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By Ian Chainey

Marcus Hook Roll Band

Australia's Marcus Hook Roll Band will re-release Tales of Old Grand-Daddy, their 1973 album, worldwide on June 3 through Parlophone. Released originally in a limited domestic run, the LP and the band's other singles have become a crate-digger's holy grail, due in large part to the contributions from pre-AC/DC contributors Malcolm and Angus Young.

Started in 1972 by former Easybeats and future Flash and the Pan members Harry Vanda and George Young, Marcus Hook Roll Band was quickly scooped up by Capitol Records on the strength of their debut single "Natural Man." The band decamped to the studio with George's younger brothers in tow for sessions as whiskey-drenched as album title suggests. (Old Grand-Dad is a brand of bourbon.) As the story goes, the free-flowing booze nearly eradicated everyone's memory of the studio stay, leaving such details as who-performed-what lost to flushed braincells. George Young: "We all got rotten (drunk) except Angus, who was too young and we spent a month in the studio boozing it up every night." Angus, forever the schoolboy. In November of 1973, Angus and Malcolm, no doubt benefiting from the experience, would form AC/DC.

Marcus Hook Roll Band is a bit more than an AC/DC curio, having produced a catchy collection of rollicking, fried pub pop, best evidenced by the sing-along "Quick Reaction;" a track you could categorize as the Faces gone power pop. The timing of the re-release, however, comes oddly close to Malcolm Young's hiatus from AC/DC due to illness. While this isn't Tales of Old Grand-Daddy's first repress, it does span multiple formats including CD, LP, and a digital version, suggesting the proximity may be coincidental.

"Quick Reaction" is available to be streamed below.

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"Thank you, Brisbane!" - Obits Instagram

Like we've done with a lot of bands this year, we asked Brooklyn's Obits for a list of their favorite albums of 2012. Guitarist Sohrab Habibion wrote back saying, "It usually takes some time to figure out if a record is really going to stick with me, so even though I liked what I heard from Beak, Disappears, Oneida, Pontiak, Royal Baths and Zomes, I'll submit my best of 2012 in a few years," and instead said, "since Obits is working on a new record, here are the Top 10 songs we will do our best not to directly rip off." You can check out that list, complete with YouTube clips for each one, below. Drummer (and onetime Girls Against Boys member) Alexis Fleisig also submitted "Top Ten Things I Completely Took For Granted This Year" which is below as well.

Sohrab, who also reformed his old band Edsel for a couple shows this year, also gave a rundown of Obits 2012 activity and what's in store for 2013:

Despite not putting out a full LP, we kept pretty busy. We released two 7"s - one on Sub Pop with 2 covers and another on a Spanish label called La Castanya with 2 originals on it.

And along with some east coast shows, Austin and Denver (a new US city for us), we went to Europe twice this year, getting to play in Greece, Portugal, Italy and Sweden for the first time. We also went to Australia, which was truly as cool as every band that goes there says it is.

On the horizon ... a couple NYC shows.

1. January 18 = Obits at Rock Shop with Browns & Wrong Dots (tickets).

2. January 19 = Obits at Cake Shop for a Norton Records benefit with The Psyched, Flying Teeth & Entartete (tickets).

3. Finishing our next album. We have bunches and bunches of song fragments in various stages. The next few months we will be deciding what's worth keeping or working on or tossing in the trash.

4. Going back to Europe in June. It'll be a combination of places we've been and haven't been, including Poland and Ukraine, which we're looking forward to.

Also, this year there were some Hot Snakes shows and an Edsel reunion & re-issues (http://www.comedyminusone.com/023.php), which was kind of unexpected. Next year there might be a handful more Hot Snakes shows, maybe an Edsel appearance or two (along with additional re-issues and tunes from the vault), as well as some Girls Against Boys activity.

Sorhab and Alexis' Top 10 lists are below...

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Radio personality and former child star Danny Bonaduce claims he was the victim of a bizarre attack at a casino in Washington Friday night by an overzealous fan who may have been on "bath salts."

The 53-year-old comedic personality was emceeing a concert by the all-female AC/DC cover band Hell's Belles at the Skagit Valley Casino Resort in Bow, Wash., when he says he was approached by a female fan. The woman claimed to be a longtime fan of Bonaduce's and asked for permission to kiss him. After agreeing, the fan then sunk her teeth into Bonaduce's cheek for about a minute, until people nearby were able to forcibly pry her off, reported the News Tribune. [IBTimes]

(Probably not on bath salts). Video news coverage below...

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