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DOWNLOAD: Animal Collective - Summertime Clothes (Dam-Funk Remix) MP3

Dam-Funk @ American Museum of Natural History (more by Rod Mickens)
Dam Funk

LA Times: How did you end up hooking up with Animal Collective to remix "Summertime Clothes?"

Dam-Funk: Animal Collective's manager reached out to me because the group wanted to collaborate with me. I dug their material and we agreed to do something. I studied their song, I didn't just chop it up and put effects on it -- I studied it hard, and shaped it around the vocal to take them to the dance floor, but still have something that you could ride around with your girl and listen to. I understood that the band's fans are sensitive to the source material. It's like Prince -- if someone remixed Prince back in the day, I would've been waiting with baited breath.

I was pleased that the majority of people seemed to like it. When I saw Animal Collective at the Troubadour, one of them told me that he couldn't stop listening to it on repeat, and that meant a lot to me. I really respect those dudes and wanted to get down with them. For lack of a better description, they sort of remind me of Talking Heads, how they were into expanding their sound and collaborating with George Clinton. I love that aspect of collaborating with different types of artists. Nite Jewel has become a good buddy of mine, because we like those same type of chords. No matter what type of genre, if it's beautiful music, that's what we'll lean towards.

That Dam-Funk Animal Collective remix is posted above. The L.A. DJ, whose named is pronounced "Dame," (short for his real name Damon) will open for AC at both of their Prospect Park shows on August 14th and 15th. It's unclear exactly whether these shows should be classified as "DJ", or "live", or a mix of both, but a show Dam played in an LA museum earlier this month definitely leaned toward the live side of things, as you can see in the two videos below.

The LA museum show is not to be confused with the NYC museum show, which took place in May.

The Stones Throw DJ also spins (I think) at the My Favorite Things party this Tuesday, June 23rd at APT. Other DJs on the bill include Dirk Rumpff, Tyler Askew and Big Bang.

Dam will also be at the Cubic Zirconia record release party at Santos on Thursday, July 2nd. He'll be spinning (definitely a DJ set this time) with DJ Assault, Kool Hersh and Mike 2600. Live sets that night include Cubic Zirconia, Head Automatica and Chico Mann. Advance tickets for that night are on sale (poster below).

Dam-Funk's debut LP, Toeachizown, will be seeing a late summer/early fall release on Stones Throw Records. The DJ discusses his new record, with a preview video for it, some other videos with all dates, below...

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DOWNLOAD: Tortured Soul - Did You Miss Me (MP3)

Cut Copy @ Terminal 5 - March 21, 2009 (ChrisGoldNY)
Cut Copy

This weekend saw the first wave of post-SXSW, pre-WMC deejays and bands come through New York. There were a lot of events lined up that I had seen coming for weeks, but one that somehow got by me until just a few days before, was Disco 3000 with Trus'me and Volcov at APT. Without enough time to sway my more "electro"-minded friends to change their plans, I hit APT solo Friday night and left without an ounce of regret. Upon arriving around 12:30 or so, the basement space was packed with people dancing. While there were some weird and inexplicable ebbs & flows in terms of dancefloor traffic, the music was on point the entire night. Trus'me and Volcov traded off deck duty every hour or so, easily meeting the expectations garnered from the flyer:

Expect to hear all corners of the record shop from the past, present and of course the future. Disco, afro, house, boogie, hip hop, techno, jazz, psyche, reggae, soul, brazilian, dub.
Overall it was a great night that had me out dancing until 4, never even toying with the idea of leaving earlier. It also reminded me just how much I love disco, house, etc. After inadvertently laying those genres by the wayside of more electro-oriented sounds for too long, I have not been able to get enough of them since Friday.

Saturday night I ventured out again, to Terminal 5 to see Cut Copy. I managed to catch a bit of Knightlife's opening dj set which was very well-mixed and balanced, including tracks that were on the more melodic, French house side of things with a tasteful amount of more gritty/synthy electro thrown in.

Matt & Kim @ Terminal 5 - March 21, 2009 (meisemily)
Matt and Kim

Following Knightlife, Matt & Kim went on. I had seen them open for Professor Murder at Bowery a few years ago and really didn't like them. This time around, despite still not really being into their music, I found their set to be much more entertaining in terms of something to watch. The pair really didn't let the crowd that was standing idly for the first couple of songs get to them. If anything it made Matt & Kim try even harder to get everyone excited. It inevitably worked after a few more songs and some witty banter. By the end, the crowd was very into it. People were jumping and dancing along to the upbeat synth & drum combos, which ended with the previously indifferent crowd, now embracing and ushering Matt to the safety of the stage after his attempt to literally walk on top of them failed.

The tension built as the crew readied the stage for Cut Copy's set...unfortunately, so did the crowd. Just minutes prior to the beginning of the show I realized the floor was so packed I could not lift my arms and it began to dawn on me how hellish the next hour or so might possibly be.

For the most part, it was. Dancing had gone from being the fun, point of the evening, to a battle for personal space. Cut Copy were in top form, as they have been every time I've seen them prior, but the crowd made it difficult to enjoy their set.

In terms of what they played, it was mainly favorites from their albums In Ghost Colours and Bright Like Neon Love, plus the addition of the track "Sands of Time" (recorded at the same time as In Ghost Colours, but never making it onto the album) which sounded amazing live. Thankfully there were just enough brief moments where I found myself with sufficient space to get down and enjoy the music, making me able to walk away from the show feeling good about it (despite the hellish crowd).

Hopefully the positivity will continue into this week. By the looks of what's headed our way, I'm optimistic:

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DOWNLOAD: Ewan Pearson - Buzzin' Fly, August 22, 2008 (MP3)

XLR8R Issue 123 - Best of 2008
Drop the Lime

This past weekend, which I was really looking forward to, wound up being pretty lame dance-wise. Things started off okay at Webster Hall Friday night. D.I.M. began his set with some oldies but goodies from last year: Boys Noize - "Lava Lava", and the Chemical Brothers - "Salmon Dance" (Crookers Wow remix), then immediately launched into a three song burst of new stuff - MGMT - "Kids" (Soulwax remix), Tiga - "Mind Dimension", and Mr. Oizo - "Positif", which was entirely too short-lived as D.I.M.'s set quickly devolved into what could have unfortunately been a playlist titled "Best Electro of '07". Mostly good songs, just a year old. This can be fine, but nothing D.I.M. was doing was really grabbing my attention.

I started hoping Switch's set would blow me away and save the evening. Unfortunately that was not the case. Switch, apparently nowhere to be found, did not go on, and AC Slater who was scheduled to close out the night, filled in his place. At that point I was frustrated, cold (Webster wasn't too full at that point and was drafty), and having my ear talked off by some drunk a-hole about how great Switch was (after I informed him that it was D.I.M., NOT SWITCH), so I left.

Saturday I was so looking forward to seeing Green Velvet at Sullivan Room (after missing him the past 2 times he was here), but I got a cold and decided to stay in. Apparently he had the packed floor moving all night...

video of that and many upcoming events below....

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public farm @ PS1 (winterferris)

Friday night I went to APT to see Joakim deejay. I hadn't been there in almost a year and arrived just a hair too early for a Friday night. Todd Sines was on when I got there. His set was fine, but not what I was in the mood for. Jaokim went on about an hour later. Overall a bit too mellow so I left early, but there were highlights, like Mr. Oizo's remix of "Le Magicien D'os" by Ark and a great remix of Simian Mobile Disco's "Hotdog" that I hadn't heard before.

Saturday I went to PS1 around to see Op:L Bastards. It was much less crowded than usual at 4:00 when I got there. For the first time in three summers of going to Warm Up, I saw my first ever empty (except for a generous estimate of maybe 10 people) dancefloor. DJ Poodlecannon was finishing an interesting mix of world music and dance music when I got there, but wasn't really mixing the tracks together. There were a handful of people hitting the floor hard. Everyone else was politely tapping one foot or paying absolutely no attention. Thankfully Op:L Bastards went on promptly at 5:00.

I wasn't the only one waiting around for them. Several people approached the floor as they began. Eventually the dance floor was 3/4 full. Op:L Bastards is essentially a 3-man, live electronic band with a guitarist, bassist, and vocalist who also twiddles with a lot of electronic elements. Things started off a bit slow, but a few songs in they played "Scorpius" which really banged as did every track that followed. I think they were playing a lot of music from their album The Job which originally came out in 2001. It was a nice change as it didn't really sound like anything that's come out recently, but didn't sound dated either. The album was actually just re-released last year with 4 bonus tracks and a forward by Philip Oakley of Human League.

Speaking of Human League, I'm really excited to see Soulwax again in October, but let's not skip ahead. Here's what's going on Wednesday (Aug 27) and Thursday....

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DOWNLOAD: Harvard Bass - Go To School Mixtape (zSHARE MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Spitzer - Yacht Club (MP3)

Crookers at Webster Hall - June 21, 2008 (Phil Xander)
Crookers @ WEbster Hall

LA Riots at Hiro - June 19, 2008 (Nicky Digital)
LA Riots @ Hiro

With Crookers, Green Velvet, and many other deejays in town, I'm sure a lot of dancing went down in New York this past weekend. Regrettably I wasn't around for most of it, but managed to make it out to the Youpi party at Studio B Wednesday night. Unfortunately the party did not live up to its name. I arrived with some friends around 12 or so and Studio B was maybe one quarter full (which was probably in part due to the $18/$23 cover). I am un chien!! began just after we walked in. Their sound was more rock/guitar-based with some electronic beats in the background. Unfortunately the rock overtones were on the abrasive side and made the whole experience rather unpleasant - sort of an inferior version of the Rapture at times. The lead vocalist, David Fontao, put a lot of energy into his dance-move laden performance, but ultimately his frustration with the less than enthusiastic crowd became apparent. The highlight of the show was definitely the length - at just about 30 minutes I don't think I could've taken much more.


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