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Raekwon & Ghostface Killah @ Santos in NYC - 9/8/09 (Village Slum)
Raekwon and Ghostface

"[Thursday] night is NYU's yearly mystery concert, one of our school's most popular traditions that has featured some big names in past years. For those who don't like surprises, a little birdie told NYU Local that Raekwon (of the Wu-Tang Clan) and No Age will be performing tomorrow night.

This year, the show will take place at Le Poisson Rouge on Bleecker St. between Sullivan St. and Thompson St. The show is at 8 p.m., doors at 7, line forms at 6. All students with vouchers (plus student ID) will be admitted, but unfortunately, the bar will be closed.

Students can get vouchers for free at Ticket Central in Kimmel. All unclaimed tickets will be released at the venue at 7:45 p.m."

I also heard from one of those little birdies, and have since also confirmed that it is 100% true which is weird because Raekwon is scheduled to play SOB's the same night! Last night (9/8), Raekwon played Santos Party House.

For No Age, who reside on the west coast, this is a pre-ATP NY show. Then they're back in NY in October for four more shows, including another one at Le Poisson Rouge.

For NYU this seems like an interesting move - hosting a show at their local neighborhood, non-affiliated music venue.

Raekwon's new video for "Walk Wit Me" below...

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John Wesley Harding & Eugene Mirman @ CoW in April (more by Tim Griffin)
John Wesley Harding

John Wesley Harding's Cabinet of Wonders variety show, which graced the city in February, March and April, in addition to tour dates around the country, will be back for shows on September 16th, October 7th and November 18th at (Le) Poisson Rouge. Tickets for all three are on sale now, AND now the shows have full lineups.

Like before there will be many special guests at each show. These include Tanya Donelly, John Roderick, A.C. Newman, Todd Barry, Rhett Miller, and many others. Each night is different. Full lineups with all JWH tour dates, below...

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by Andrew Frisicano

DOWNLOAD: Radio Happy Hour 8/8/09 Featuring Andrew W.K. (MP3)

Andrew W.K.

Andrew W.K. adds another page to his rapidly growing repertoire with an album of "spontaneous solo piano improvisations," 55 Cadillac, due out on September 8th. The record will be the first full-length release on his Skyscraper Music Maker label (after the amazing DAMN: The Mixtape! earlier this year). He'll accompany its release with a set of tour dates alongside the Calder Quartet, a contemporary classical group that he's gigged with before. Last year, A.W.K. and the Quartet played a November 15th Wordless Music show at (Le) Poisson Rouge, performing a set that included compositions by Philip Glass, Bach improvisations and a closing set of A.W.K.'s I Get Wet material.

The tour kicks off September 29th, and visits NYC's Joe's Pub on Friday, October 2nd. Tickets will be go on sale this Saturday.

Andrew W.K. appeared as the featured guest at LPR's monthly Radio Happy Hour on August 8th. The podcast of that episode, which is John Hughes themed (planned more than a month before the bad news), is posted above. There's also a video of Andrew W.K. on piano from that gig, with videos from his Calder Quartet performance, 55 Cadillac info, and all tour dates, posted below...

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by Andrew Frisicano

DOWNLOAD: Circulatory System - Overjoyed (MP3)

Circulatory System (Nesey standing, left)...
Circulatory System

Pure Pop: It seems like the E6 Collective is making a big comeback. The Holiday Suprise Tour, the Music Tapes' caroling tour, [the Music Tapes' regular tour,] Circulatory System's new album [see below] -- it's all really exciting. What's it like to be right in the middle of all this? Do you see great things in E6's future?

Nesey Gallons: yes, i do. and its nice to have had a hand in making things happen. that it all worked. and its been an honor to play with everyone and have brer hart ask me to finish his album and everything. its beautiful to see everyone together doing what they ought to, building worlds. im sure a lot of wonderful things will come drifting out of what has reawoken. in the coming year i plan to live in maine and work on a bunch of projects and things ive neglected during this past year. for some reason i have to be alone to really work properly on anything of my own.

Like much of the Elephant 6-connected material, the new Circulatory System album, Signal Morning, is a collaborative effort (as is the upcoming tour, more on that in sec). First, the album, headed by Oliva Tremor Control's W. Cullen Hart, features contributions from all the members of that band as well as Neutral Milk Hotel's Jeff Mangum and Julian Koster. It comes out on CD and MP3 September 8th through Cloud Recordings. For vinyl, you'll have to wait a little longer, but when they ship in October, the first 300 will come with a bonus LP of demo versions and alternate mixes. Check out a track from the record, above.

The Circulatory System tour this September will host opening acts Pipes You See, Pipes You Don't (the side project of Olivia Tremor Control keyboardist Peter Erchick) and Nesey Gallons (the E6 regular interviewed above). Nesey visited NYC recently, playing banjo with Music Tapes in March and appearing on the Elephant 6 Holiday Surprise tour last fall (with Circ. System's Hart and many others).

Those three acts will play NYC's (Le) Poisson Rouge on Wednesday, September 9th. Tickets are on sale now.

A few days later, Circulatory System plays ATP NY.

Nesey also has an album of his own, Eyes & Eyes & Eyes Ago, that's coming out digitally September 8th (October 20th for vinyl) on Hurrah for Karamazov Records. See preview videos for that album, with Circulatory System's album art and tracklist and all tour dates, below...

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No Age @ Brooklyn Bowl - Aug 2, 2009 (more by Bao Nguyen)
No Age

Signing to Sub Pop - "It feels like a dream" - was another move that neither the band nor their fans anticipated - and it has been a fantastic partnership so far. "It's a trip, I think they really follow their instincts, and they have good instincts," says Randy [Randall of No Age]. "They are professional but they are also not afraid to take chances on stuff they believe in. It's a really supportive place to be."

One person who wasn't so supportive of the band was a fan who messaged their myspace site to tell them they were hipster losers who deserved to rot in hell. "It's kind of one of those things that seems so surreal," laughs Randy incredulously. "Just as crazy as it is for people to like us, I think it's just as crazy for people to not like us, to care that much one way or another. When you get something like that in some way it's a form of flattery too, that we actually upset somebody."

As expected, the band didn't take it to heart. "I think criticisms of us are totally valid - we accept everyone's point of view," says the well-balanced pacifist. "I don't think we're the best band in the world - I like us, I like what we do, but their criticism went a bit above and beyond - there was something about being sodomized in hell by the devil...!" [Sweet Oblivion Blog]

No Age has another Sub Pop release on the way. Their Losing Feeling EP will be out October 6th on 12" vinyl and MP3s through the label, and it's streaming now at subpop.com (for the price of your e-mail). About the EP: "All four songs were written in the band's practice space. 'Genie' was even recorded there; the other three were recorded at Infrasonic Sound. All of it took place in Los Angeles."

The band are wrapping up their 'round robin' tour with Dan Deacon and Deerhunter this weekend with an August 8th show in Chicago. That's one day after all three appear at Lollapalooza (the big fest this weekend that counts Tool, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Jane's Addiction and Depeche Mode among its headliners).

No Age will be at ATP NY on September 13th where they perform the songs of Husker Du (tickets are still on sale), AND No Age will be back in NYC for a headlining show at (Le) Poisson Rouge on October 14th (Jay Reatard is playing there in October too). Tickets are on sale now.

Also: Pitchfork reports that "[No Age] will bring their live score for Jean-Jacques Annaud's 1989 film The Bear to the New Museum in New York City on October 16. It was premiered at the Seattle International Film Festival in June." Maybe there will be a NYC show on the 15th too - no official tour around that time has been announced yet. Stay tuned.

New album art and all currently known tour dates, below...

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DOWNLOAD: Jay Reatard - Wounded (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Jay Reatard - It Ain't Gonna Save Me (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Box Elders - Stay (MP3)

Jay Reatard's bassist @ the Stuy Town Oval (more by Tim Griffin)
Jay Reatard

eMusic: Judging by the altercations you've had with a few of your fans, it can be tough walking around with a moniker like Reatard.

Jay Reatard: Their perception of the name, which I think of as being just mildly offensive, is what puts those negative thoughts into their heads. They anticipate something completely different from reality, and they react that way.

When I first started the Reatards, I just wanted to get to make a record. As long as I could survive until then, I could make that one and then survive until I made the next one. A lot of that early work was focused on being youthful and ignorant -- feeling immortal and thinking I could get away with whatever I wanted. After I turned 26 years old, I started thinking about things a little differently. I started to realize I'm not going to live forever, my heath is going to fail, I need a place to live. So either I grew up, or society broke me down. Either way, I started thinking more about my future, which was the opposite of everything else I'd ever done.

At this point, it would be easier to get to certain levels in the music industry if I wasn't called Jay Reatard, because it's an immediate turn off. I would definitely be playing to larger crowds, and have more money. Everything I didn't care about when I first called myself Jay Reatard, I could have more of now. But I'm fine with it -- I look at it as a litmus test for assholes. If you can't get past the name, then you can't afford the price of admission.

Jay Reatard's new disc, Watch Me Fall, is out August 18th on Matador. NYC will get a free listening party for the album at (Le) Poisson Rouge on Monday, August 17th, while the West Coast gets a slightly better deal. Jay Reatard will be playing a series of free record shop in-stores from LA to Vancouver through the end of August. Those dates are below.

This September, Jay Reatard reunites with his first band, the Reatards, for a set at Goner Fest in Memphis.

On Thursday, October 1st (a few weeks before CMJ) he'll headline a Shattered Records showcase (his imprint) at (Le) Poisson Rouge. Also on that NYC bill are Box Elders (who have other NYC dates coming up too), Useless Eaters, Hunx and Nobunny (both featured HERE). Doors are at 11:00pm. Tickets are on sale.

Two tracks off the new album, including the first single "It Ain't Gonna Save Me," are above. The video for that song, with the trailer for "Waiting For Something," a short documentary about Jay Reatard, and all tour dates are below...

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After many months of planning, Wordless Music is deliriously proud to announce details of Warp20 NYC, the second and only U.S. installment in a series of worldwide events taking place this year in Paris, Tokyo, London, and Sheffield.

Warp20 NYC will be a four-day celebration of the music, films, and 20th anniversary of the the peerless UK label Warp Records, without which there would surely have never been a Wordless Music series.

On September 3-6, in venues across New York City, Warp artists Battles, Flying Lotus, Chris Clark, !!!, Prefuse 73, Pivot, and Hudson Mohawke will headline shows in two different venues, while The New Museum offers free and continuous screenings of full-length features, documentaries, music videos, and shorts from several dozen directors hailing from around the globe.

Chk Chk ChkThe fest so far includes a September 4th show at Terminal 5 with Battles, !!!, Prefuse 73 and Pivot. Tickets go on AmEx presale today at noon. General sale starts Friday, July 24th at noon.

The other confirmed fest show will be a free concert at the World Financial Center Winter Garden with Flying Lotus, Chris Clark and Hudson Mohawke on September 5th.

The "kick off" for Warp20 NYC (two months before the fest...) will be tonight's (7/22) Alarm Will Sound show at (Le) Poisson Rouge. The program for the night commemorates the five-year anniversary of the group's 2005 album Acoustica with chamber orchestra arrangements of music by Aphex Twin, Autechre, Mochipet, John Dowland, and The Beatles. Nic Offer from the band !!! will DJ the late show. Tickets for both the late and early shows are still on sale.

Also starting tonight (7/22), and also celebrating 20 years of a record label's existence: XX Merge (the Merge Records party in North Carolina).

In addition to the above-mentioned acts, Warp is also home to Grizzly Bear, who will be playing a free Pool Party show on August 30th.

The full program for tonight's LPR show, with more info on Warp20 NYC, below...

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by Andrew Frisicano

John Wesley Harding (aka Wesley Stace) enjoying some cricket...
John Wesley Harding

As you can see above, John Wesley Harding has been taking a vacation abroad (documented on both his Twitter and MySpace blog). It wasn't all fun though -- the trip included a set of overseas shows too. Actually, hopefully those are fun too.

Harding's next show will take place July 8th at Boston's Museum of Fine Arts. After that, Harding has a few full band gigs scheduled. John and friends come to the NYC area for a show at the Bell House on July 25th. Tickets are on sale. No word on which friends he'll bring with him, though we're willing to bet one of them will be Eugene Mirman who is also performing at the Brooklyn venue less than a week earlier.

JWH will be starting up his "Cabinet of Wonders" shows again too. That monthly residency at (Le) Poisson Rouge runs September 16th, October 7th and November 18th. No lineups have been announced, but past event fixtures have always included Eugene Mirman, and other authors and musicians.

Before those dates, Harding jumps on another friend's revue -- "Are You Worried About the Rising Cost of Funerals?" hosted by Errollyn Wallen at LPR on Tuesday, July 14th. Others on that bill include Margaret Leng Tan, Rita Porfiris, David Grand and Djonque.

Tickets for all of the John Wesley Harding LPR shows are on sale.

Harding's Cabinet of Wonders revue last visited NYC on April 15th, after a national March/April tour. If you're wondering, What the hell actually happens at these Cabinet of Wonders things? You can check out our coverage of the event's February 11th, March 11th and April 15th performances at LPR. Or look at the performer/set list chart from one of the most recent CoW events in Pittsburgh, with all tour dates, below...

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words by Martin Longley

Jóhann Jóhannsson @ LPR in NYC - June 25, 2009 (Lucas Cometto)
Jóhann Jóhannsson

The Icelandic composer Jóhann Jóhannsson makes his US touring debut with a pair of sets at (le) Poisson Rouge (6/25), a club that seems to achieve a feeling of fully-seatedness no matter who's performing. Potential audiences appear to have faith in its diverse and adventurous bookings. The American Contemporary Music Ensemble (ACME) open the proceedings with a performance of "String Quartet No. 1", by Gavin Bryars. This is an appropriate move, as there are parts of the last year's Fordlandia album where Jóhannsson evokes certain sonic flourishes that are reminiscent of the English composer's work. The piece establishes a suitably brooding tone for the evening, relishing the very essence of the string formation, but never emerging from this exploratory stasis. The lighting is low, and will remain this way when New Yorkers ACME take to the stage again, to form Jóhannsson's string extension during his own set.

continued below...

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New York Burlesque Festival

The 7th Annual New York Burlesque Festival will be taking place Thursday, October 1st to Sunday October 4th. Festival venues include the Bell House, BB King's and Le Poisson Rouge.

The fest is being organized by NYC burlesque aces the Pontani Sisters (who performed June 25th at Santos) and Thirsty Girl Productions' Jen Gapay. Applications are currently being accepted for performers.

Three day VIP passes are on sale now. More info, with a video trailer of the 2008 fest, below...

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words by Martin Longley, photo by Dan Mazuz

Steve Reich (left) with conductor Brad Lubman & Signal...

Signal commemorated Steve Reich's 2009 Pulitzer Prize-winning piece "Double Sextet" with a performance of the work on June 22nd at (Le) Poisson Rouge. The night consisted of an early set and an added late set, both of which also included a performance of Reich's 1984 piece "Sextet." Wordless Music put on the show -- they're hosting Johann Johannsson and American Contemporary Music Ensemble at the venue tonight (doing an early and late show as well). Martin Longley was there...

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photos by Fresh Bread


"When describing the show Sam Amidon, Doveman and members of The National put on at Le Poisson Rouge there is no way that I can be sarcastic or snarky. It was too amazing, beautiful, genuine, and polished for me to even pretend to funnily write about it. Basically, that music was the equivalent to being in love, drinking iced tea on a wooden porch on a perfect summer day, and moving away from home for the first time, all rolled into one. I'm still walking around with a goofy smile on my face, especially in lieu of sitting literally two seats over from the lead singer of The National..." [Gangster Legs]
Sam Amidon opened and played in Doveman at the Thursday night show. Add Thomas Bartlett (Doveman himself), two Dessners, Bryan Devendorf, Nico Muhly, Dawn Landes, and Oren Bloedow, and you had as many as eight people playing as Doveman at once. The show was in the round, so the audience was sitting all around the band. The setlist, which you can see below, included old songs, new songs, and covers including a show-closing cover of Tom Petty's "Free Fallin".

Grab a new Doveman track HERE. More pictures below...

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photos by Ossip Kaehr

Miho Hatori

Miho by Miho Hatori :
brings you : NEW OPTIMISM with Sound
music squad : Shoko Nagai (keys), Timo Ellis (Bass)
dance squad : Nabe, Ravi Davis, Samer Ghadry
video squad : Prema Murthy
That's how Miho was billed at the Northside Festival show at Glasslands on Thursday (6/11). How did it sound? The pictures in this post are how it looked.

The Brooklyn show was one day before Miho (who by the way is also on the list of people that Thomas Bartlett sometimes plays with) played a Tonic-curated show at the Stone.

Tonight (6/16) you can catch Miho one more time, at what appears to be a DJ gig, at Le Poisson Rouge.

"Nat Geo Music is a free gallery bar party that features modern music from around the globe provided by DJ's from Nat Geo Music, Green Owl Records, & the one and only Miho Hatori."
More pictures from Glasslands, and a video, below...

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DOWNLOAD: Doveman - Hurricane (new MP3)

Thomas Bartlett (aka Doveman) @ Dark Was the Night (more by Natasha Ryan)

The follow-up to Doveman's 2007 record, With My Left Hand I Raise the Dead, is on the way. That still-untitled album will come out on Brassland Records later this year. You can check out a BV-exclusive preview from that record, the especially upbeat (for Doveman) song "Hurricane," above.

Doveman will be performing his/their latest work (alongside the rest of his catalog and maybe some Footloose material) at his Thursday, June 18th show at (Le) Poisson Rouge in NYC. Tickets are still on sale, and we have two pairs to give away. More details on that below.

At LPR, Bartlett will be backed by long-time Doveman member Sam Amidon, who's also opening the show, and Aaron and Bryce Dessner and Bryan Devendorf of The National -- all of those musicians appear on the new record.

As usual, Doveman has been busy playing keys behind other performers. On June 14th and 15th, he played with Martha Wainwright in her "Songs of Edith Piaf" show. Those sets were recorded with producer Hal Wilner to be released as a live record.

This summer Bartlett will tour with Antony & the Johnsons in Europe. The National have summer dates too, and don't be surprised if Bartlett ends up making some of those gigs.

We talked to Aaron Dessner about his history with Doveman, the progress being made on the new National album and a forthcoming Dark Was the Night movie (and possible European dates). That exchange, and all tour dates, is below...

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DOWNLOAD: Fiery Furnaces - The End is Near (MP3)

The Fiery Furnaces @ Middle East Downstairs (6/12/09) (gikthechamp)
Fiery Furnaces

"Eleanor kept mentioning how most of the new songs were about ex-boyfriends, and at one point was almost apologizing for that fact, joking that they were now out of ideas. She shouldn't be so concerned. I love the more obscure and whimsical topics that have come up in past Furnaces releases, but I welcome this more straightforward, emotionally driven material. They've done it before, but it's never been as bittersweet as this, nor as neat and soulful. It was time to shift gears, and they made exactly the right decision -- their melodic sensibility is front and center, the preciousness is dialed down considerably." [Fluxblog]
Fluxblog's review refers to the June 11th show at Le Poisson Rouge where the Fiery Furnaces played a complete and re-arranged version of their new album I'm Going Away (out July 21 on Thrill Jockey). Setlist below. New studio-recorded track from that album, above.

Three days later, Matt's other band King's Crescent played a Martin Bisi-curated Northside Festival show at Spike Hill. Lucid Culture writes that they "flipped the script and played a joyous, virtuosic, completely in-the-pocket set of vintage Meters covers."

On August 9th, the Fiery Furnaces will join Simian Mobile Disco (who are playing DJ) on the bill of the free JellyNYC Pool Party at the Williamsburg Waterfront. Finger on the Pulse are also DJing at this one. All FF dates below...

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by Andrew Frisicano


At the June 11th Bang on a Can benefit at (Le) Poisson Rouge, Gutbucket played a set of prog jazz tunes that drew on influences that included Charlie Parker, electronica, Ornette Coleman, '80s metal and more. The quartet's No Wave-inspired ecclectism was aided by a clear melodic voice and musical virtuosity. Those were all amped up by the unbridled stage presence of saxist Ken Thomson, whose swinging baritone sax was both a musical and literal weapon.

Gutbucket will be playing two sets at a free Celebrate Brooklyn show this Saturday, June 20th. The series, which kicked off with David Byrne on June 9th, has shows booked all summer. First, Gutbucket will play an opening set that'll include material from the band's newest record, A Modest Proposal, which came out on Cuneiform Records at the beginning of this year. Then the group supports the string quartet ETHEL as they perform a live score to the sci-fi film La Nave de los Monstruos. The piece was demoed as a work-in-progress at BAM's BRIClab earlier this year -- this show will be the completed work's debut...

ETHEL, the nation's premier rock-infused, postclassical string quartet, teams up with the avant-squonk art-rock wild men of Gutbucket to tackle the vintage Mexican science fiction classic La Nave De Los Monstruos (The Monsters' Ship, 1959). In the film, the last male on Venus has died and the planet's regent sends Gamma and Beta, two gorgeous aliens, on a quest to find men on other planets. ETHEL and Gutbucket dig into this fertile ground and create a new original score which will be performed live to the film. [BAM]
More photos of Gutbucket at the BoaC benefit below...

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photos by Chris La Putt

Dean & Britta

"Wednesday [April 29th] we played another show, sitting in with Cheval Sombre at Death By Audio in Williamsburg, a club that reminded me of 8BC in years gone by. Once again I watched the first three songs from the audience before getting on stage, and Cheval Sombre played a hypnotizing set." [Dean Wareham]
Dean & Britta played with Cheval Sombre again on June 6th at Le Poisson Rouge. They also headlined that show. According to Dean, it was their "last non-Warhol shows of the year, at least here in the USA." Their next Warhol show in NYC will take place Saturday, August 1st at Prospect Park (the same venue they showed up at to see David Byrne on June 8th). Crystal Stilts open that Brooklyn show.

More pictures of Cheval & D & B from LPR, and all tour dates, below...

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Radio Happy Hour

Radio Happy Hour [at (Le) Poisson Rouge] is a live variety show featuring an old-time radio comedy/drama and your favorite guest stars from the worlds of film, music, and letters. Hosted by Sam Osterhout, the show engages its guests in a wildly right-angled conversation that careens between interviews, performances, and trivia. And at the center of it all is a short, old time radio comedy in which the guest stars as him or herself or, in some cases, as Nancy Drew. Audiences will see all of this--the interviews, the corny jokes, the guest performances, and the behind-the-scenes making of a radio drama--from 2 to 3 pm on the second Saturdays of June, July, and August. Radio Happy Hour is an updated, New York version of Hee Haw. With more drinking. And sound effects. Trust us, it'll make sense when you see it.
The guests for the three scheduled Radio Happy Hours are Norah Jones, Michael Showalter, and Andrew W.K.. Tickets (only $5) are on sale now.

This summer, Norah Jones, who recently appeared on 30 Rock, is appearing in her second movie, Wah Do Dem, with Sean Bones. She also has a high profile gig with Rufus and Martha Wainwright scheduled for late August on the tip of Long Island, and probably some smaller ones scattered around too.

Andrew W.K. has a number of shows and projects coming up, including a Canadian tour, a gig at Santos Party House on Thursday, June 11th, and Cake Shop show June 12th.

Michael Showalter appears at Bonnaroo with Michael Ian Black this weekend (June 11-14). The pair will celebrate their new Comedy Central show, Michael and Michael Have Issues, at The Bell House with a comedy set and a screening of its premiere on July 15th. Tickets are on sale. Showalter will also be at All Points West on August 2nd.

More Radio Happy Hour info below...

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by Andrew Frisicano

Brian Snow of Newspeak...

Fiery Furnaces and NYC ensemble Newspeak are playing a Wordless Music show at (Le) Poisson Rouge on Thursday, June 11th. Tickets are still on sale.

That night, Newspeak's set will include the world premiere of a piece composed by Fiery Furnaces frontman Matt Friedberger. That song, titled "Amalgamated Bakery and Pastry and Ice and Coal Drivers Local Union No. 953 v. National Licorice Co," will be "the first time in Wordless Music history that a member of the rock band is writing a piece for the classical ensemble."

Also on the show's program is a song by Newspeak group member Caleb Burhans, "Requiem for a General Motors in Janesville, WI." The eight-piece ensemble played that tune as part of their set (photographed here) at the Bang on Can benefit at LPR on Wednesday, June 3rd. Though "Requiem" composer Burhans, the group's regular violinist, was absent from the lineup, he was ably subbed for by NYC violin luminary Todd Reynolds. Reynolds helped the group tear through songs like the dissonant, blast-beat-filled "Breaking and Entering," which closed the set.

Currently, that tune is streaming at the band's MySpace (though be warned, the recording doesn't do it justice). Also streaming is a song by band director and drummer David T. Little, "Sweet Light Crude," which is also on the program for June 11th. See the full program for that night, below.

In other Wordless Music news, the Signal performance of Steve Reich's Double Sextet on Monday, June 22nd has added a second set. Tickets for those early and late shows are on sale now.

Also coming up for Wordless Music is the US debut of Jóhann Jóhannsson at LPR on Thursday, June 25th. NYC ensemble ACME, who just played the Tribeca New Music Festival (happening through Sunday), will be accompanying Jóhannsson and opening the show. Tickets for the early set (6:30pm) and late set(9pm) are still on sale.

More Newspeak pictures below...

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photos by Chris Graham


Singer/bassist Satomi Matsuzaki wore a furry tiger mask, took it off, did robotic calisthenics, walked around in circles, and sometimes just stood still and played straight.

The band's set was a stop-start joy. Songs were composed-sounding fragments of different ideas stitched together -- chill-out radio jam, head-bobbing staccatto rock, noisy (but not too loud) time signature experiment: all were conveyed with an exuberant sense of discovery. Totally engaging. [Seattle Times on Deerhoof at Sasquatch 2009]

Deerhoof played WA's Sasquatch Fest on Memorial Day.

The band is now touring Europe through July, but returns for a pair of West Coast dates at the end of that month. Then their scheduled appearance at All Tomorrows Parties NY on September 13th will be accompanied by a string of East Coast shows. One of those will be September 15th at NYC's (Le) Poisson Rouge. No ticket info yet.

Check out a video, and more pictures from their set at Sasquatch, and all tour dates below....

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by Andrew Frisicano

Steve Reich clapping

Steve ReichSteve Reich

Tonight (5/22) the Undiscovered Islands/New Amsterdam Records series at Galapagos continues with two sets: Sarah Kirkland Snider's Penelope performed by Signal, guitarist Steven Mackey and singer Rachel Calloway (conducted by Brad Lubman), and an opening performance by So Percussion. Tickets are still on sale.

So Percussion, who played with Dan Deacon at the Brooklyn Masonic Temple in December, was to premiere a new Deacon piece, but that debut has been postponed. Instead, Jason Treuting from So Percussion, writes...

we are playing some new music that we've been working on as meditations on the concept of city. the music has been focusing on the task oriented nature of a city and the parallel task-oriented nature of playing music. loops are made out of tasks and we have taken to transforming mundane objects into musical instruments like we haven't before. turning on lamps, writing on paper, pouring gravel, putting down ordinary objects in rhythm, etc. a few new videos by my sister jenise treuting will be busted out as well.
The other ensemble on that bill, Signal, has several other gigs coming up. They're performing Michael Gordon's Trance, for a second time, at the Bang on a Can Marathon on May 31st.

Signal just did the music of Philip Glass at (Le) Poisson Rouge on May 17th. They'll return to the venue on Friday, June 22nd for a concert and party to celebrate Steve Reich's 2009 Pulitzer Prize for Music for Double Sextet. Reich's original Sextet (1984) will be performed at that show, presented by Wordless Music, as well. Tickets are on sale.

That gig is your only way to check out the piece (except for streaming excerpts), as there's currently no way to buy a recording of it. Reich discussed this in a recent interview...

Newsweek: I missed the premiere of "Double Sextet" last year, and when I heard it had won, I found myself upset that there was no way to buy the piece yet.

Reich: Yeah, that's just part of the recording business. When you have a 24-minute piece, the official recording hinges on finishing and recording two other pieces to go with it [on a CD]. I'm working on two other pieces right now, and have to finish writing the second one, actually. I've got a piece for all rock-and-roll people already completed, and it's going to premiere later this year. [Nico Muhly's blog]

Commenters on Nico Muhly's post about the situation rightly point out that Double Sextet should be released ASAP to capitalize on the Pulitzer publicity. The 2008 Pulitzer Prize for Music, won by Bang on a Can cofounder David Lang for his the little match girl passion (streaming here), is just seeing a CD release, with four other Lang works, on June 9th via Harmonia Mundi.

Speaking of Reich and Bang on a Can, the composer will perform his own "Clapping Music" at the Bang on a Can Big Benefit Bash taking place Wednesday, June 3rd at (Le) Poisson Rouge. Other special guests include Meredith Monk, David Cossin, Wu Man, Maya Beiser, Talujon and Doug Aitken. Tickets will run you a $400 donation to the non-profit...

...which is why the regular-people-friendly festival is hosting a "Bang on a Can't Afford the Other Benefit" show at LPR later that same night (6/3) with So Percussion, Gutbucket, Newspeak and NOW Ensemble. Tickets for that are a more reasonable $20.

Speaking of new ensembles, Bang on a Can is forming a new street band called Asphalt Orchestra. That group will make its debut later this summer at Lincoln Center Out of Doors Festival.

Full info on BoaC's Asphalt Orchestra, and its Lincoln Center Out of Doors Festival plans, below...

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by Martin Longley

Philip GlassLike many other new music ensembles, Signal have the ability to shape their membership to the needs of each interpretation. Their recent performances of pieces by Steve Reich and Michael Gordon called for line-ups that were heavy on percussion or amplified guitars and keyboards. Sunday's selection of works by Philip Glass called for a more traditional spread.

Now, Signal's membership is pared down to a string orchestra form, the dancefloor of (le) Poisson Rouge arrayed with double basses, cellos, violas and violins. Signal are following their own precedent at the venue by taking up much of the club's space, and with a few more tables placed around the perimeter, there's even less room for an actual standing audience. Nevertheless, the joint looks packed once the tables are filled, with folks squeezed in front of the bar, their absolute silence falling with uncanny suddenness once conductor Brad Lubman takes his position. This is a very positive factor for the venue. Just before commencement, David Bowie's Hunky Dory album is strumming out of the speakers, the crowd chattering loudly. Then, a complete switch takes place within moments, as the audience snaps into concentration mode. This is the kind of musical schizophrenia that helps make the club a crucial addition to the scene, now fully established after nearly a year's innovative activity.

continued below...

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words by Andrew Frisicano, photos by Chris La Putt

Little Boots

Little Boots, aka UK singer and Warner/Atlantic Records signee Victoria Hesketh, performed at her sole scheduled U.S. appearance last night (Monday, May 18th) at (Le) Poisson Rouge in NYC. Her previous visit to our country was for SXSW, and she was last in NY for a show at Studio B in February. You also may have caught her during CMJ.

Local dance punks Heartsrevolution opened the show, performing on LPR's circular stage which was somewhat awkwardly placed in the center of the main room. Singer Lo barked over the band's dueling synth and drums in a set that ended with dreamy pop tune "Digital Suicide."

Little Boots took the stage with similar drum and synth accompaniment, but one that produced a decidedly poppier sound. The singer, dressed in gold, spoke minimally during her 10-song set, instead communicating through the songs of her forthcoming album, Hands, due in June. The tracks were all polished, poppy and danceable. The singer worked the intimate space well, despite the packed, but not 100% party-ready Monday crowd (many of whom were roped off in a large VIP section). The single "New in Town," which came third in the set, has potential to be a summer hit. Almost all of Little Boots' other songs would serve similarly well as summer-jam anthems.

Coming up, Little Boots has only European and Japanese shows scheduled, though more dates, hopefully stateside, should be coming. One appearance this summer will be at Field Day Festival in London's Victoria Park on August 1st. The lineup for that includes Mogwai, Santigold, Four Tet and many more. Full details below.

In addition to her new record, Hands, Little Boots also has a US-only EP, Illuminations, scheduled for a June 9th release on Elektra. All photos from LPR, with a video from the show and other Little Boots clips, and all upcoming dates, below...

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Jóhann Jóhannsson...
Jóhann Jóhannsson

Iceland's Jóhann Jóhannsson was scheduled to play a free River to River show at the World Financial Center last summer, but he had to cancel.

Instead, Jóhannsson is making his US debut this year, on Thursday, June 25th at (Le) Poisson Rouge. The Wordless Music show will also feature the ACME String Quartet. Tickets for the show's early set (6:30pm) and late set(9pm) are on sale.

All tour dates and a video of his song "Sun's Gone Dim," below...

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photos by Lori Baily

Berg Sans Nipple

Lori stopped by the Berg Sans Nipple show at Le Poisson Rouge on Monday (5/11). She said,

Bird Show is Ben Vida, he lives in Brooklyn. The crowd was just showing up to LPR as he began his set. I would call his music warm ambient electronic. As BSN started the venue filled up more. Shane & Lori Sean Berg played a very focused set. No stage banter, they just got down to business. The crowd was really into BSN and called for an encore when their set was finished. [Nomi's band] Jessica 6 was a lot more conventional house music, I only stuck around for a few songs.
More pictures below...

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