police Department, which is investigating. [ABC News]
The NY Times says...
Investigators found a syringe in his left forearm, at least two plastic envelopes with what appeared to be heroin nearby, and five empty plastic envelopes in a trash bin, the official said.

"It's pretty apparent that it was an overdose," the official said. "The syringe was in his arm."

On Sunday afternoon, Mr. Hoffman's family released a statement saying: "We are devastated by the loss of our beloved Phil and appreciate the outpouring of love and support we have received from everyone. This is a tragic and sudden loss and we ask that you respect our privacy during this time of grieving. Please keep Phil in your thoughts and prayers."
[NY Times]

Rest in peace, Philip. Your contributions will never be forgotten

Watch a clip of Philip as Lester Bangs in "Almost Famous", below...

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"Walked through the Super Bowl boulevard, or whatever they're calling it. Saw Blondie playing, but not too interesting otherwise. #SuperBowl" - Scott Dolan

"Just saw fucking Blondie live... The only time I give a shit about the Super Bowl." - Shannon

"Walking through Super Bowl Boulevard and just happened stumble upon Blondie performing "Call Me"." - Nicole

"Holy shit!!! Just stumbled upon #Blondie playing in #timessquare #Super Bowl!" - George

Blondie in Times Square
(photo via comicconnie)

Blondie, who you'll soon also get to catch at the Barclays Center played a free show in Times Square as part of Super Boulevard on Saturday. Did you check it out? A short video clip is below.

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It's Super Bowl Sunday which means there's almost nothing going on tonight. If you're adamant about not watching the game there are a few interesting music options. You can browse our full NYC show calendar for all of tonight's shows, but here are some highlights...

Kim Gordon, Jutta Koether @ MoMA PS1
This is the closing party for the Mike Kelly retrospective and for it Kim Gordon and and visual artist Jutta Koether are creating a unique event for the occasion. This is an afternoon event, 4 PM.

Gem Club, Foxes in Fiction, Ricky Eat Acid @ Mercury Lounge
For those not ready for some football, Boston's Gem Club make pastoral, quietly beautiful music that sounds like it comes from a world where contact sports don't exist.

Nous @ Baby's All Right
Also pretty far removed from the Superbowl, Nous are a new experimental project from composer Christopher Bono, with the talents of Greg Fox, Thor Harris, Shahzad Ismaily, Grey Mcmurray, and others. They just played their first ever show last night at Basilica Hudson, and this is their NYC debut. There's an ambient piece from 7:45 PM, with the proper performance beginning at 8 PM.

Red Hot Chili Peppers and Bruno Mars play the Halftime show.

For all of tonight's shows, and tomorrow's, check out our full NYC show calendar.

For laughs, check out the NYC Comedy calendar too.


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Blondie @ State Theatre, 2012 (more by Dana [distortion] Yavin)

Browse our full NYC show calendar for all of tonight's shows. Here are some highlights...

Foo Fighters, Zac Brown Band @ Bud Light Hotel Cruise Ship
Nirvana/Paul McCartney side project Foo Fighters are in town to rock the Bud Light Hotel cruise ship for Super Bowl weekend.

Red Hot Chili Peppers, MS MR, J. Roddy Walston and The Business, Basic Vacation @ Barclays Center
Parody versions aside, the real Red Hot Chili Peppers are about to appear with Bruno Mars at the Super Bowl halftime show, but before that they'll celebrate the "biggest weekend in sports and entertainment" with a full show at Barclays Center tonight.

Drake, Diddy, Funkmaster Flex, DJ Ross One @ Highline Stages
This Revolt TV-hosted Super Bowl weekend show may not be the most ideal (or easiest to get into) way to see Drake, but stop making a big deal out of the little things.

Kendrick Lamar @ Espace
The Grammys may not agree, but we think Kendrick Lamar is one of the most exciting things happening in rap right now, so it's great to have him back in NYC for this Super Bowl weekend show.

Jay Z @ Pier 40
Yet another Super Bowl weekend show from a big name rapper is this invite-only DirecTV party.

Blondie @ Super Bowl Boulevard Concert Stage
Now here's a Super Bowl weekend show you may actually have some luck getting into. It's totally free to the public, and as long as you don't mind braving the insanity that will be Times Square Super Bowl version, you can see these punk/new wave icons for the cost of nothing.

Man Man, Xenia Rubinos @ Music Hall of Williamsburg
Weirdo art rockers Man Man are joined by the similarly art Xenia Rubinos for this show, which is recommended for fans of the eccentric.

Big Ups, EULA, Kal Marks, Malatese @ Death by Audio
Great bill at DbA tonight with the raw post-hardcore of Big Ups, noise rock of EULA, quirky indie rock of Kal Marks and more.

Lee Bains III & The Glory Fires, Turf War, The Brooklyn What, Infinity Girl @ Shea Stadium
The Alabama roots rock of Lee Bains III & The Glory Fires may be an unlikely match for Sub Pop Records, but alas, the band has signed to the trusty label, which could be enough of a reason on its own to check these guys out.

The Burlies, Paper Fleet, Drunk Tigers, Sunset Guns, Railsplitters @ Cake Shop
The Dismemberment Plan are back in action, but Travis Morrison is still staying busy with other projects, including his band The Burlies, who play tonight.

Nomad, Sad Boys, EEL, Mueco, Scab Eaters @ Acheron
NYC punks Nomad are a pretty busy band, with tons of chances to catch them in their hometown, and tonight they're joined by a couple other local bands, plus Pittsburgh's EEL and Montreal's Mueco.

Porches @ Baby's All Right this week (more by Amanda Hatfield)

Porches, Howth, Stranger Cat @ Cameo
There's never a lack of hometown shows from NYC indie rockers Porches, and tonight's is doubly good because Cat Martino's electronic project Stranger Cat is also on the bill.

Dawn of Midi, Bright Wave @ Merkin Concert Hall
Part of the Ecstatic Music Festival, this collaborative effort is a promised "evening of improvised and written music that collapses the distinction between electronic and acoustic sound."

Ziggy Marley @ Bryant Park
A chip off the old block, Ziggy Marley has become a bankable reggae star in his own right. This is another of the many Super Bowl related shows, which was free with RSVP (which is now full).

PC Worship, Aa, Dan Friel, Dinowalrus, Advaeta @ Silent Barn
Tonight is the release party for Aa's new album, VoyAager, and the band have assembled a disparate and talented bunch of bands for support.

TEEN, Icewater, Tiger Dare, Pocean @ Baby's All Right
You may know Icewater as Eleanor Friedberger's backing band, but they make music on their own, too. You can stream their very catchy debut album, Collector's Edition, below.

Nous @ Basilica Hudson
Fans of experimental music will want to check out this band featuring composer Christopher Bono, as well as the talents of Greg Fox, Thor Harris, Shahzad Ismaily, Grey Mcmurray, and others. Tonight is their live debut and they make their NYC debut Sunday night at Baby's All Right.

David Crosby @ City Winery
A true rock legend, David Crosby recently released his first solo album in 20 years and this is his fourth straight sold-out shows at City Winery.

Morbid Saint, Seeds of Perdition, Stychnia, Condition Critical @ Saint Vitus
Classic-era thrashers Morbid Saint are responsible for one of the most vicious thrash albums of the style's heyday in 1988's Spectrum of Death. Their reunited incarnation also played one of the best non-marquee sets of MDF 2012, noticeably outdoing a certain other band with "Morbid" in their name who played the same day.

For all of tonight's shows, and tomorrow's, check out our full NYC show calendar.

For laughs, check out the NYC Comedy calendar too.


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you probably won't see this guy on tour any time soon
Robin Hannibal

R&B duo Quadron, whose Robin Hannibal is also one half of Rhye, are currently on the road supporting Mayer Hawthorne, and will be touring with them through early March. That tour hits NYC on February 27 at Webster Hall and February 28 at Warsaw, with Quadron opening on both dates. Tickets for those shows are still available. All dates are listed below.

As mentioned, Rhye are also playing shows around that time, including NYC on February 21 at Webster Hall, which is sold out.

However, as Daily News points out, you won't see Robin Hannibal at either of those, as he chooses not to tour. From the Daily News interview:

Q: So it has nothing to do with you being too shy to be on stage?

A: No, no. I've been on stage several times, but it doesn't give me satisfaction. What makes my clock tick and makes me excited is writing songs and making the music. ... Most people often don't know how long it takes to make 3 ½ minutes of music. It's a long process... and that's my complete focus.

Plus, my chops now as a musician aren't as good as they once were. That's why I think Coco and I work so well. She's an amazing performer and I'm not.

This may not come as a surprise if you've been following either band or caught them live in the past. He's a producer for both, but doesn't tour.

Since we last spoke, Ricky Eat Acid (Sam Ray of Julia Brown/Teen Suicide) has been added as an opener for Rhye's Webster Hall show. If you don't have tickets to that show but still want to catch him, you can do so much sooner at the previously discussed Gem Club show at Mercury Lounge on Sunday (2/2), which also has Foxes in Fiction on the bill. Tickets for that show are still available.

Meanwhile, Sam's other band Teen Suicide is going on a previously discussed tour with Special Explosion, Alex G and Sorority Noise which hits NYC on February 27 at Suburbia.

All Quadron dates are listed, along with a video and some Ricky Eat Acid streams, below...

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by Bill Pearis


Your new album Age Of Fracture is inspired in part by Daniel T. Rodgers book of the same name. What can you tell me about the concept behind this?

Jack (Cleverly) was reading Rodgers' book at the time of writing the songs. It's not a concept album really, many of the songs were written before the record started and it took us a year to make it. But the themes of the book fit what we were doing and when Jack related to us what the concept we started to work towards that. Then when we contacted Daniel to ask for permission to use the name he was great about it and really liked the music.

Do you think once the influenced was explained from Jack that these themes started to shape the music?

I think the lyrics written by Dan and Jack definitely draw parallels to the themes of the book. In terms of sound we've always wanted to make house music with real instruments, to give it the more raw live feel that can be heard in some of our early stuff. This time around we really started to experiment with the audio in post-production and having fun with the sound of the album. Dreamtrak, who was our producer, really helped with that side of things. - [The Journalist]

London electropop quartet CYMBALS just released their debut album, Age of Fracture, this week via UK label Tough Love. If your tastes skew towards the Britpoppier side of dance (Hot Chip, Outfit, Breton), this is a fizzy, hummable addition to your collection. The whole record is currently streaming on Pitchfork Advance.

CYMBALS will be making their first trip to North America in March for SXSW, so if you're going look for them there. No word on whether they'll be playing other shows along the way. In addition to the album stream, you can check out a couple CYMBALS videos below.

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