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by Andrew Sacher

Sick Feeling

Don Devore has been involved in many projects over the years, including '90s Philly punk band Ink & Dagger (who briefly reunited in 2010/11 with Geoff Rickly on vocals) and Brooklyn psych pop band Amazing Baby (who you may remember from the MGMT/Yeasayer buzz era, and maybe saw open for either or both of those bands in NYC), as well as quite a few others.

Don's now in yet another band, Sick Feeling, who currently have a residency at Trans-Pecos in Ridgewood, Queens. Sick Feeling has him back on his punk game, but it's noisier, garagier, and sounds more directly inspired by traditional hardcore than Ink & Dagger. Check out three tracks, plus a remix of one of them by Tell, below.

The Trans-Pecos residency is co-presented by Terrible Records (which is co-owned by Grizzly Bear's Chris Taylor and features non-punk music like Solange and Empress Of) and includes upcoming shows TONIGHT (7/17) and the following Thursday (7/24). Tonight's show is with Terrible associate Dev Hynes performing a new piece, Concret 1, as well as Dutch Guts, Cassavetes and Georgia. Cities Aviv was initially billed but appears to have dropped off. Flyer for tonight's show, below.

Then next Thursday it's with Dev once again, this time as his Gayer project with collaborator/girlfriend Samantha Urbani, as well as Tell (who we mentioned above remixed a Sick Feeling track).

You can also catch Dev's main band, Blood Orange, for free in NYC at their upcoming Central Park Summerstage (8/16) show.

Sick Feeling streams below...

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Ill Fits

As mentioned in last week's This Week in Indie, Ill Fits, who played Cameo on Saturday (7/30), have members of MGMT and Amazing Baby. Since that show, more details on the band have emerged. The Village Voice writes of the show:

By the time Ill Fits came on, the crowd had filled out considerably; friends and scene associates were eager to catch the second show of the sorta-supergroup. (Ill fits contains members of MGMT, Amazing Baby, and Foreign Islands, and it's fronted by Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson.) They deal in a tasteful kind of midtempo pop that has shades of new wave and a hint of Genesis. Each member of this band is a consummate professional, but they were still working out the kinks as a group, stopping and starting at a few points. Robinson was a strange mood; whether he was compelling despite or because of this, I'm not sure. He threw a few screeches into his cool intonations, banged his tambourine on the stage, spilled multiple beers, and delivered a whole song lying down, then put the whole mic in his mouth. "Are you having a good time?" he asked the audience. We replied in the affirmative. "Not as good as me!" he answered back.
Ill Fits, who also have "members of Los Caminos, Tough & Lovely, and Bygones" in addition to the bands mentioned above, have more upcoming shows including August 25 at Bruar Falls, August 27 at The Schoolhouse with Spanish Prisoners, Data Dog, Fort Lean and EULA, and Glasslands on September 10 with Mon Khmer and Young Magic. Tickets for the Glasslands show are on sale now.

Suckers don't contribute any members to Ill Fits, but they are in the same group of friends, so we might as well mention again that you can catch Suckers for free at Mercury Lounge Wednesday night.

Check out a stream of Ill Fits track "Blood & Devotion" along with all dates below...

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photos by Amanda Hatfield

Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti

Tickets are now on Live Nation presale (password = "concert") for Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti at Irving Plaza on June 2nd. Presale ends at 10PM tomorrow (3/31) and tickets go on regular sale on Friday (4/1).

The show is two days before Ariel plays the 4th annual Roots Picnic in Philadelphia, PA. There he'll meet up with The Dismemberment Plan, Nas, Man Man, Wiz Khalifa, and many others. Tickets are still available. Ariel's only other date at the moment is Coachella which is much sooner.

Ariel Pink played The Rock n Roll Circus under the Big Apple Circus big top in January (a day after the "unruly" Japanther). Another, long lost set of pictures from that show are below, along with the list of dates...

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O'Death @ Brooklyn Bowl in 2009 (more by Chris La Putt)

today in NYC
* Cotito @ Barbes
* Tony Malaby @ The Stone
* Ellery Eskelin @ The Stone
* Slick Rick @ Highline Ballroom
* Further Reductions @ Zebulon
* Led Zeppelin 2 @ Wonder Bar (NJ)
* Bill Carney's Jug Addicts @ Barbes
* Mary Chapin Carpenter @ Lincoln Center
* The Smithereens @ B.B. King Blues Club
* Joseph Arthur, David Bazan @ City Winery
* Mona, Appomattox, The Rassle @ Union Pool
* Fergus & Geronimo, Final Club @ Ding Dong Lounge
* New York Funk Exchange, OTIS, Yellowcake @ Southpaw
* The Earthman Experience @ Brooklyn Academy of Music
* Punch Brothers, The Secret Sisters @ Bowery Ballroom
* Graham Lambkin, Jason Lescalleet @ Issue Project Room
* Amazing Baby, Virgin Forest, Heaven's Jail @ Bruar Falls
* Black Dice, Deakin, Mirror Mirror @ Secret Project Robot
* Tyvek, The Beets, Eternal Summers, Sweet Bulbs @ Glasslands
* O'Death, Tim Fite, The Goddamn Rattlesnake @ The Bell House
* Trap Them, Black Anvil, All Pigs Must Die, Psychic Limb @ Cake Shop
* Translations, Yellow Ostrich, Left & Right, The Banjees @ Shea Stadium
* The Depreciation Guild, The Click Clack Boom, The Vanguard @ The Rock Shop
* Chris Keating of Yeasayer (DJ set), Matt + Maia, Alex English @ Brooklyn Bowl
* The Binary Marketing Show, Chat Logs, Video Daughters, LUSHES @ Fort Useless
* Elizabeth & The Catapult, Chris Cubeta and The Liars Club @ Music Hall of Williamsburg
* We Were Skeletons, Boys and Sex, Ape Up!, SIRS, The Greek Favourites, Chalk Talk, Lion Club @ Party Expo
* The Beatles Complete on Ukelele w/ Nellie McKay, Danny Ross, The Ramblers, Thinking in Pictures & more @ Brooklyn Bowl
* AIDS Wolf, Holy Sheet, Rat Bastard, Humanbeast, Pygmy Shrews, Diamond Black Hearted Boy, Dubknowdub, Shawn Greelee @ Death By Audio

Virgin Forest is comprised of all the members of Phosphorescent's band except frontman Matthew Houk. They have a new record out on Heartbreak Beat Records called "Joy Atrophy" which they'll be celebrating at their Bruar Falls show tonight. Amazing Baby (who will be playing acoustic) are also on the bill. The Heaven's Jail Band (also on Heartbreak Beat) open the show.

A 2007 unARTigNYC video of Virgin Forest playing at Sound Fix (over three years ago, but just recently added to YouTube), below...

What else?

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photos by Chris La Putt

Ariel Pink
Ariel Pink

I'm pretty sure the Big Apple Circus is considered a humane circus, so hopefully that means they treat all those white ponies that ran in circles at Tuesday's show, really well. There were ponies, and contortionists, and Ariel Pink who caused a Kodak moment by climbing one of the tent's support beam things while singing, and there was Nick Zinner and Aska, and Amazing Baby and more at the second day of Lincoln Center's 'Rock & Roll Circus' which went way better than the first/Japanther night did. A full set of pictures from both days, with video of Ariel Pink and the ponies, continues below...

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"The Rock & Roll Circus, a two-day, three-ring, musical extravaganza featuring Ariel Pink, Amazing Baby, Nick Zinner and Aska, Saint Motel, contortionist, acrobats, and more will kick off 2011 under the 40,000 square foot Big Apple Circus Tent at Lincoln Center on January 3rd and 4th."
Meanwhile you can catch Ariel Pink (who strangely replaced OK Go on the originally advertised circus lineup) in Brooklyn on New Years Eve (aka tonight).

I& D photos by Nikki Sneakers, MGMT photos by Lanna Apisukh, words by BBG

Geoff Rickly of Ink & Dagger at This is Hardcore in Philly Sunday
Ink & Dagger at This Is Hardcore

Amazing Baby will open the sold out MGMT show at Radio City Music Hall TONIGHT (8/18), part of a two night stay for MGMT who played the venue last night with Francis & The Lights. Tickets for tonight are still available, if you so desire. Last night's crowd was reportedly very young and included at least one enthusiastic fan who rushed the stage. MGMT must drive people nuts, I know it drives me crazy....

MGMT @ Radio City Music Hall Tuesday night

Tonight's show marks the end of a busy week for Don Devore of Amazing Baby, as he also brought his past/current (?) project Ink & Dagger to Party Expo on 8/12, This is Hardcore on Sunday (8/15), and to The Ox in Philly on 8/13 as well:

Most scenesters with a basic hardcore background know that Sean McCabe was Ink & Dagger and initially looked at the shows with some skepticism, but in the end, the whole thing seemed like a pretty fitting tribute. Despite all the baggage/backstory/justifications that go with explaining why this was ok, it felt pretty right as the band ripped through both seven inches a couple songs off of "Fine Art".

It would have been great to catch all 3 sets, but out of the trio of shows they played this weekend, a warehouse show on Friday the 13th with very little advertising, felt like the best fit to me. While I'm sure the set at TIHC was equally impressive, I was more concerned about the collection of boners, meatheads and doofuses that wouldn't "get" what was going on and put a damper on things. The dust hasn't had a chance to settle on the weekend, but all of the Ink & Dagger comments I've heard in 2010, remind me of the same comments that would follow them back in the late 90s. You either get it, or don't understand it. Whatever. That's the way it was in the beginning and the way it will continue to be. -[deathtens]

Pics of MGMT at RCMH, and pics and video of Ink & Dagger from their (corpsepainted) This is Hardcore appearance are below...

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Sean Bones @ Brooklyn Masonic Temple in 2009 (more by Natasha Ryan)
Sean Bones

If you're looking for a last minute excuse for a road trip this weekend, the Truck America Fest is happening for three days in the Catskills. Check out the full schedule at their site. Gothamist interviewed fest organizer Robin Bennett...

Gothamist: Would you ever want to bring the festival closer to NYC?

Robin: This is a only 2 and a half hour drive--you have to travel that far to get this type of peace and calm--and it can take that long to get through the Holland tunnel on a bad day!

Gothamist: Please share your strangest "only in New York" story.

Robin: I saw some blog commenters complaining that the festival wasn't in the city.... but that's the WHOLE POINT! Also just witnessed a local radio boss and his promo man arguing about changing the station brand colors from blue and green to red and yelloq--"but that's the color of the San Dego padres!"

if you're staying in the city, Sean Bones is playing a $3 at 3pm Happy Hour show at Pianos on Saturday. Later in the evening Brooklyn Bowl has shows both early (Peelander-Z!) and late (Amazing Baby). There are other shows Saturday too... coming soon in the What's Going on Saturday post. For tonight, check What's Going on Friday.

Saturday and Sunday are Genesis Breyer P-Orridge's tag sale, and a Spring Food and Craft Market at Brooklyn Lyceum.

Sunday head to Hoboken for the Hoboken Arts & Music Fest. More later.

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photos by Vincent Cornelli


Chromeo was one of the bands that played the free Green Label Sound show at Brooklyn Bowl on Friday night (10/23). Theophilus London, Amazing Baby, Solid Gold, and Holy Ghost were also on the bill. Green Label Sound is a Mountain Dew-run website that gives away tracks by various bands including all of the artists who played the show. For Chromeo you can get "Night By Night" and two remixes of the same song. More pictures from the show (well, of Chromeo anyway) below...

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Chromeo, Theophilus London, Amazing Baby and Solid Gold are performing at a free not-CMJ, Green Label Sound sponsored show at Brooklyn Bowl on Friday night, October 23rd. Holy Ghost! is DJing. You need to RSVP. Flyer below..

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photos by Ryan Muir

Spanish Broads (aka Das Racist)

At what can only be described as one of the worst live shows I've ever seen, Das Racist took the stage of Public Assembly Sunday night (8/30) (around 11:30pm) (four hours after the Grizzly Bear show had ended right down the street) and proceeded to play 3 or 4 or was it 5 songs with an extended Wesleyan-related lineup (Ryan says they called the whole band "Spanish Broads").

The jokey trio, Das Racist, already permanently feature a member of Boy Crisis on drums. They also have a college in common with many bands that now call Brooklyn home. Santigold, MGMT, Amazing Baby, Bear Hands, Francis & the Lights, Extra Life, Mobius Band, Boy Crisis and Chairlift are all from, or have members who went to Wesleyan University in CT. Apache Beat might not be directly related to Wesleyan (I can't say for sure), but like Suckers, I'll just throw them into that MGMT-friends, Wesleyan-related group.

Despot somehow fits into all this too. We know he is tight with Islands who Das Racist recently opened for. And he's friends with Amazing Baby too. MGMT are also one of his top friends. And by the way he was getting all close with Das Racist on stage at Public Assembly, I guess they are good friends too.

Imagine 20 kids being introduced to instruments for the first time. They're brought into a classroom, at a 'touch museum' or in pre-school, and they're all handed various noise-making devices. One gets a triangle, another a tambourine. Some get to beat drums, while others rub a stick back and forth on a grooved piece of wood. They all start making noise at the same time. Now just replace the triangles and grooved wood things with drum machines and microphones. Throw in very loud, amplified volume, and you've sort of got Sunday night's show.

Despot did not rap at all. The Taco Bell song, or a version of it, was one of the 'songs' played. The person in the ET mask is a dude from Chairlift. Cerebral Ballzy opened the free show, but I missed them because I was next door at Music Hall of Williamsburg trying to figure out who Edward Sharpe was (more on that later). More pictures from the Public Assembly show below...

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Black Dice when they opened for Animal Collective (more by Tim Griffin)
Black Dice

today in NYC
* Mitch Easter @ Maxwell's
* N.A.S.A @ Bowery Ballroom
* Dave Hill: Big in Japan @ UCB
* Wicked Awesomes @ Cake Shop
* Kaki King @ Galapagos Art Space
* Juana Molina, Lia Ices & Jetty Rae @ MHOW
* Alasdair Roberts & Bert Jansch @ City Winery
* Alina Simone, Ben & Vesper, Emilyn Brodsky @ Pianos
* Gringo Starr, Band of Skulls & Joel Plaskett @ Union Hall
* Asshole Parade, Apeshit! & Vermefug @ the Charleston
* Electric Six & Les Sans Culottes on a Rocks Off Cruise
* Amazing Baby (secret show) & No Bra @ Bruar Falls
* Bouncing Souls, Lifetime & None More Black @ Webster Hall
* Amy Ray (Indigo Girls), Von Iva & Jennifer O'Connor @ Mercury Lounge
* Das Racist, Best Fwends, Body Language & Natureboy Jim Kelly @ Studio
* Black Dice, Landed & Chinese Stars (Adult Swim party) @ Santos Party House

Bouncing Souls play their first of two NYC shows at Webster Hall tonight. Check out what Greg had to say to Kevin.

Black Dice just opened for Animal Collective. Tonight it's a free show at Santos Party House. "Adult Swim Presents Summer At Santos Series curated by Christy Karacas with Black Dice, Landed and Chinese Stars. Hosted by Tim Harrington"

"Zero Film Festival, the first festival exclusive to self-financed filmmakers, has our New York Premiere August 20th at Galapagos Art Space, in build-up to our week-long festival in December." Music by Kaki King, Soundpool, and Setting Sun.

Amazing Baby, who are headlining their own show at Bowery Ballroom on October 3rd (tickets now on sale), play a secret set at Bruar Falls tonight at 11pm.

Jennifer O'Connor says, "I'm playing 2 shows this week. One on Thursday, August 20, opening for the force of nature that is Amy Ray and her rock band. This will take place at Mercury Lounge in NYC. I will be playing with my own band/brand of rock (Michael Brodlieb on bass - and Jon Langmead on drums - Jon is also the drummer for Choo Choo la Rouge). Then I'm playing on Saturday August 22 at Union Hall in Brooklyn as part of a special Kiam Records showcase/record release party for the Choo Choo la Rouge record. I'll be going on first this night and be playing solo acoustic. I want ALL OF YOU in New York to please come to this show!"

A new video for a new song by Little Annie & Paul Wallfisch below...

What else?

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photos by Bao Nguyen


"After some detective work on my new gadget phone, I deduced that I was actually thirty blocks away from [Pier 54 / Hudson River Park]. I cursed myself for being overly confident with my bearings (having only been in the city for about a month) and dashed towards the nearest train station. I made it just in time to walk by a girl dressed for an 80's prom being written up by cops for having a pipe. It was one of those wooden dugouts with the sliding top. She was in tears and the only line I overheard was a sobbing, "Paraphernalia is illegal?" I chortled and took the sequined dress as a sign that I was close.

The world was back on my side. When I arrived at the pier, it was easy to mosey up to the front of the stage. I was amused by six girls in a braiding circle, twining different colored threads together to pass the time. It reminded me of that episode of Saved By The Bell, where the gang starts up a business of crafting friendship bracelets. A horrible band called Amazing Baby went on, but a kid plowing his way through the crowd made it worthwhile. Onlookers stood still in disgust of bad music, and there was this guy jumping on backs and throwing elbows. Everyone was too passive to do anything, and even I just danced mockingly beside him. Security, however, was kind enough to jump the guardrails and escort the mosher out." [BreakThru Radio]

More pictures from last night's free Yeasayer / Amazing Baby show (8/13), part of Hudson RiverRocks, below...

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by Bill Pearis

DOWNLOAD: Lights On - John and Anne (MP3)

Trashcan Sinatras
Trashcan Sinatras

Glasgow's Trashcan Sinatras have been with us for 20 years now, having perfected their brand of sparkling, literate guitar pop that initially garnered them comparisons to The Smiths. Like fellow Glaswegians The Blue Nile, the Trashcan Sinatras take their time between albums -- the brand new In the Music is only the band's fifth. (It should be noted that time between albums is not entirely their doing -- the band have had colossally bad luck with record labels.) The band made the album here in New York with Ivy guitarist Andy Chase behind the boards. Like their other four records, it's loaded with gorgeous songs, arpeggiated guitar lines and swoon-worthy harmonies. Weirdly, it's also got Carly Simon singing backing vocals on the song "Should I Pray?" How did that come about? Guitarist Paul Livingston explained to Bullz-Eye.com:

PL: Well, after we recorded the backing tracks in New York, the producer, Andy Chase, was going to set up a studio at his house in Martha's Vineyard. And he said, "Come on, Carly Simon lives here." And we were floored, and thought, "That would be great if we could meet her." And so he asked her to sing on a song, and we got her a lot of the songs we were working on. But the disappointing thing was, when we were in Martha's Vineyard, she was in New York. So we didn't meet her, which is kind of a bummer.

BE: Oh, that's no fun.

PL: Yeah, that's shit, isn't it? The idea was that she'd come to Martha's Vineyard and sing, and that'd be great. And then when people asked us in interviews, 'what was it like,' we thought we'd have a better answer than, "We didn't meet her." But we're going to invite her to some of these gigs, see if she'll come. But it was really nice of her to be so into the music.

Maybe Carly will show up at Trashcan Sinatra's show this Saturday at Bowery Ballroom (8/15). Tickets are still available. Either way, they tour here about as often as they make records so don't miss this chance to see them. Opening is Andy Chase's other band, Brookeville, who definitely owe a little to Trashcan Sinatras and other pristine '80s pop.

Miles Hunt
Miles Hunt

You could make it a night of late-'80s/early-'90s UK pop Saturday (8/15) if you bolted from Bowery Ballroom right after the Trashcans and hit Cake Shop where former (and sometimes current) Wonder Stuff frontman Miles Hunt will be performing. For those who don't remember, the band were originally part of the short-lived UK "grebo" scene (bands that looked like hippies but sounded punk-ish) that also included Pop Will Eat Itself (Hunt was their original drummer) and Neds Atomic Dustbin, but the band soon developed a celtic pop sound that got them into the British charts many times. In those days of the most unfortunate fashion in modern history, The Wonder Stuff were staples on U.S. college and commercial alternative radio too, with cheeky songs like "A Wish Away," "Don't Let Me Down Gently," and "Welcome to the Cheap Seats." Miles is touring with Wonder Stuff violinist Erika Nockalls which is nice since fiddle played heavily into their sound.

Lights On
Lights On

Also this week: San Diego's Lights On make their first trip to NYC, playing four shows starting Thursday night (8/13) at Club NME at the Annex. I don't know a whole lot about them, but their self-released debut EP is a nice collection of '80s-influence pop -- most reviews I've read bring up New Order and Echo & the Bunnymen, both of which are pretty easy to detect in their sound. But it's definitely more influence than imitation, and I like them enough to check out one of the four shows (all dates at the bottom of this post). If you could go to any of the four, I'd recommend the Saturday (8/15) show at Union Hall in which they're part of a solid lineup that also includes Philly's can-banging Drink Up Buttercup, Kiwi-influenced Brooklynites Beach Fossils, and Florida buzz band Blind Man's Colour.

Blind Man's Colour
Blind Man's Color

Blind Man's Colour make the sort of cut-n-paste psychedelia that gets you quick comparisons to Animal Collective, and they've been praised by Kanye West ("SOME DOPE SHIT FOR MY APARTMENT"), as well as by people you might more expect (Ed Droste, Stereogum, Pitchfork). Their debut album, Season Dreaming, which I like about half of, is out next week on Kanine Records (Grizzly Bear, Chairlift, Princeton) but I'd have to imagine they'll be selling it at the merch table. These guys had their first-ever live show a couple weeks ago, so you might want to go in with lowered expectations. BMC are playing a number of shows this weekend, and all area dates are listed at the bottom of this post.

YeasayerOther shows happening this weekend: Tonight (8/13) at Hudson River Park at Pier 54 we've got a free River Rocks show with Yeasayer and Amazing Baby. I haven't seen Yeasayer since All Hour Cymbals was still fresh (circa CMJ 2007?), so I'm curious to hear some of their new material and check out the now five-strong lineup. As for Amazing Baby, it's well documented on this site I'm a fan but realize many are not. Chacun à son goût.

Friday is the final show of this year's Seaport Music series, ending strong with School of Seven Bells and The xx. The forecast looks good, and shows have been sounding great at the Seaport all summer so this is how I'd recommend you kick off the weekend, though I realize many will be at Prospect Park for Animal Collective. But Seaport is free.

Too much going on Friday. If you want to dance, Littlefield has Canada's slightly nerdy duo Woodhands and the Latin-loving Project Jenny/Project Jan.

And if shambly DIY pop is more your thing, The Beets (who will soon be hitting the road with Vivian Girls), German Measles, Pop.1280 and the new-but-quite-promising Fluffy Lumbers play Silent Barn. It's a birthday bash for my pal Rachel (full disclosure!) but everyone's welcome. Flyer below.

I think that about does it. Tour dates, videos and flyers are after the jump...

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Handsome Furs @ Mercury Lounge (more by Dominick Mastrangelo)
Handsome Furs

tonight in NYC
* Brooklyn Bowl opens
* Sway Machinery @ Hudson Square
* Hector Tricoche y Su Orquesta @ St. Mary's Park
* MNDR, Wagner, Pink Noise, modwheelmood @ Glasslands
* Handsome Furs, Dri, The Cinnamon Band @ Bowery Ballroom
* Scanner, Mountains @ World Financial Center Winter Garden
* Session at Santa's w/ Gang Gang Dance (improv set) @ Santos
* Peter Murphy (of Bauhaus), Modwheelmood @ Highline Ballroom
* Richard Cheese & Lounge Against the Machine, Natalie Gelman @ MHOW
* Secret Life of Sofia, Eastern Midwestern, Jacksonknife @ Cake Shop
* Andrew W.K., TV Baby, Walker & Cantrell, Jayson Green @ Santos Party House

Sway Machinery, which features saxist Colin Stetson, plays at Hudson Square's free Tuesdays series tonight.

Handsome Furs, the duo of Wolf Parade's Dan Boeckner and Alexei Perry, play two shows in NYC this week. Tonight they're at the Bowery Ballroom.

Peter Murphy performs for the second night at NYC's Highline Ballroom. Modwheelmood, a group that features ex-NIN member Alessandro Cortini and ex-Abandoned Pools guitarist Pelle Hillström, will open the show and appear later tonight at Glasslands.

Nine Inch Nails have just announced dates at Bowery Ballroom, Webster Hall, and Terminal 5.

The release party for the Journal of Popular Noise happens tonight at Santos Party House. In attendence will be Andrew W.K. (doing a spoken word set), TV Baby, Walker & Cantrell and Jayson Green. After that, the club's weekly Sessions at Santa's series welcomes a special improv set from Gang Gang Dance. Andrew W.K.'s new Cartoon Network "reality" show Destroy Build Destroy debuted last month. Check out a music video he made for the show, below.

The Dead Weather recently released new videos for their songs "I Cut Like a Buffalo" and "Will There Be Enough Water?" They'll be at Terminal 5 on July 16th and 17th as part of their summer tour. Watch the videos below...

Amazing Baby's new NSFW video for "Headdress" is posted below.

What else?

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Musicfest NW

Willamette Week's Musicfest NW announces this year's festival line-up which will be held at various venues around the Portland, OR metropolitan area on September 16, 17, 18 & 19. On the heels of the most successful MFNW to date, MFNW 2009 launches with nothing but the hope of a bigger and better festival. MFNW's ultimate aim is to provide Portland with a unique and special musical experience that features all types of acts including nationally renowned artists while still honoring and supporting the special musical scene of the Northwest.
Four-day passes to the fest are on sale now.

The lineup so far, including the newly-reunited Sunny Day Real Estate, is below...

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photos by Natasha Ryan

Phoenix @ Terminal 5

"Phoenix's 75-minute set at the sold-out Terminal 5 showed that the success of "Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix" is only the starting point. They are aiming for far bigger things." [Newsday]
Passion Pit played two shows at Bowery Ballroom. Phoenix played a show at Music Hall of Williamsburg followed by a show at Terminal 5 (Friday, June 19th). Pics from the latter are in this post. Both bands will play TWO shows together at Central Park Summerstage in September. All dates for both bands HERE. More pictures from Terminal 5 (where Amazing Baby opened) below...

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by Bill Pearis

DOWNLOAD: Amazing Baby - Smoke Bros (MP3)

Amazing Baby
Amazing Baby

"I actually miss the days when you just wrote about Amazing Baby in eeevery post." - BV commenter Eric Serpa | June 4, 2009 4:59 PM
This one's for you, dude. Yes it has been a while since Amazing Baby have graced this column which started almost exactly a year ago and were featured in my inaugural post. Since then, the band have gone through a few line-up changes, expanded, contracted, and toured Europe a couple times (once with buddies MGMT). The band open for Phoenix at Terminal 5 this Friday (6/19) and will release their debut album, Rewild, on Tuesday, June 23. (It's out now on iTunes.) Few are more aware than me that a lot of people seem to dislike this band, though I think most of that comes from the company they keep and their image more than the music itself.

Do they have questionable taste when it comes to fashion, their album covers and music videos? Maybe, but I don't think you can accuse Amazing Baby of the same, musically, or jumping on any bandwagons. Rewild is psychedelic without being being retro, danceable at times, heavy, glammy, catchy as hell and full of inventive arrangements and production. It rocks and swoons and sounds great loud. And they don't sound like any single other band out there. You can download "Smoke Bros" (which reminds me of Shriekback a little bit) at the top of this post. And you can stream the whole album at their MySpace.

Lightspeed Champion

Still reading? Phoenix's openers at tomorrow's (6/18) Music Hall of Williamsburg is Lightspeed Champion. That show is beyond sold-out, but tonight (6/17), he's playing a warm up show at Mercury Lounge, which will be his first in a long time. Dev has become a Brooklyn resident in the last year, which is where he also recorded his still-untitled second solo album (due in Oct.) with help from the Spacecamp boys who will also be his backing band at both shows. As a fan of last year's underrated Falling Off the Lavendar Bridge, I'm anxious to hear Dev's new material. Tickets are still available.

Spacecamp are also playing a set of their own at Mercury Lounge, opening the night, though you'd think it would've made more sense for them to play next-to-last and just have Dev come out and join them for a seamless transition, but I am a blogger not a stage manager. The band now have a full-time keyboardist in the mix which has made them a bit funkier (clavinet tends to do that). You can can get an idea of that in the footage Joly shot from Spacecamp's Annex show two weeks ago (below). In between Spacecamp and Lightspeed are Apache Beat and New Orleans' Hurray for the Riff Raff.


The show I'm most looking forward to this week, though, is this Friday (6/19) at Bruar Falls: Nobunny, Hunx and His Punx, German Measels, Baby Shakes and The Beets. I wrote about Nobunny the last time he was through town, having just caught him at SXSW, and his shows are fun and creepy all at the same time. (It's that mask.) If you haven't heard his debut, Love Visions, it's a lot of fun if you like bare-bones Ramones style punky pop. He recently put out a cassette-only album, Raw Romance, of demos and outtakes that was also pretty good -- it's sold out but maybe he'll have copies on tour with him. Nobunny also plays an all-ages show at Death by Audio two nights later (6/21).


The whole evening at Bruar Falls sounds like fun. Hunx and His Punx look and sound like they lept out of a John Waters movie and judging by their music videos I can only hope they bring that level of camp to their live show. Hunx has a new single out, "Teardrops on My Telephone," on Jay Reatard's Shattered label (also home to Nobunny). You can see the video for that song below. Hunx is playing a bunch of shows and parties this week, and all his dates are at the bottom of this post.

Also: the girl group punk of Baby Shakes; German Measels' fake mustache pop; and The Beets who seem to play every four days but I've enjoyed every show I've seen of theirs (including two previous at Bruar Falls).

Other shows of note: there's a TWII-approved line-up at Glasslands on tonight (6/17): Sisters, My Teenage Stride, and Knight School. All the bands are good, but if you haven't seen Sisters yet, you should really rectify that as soon as possible. On of my all time favorite new local bands of the moment.

Crocodiles are back in town, playing Union Pool on Thursday (6/18) and Mercury Lounge on Saturday (6/20). I don't care what Pitchfork says, I think their album is pretty good and they were fun at Pianos earlier this year.

And it wouldn't be a proper TWII column without mentioning this year's Twee as Fuck party at Cake Shop. TaF is a monthy party in London, as well as a fanzine and label, and they bring it over here in June. I went to last year's moderately-attended event which featured Afternoon Naps, Bears, and Pains at Being Pure at Heart who are headlining again this year though it's an understatement to say that things have changed for them. Not that they don't totally deserve it, but it still boggles my mind that the Pains have become a big as they have. TPOBPAH just announced a fall tour and those dates are below. Their next NYC show after Cake Shop is at South Street Seaport (home of tonight's Jon Spencer Blues Explosion Show).

With a lineup that also includes their Slumberland labelmates Crystal Stilts and Cause Co-Motion, as well as London's Hatcham Social, this is gonna be one super-packed, sweaty night at Cake Shop. Advance tickets are sold out, but there are a few available at the door if you get there early. Doors are at 7pm.

That's it for this week. Flyers, videos, and tour dates are after the jump....

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Yeasayer in the woods (via their recording blog)

"Three of the best established indie bands in the New York City music scene - two relatively newcomers, Matt & Kim and Yeasayer, and one perennial favorite Ted Leo & The Pharmacists -- are scheduled to headline the 11th annual RiverRocks music series of free outdoor concerts at Hudson River Park's Pier 54 this summer.

With the Hudson River and the setting sun as the backdrop of its Pier 54 stage (at 14th Street), RiverRocks kicks off its three-date series Thursday, July 9 featuring Brooklyn's Matt & Kim with the Chicago-based electronic team Flosstradamus opening the evening....

RiverRocks is Hudson River Park's signature concert series staged on the Pier 54 waterfront adjacent to New York City's Meatpacking District (at 14th Street). Gates open at 6 p.m. for all RiverRocks shows, which are scheduled to begin at 7 p.m.

I've been waiting for Ted Leo to announce a summer show. The dates of the three free, outdoor concerts is below...

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Phoenix, last here to play Saturday Night Live, will return to North America in June to tour from Bonnaroo to California. As previously mentioned, that trip includes a June 19th NYC show at Terminal 5. Now it also includes a show one day earlier at the much smaller Music Hall of Williamsburg. Tickets for the June 18th show go on sale Friday at noon. Amazing Baby opens both NYC shows. All dates below...

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"Though promoters around the country report strong early ticket sales for festivals and summer tours, the recession is causing jitters. This year Coachella, which has the most glamorous reputation of all American festivals, began selling tickets on layaway, and 18 percent of its customers took that option, Mr. Tollett said.

The proliferation of big festivals, like Bonnaroo near Nashville and Lollapalooza in Chicago, has not been without casualties. This year Langerado in Miami shut down, citing the economy. The Pemberton Festival in British Columbia is on hiatus after only one year, although its promoter, Live Nation, said the problem was permit delays." [NY Times]

With all the leaks of bands playing Lollapalooza this year, there are almost no surprises in the official lineup announcement, except maybe the Animal Collective DJ set... The whole thing below...

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photos by Tim Griffin

The Wrens

"I'm having a really hard putting this show into words. I mean, how do you begin to write about being invited on stage to play a song with The Wrens at their sold out show on a Friday night in NYC? Seriously, what words can communicate that?

The words "thank you" come to mind first. Thank you to The Wrens. Thank you to Naomi for passing along my email to the band. Thank you to Kevin for getting in touch with me and offering to give me 5th Wren status for a night. Thank you to the rest of the band for letting me step on your stage. Thank you to the crowd at the Bell House for being so awesome." [100 Bands in 100 Days]

That quote is from Nick from 100 Bands in 100 Days who, after contacting the band before the show, was invited to join the Wrens on stage at the Bell House on Friday (4/10). That's him (the non-Wren) jumping in the picture above. Video of the same, and more pictures from the show (birthday party, cake and opener Amazing Baby included), below...

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McCarren Pool - Summer 2008 (more by Ryan Muir)

The much-delayed new Topshop store opens in NYC on Broome and Broadway on April 2nd (remember all that advertising at McCarren Pool last summer?). What does this have to do with music (besides the fact that people will probably start adding this place to the list that already includes H&M and American Apparel when they say where 'hipsters' shop)? Well, as previously posted, celebrity-musician deejays (The Rapture, Late of the Pier, James Murphy, etc), in conjunction with East Village Radio, will be playing music in the store all week while people shop (full list here).

And as also previously posted, Santigold and Mark Ronson will be performing, BUT not in the store. There are two nights of Sir Philip Greene-hosted, invite-only parties going on at Balthazar. Tonight, March 31st features Mark Ronson backed by the Dap Kings, and performances by Amazing Baby, Jimmy Fallon, Santogold/Spankrock, Nicolai from The Strokes, Alex Greenwald from Phantom Planet and Daniel Meriweather.

April 1st has Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings and "a special guest we cant announce, big voice". Maybe it's Lady Gaga, who was originally mentioned, and who plays two shows at Terminal 5 on May 2nd (after the ones that were supposed to be TONIGHT were postponed) (though I don't know about the "big voice" part).

Then on Thursday, April 2nd, TopShop is having a third party. This time at the Box, and hosted by Sir Philip Greene and Kate Moss (who has a line of clothes in the store), with performances by Adele and La Roux, and DJ sets from The Misshapes and James Murphy.

Sounds fancy.

by Black Bubblegum

Golden Triangle with the "W" (Photo by Van Ditthavong)
Golden Triangle

To the victor go the spoils and on 3/20 at the Dickies Battle Of The Bands in Austin, the winner was the feisty Golden Triangle and the spoils were TEN Gs of cold hard cash... or at least a really big posterboard check certifying said payment. I (Black Bubblegum) was one of the "judges" (hate that term, everything is relative) at the Battle of The Bands, along with both Randy & Dean of No Age and GZA.

The Dickies Battle was one of ELEVEN shows for Golden Triangle during SXSW, not including their appearance on stage with GZA and Black Lips immediately following their win. Four videos of that performance, which I did not stay for (more on that later), are below.

Golden Triangle are currently (back home?) in NYC, and will open for the very SXSW-busy Garotas Suecas at Mercury Lounge TONIGHT (3/24) and play with The Weakends at Don Pedro's on March 27th. A shade over a month later, April 29th, look for the crew (with shiny new instruments, no doubt) to play The Bell House as part of A Benefit for Rory O'Sullivan with Amazing Baby, White Williams, The Fugs, Acrylics, Further Reductions, Mount Olympus, George Positive, and Spiderfang (tickets here).

Black Lips also played Mess with Texas at SXSW, right after Circle Jerks.

All videos and tour dates below...

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Kevin Whelan, Charles Bissell, Jerry MacDonald, Greg Whelan
The Wrens

CHARLES BISSELL OF THE WRENS: Well, there are so many easy jokes about how I'm perpetually a year or two behind music. I've not heard from so many of the current bands. You mentioned Fleet Foxes, I think I've only heard 3 or so songs by them, and that's because I saw them on Conan or something once. Part of me thinks, like you were saying, there's a bit of that nostalgia factor. I mean, really all music sounds like something that came before, but as you said, if you're not in that phase that most people eventually go into, that transition where they're going into finding your own music, which happens in your teens or early 20's or whatever. If you're not that way, it's hard not to become that crotchety old Muppet in the balcony, listening to Vampire Weekend and saying, "Oh, we liked that the first time...when we called it Graceland!" It's harder to get excited about stuff, but it's really cool to see people are getting excited about it.
Tickets are on sale for an April 10th Wrens show at The Bell House in Brooklyn. Amazing Baby open. That makes at least five upcoming shows total with SXSW and Sasquatch. All dates below...

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