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Download Bjork - Who is It (Vitalic remix) (MP3)

Beck & Bjork
why Beck? Why not

I LOVE collaborations, especially (well, mainly) if they're by artists I also love, and the idea of Antony and/or Bjork contributing to anything always gets me excited. Bjork & Antony BOTH appear on the last Matmos album, Bjork recently worked with Bonnie Prince Billy, and we even heard something back in July about Bjork working with Konono No 1.

Yesterday I posted something about Bjork collaborating with Timbaland on her new "hip hop" album. Coincidentally - just minutes later "meester fly" posted an official update on Bjork's site (which i used to live on pre-pre-blogging days) that confirms this, Konono, and MORE:

It has not been snowing at all here, but today we are graced with snow. It is a few days after the hidden people and elves move home, if they have to. We are in Iceland. I arrived after a short absence of mind and body back into the HQ of the MWC. I got the word to get back on the case and gather some knowledge, as I of course, am truly the wise one.

Being the one and only I got sent new songs from Björk. These songs are to be on the new album she has been working on for the past months. She has been all around the world to record, working with numerous people from truly different background. I have been left with many thoughts after listening to these tracks, the first impression is that I want to hear more, as I did not get everything shortlisted for the record. It made me excited.

The only thing I have heard prior of the making of this new record was a collaboration with Timbaland was being penned in. They met for a couple of sessions and laid down some beats for two tracks, "then I took these tracks and worked on them further", says Björk. This is true, as I hear that she has taken them to a another level.

We speak about the many collaborators on this record and the list is very interesting as Antony Hegerty duets on two tracks. Drummer Chris Corsano jumps into at least the 2 songs. New sounds and instrumentation are provided by Toumani Diabate who plays the Kora and Konono nr.1 with electric thumb pianos. More percussive delights come from Brian Chippendale from Lightning Bolt Great artists being drafted into the fold!

This list is very impressive and intriguing and from this first batch of song create a very unique sound and emotion. Nothing sounds really familiar about this experience, apart from the name of Mark Bell, him I know. And Sjón, turns to form to deliver one lyric, his 5th lyric since they started work together. This record is a Björk production par excellence. No stone left unturned to seek out the perfect pitch.

And more work is being done in the next few weeks on the new record. It has not got a name. The record is scheduled for late spring release. Some of us have wished to see Björk live in concert.

Well. Björk will be going on the road and giving us long wanted concert recitals. Yes gigging again. I get to see who is the band, I'll be damned, I forgot. It is being finalised right now! From what I remember: We are in for a treat. I am promised to be there. Bien sur. Of-course. Að sjálfsögðu. More soon."

A treat indeed.

I wonder if Bjork & Antony will show up at the Lightning Bolt show happening at Northsix on Sunday. (which is now old out)

"Björk is also contributing vocals to Valgeir Sigurðsson's new album, titled 'Equilibrium Is Restored'." [Wikipedia]

Antony & The Johnsons play the Brooklyn Philharmonic on March 9th.

Konono No 1 play Bowery Ballroom on May 5th.

Timbaland a thief?
Sugarcubes reunion happened
Sugarcubes Reuniting for one show

"Jarvis Cocker, guest editor, sits down with a cast of famous friends to discuss pop in the 21st century, iPods and selling baked beans." [The Observer] (thx Neuman)

As I was saying, I missed this show. Bao tells me that Antony did sing with both usual collaborator CocoRosie and recent collaborator Matmos, but other than that no special guests. Here are some of Bao's pics:

Antony, Matmos & Cocorosie

Antony, Matmos & Cocorosie

Antony, Matmos & Cocorosie

Metallic Falcons (CocoRosie, Antony, Tarantula) @ Tonic (Record Release show), NYC | pics
Bjork & Antony on Matmos concept album | Tour Dates, MP3

"Antony and the Johnsons, CocoRosie, and Matmos will play a benefit for the Ali Forney Center at the Warsaw in Brooklyn on Wednesday July 26. Tickets go on sale Friday June 23 and are $25. The Ali Forney Center is an emergency housing program for LGBT youth aged 16-24 in New York City. The organization also operates a day center that offers medical care, HIV testing, mental health treatment and food as well as operating transitional housing where they assist the residents in gaining employment, continuing their education and prepare them to live independently. The center was established in 2002."

Metallic Falcons (CocoRosie, Antony, Tarantula) @ Tonic (Record Release show), NYC | pics
Bjork & Antony on Matmos concept album | Tour Dates, MP3
Antony news & more pics from Hiro Ballroom

Metallic Falcons @ Tonic

File under psychedelic-ambient-shoegaze: Metallic Falcons put on an impressive close-to-first show at Tonic Wednesday night (June 7, 2006). Seats and/or beanbags would have made the atmospheric-artsy performance more comfortable, and it was hard for the crowd not to start talking over the super-quiet often-electronic song intros, but when the music was loud enough, it was strong enough to suck me in. The style itself isn't anything new, but hearing that kind of music with the voices of Matteah Baim, Sierra Cassidy (opera-trained member of CocoRosie), and (for one song) Antony Hagerty (Antony & The Johnson) made the record-release show more than worth the $3.00 price of admission.

Metallic Falcons @ Tonic

The first song started with Spleen and his bandmate Tez doing voice-beatbox-throat-stuff. They've been on tour with CocoRosie and they're playing their own show at Joe's Pub on June 13th. Sierra's sister Bianca (also in CocoRosie) isn't technically in the band, but she was on stage the whole time manning the electronics. Greg Rogrove (Tarantula) played drums. Antony only sang the one song (the one he sings on the album I think), but he stayed on stage the whole time anyway. They, and their friends in the front row, were all wearing fake white beards for most of the show. Some of those friends joined them on stage for the last song. One audience member was wearing a scary perpetually-smiling full-head mask for the whole show. I thought for sure she would be on stage at some point, but nope - she just stayed right there in the front enjoying the show - smiling, smiling, smiling...

Metallic Falcons @ Tonic

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A MESSAGE FROM ANTONY: "It's been a long while since there has been a heroic gesture made in the American political landscape, and Al Gore has made one with his new film "An Incovenient Truth." The content is simple, and familiar to many of us, but the call to arms, especially for people in the United States, is unprecedented. Please see this film and encourage your friends and family to do the same."

DOWNLOAD: Roses & Teeth for Ludwig Wittgenstein (MP3)

Matmos "More like a portable gallery installation than a mere album, Matmos' The Rose Has Teeth in the Mouth of a Beast is a collection of fascinating, fractured audio and visual portraits of ten prominent gay and lesbian figures, among them writers, philosophers, filmmakers, and musicians." [All Music]

"M.C. Schmidt and Drew Daniel's latest Matmos album includes contributions from Bjork and Antony. Each of the ten tracks focuses on a specific person who has influenced the group in some way, such as William S. Burroughs and Valerie Solanas" [Metacritic]

More info on the ten individuals on their site. Matmos are playing two nights at Symphony Space in October. All dates below...

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I needed an excuse to post two extra pictures from Antony's awkwardly short show at Hiro Ballroom in March....

Antony & The Johnsons @ Hiro Ballroom

Antony & The Johnsons @ Hiro Ballroom

The latest press release from record label Secret Canadian was excuse enough. I've pasted it below....

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PAPER Magazine held their 9th annual 'Beautiful People' party at Hiro Ballroom in NYC Thursday night (March 30, 2006). It was an unadvertised invite-only kind of thing. Thanks so much Mike for thinking of your Antony-obsessed friend when deciding who to waste your +1 on. I was psyched. Unfortunately the show by the magazine's latest cover boy was a complete disaster. I've never experienced a ruder audience anywhere. Not even Jose Gonzalez in a beer tent compared. Then again maybe the inattentive crowd didn't even realize what was going on down front.

Antony & The Johnsons @ Hiro Ballroom

The three hour open-bar party started at 8:00. Antony was scheduled to go on at 10:00 (which meant I definitely wasn't making it to the Editors show at Webster Hall). He came on around 10:20. The stage at Hiro is small and low to the ground. You can walk right up to it. I did. It's the closest I've been to Antony's piano keys - ever. If nothing else, it was a great photo-op.

Antony & The Johnsons @ Hiro Ballroom

The crowd was seriously so loud that I could barely hear Antony, and I was right next to him. After the first song Antony said he was imagining the room was actually silent, and that the noise was the sound of ghosts of people who died 100 years ago (or something like that). After the second song he announced that the third would be his last. He wasn't lying.

Antony & The Johnsons @ Hiro Ballroom

Also in the crowd: Jake Shears from Scissor Sisters, Bravo Silva (also beautiful), Michael Musto (actually I only saw him arrive on his bike outside - not sure if he went in), all the Heatherettes, Ultragrrrl (DJing), the Misshapes, half nelson, and Perez Hilton.

Antony guests on Ruben Butchart album | Listen
Antony & Sufjan Stevens @ The Tibet Concert
Antony showed up to Joan's Final Residency Show
Antony, Kembra & CocoRosie @ Tokion Creativity Now | pics

Among other things, Ruban Butchart's bio says "He entered the downtown scene as the original pianist for Antony and the Johnsons, winner of this year's Mercury Music Prize. It was with Antony’s influence and encouragement that Reuben decided to branch out and follow his own musical path as a singer-songwriter."

It's not surprsing then that Antony sang on one of Ruben's new songs. That song, and more, is streaming at Reuben's website.

Antony & Sufjan Stevens @ The Tibet Concert
Antony showed up to Joan's Final Residency Show

Antony & Sufjan

None of my pictures from the 2006 Tibet House Benefit Concert had such a clear view of Antony & Sufjan at once. That's Laurie Anderson on Antony's right.

R Kelly's Trapped in the Closet Chapter 1 tied Antony's Hope There's Someone for 24th best single in this year's Pazz and Jopp.

R Kelly, Trapped in the Closet TRAPPED IN THE CLOSET, THE DVD

On April 18th, R is playing Radio City Music Hall in NYC. All dates below...

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Antony sings with Joan Wasser at the Living Room

I have to admit it was a tough decision getting to the Plug Awards as early as I did Thursday night. That's because I figured Antony was going to show up at Joan Wasser's 8 PM Living Room show....and HE DID. :(

Antony playing 2006 Tibet House Benefit
Joan as Policewoman | Residency Week 3 w/ Rufus Wainwright
Elton John & Joan Wasser | Recording w/ Scissor Sisters
Joan Wasser's Living Room Residency | guest Rufus Wainwright
Joan playing with Antony @ Bowery Ballroom

Nico Muhly Among other things, Nico Muhly "orchestrated the movie The Manchurian Candidate for composer Rachel Portman, and played on Björk's album Medúlla. He has collaborated with Antony, of Antony and the Johnsons, including conducting a performance with chamber orchestra and Antony at the Arnhem Mode Biënnale 2005 in Holland. In 2005, he also prepared and conducted Björk's score for Matthew Barney's Drawing Restraint 9, and composed a series of nine songs, in collaboration with illustrator Maira Kalman, based on Strunk & White's The Elements of Style. This song cycle was performed to great acclaim in the main reading room of the New York Pubic Library on 42nd street...."

LAST TIME NICO APPEARED ON THIS SITE, he was standing next to Antony at Carnegie Hall


TONIGHT: (Feb 3) - Nico is playing with Doveman at Joe's Pub. The show starts at 7PM. Sorry for the last minute notice. To make up for it, e-mail BVCONTESTS@HOTMAIL.COM by 5PM, and you might win a pair of tix for the show. (one winner picked at random).

(after them, Amanda Palmer from Dresden Dolls plays a solo show that's beyond sold out)

Add Antony to the list of performers already announced for the 2006 Tibet House benefit concert at Carnegie Hall on March 1, 2006. Last year he played too (one song). Tickets still available.

Robert Christgau The Village Voice never claimed to tie album reviews to their release date. They often make 'old' albums appear new, so I'm not too surprised that in this week's issue, dean of American rock critics, Robert Christgau got around to praising Clap Your Hands Say Yeah (released June 2005), Fiona Apple (October 4, 2005), Lady Sovereign (November 15, 2005), and Madonna (November 15, 2005). In fact, I kind of like it. It must help an album to get some ongoing press AND it probably helps to review an album after you've had ample time to listen to it, BUT to call Antony & The Johnson's I am a Bird Now "Dud of the Month" almost a full year after its release date just seems silly. They're talking about it at I Love Music.

BONUS: Christgau Podcasts

Antony Takes Magnet | Bloc Party & MIA holding hands | URB
Antony wins Mercury Prize!!

Pitchfork published their top 50 singles 2005 today. Antony wins! Kelly Clarkson took the prize on the list with the same title at Stylus

Filter is compiling a whole bunch of artists' top 10 albums of 2005. Shirley Manson of Garbage likes MIA, Antony, and Arcade Fire. Guillermo Scott Heren from Prefuse 73 loves Jose Gonzalez and Vashti Bunyan. The Crystal Method like Death Cab. Rilo Kiley like Death Cab. Everyone including Death Cab like Feist. I think it's weird that Feist is missing from the best female category at this year's Plug Awards. All of Filter's lists here.

* Feist is touring
* Never enough Jose Gonzalez

"It got even worse when I did this Creativity Now conference in New York last week and I tried to get everyone to do singing exercises together. You do get embarassed, but that's the Leigh Bowery principle, that embarassment is good, it's a jumping off point to move through that shame. So often that's been a part of my process, just moving through the incredible amount of shame that I'm experiencing. Especially when you're a singer, especially when you're falling on your face, as I so often have." [Antony to Pitchfork]

Antony, Kembra Pfahler and Cocorosie

Hopefully Antony doesn't think I'm stalking him. On Thursday October 13, 2005 I saw him at Carnegie Hall. Two days later we were both at the Nomi show. Then on Sunday (the 16th) I finished the week by catching his scheduled appearance at Tokion Magazine's third annual Creativity Conference at the Cooper Union Great Hall in NYC.

Antony, Kembra Pfahler and Cocorosie

I wasn't sure what to expect. When the Tokion staff wheeled a piano on stage before Antony hit the stage, I thought maybe we were getting a solo performance instead of a lecture. When I saw chairs being moved around the stage, I thought maybe we were getting both. When I saw Bianca and Sierra Cassidy of CocoRosie in the lobby upstairs, I figured they were there to watch. When Antony came on stage with CocoRosie AND Kembra Pfahler from The Voluptuous Horror of Karen Black I knew whatever we were about to see was going to be good. CocoRosie opened the presentation with an a capella number. Antony & Kembra watched from the couch on stage.

Antony, Kembra Pfahler and Cocorosie

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Antony EPAntony EPAntony EP

1) Pitchfork reviewed three of Antony's EPs today. I learned that Kevin Barker played guitar on the The Lake. That's Kevin Barker of Currituck Co & Devendra Banhart's Hairy Fairy band.

2) Drew Daniel interviewed Antony for Pitchfork. Here are some out-of-context excerpts:

Antony: Well my theory is that the songs on this album are more internally focused. The first album is a reflection, a vision of the world, a landscape of the world, and this new one is an interior landscape. I was really inspired by Cat Power's The Covers Record-- because of its intimacy....

Antony: No, it's a Christmas cake type picture of us with Jimmy Scott in the middle.

Antony: Sometimes I like to just whistle and see if I can get the audience to whistle with me to create a little aviary. Sometimes the whistling thing can be so beautiful. We did it once at Town Hall-- it can be so magical, it's one of those group participation things that really can be exciting....

...Antony's vocal tracks for a song on the next Matmos album...

Antony: It got even worse when I did this Creativity Now conference in New York last week and I tried to get everyone to do singing exercises together. You do get embarassed, but that's the Leigh Bowery principle, that embarassment is good, it's a jumping off point to move through that shame....

3) Stay tuned for photos of from the Creativity Now conference (I keep forgetting to post them).

New Animated Antony Video

Madonna Video

* Between Thought & Expression has the video for Silversun Pickup's Kissing Families
* BT&E also has the new Madonna video. So does Stereogum.
* Erik Hokanson made an animated video for Devin Davis' Giant Spiders
* Adam Shecter made an animated video for Antony's Hope There's Someone
* Adam also made the Antony videos for The Lake and Mysteries of Love

Silversun Pickups @ Pianos, NYC | pics
Madonna Does Misshapes & Roxy
Updated Devin Davis Tour Dates | 2 NYC Shows
Pocket Remixes Antony | MP3

Pocket from Burnside Project is back with a new remix. This time it's Antony & The Johnsons's My Lady Story. Download it at his site.

Burnside Project's Gear Stolen
Joanna Newsom Pocket Remix | MP3
Antony, Jimmy Scott & Friends | Backstage @ Carnegie