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photos by Brian Russ

Hurricane Sandy
Hurricane Sandy

As Lola Star, who designed that "Coney Island Forever" graphic you see above points out, volunteers are still needed in Sandy-devastated Coney Island (maybe you're there today?). If you're working this week, you can head there this weekend:

Help Coney Island -- VOLUNTEER

Meet on the Boardwalk & STILLWELL AVE
at TOMS RESTAURANT [which is back open]

Wear warm clothes! Wear sturdy footwear or boots, and bring work gloves!
Bring your own flashlight (with extra batteries), a backpack, and snacks/water for yourself for the day.

Donation requests to help with Saturday's work:
-- Power strips
-- Extra flashlights
-- Outdoor brooms

Please note that bathroom access on site will be very limited.
No RSVP required
You can refer to MTA.info for latest transit updates. Carpooling and biking are encouraged.
Please forward this to all of your networks.
Organized by the New York City Economic Development Corporation, Brooklyn Community Board 13, Astella Development Corporation, and the Coney Island Development Corporation, & The Coney Island Dancers.

Alteratively, you can sign up now to help clean up Coney Island on Saturday.

Meanwhile bring your donations of nonperishable goods, individually wrapped sandwiches, toilet paper, baby formula, diapers, blankets, outerwear and baby clothes to Coney Island's FEMA station which is now located at The Shrine Church of Our Lady Of Solace at 2866 West 17th Street, Brooklyn, New York 11224.

And donate to help the aquarium get back on its feet. As discussed, the aquarium was flooded very badly.

If you're a Coney Island resident wondering where to vote today, check HERE (you might need to take a shuttle bus).

We previously posted a set of pictures taken in Coney Island right after the hurricane. Here's another set of pics by Brian Russ (who is in Brooklyn band backwords who are streaming their most recent album and playing Glasslands 1/18 with Gringo Star and Radical Dads). More below...

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Coney Island
Coney Island
Coney Island

The FEMA Disaster Recovery Center in Coney Island opened today at Surf and 17th St (MCU Park). You can see two pictures of the scene there, one with Marty Markowitz and Bloomberg in it, above. Any food and water donations may be brought to the Disaster Recovery Center in the MCU Parking Lot: 8am-8pm. The National Guard, whether Bloomberg likes it or not, is also there and brought water and ready-to-eat meals at Surf Avenue and West 25th Street. Those looking for post-Hurricane Sandy assitance can also go to disasterassistance.gov.

Also open and pictured above: Tom's Coney Island restuarant, which seems like an amazing feat considering the destruction the Brooklyn shore neighborhood suffered.

Coney IslandConey Island

"Coney Island USA" meanwhile, the company behind the Mermaid Parade, the Coney Island Circus Sideshow. the Coney Island Museum, Burlesque at the Beach, and much more, also need help:

We could use the following to assist in cleaning up our flooded Ground floor at 1208 Surf Ave. - dehumidifiers, fans, squeegees, mops, mop buckets, protective clothing such as hazmat suits, household heavy duty rubber gloves, respirators, paper towels, cleaning cloths, brooms, bleach, disinfectant. If you are able to donate any of the above items, we would kindly accept them from Noon - 6pm, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Bring to Coney Island USA, 1208 Surf Ave. (corner of West 12th street).

We are seeking volunteers who have experience doing flooded condition clean up. Preferably you have a respirator and protective clothing as safety is a priority in these conditions. Please email us at ciusacleanup@gmail.com.

They're also taking donations.

Coney Island

The aquarium still remains an issue and they may have to evacuate the 12,000 water-dependent creatures within (Baby Walrus Mitik included). Gothamist posted some pictures and a statement you can read, with some videos, below...

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UPDATE: More photos of the Coney Island Sandy aftermath posted

Coney Island this morning (via @dimkas79)
Coney Island

As you might expect and/or saw on the news, Hurricane Sandy hit Coney Island pretty good with major flooding, including the New York Aquarium whose entire 14-acre facility was entirely "under water". They won't be able to access the damage till the water recedes but we sure are worried about the sea otters and other animals there.

The Cyclone made it through intact, which is more than we can say for 'Jersey Shore' stomping grounds Seaside Heights, NJ whose boardwalk was almost entirely destroyed by the hurricane and the Jet Star roller coaster, well you can see for yourself::

Jet Star roller coaster hanging into the Atlantic Ocean in NJ (via NBC4)
Coney Island

Atlantic City, as you probably heard, was also hit very hard too.

UPDATE: More photos of the Coney Island Sandy aftermath posted