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by Doug Moore

Night Sins at Rituals, November 2012 (more by Lukas Hodge)
Night Sins

We've mentioned recently that Philly goth/post-punk troupe Night Sins will hit the road with Youth Code in about a week. In anticipation of the tour, we're debuting the video for "To London or the Lake," the first single from their upcoming second album of the same name, which will drop early in 2014 via Avant!/Ascetic House.

Despite the song title, this video is all about Philly -- it's comprised mostly of grainy black-and-white shots of the city's skyline, interspersed with clips of the band bumming around the streets and a young couple getting sexy in a drained pool. (Perhaps the same drained pool that Mac and Charlie get trapped in during that one episode of Always Sunny?) The clip has a gritty, first-year-of-art-school feel that perfectly matches the track itself, which is the real star here. It's a gloomy but propulsive cut that falls comfortably into the 80s post-punk kingdom carved out by Sisters of Mercy, Joy Division/New Order, The Mission (who play tonight), and so forth. And man, that drum sound!

Check out the video, along with their full tour schedule with Youth Code, below.

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Merchandise at WIERD, September 2012 (more by Phil Maler)

Freelance writer and DJ Maria Sherman gave us a list of her favorites of 2012, including top shows and her favorite label. Check out her list below.

On that list is Merchandise's performance at 538 Johnson, one of the few early performances to feature now-permanent drummer Elsner Nino (also of Shoxx). The new-look Merchandise will perform twice at 285 Kent this week, including tonight's show WITH Night Sins, Pharmakon, Herzog Rising AND Shoxx.

Maria Sherman's Best of 2012 and a video of Merchandise from 538 Johnson earlier this year, below...

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