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photos by Zach Dilgard, words by Black Bubblegum

Zach & BB are up at Kutscher's this weekend for the first-ever NY All Tomorrow's Parties festival...

Patton Oswalt

"I feel like David Lynch would walk into this place and say 'This is perfect! Production designer, you're fired.'"

Leave it to Patton Oswalt to say exactly what I was thinking.

"I half expect to walk by a room and see a guy getting blown by somebody in a bear suit."

Kutscher's Country Club is an odd "resort"... a decaying, frozen-in-time artifact from the 60s with shag-carpeted walls, pale pink wall paper, musty smell, and brown water showers to prove it. But let's get real, no one came to Kutscher's for the surroundings.... It was for the sights, sounds, and overall vibe and in that respect, the location for the New York version of All Tommorrow's Parties delivers in spades.


Due to more traffic traffic than I anticipated, I ended up missing both Bardo Pond and Meat Puppets, sliding into Kutscher's slightly before Tortoise hit the main stage, the Stardust Room, on Friday (Sept 19, 2008).

The Stardust Room is circular, comparable in size to NYC's Nokia Theater and also tiered, presumably for dinner-shows. It's painted black and covered in stars and while it may have passed for "class" in the age of the beehive, in 2008, Stardust feels more like a rejected set from Star Trek. Where it counts though, the sound, I was definitely impressed, and from all viewpoints.

words to be continued. more assorted photos from Friday below....

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Low's Tuesday, sold out Union Hall show was moved to the bigger Bell House, the new Brooklyn venue that Union Hall shares an owner with. Tickets are back on sale. Low play ATP today (9/20) and Mercury Lounge on Monday. All dates below...

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It seems like a lot of people are stuck with very-expensive, very-far-out-of-town tickets. I know at least two people who are pretty sure they're going to eat a pair.You could probably go to the sold out ATP Festival this weekdend for free, or almost free, if you try hard enough.

Mogwai @ Terminal 5, NYC - Sept 18, 2008 (soulblend)

"The pairing of venerable Scottish post-rockers Mogwai with Fuck Buttons, a knob-twiddling duo who weave subtle melodies through waves of tribal noise, is inspiring. Both groups make mostly instrumental soundscapes, but go about it in entirely different ways. Mogwai (pictured above) use traditional rock instruments; Fuck Buttons use Nintendo GameBoys, toy microphones, laptops, and whatever else seems to strike their fancy." [Washington City Paper]
The Mogwai / Fuck Buttons tour hit Terminal Five in NYC last night (Sept 18). Fuck Buttons play ATP NY on Saturday. Mogwai play the same upstate festival on Sunday.

Built to Spill, Thurston Moore, Tortoise, Meat Puppets and Bardo Pond play the sold out affair at a country club, TONIGHT (Sept 19). They're all playing full albums. Thurston practiced on Wednesday night in his hometown.

Brian Jonestown Massacre play a show in Brooklyn tonight. They play ATP on Sunday.

Lilys also play ATP on Sunday. They played the opening show at The Bell House in Brooklyn last night.

The Mogwai-scored Zidane hits select theaters on October 24th.

photos & review by Georgia Kral

Thurston Moore

There are many sides to Thurston Moore and each are represented when he plays- or rather, shreds- his Fender Jazzmaster so hard you can barely catch your breath. Last night (September 19, 2008) he gave the crowd at the Pearl Street Nightclub, in his hometown of Northampton, Mass., the goofy, fun and relaxed Thurston.

I've seen him with Sonic Youth many times- in venerable venues like McCarren Park Pool, Central Park SummerStage and even the tiny Maxwell's in Hoboken. I've seen him play guitar noise in dingy Bushwick lofts and at the tavern at Hampshire College in Amherst. But it was last night that Thurston came alive as a human and not just a rock star.

continued below...

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ATP NY is now sold out ("There will be no walk-up tickets at this event."), without Autolux, and with an updated schedule that you can take a look at below...

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by Black Bubblegum

OmMuch like Mogwai, Dinosaur Jr, Built To Spill, Meat Puppets, Low, Drones, Lightning Bolt, Apse and My Bloody Valentine, OM have added a show in the NYC area around their appearance at ATP. The show is in Brooklyn at The Shangri-La in Greenpoint (100 Sutton Street at Nassau) on Sept 23rd, one day before their appearance at The Stone Pony in Asbury Park, NJ where they open for Dinosaur Jr.

In related news, Emil Amos of Om is releasing a new Holy Sons album on September 23rd, is releasing a new Grails record on October 7th, and is playing Union Pool with Grails on November 21st. More OM dates HERE. A live video below...

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by Black Bubblegum

DOWNLOAD: Krallice - "Wretched Wisdom" (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Lightning Bolt - Live @ The Vera Project in Seattle, WA (33MB VIDEO, M4V)

Krallice's Colin @ Remains in Long Island City (ex-atari kid)

The spazzy noise rock duo Lightning Bolt lined up a Brooklyn show on September 13th with thundering black metal lurkers Krallice. Details are below. Anyone who has ever seen Lightning Bolt knows to expect the following in heaping dumptruck-fuls: extreme volume, unreal riffage, a great big bubble security mirror, insano vocals through a makeshift Lucha Libre mask, and blurry speed-demon fingers/arms as the "Brians" (Chippendale on drums and Gibson on "sort-of" bass) decimate everyone standing on the floor around them (they never perform on the stage). The show on Sept 13th is the first of two New York dates for Lightning Bolt in a month, with the second being their performance at ATP. The band is also in line to play ATP's Release The Bats in London & Birmingham along with a Euopean tour in November.

Lightning Bolt alone should make you feel compelled to go to the Brooklyn show, but the addition of the NYC metal "supergroup" of sorts, Krallice, should solidify it. If you aren't familiar with Krallice, the core of the band is the lightning (sorry) fast pairing of Mick Barr (Ocrilim, Orthrelm) and bassist Colin Marston (Behold... The Arctopus, Dysrhythmia) with Lev Weinstein and Nick McMaster. The band is riding high off of their triumphant self-titled release for Profound Lore, one of my favorite records of the year so far. Catch 'em with LB if you can, otherwise make your way over to the Knitting Factory on Oct 8th when Krallice plays with Withered and the dark lords Watain. Tickets for the show at the Knit are still available.

All LB dates below...

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DOWNLOAD: The Drones - The Cockeyed Lowlife Of The Highlands (live) (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: The Drones - I Don't Ever Want To Change (live) (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: The Drones - Dekalb Blues (live) (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: The Drones - Jezebel (live) (MP3)

The Drones

The Drones are visiting the United States from Australia to play some shows. That includes a spot at ATP NY and a Septemer tour with Built to Spill and the Meat Puppets who are both also playing ATP. That does NOT include the two shows Meat Puppets and BTS are playing at Terminal 5 though. Dinosaur Jr. is the third band on those bills, but that doesn't mean the Drones won't hit NYC. They will, twice. Tickets are on sale for a September 11th show at Union Hall and for one two days later at Pianos.

"Havilah is The Drones highly anticipated 4th studio LP, it will be released through ATP Recordings and MGM Distribution on September 20th, 2008." More info on the album and all tour dates below...

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Fuck Buttons @ McCarren Pool (more by Kyle Dean Reinford)
Fuck Buttons

ATP NY will run a bus from Manhattan and Brooklyn to Kutshers. More info and the weekend's set times and stage breakdown, below...

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DOWNLOAD: Mercury Rev - Senses on Fire (MP3)

Mercury Rev

As previously announced, Mercury Rev have two shows (in one night) coming up at The Stone in NYC....

Mercury Rev, long known for their pioneering work in experimental music, have confirmed two performances for Sept. 10 at The Stone, John Zorn's lower east side outpost for the avant-garde. The show, curated by Foetus front man Jim Thirlwell, will see Mercury Rev joined by Brooklyn's Feedtank, a collective of digital artists using new technologies to create playful interactive spectacles and light-based musical interfaces. Artist Alex Chechile will also join using a home-built electroencephalograph brainwave machine and hacked electrocardiograph heart monitor producing tones and music directly from the minds of Mercury Rev.

The collaborative performance will feature playing and improvising around motifs from the forthcoming Mercury Rev release Snowflake Midnight and its companion album (available for free download on release date [Sept 30]) Strange Attractor as well as the band's back catalog. The new albums, created using open-source audio technology as well as random note and word generators are a milestone for the band and mark a further embrace of experimental compositional techniques and cutting edge recording methods to make music that Stereogum says "brims with energy and a glossy, trippy feel."

Soon after these performances at The Stone, Mercury Rev will play the All Tomorrow's Parties festival in Monticello, NY on Sept 21 at the behest of curators My Bloody Valentine.

The above MP3 is off the new album. All dates below...

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by Black Bubblegum

DOWNLOAD: Apse - "Shade Of The Moor" (MP3)


One of the lesser known bands in the lineup of the upcoming ATP NY festival is Apse. Aspe are also one of a handful of bands in the ATP Recordings stable that are also making an appearance at the festival. The Drones, Fuck Buttons, Alexander Tucker, and Bardo Pond are the other ones that fall into that category.

Apse has existed in one form or another since 1999, but until 2006 they only put out EPs (Untitled, Cloud, Three Dialogues, and Apse EPs). In 2006 the band dropped the longplayer Spirit on Spanish label Acuarela Discos. ATP Recordings picked up Spirit and re-released it domestically with a bonus track on August 19th of this year (this week). The band is currently working on the follow-up to Spirit, the limited vinyl-only Eras. Peep the video for "The Gloom" from Eras below. Also check out the massive "Wind Through The Walls" from Spirit (downloadable above), "The Gloom" video below, and the gang of songs (including "Wishlist" from the upcoming Eras) streaming at their myspace.

Apse can be compared to Grails, Animal Collective, Sigur Ros, Liars, A Silver Mt. Zion, and Tortoise. A Silver Mt. Zion and Tortoise are also on the ATP NY bill. Tortoise are playing the entirety of their awesome Millions Now Living Will Never Die.

Like many bands playing ATP NY, Apse also have a NYC show coming up. They're playing Cake Shop on September 22nd - one day after ATP. Low (also playing ATP) is at Mercury Lounge right down the street that same night (and at Union Hall one night after that). My Bloody Valentine (also playing ATP) are playing that night too, but further uptown (and then playing at Roseland again the night after that as well). Low is now sold out. My Bloody Velentine is not.

Videos and dates below...

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Trail of Dead

The latest band to be picked by My Bloody Valentine are the always stunning ...And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead. Tickets are still available, either on their own or as part of a package including accomodation for 3 (this is the only type of housing available from us left now) by clicking here.

Patton Oswalt @ the Sub Pop Festival (more by Shawn Brackbill)
Patton Oswalt

We are pleased to announce further artists for the ATP New York event. The final batch of tickets and accommodation is now available through www.atpfestival.com

The latest acts to be confirmed are...

Patton Oswalt who will be both performing and curating an evening of other comedians on Friday September 19th.

Curated by My Bloody Valentine - Brian Jonestown Massacre and Robin Guthrie plus more acts to be announced.

Curated by ATP - Lightning Bolt

We are also pleased to announce that the Criterion Collection will be working in conjunction with ATP to host the cinema at the event.

(Also, look out for the games room where you'll find Steve Albini at the card table...)

Continued below...

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photos by Kyle Dean Reinford

F*ck Buttons @ McCarren Pool

Liars headlined the free show at McCarren Pool in Brooklyn this past Sunday (July 20, 2008). Fuck Buttons were one of the bands that opened the show (after playing the Pitchfork Festival in Chicago just one day earlier).

FB's next NYC show is opening for Mogwai at Terminal 5 (tix) - the show is part of a larger tour that also brings FB & Mogwai to the ATP Fest upstate. All dates and more pics below....

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Bardo Pond
Bardo Pond

All Tomorrow's Parties is pleased to announce some additions to the bill for ATP New York, its first east coast festival set for September 19-21 at Kutshers Country Club in Monticello, NY.

As previously announced, the three day festival is curated by both My Bloody Valentine and ATP, and will be headlined by My Bloody Valentine in their first US appearance in 16-years.

Alongside previously announced choices, Dinosaur Jr., Lilys, Yo La Tengo, Mercury Rev and Mogwai, Sunday curators My Bloody Valentine have also chosen, Bob Mould, Sonic Boom, Le Volume Courbe, Gemma Hayes and Wounded Knees. ATP adds in Les Savy Fav, Alexander Tucker and Apse to join Shellac, Fuck Buttons, Low, Growing, Edan With Guest Dagha, Thee Silver Mount Zion Orchestra, The Drones, Polvo, Wooden Shjips, Harmonia, Om and Autolux on their day. Finally Bardo Pond Performing Lapsed joins the Friday Don't Look Back day that also sees Thurston Moore Performing Psychic Hearts, Tortoise Performing Millions Now Living Will Never Die, Meat Puppets Performing Meat Puppets II and Built To Spill Performing Perfect From Now On.

The day by day lineup is now:

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by Black Bubblegum

Melvins: Dudes know how to take a picture!

Melvins have announced the first leg of their US tour to support Nude With Boots and along for the ride are, you guessed it, Big Business! Tour dates are below including a date at Music Hall Of Williamsburg and Bowery Ballroom (Aug 13th and 14th respectively) (no tickets yet)

Melvins are also playing Jello Biafra's 50th, but SANS Big Business because Big Business will be working on their new record in LA instead.

Speaking of Jello's birthday party, Akimbo are on board for that, and they recently gave us a brand new MP3 from their Neurot Recordings debut Jersey Shores. (in case you missed it)

The other big news is that Melvins are curating this year's ATP's Nightmare Before Christmas with Mike Patton (in case you missed that too). It's the party that Portishead curated last year, Thurston Moore the year before that, and The Mars Volta before that.

Melvins' Nude with Boots drops July 8th on Ipecac (the label co-owned by ATP co-curator Mike Patton). The album cover, the tracklist, a video, and all tour dates below....

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I noticed they broke down the ATP NYC festival lineup by day and who picked which bands (see above) (plus there's still more bands TBA announced I think). I didn't realize until now that bands like Thee Silver Mount Zion Orchestra weren't specifically picked by My Bloody Valentine (not that it matters) (or does it?).

Thee Silver Mount Zion Orchestra are also currently on tour and they're playing NYC tonight/Monday (May 19) and tomorrow/Tuesday. Neither show is sold out.

Other ATP NY bands with upcoming shows in NYC are Built To Spill/Meat Puppets/Dinosaur Jr (Terminal 5), Polvo (Bowery & Maxwell's), and My Bloody Valentine (Roseland). Did I forget anyone?

Built To Spill

Another piece of the ATP NY nostalgia trip is coming to NYC. Built to Spill will perform their album Perfect From Now On at Terminal 5 in NYC on September 25th AND September 26th. Dinosaur Jr. AND Meat Puppets will open both shows. $32 tickets go on sale Friday @ noon.

My Bloody Valentine are playing NYC on September 22nd & 23rd.

ATP NY is September 19-21. Dinosaur Jr. was one of the bands they recently added to the My Bloody Valentine-curated bill that already included Built To Spill (playing the same album) and My Bloody Valentine themselves.

Oneida are performing one of their albums two nights in a row in NYC too.

More Built To Spill tour dates below...

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just added to the lineup:
Tickets are back on sale HERE (thx zik). More info on this 3-day festival in Upstate NY, HERE (September 19-21, 2008).


Tickets are now on sale for the My Bloody Valentine-curated ATP festival in upstate NY (that MBV is also playing).

UPDATE: Sold Out instantly?

UPDATE 2: Doesn't seem sold out if you buy 7 tickets??

UPDATE 3: It seems they just have a really bad ticketing system.