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538 Johnson for The Men in 2011 (more by Keith Marlowe)

Looks like there's some trouble for Bushwick DIY venue 538 Johnson. They posted:

Surprise, surprise our landlords at 538 don't love us. They recently hit us with a bunch of wild and crazy fines that added up to an exorbitant amount of money. Pretty shady stuff. Unfortunately the only way we can keep the space is to pay them, and we need some help from "the scene." 538 has been hosting some pretty good shows for quite some time. We want you to be able to keep trashing our home. Hallway punks forever, please come support.
The venue, that's housed early NYC gigs for The Men, Merchandise, White Lung, The Menzingers and many others, will be hosting a benefit show this Sunday (9/21) with wild punks Dawn of Humans, melodic noise artist Pharmakon, hardcore crew Missionary, garagey punks Ivy, and Cheena.

Later this fall, Pharmakon also plays a record release show for Bestial Burden on November 22 at Palisades. Tickets for that show are still available.

You can catch Ivy again on October 11 at Acheron with Warthog, Bad Noids, Party Plates and Mr. California (tickets); and October 25 at Palisades with Hank Wood and the Hammerheads, Blazing Eye, Savageheads, L.O.T.I.O.N. and Face the Rail (tickets). If you haven't heard Ivy's new self-titled LP on Katorga Works you can download it for free HERE and order the vinyl HERE.

Stream one track below...

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photos by Matt Schiels

New York is Alright - 2014
New York is Alright - 2014
New York is Alright - 2014

The second annual NYC punk/hardcore festival New York's Alright went down last month (April) with shows at various venues, including the recently-opened Bushwick venue The Wick, which we're highlighting today. We also just posted pictures from their April Unsound show.

We caught both NY's Alright shows at The Wick, including 4/17 with Dawn of Humans, Contingent, Blotter, Asile and Goosebumps: and 4/20 with Hank Wood & the Hammerheads, Die, Savageheads, The Impalers and Razorheads. A set of pictures from both of those days are in this post.

unARTig was there too, and got videos of many bands at the festival, including Lumpy and the Dumpers at 538 Johnson on 4/19 which resulted in the slow-downed 11-second viral video of a boy in the audience getting hit by fireworks. Check out The Dumpers' full set, the fireworks meme, and more pics from The Wick, below...

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by Andrew Sacher

DOWNLOAD: Blessed State - 2012 Demo (ZIP)

Blessed State (photo by Dave Brushback)
Blessed State

Northampton, MA punks Blessed State (whose lineup includes Brian of Iron Hand) recall the time when bands like Husker Du and The Replacements were pushing hardcore punk to its limits and coming out with something more similar to alternative rock. The guitars shift back and forth from a flanger-filled jangle to straight ahead punk n' roll, and the vocals from a bark to a half-melodic moan that just grazes the melody in his head (in a good way). And when the band break out into the occasional J Mascis-style solo, that's nothing to complain about either.

They released a four-song demo back in October of 2012, which you can stream below or download above. The cassette is available to purchase at Blessed State's bandcamp. It's a recommended listen for fans of any of the aforementioned bands or other recent torchbearers of that sound like The Men, California X, and Milk Music.

Blessed State will be playing some shows this year, including one in NYC on February 9 at 538 Johnson Ave with Ugly Parts, Working Stiff, Trash Tide, and Ylajali. More info on this show at the facebook event. Their dates also include an opening slot at the New Haven stop on Iceage and White Lung's tour together.

A list of all dates and the stream of their demo below...

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WIERD photos by Phil Maier, 538 Johnston videos by (((unartig)))

Merchandise at Home Sweet Home

Merchandise played their second of three packed NYC shows last night at 538 Johnson (9/13), this time joined by drummer Elsner Nino (ex-Pollution, current Shoxx) behind the kit and support from Shoxx as well as Worshit, Nuclear Spring, and Herzog Rising. Video from the show is below.

The band played WIERD at Home Sweet Home on Wednesday night (pictures in this post), and will play again in Brooklyn at Saint Vitus tonight (9/14) alongside Rosenkopf, Siamese Twins, and Dream Affair. Tickets may be now sold out (call the venue) -- but the band will be back for CMJ if you didn't catch one of these.

Check out the video from 538 last night along with pictures from Home Sweet Home and more tour dates, below.

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photos by Keith Marlowe

The Men

The Men are now on the road after playing 538 Johnson last night (8/4) with an Brain F, Nomos, Only The Messengers, and Face The Rails. If you missed them, their next Brooklyn show is at Saint Vitus with Pygmy Shrews and Vaz on 9/17 after the tour.

Here are some pictures from 538 Johnson (though unfortunately none of the openers). More of them below...

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photos by Keith Marlowe

538 Johnson
Government Warning

Richmond's Government Warning played their final two NYC shows back on 2/19 - first at Cake Shop (which we already posted a set of pictures from), and then at 538 Johnson later that night. Both were with Night Birds (ex-The Ergs). 538 Johnson also had Omegas.

A second set of pictures from Cake Shop (with Ex-Humans & Perdition), a first set of 538 pictures, and a new streaming Omegas song from their forthcoming Blasts of Lunacy, below...

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photos by Jason House, words by BBG

Brain Killer

While I was watching a man beat another with a pizza box, Boston hardcore band Brain Killer played a pair of shows as part of a memorial in honor of Nick Poot, the first of which hit Tommy's Tavern on Jan 15th with Nomad, Earthpig, State of Decline & Longpigs (some pics are over at show booker Undead's site). The second show, where the photos in this post orginate from, took place over this weekend (Jan 22nd) at 538 Johnson with Parasytic, Perdition, and Nomos. Jason House reports:

It was really intense, especially when it came time for Brain Killer. There was PA trouble right before Parasytic was set to start, and it was switched out for one that obviously wasn't able to handle it. It did the trick, but the last 2 sets essentially sounded like they were being screamed through a CB radio. By the end, nearly everyone in the room was singing along so it didn't really much matter anyway. I never had a chance to meet Nick or see him play, but judging by energy in that room, he will be sorely missed.
R.I.P. Nick. More photos from #201 at 538 Johnson are below.

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photos by Jason House, words by BBG

The crowd goes wild for Mob 47 @ Europa
Mob 47

Mob 47 and Parasytic played Europa on Wednesday (11/10) as part of a string of dates for the pair and part of a larger East Coast tour for Mob 47. The nutty Crazy Spirit and Nomad both also played the Brooklyn show. Pictures are in this post.

If you missed the show, unfortunately your window to catch Parasytic, Crazy Spirit, and Nomad has closed. But luckily, as mentioned yesterday, Mob 47 will play 538 Johnson TONIGHT (11/13) as part of a bill that will include all of the bands at ABC No Rio today at 3PM (Punch, Loma Prieta, Vaccine, & Death First) in addition to Passive Aggressor.

The 538 Johnson show flyer, some videos and more pictures from Europa, below...

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photos by Keith Marlowe, words by BBG

Systematic Death @ 538 Johnson
Systematic Death

While dodging a string of lit Black Cats, half of an orange, warm Pabst Blue Ribbon spray, not to mention an entire room of swarming and rabid hardcore fans, Inmates played 538 Johnson on 9/18 as support for Japanese hardcore killers Systematic Death. The show was one of two for the pair and one of three overall dates for Systematic Death, with an earlier shindig at Europa with infamous Rhode Island band Dropdead taking place a few hours prior, and a third show happening in Philly the day before. I unfortunately missed Dropdead and Inmates at Europa but caught Systematic Death there. Later, I would catch Inmates at 538 Johnson.

And yes that's Keelhaul guitarist Chris Smith with Inmates. Keelhaul will be back in NYC on 10/10 with COC and Today Is The Day (tickets are still on sale).

Video from Dropdead's appearance in Philly on Friday (9/17) as well as pics from 538 Johnson are below.

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photos by Andrew St. Clair, words by Bill Pearis

DOWNLOAD: Braids - Lemonade (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Wild Nothing - Chinatown (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: The Depreciation Guild - Crucify You (MP3)

Knitting Factory

Montreal quartet Braids played the Knitting Factory last night (5/26), opening for The Depreciation Guild and Wild Nothing. It was the first of what are now four NYC shows this week. Initially it was just last night's show and one Thursday (5/27) at Mercury Lounge with fellow Montrealers The Luyas (early show, no advance tickets). But they have added a loft show tonight (5/26) in Bushwick (538 Johnson Street #202, 8:30PM) and they will also be playing Rooftop Films on Friday (5/27).

For a band as young as Braids (age of the band and age of the members) I thought they really had it together last night, playing an almost seamless set where long songs flowed into the next. Mixing electronics, loops, shoegazy guitars, proggy rhythms, Braids are familiar and accessible but seem to have already figured out their own sonic niche. Some songs were more dreamlike, others had a more melodic grounding. (I preferred the latter). That said, tomorrow's show with The Luyas is a pretty perfect pairing.

Wild Nothing
Knitting Factory

Wild Nothing have gotten better each time I've seen them and last night they seemed ready for serious touring. The band's debut, Gemini, came out yesterday and is easily the most accessible record Captured Tracks has released to date, full of insanely catchy pop, owing much to mid-'80s UK indie. While you could cite obscurities like The Field Mice and Pale Saints, to say Wild Nothing also kind of sound like The Cure would not be incorrect. The crowd around the front of the stage was mostly female and mostly dancing.

Another influence made itself apparent last night when the band did a spot-on cover of Fleetwood Mac's "Dreams." Singer Jack Tatum did a credible Stevie Nicks (he's got a great falsetto) and their version was both reverent and yet still sounded like Wild Nothing. They aren't the most exciting live band, but they've only been playing together as a band for a few months (the record is just Tatum), so that should come. But they sounded great.

Wild Nothing have a few shows in June opening for Neon Indian, including June 17 at Music Hall of Williamsburg.

The Depreciation Guild
Knitting Factory

Headliners The Depreciation Guild were also celebrating the release of an album -- their second, Spirit Youth, which is out on Kanine. Where their first, self-released album played up the 8-bit electronics element, the new album and last night's show was all about the guitars. Frontman Kurt Feldman is clearly a fan of '90s shoegaze and Deprecation Guild channels that sound flawlessly. (They also look the part too.) It's a real wall of sound they've got going, played at proper tinnitus volume. Feldman and guitarist Christoph Hochheim both also play in Pains of Being Pure at Heart, and that band's pop sensibilities have probably influenced their songwriting. Spirit Youth has strong melodies to go along with their perfected ethereal sound.

More pictures from the KF show, two setlists and more dates, below...

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