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Pick Your Side

Pick Your Side, the new project from Jeff Beckman (Haymaker, Left For Dead, Chokehold, etc) and members of Fuck The Facts, have welcomed their new LP Let Me Show You How Democracy Works. The release, along with new/re-released material by Eddie Brock, Children of God, Countdown to Obilvian, The Love Below and more, is currently available for order via A389 Records. Stream it below.

In other A389 Records news, the label will shocase some of their bands at a showcase in Pomona, CA as part of a FREE Scion event in May. Bands on board include Integrity, Ringworm, Seven Sisters of Sleep, The Love Below, and Young and In The Way and you can RSVP now.

Stream all of that PYS 12" below for the first time.

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photos by Stephanie Crumley, words by BBG

Weekend Nachos @ ABC No Rio
Weekend Nachos

Weekend Nachos teamed with Homewrecker for a string of dates that included a show last night at ABC No Rio (1/19), a stop on their way to the A389 Anniversary show with Integrity/Eyehategod/Gehenna and much more. The show also featured an appearance from Emetic. Pictures from the show are below.

A389 Anniversary will also feature appearances from Seven Sisters of Sleep and Low Places, both of which will team with All Pigs Must Die and Grudges at Acheron TONIGHT (1/20).

We recently interviewed A389 honcho Dom Romeo. Check it out.

All tour dates and more pictures from ABC No Rio are below.

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Dom with Pulling Teeth at Maryland Deathfest (more by BBG)
Pulling Teeth

2012 will be the third year that BrooklynVegan will be in attendance at the A389 Anniversary (check out pics from 2010 and 2011), and while the staggering lineup (which now includes Magrudergrind in place of the cancelled Starkweather) will surely mean a day of negative and brutal hardcore, there will also be a bit of sadness mixed in. Pulling Teeth, which contains A389 Records honcho Dom Romeo, will play their final show in their hometown of Baltimore. The band, which formed in 2005, was rooted in the nihilistic hardcore of bands like Left for Dead but experimented with different genres as they grew, eventually releasing last year's Funerary.

As A389 gears up for their annual anniversary show this weekend, and Pulling Teeth play their final practice in preparation for their final goodbye, we cornered Dom to discuss his thoughts on the band, A389 Records, the forthcoming show, and his attempts at a reunion of Bloodlet, Deadguy, or Integrity with the Melnicks. The results of said conversation is below.

FYI, tickets are still available for the A389 Anniversary show at Sonar in Baltimore, MD on January 21st. See you there.

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The body at Saint Vitus (more by BBG)
The Body

NYC's favorite non-local local band The Body, will team with Braveyoung for another string of dates that will include NYC at Saint Vitus on February 9th. Ticketing info is forthcoming. The band will play material from last year's collaborative LP Nothing Passes (stream it).

Julie Christmas will play a rare show at Saint Vitus on February 4th, backed by John Lamacchia (Candiria) , Fran Mark (From Autumn to Ashes), Andrew Schneider (Pigs), Tom Tierney (Tidal Arms) and Melvin Leiderman (Thalia Zedek). The show will center around her solo debut The Bad Wife, and will also feature an appearance from Stephen Brodsky (Cave In) and tickets are on sale. In related news, word on the street says that Made Out of Babies is no more.

Saint Vitus will also host Hate Eternal with Fallujah and more TBA on March 9th as part of a string of dates. Tickets are on sale and full tour schedule is below.

Double Negative will return to NYC to play Saint Vitus on February 2nd. Tickets are on sale, and support comes from Murder, Tournament, and Acid Problem.

As revealed on Metalsucks, Clinging To The Trees of a Forest Fire have announced a round of tour dates that include March 26th at Lit Lounge. Full set of dates are below.

If you missed my admittedly rather obnoxious tweet, set times have been announced for the A389 Anniversary show.

Stream the Nails/Skin Like Iron split, which premiered on Decibel, in full below.

All tour dates, that stream, a list of upcoming NYC shows, and a trailer for a forthcoming Boston Hardcore documentary is below.

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Aaron with Defeatist at their last show (more by BBG)
Aaron of Defeatist

I previously posted my highlights of 2011 but my opinion is obviously just one of many. To try and get a better feel for the year, we cornered some of our favorite artists and heavy music industry friends to ask them about 2011 in music, art, and memories. We have so many responses that we needed to split it into three posts. Here is the first. Head below to hear from members of Noisear, Monarch!, Mammoth Grinder, Pulling Teeth, Sulaco, Bloodiest, and many more...

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Young And In The Way (photo by Reid Haithcock)
Young and In The Way

Young and In The Way have barely three years behind them, and already have logged two EPs and as many LPs, in addition to a split 7". The North Carolinian blackened crust band are now preparing to release another record with V.Eternal Depression, a limited edition 12" which is available for purchase TODAY (12/2) via Antithetic and streaming below in full.

Choirs, blackened shrieks, dark ambiance, tribal drums and an escalating feeling of dread dot the new EP which recalls moments of Wolves in The Throne Room, later Neurosis, and recent fare like Amenra. But all of that is an aside to the blunt-force trauma that is this band at full speed; think Cursed, Rot in Hell, Pulling Teeth, or any hardcore/crust band that dares to flirt with the darkside.

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All the pieces are in place. The floral album cover. The lush arrangements that tip their hat to The Jesus & Mary Chain, Slowdive, Cocteau Twins, and My Bloody Valentine. The ethereal production. But while Portland's Anne clearly sit in the shimmering shoegaze groove, the band offer their own take on the genre with their new compilation LP Dream Punx via A389 Records. Culled from various recordings and demos, the record features nine tracks that concern themselves more with latter descriptor in the phrase "dream pop", never getting caught up in ambience at the expense of a propulsive, well-written song. Stream Dream Punx in its entirety below for the first time.

It may be hard for some to believe that the label responsible for records by Ringworm, Integrity, Gehenna, Seven Sisters of Sleep, and Rot In Hell is releasing Dream Punx. Expect wild packaging and limited pressing though. Order yours at A389 now.

So far no US dates to speak of but if you're in Portland, make sure and check them out at Mississippi Studios on January 15th. Meanwhile listen to that album below...

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Ringworm / Mindsnare split 7" art
Ringworm Mindsnare split

Now that Scars is in the open, Ringworm has teamed with Mindsnare for ANOTHER new release, this time a comic/7" split which is available NOW on vinyl/download via A389 Records. The release, which features a pair of tracks from each band, is being released concurrently with a new spit 12" from Seven Sisters of Sleep/Children of God AND a Ringworm flexi of the Madness of War demo from 1999. Order all three at A389. Stream the Rigworm/Midshare split exclusively below.

Reminder fellow East-coasters, A389 Anniversary 2012 goes down on January 12th, 2012. Eyehategod will headline the affair, which will also feature Integrity, Gehenna, Starkweather, Weekend Nachos, and many many others. Flyer below.

Eyehategod at Fun Fun Fun Fest Sunday
Fun Fun Fun Fest

Eyehategod will also play Europa in NYC on 12/4, joining Doomriders (who recently played a BV/FFF Fest event), Hull (who recently played a FFF pre-party), and Knight Terror.

Eyehategod ALSO played Fun Fun Fun fest over the weekend, and pictures from that appearance, as well as the full Ringworm/Mindsnare stream is below.

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Integrity at A389 in 2010 (more by Chris Bavaria)

The annual A389 Anniversary bash returns for its eighth year in 2012, expanding to TWO stages of acts at Sonar in Baltimore. The show goes down on January 21, 2012 and will feature appearances from Eyehategod, Integrity (a staple for the bash), Gehenna (who recently revisited their Land of Sodom 7" and Upon The Gravehill and played A389 in 2010), Starkweather, Weekend Nachos, Seven Sisters of Sleep, Starkweather, and Pick Your Side all in their only area appearances, in addition to appearances from Full of Hell (who is streaming their new record), Triac, Low Places, Hatewaves, and many others. Full lineup is below. Tickets are on sale now.

In related news, A389 will release a new flexi from Kill Life, a band featuring members of Integrity, Crass, Fucked Up, Magrudergrind and Pulling Teeth. Kill Life is joined by none other than Mike IX Williams of Eyehategod on the D.E.A. (Dead End America) 7", which is up for order now.

For those of you who can't wait until January, you can catch Integrity in Connecticut in October.

Full lineup is below, alongside some video.

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California's Xibalba (not the Mexican black metal band of the same name) know their way around a downtuned groove. One listen to their new LP and it becomes apparent that not only does the band love its low-to-floor guitar sound (seriously doomy!), but they're not afraid to break it down for those in the mood to pick up some change. With their almost baritone guitar sound coupled with frontman Nathan Rebolledo's uber-pissed vocals, Xibalba distinguishes themselves from the droves of Hatebreed/Madball-sound-alikes.

Get therapy guys! Or maybe just keep on making brutal releases like the self-titled debut which is still available on vinyl via A389, and will soon be released via CD with additional material as Madre Mia Gracias Por Los Dias via the venerable Southern Lord on 6/21. Stream all of Madre Mia Gracias Por Los Dias below.

Xibalba are currently touring the East Coast and will play Party Expo TONIGHT at 7PM (6/16) with Cipher, Doomsday Mourning, and Brooksite as part of a string of dates with Foundation. Get out and try to buy some merch, they'll need all the dough they can get without a van... All tour dates, the LP stream, and a recent video for "Cold" is below....

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Gehenna at A389 Anniversary 2010 (more by Chris Bavaria)

Vestiges are currently on a US tour that will take them from coast to coast in celebration of their new LP The Descent of Man, available HERE for free, and on CD/vinyl/cassette via the band and on tour. Lake of Blood will provide the assist on the West Coast, while the East Coast will get Full of Hell. Look for both Vestiges and Full of Hell (with Pharoah) at Stolen Sleeves on June 28th. Full tour schedule below.

Full of Hell are preparing to release a new 12", Roots of Earth Are Consuming My Home, at their new home, A389 Records.

In other A389 news, the infamous Gehenna will revisit their Land of Sodom 7" (reworked and re-titled Land of Sodom II) and Upon The Gravehill for a single release on A389 Records. The 7"/CD package will also include a poster and is one of several releases that the members of Gehenna will release in the coming months on the label. Gehenna also has a 7" with Rot In Hell, Integrity, Vegas, and Cape Ov Bats available now. Gehenna play Outsleazed Fest in Las Vegas on July 1st, and nothing else at the moment.

Another release due from A389 is the Practitioners of Fell Sorcery 12" by the mighty Gravehill! Limited to 500 copies, this early incarnation of the band that were so fun at MDF featured Mike Apokalypse of Gehenna on throat, as well as Shane BastardDemon on guitar who also serves as a member of another Gehenna project, Penetration Panthers. Penetration Panthers, which features DC Grave of Gehenna, will also release a new three song EP on the label entitled Perpetual 80s, which nods to early hardcore.

And last but not least, DC Grave is also involved in Witch-Lord, who will release their Atomized In The Black Solarian 12" via A389. Hardcore this is not. Witch-Lord fits more in the glacially-paced doom realm, while dipping it's toes into strong hallucinogens.

All of the releases above are currently streaming at the A389 site and are available for preorder. All tour dates and some video is below.

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Pulling Teeth at Sonar in 2010 (more by Chris Bavaria)
Pulling Teeth

Pulling Teeth are releasing their new album Funerary via guitarist Dom Romeo's own A389 imprint. The record is currently up for preorder on vinyl and on CD via Firestarter Records, and will begin to ship soon, but you can stream it in full now, exclusively in this post. The player is below

Dom is also keeping busy with releases from the Pulling Teeth-related project Pala, a new record from Seraphim, a forthcoming The Love Below/Homewrecker split 7", a Withdrawal 7" and the signing of Low Places. The new Pala, We Don't Exist, and Seraphim, The Light In The Distance, are currently up for preorder at A389 too.

Listen to "Funerary" below...

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It started with me, G.I.S.M., and Cracker Barrel. On my way to Sonar in Baltimore on 1/22, a democratic vote in the Honda Accord led to a late lunch at the most American of all pit-stops, Cracker Barrel. Lined with rocking chairs (for sale!) and a menu with items like "Chicken Fried Chicken", I could feel the burning stinkeye as I walked through the "homey" restaurant and "country store", surrounded by a crew of tattooed hooligans, wearing my G.I.S.M. sweatshirt that reads "Die, You Bastards!!!" (replete with an anarchy symbol fashioned from an AK-47).

This un-American theme would continue later that night with the US debut of UK band Rot in Hell who openly discussed their disdain for the US ("I don't give a fuck"). Dropdead would add to that sentiment by (predictably) pointing out that the government was lying to us all, while the band that would follow had printed their manifesto on a 7": Fuck America. This negative, anti-authoritarian, and anti-social tone is how I like my hardcore, and what I got at the A389 anniversary.

The US may not have been king on stage, but its currency was king at the merch tables (save for Dropdead's that is) where phrases like "limited to 65", "ultra-rare", "test pressing", and "band only copies" reigned supreme. As we arrived at the venue, the merch tables were swarmed, as the show was an eBay fiend's dream with "show only" items like an Integrity flexi-disc and a 10" commemorating the 2010 edition of the show. The kids ate it up, as expected, so look for those items in a secondary market near you.

Pharoah's post-metallic hardcore kicked off the 2011 show at the stroke of 7PM, followed by blasting and punishing Californians The Love Below shortly thereafter. Seven Sisters of Sleep followed the pair, and the former members of Tafkata, Spring Break!, and Arm & Sword of a Bastard God ripped out crusty-sludgy post-metal that impressed. My first visit with SSoS was a great one.

Following SSoS was Pale Creation, and though their live show left something to be desired, the highly energetic Rot in Hell brought back the fun and energy. The rare US appearance doubled as the band's As Pearls Before Swine record release party, and in line with their negative imagery and blackened sound, RiH were not so much in a celebratory mood as they were antagonizing. Terms like "Fuck America" and "shite" (in reference to America/its products) were peppered throughout the on-stage banter. RiH got the pit started for the next band, Providence's Dropdead.

Dropdead made sure to point out their longetivity at A389 ('doing this for 20 years"), and broke-up their set of crusty and break-neck grind/hardcore with political and animal rights testimony. Fast, bludgeoning and beyond powerful, the Rhode Island band's performance was my first indication of the pit mayhem that would follow. But there was no way I could have predicted Haymaker.

Haymaker's reputation precedes them; tales of agression and live show violence coupled with their well-regarded recordings made their rare US appearance all the more exciting. Dressed like a clan of Western Virginia hillbillies, the band took to the stage while the clearly-inebriated vocalist took to the pit, performing the entire set while shoving off zealous fans. Trash cans were thrown, pizza boxes became weapons, and the kids went nuts. Pit antics aside, the two guitars/bass/drums, which featured Johnny Ibay of Fuck The Facts, were booming, unrelenting, and technically proficient. Haymaker was as good as they were fun, which says a lot.

It's tough to follow a band like Haymaker, but I can't imagine a better way to start an Integrity set than with the Humanity Is The Devil opener "Vocal Test". Apparently vocalist/mastermind Dwid agrees. Backed by a dual guitar attack played by a band half his age, Dwid's version of Integrity in 2011 were great, and delivered classics like "Incarnate 365", "Systems Overload", and newer material. Awesome set from Dwid & co, but Haymaker was the king of the stage (and the floor) that night.

More pictures from A389 are below.

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DOWNLOAD: Weekend Nachos - "Black Earth" (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Ancient Shores - "BTK" (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Full of Hell - "Black Iron" (MP3)

Weekend Nachos
Weekend Nachos

Though the label is currently preparing for their annual Anniversary show at Sonar in Baltimore (January 22nd with Integrity, Haymaker, Dropdead, Rot In Hell, many notable others), A389 Records is also are prepping for 2011's release schedule. In addition to new burners from Integrity, Seven Sisters of Sleep, Pale Creation and forthcoming material from Gehenna, Ringworm, Xibalba, Deathammer, Rot In Hell, and others, A389 also has a new Weekend Nachos 7", and LPs from new signings Ancient Shores and Full of Hell. Check out "Black Earth" from Weekend Nachos (the 7-inch's namesake), as well as "BTK" from Ancient Shores's Step To The Edge 7", above. Both MP3s are available for the first time above. Also grab Full of Hell's "Black Iron" from The Inevitable Fear of Existence up there too. All songs are also streaming, with some videos, below...

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DOWNLOAD: Rot In Hell - "Behavioral Resistance MMIX" (MP3)

A389 Anniversary

The UK's Rot In Hell are not to be fucked with. The band takes crusty hardcore and adds a blackened-metallic spin much like the Clevo-core "Holy Terror" crew and its disciples (Ringworm, Gehenna, Pulling Teeth, etc) have done to such great/furious effect. The band's previous releases like Hallways of The Always have indicated the brutality to come, but now comes word of Rot in Hell's first LP!

As Pearls Before Swine is the band's first full-length of new and unreleased material, and will be released on February 1st via Deathwish Inc (album art above). Check out "Behavioral Resistance MMX" which is downloadable above/streamable below for the first time, as well as an additional two songs, "Traitor's Gate" and "Coyotenia", that are currently streaming in a Deathwish player. Preorder details are on the way.

Rot In Hell have one show on their calendar in the US, that is supporting Integrity, Haymaker, Dropdead, Pale Creation, and a slew of others at Sonar on January 22nd as part of the A389 Anniversary show in Baltimore. If you're in the area (or even if you aren't) then make sure and get there. Tickets are on sale.

If you go to the show, make sure and hit the merch table:

This year we will have a limited edition show only release: (A389-058) V/A 'The Show That Ends The World' 10? for sale at this show. Featuring a song by each of the bands that played last year (INTEGRITY, RINGWORM, GEHENNA, PULLING TEETH, SERAPHIM, GRAY GHOST) recorded live with a mobile studio and mixed by Keven Bernsten @ Developing Nations. There will only be 200 for sale ever (with an additional 100 split up between the 6 bands) and they will be available at this show only.
Sold. Look for that as well as the Rot In Hell one-sided live 12" Niu which is also currently up for sale at A389.

Song stream, A389 flyer and some video is below.

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DOWNLOAD: Oak - "Cowards And Undeserving" (MP3 Excerpt)

Oak II album art
Oak II

Oak owes a debt of gratitude to the dimly-lit and woofer-rattling corners of doom inhabited by the likes of Burning Witch, Khanate, sunn o))), and funeral doom of the most frightening kind. Light-hearted it is not, but unrelenting and merciless it is. The band's self-titled debut, released on A389 Records, was a sleeper hit for some (like Kim Kelly) and now the band is preparing it's new LP for release, II. The LP, which features "Cowards And Undeserving" excerpted above, is currently available for preorder on 210-gram vinyl in white (100 of em) and black (566).

Also due on A389 is the new LP from NJ's Pharoah, a post-metal/doom/hardcore band who posted their demo for free download earlier this year. The strong, two track demo reappears in 7" form via the label and is currently up for preorder. Check out the cover art below. Maybe you caught the band when they played The Charleston on Saturday with Dutchguts and High Priest.

The label also has a soundboard recording from of a recent Rot In Hell live show entitled Niu (preorder it). The label will also has new records in the works from Integrity, Creepout, Roses Never Fade, Weekend Nachos, Gehenna, The Love Below, Seraphim and others, not to mention a new LP from Pulling Teeth!

In other A389 news, the label confirmed it's annual bash for January 22nd, 2011. No word on the lineup thus far (last year included Ringworm and Integrity among many others) or where it'll go down, but be prepared.

The Pharoah cover art and current Oak tour dates with Anhedonist are below...

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words by BBG, photos by Andrew Frisicano

DOWNLOAD: Millenial Reign - Luminous Veil (MP3)

Fucked Up at MWTX, 3/20/10
Fucked Up

A389 Records have released their new label sampler, downloadable to one and all, with some fierce and antisocial hardcore, a good portion of which is currently unreleased. The free comp features faves like Integrity, Pulling Teeth (the previously discussed "Grudgeholder") Gehenna, Ringworm, Seraphim (we posted one track, a second appears on the comp), Gluttons (the previously posted "Point Break"), The Love Below, Triac, Hatewaves (we posted one track, includes a second hilarious track "Facebook Abuser"), Oak... the list goes on and on. Download it now with the code "A3892010".

One of the more notable bands (that I didn't just rattle off) from that compilation is the Fucked Up side project known as Millenial Reign:

After five years of promising each other that they would start a "clevo" style band [ED: as in Cleveland hardcore like Integrity, Ringworm, Pale Creation, etc] one day, Jordan (ex No Warning) and Damian (Fucked Up) finally just said fuck it and did it with the help of Jesse (ex No Warning). This band is about old friends getting together and playing heavy music again.
The project is not a new one though. According to A389 label head (and Pulling Teeth guitarist) Dom who said that the recording "was supposed to come out years ago on another label but fell through the cracks." Download the first Millenial Reign track from the forthcoming Bones... Dust... Nothing 7" above.

Fucked Up played a bunch of shows at SXSW including the BrooklynVegan day party at Emo's on 3/17, the previously mentioned surprise show on Beerland's patio on 3/18, and the MWTX Party on the rainy/freezing Saturday (3/20) (with Gwar). Not-yetpublished sets of pictures from the latter two, below...

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DOWNLOAD: Seraphim - "Unbelieve" (MP3)

Seraphim at A389 Anniversary (more by Chris Bavaria)

It's never a bad look when your record is packaged for sale with hardcore heavyweights Integrity, and if you're a young band, it's a definite show of faith. That young band? Tupelo, Mississippi's Seraphim, who rise to the occasion on their debut 7" on A389. Channeling post-metal and post-hardcore through a blackened sieve, the band bludgeons with introspection on the EP's opener "Unbelieve", available above. Seraphim push the pedal to the floor for the remaining two tracks, but without ever losing the punishment/dread. Three killer tracks, and I can't wait for the new LP planned for release later this year. Fans of Neurosis, Mastodon, Mouth of The Architect, Rosetta and Amenra, take heed. Ruling.

Seraphim will hit the road on 2/13 for a string of dates that will take them out west through middle March, so get out and catch 'em (no NYC dates yet). All dates and live video from their recent show for A389 Anniversary, below...

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words by BBG, photos by Chris Bavaria

Dwid of Integrity

Billed as "The Show That Ends The World", heavy music label A389 Records celebrated six years of existence (and it's owner Dom of Pulling Teeth celebrated his 33rd birthday) at Sonar in Baltimore on Jan 8th & 9th, 2009. It marked the second year in a row that Integrity and Pulling Teeth graced the Sonar during one of the first weekends of the year. Integrity (featuring Dom on guitar) teamed up with Oak, Pala, and War Priest last year.

Dwid, PT & the gang were on board for the second night at the venue (along with Ringworm, Seraphim, Gray Ghost, and Gehenna), but Pulling Teeth also made an appearance the night before as the backing band for Jon Mikl Thor of Canadian metal greats Thor:

Jon Mikl THOR is an enduring icon of glam rock/metal, and one of the true originators of rock theatre. THOR's enviable career got off the ground with his appearance on the Merv Griffin Show in 1973 and he has maintained a steady pace ever since, selling hundreds of thousands of records. Over the last three decades, THOR has explored the tongue-in-cheek Sweet/Mott the Hoople/Bowie stylings, hard hitting metal moves of the 80Õs, and flirting briefly with Nu-Rock/Metal in the late 90Õs. - [Thor bio]
Slumlords (which also features Dom of PT), Deathammer (mems of Oak), and No Redeeming Social Value were also on board for the festivities, though the previously billed Starkweather were forced to cancel their appearance. No offense Starkweather, but from the looks of the near riot below, Baltimore did just fine.

More pics and a shit ton of videos from the melee are below...

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by BBG

DOWNLOAD: Gray Ghost - Deep In The Shallow End (Mediafire Link)
DOWNLOAD: Chainsaw Safety Records/ A389 Records Sampler (Sendspace Link)
DOWNLOAD: Integrity - Those Who Fear Tomorrow (Zipped MP3s)

Iron Age at The Charleston in Oct '09 (more by Chloe Rice)
Iron Age

If you've ever raised a can of suds to the sound of blackened-thrash, then most likely the soundtrack was Skeletonwitch. The Ohio party animals are hitting the road in February, tagging the great Iron Age, Howl, Black Tusk, Doomriders, and even Ringworm for select dates in (continued) support of their thrash-terpiece, Breathing The Fire.

While the 'witch isn't scheduled to crash land in NYC, Iron Age IS, having nailed down a date at The Charleston on Feb 16. Here's to hoping it goes better than the last time they played The Charleston. All dates below.

Also a reminder: Mammoth Grinder, which features Alex from Iron Age (on occasion), will be at The Charleston on Jan 12th.

Meanwhile, Ringworm is preparing to reissue The Promise on wax via A389 and record their new album, Scars, this spring. The Cleveland band is one of many greats scheduled for a show in Baltimore in celebration of the sixth anniversary of A389 Records and the owner's (Dom from Pulling Teeth) birthday. The two day event (Jan 8th & 9th, 2010) will feature appearances from Canadian badasses Thor (backed by Pulling Teeth), Integrity, Gehenna, Pulling Teeth, Slumlords, No Redeeming Social Value, Deathammer (members of Oak), Seraphim, and many others. Holy Terror fans are officially stoked. Tickets are still available for both the first and second nights, in addition to a two day pass. Starkweather was originally scheduled to play the show, but were forced to drop out:

If you look at your hand and feel the tender center of your palm...well a few days ago, the drummer tore that at his day job. We waited a few days to find out what's going on before making an official announcement, and unfortunately it's going to put him out of commission for a while. [Vocalist] Rennie said his hand looked like a catcher's mitt. So regrettably to their disappointment, mine, and yours they had to bail out of the show.
Gray Ghost has been added as Starkweather's not-to-shabby replacement. The band released their Deep In The Shallow End on Chainsaw Safety Records and are offering a taste of said release for download above.

Integrity and Seraphim have a combo pack due this week on A389 which includes the To Die For 10" (first time on wax), as well as a Seraphim 7". The pre-order is currently sold out. Though To Die For isn't available, you can download virtually all of Integrity's other releases for FREE, including Those Who Fear Tomorrow available above.

dates below...

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