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photos by Greg Cristman

"still pumped from seeing KILLING JOKE at Irving Plaza last night. They played a ton of old stuff, and the new jams were just as good!" - John

"Killing Joke @ Irving Plaza. They have lost nothing over time" - Ann Wagner Hall

Killing Joke

Invisible Oranges: The new album is called Absolute Dissent. In a world where about two percent of the population controls half of the wealth and thus the power associated with it, is real dissent even possible?

Jaz Coleman of Killing Joke: I think so, and I think it comes down to education in the end. We invariably create elites when only about one percent of the population understands the complex issues of the day. Look at the American electorate with the tea baggers and [Sarah] Palin. When it comes to foreign policy, many of these people aren't very informed. I believe in personal politics. I don't really participate in actual politics. Civil liberties are very dear to me, something we must not relinquish. That's the responsibility of every citizen, to ensure that civil liberties are maintained in a free and democratic system. Basically, what I'm trying to say is we are shaping the future. We all have to participate in finding solutions.

Killing Joke was supposed to kick off their US tour on 12/2 at The Black Cat in DC, but due to visa issues, ended up playing their first show in NYC at Irving Plaza the next night (Friday, 12/3). The now-twelve date jaunt (was thirteen) is to show off their colossal new and reccommended LP Absolute Dissent (discussed above).

Greg Cristman, who goes to a lot of shows, described this one as one of the best twenty-five he's ever seen, and definitely the best of 2010. It was insanely loud but sounded great. "Jaz went off on this rant about the condition of the world and the rip offs and pollution and shit chemical companies with his magnificently scorched vocals. It was a truly an epic moment- fucking Godhead! Coleman was in full makeup and looked insane. Like Al Pacino in Scarface possessed by vampires. The crowd was really into and most everyone was dancing wildly. The set was about an hour and a half."

The full Killing Joke setlist with more pictures from the show (Android Lust opened), below...

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