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photos by Leia Jospe

These Arms Are Snakes / Thao / Daniel Johnston & Hymns


Thirteen bands were scheduled to play the BrooklynVegan / Agency Group day party in Austin on Thursday, March 19, 2009. Twelve ended up playing - one of them twice. I think the story is that The Pains of Being Pure at Heart, who had a zillion other shows also scheduled during the SXSW week, got confused about what their set time was. For that reason (and traffic), they showed up too late to go on in their slot. Instead, The Wheel, who was our last-minute addition as opener on the inside stage, immediately went outside and played a second set on the larger outdoor stage in the late band's place. We got at least one "boo" when the "scheduling mixup" was announced, but what could we do? (sorry!) It was awesome of the Wheel to fill on a moment's notice. Hopefully the people outside enjoyed him after they got over the awkwardness. I didn't watch his second set, but he sounded amazing inside.

Due to overlap on the two stages, it was hard to see everyone that played the party. The most painful two decisions were Cursive or the Wrens, and These Arms or Snakes or Daniel Johnston. I think we originally had it worked out a little better in terms of that, but the main stage started to run late. I went back and forth and caught pieces of as much as I could (and all of Daniel).

Thanks to everyone who came!

Leia managed to catch 8 of the 12 bands (she missed The Wheel, Avett Brothers, New Villager and Au Revoir Simone). Her pictures are below...

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photos by Jacob Blickenstaff


"For the entirety of SXSW I was really only holding my breath for one band, namely Explosions In The Sky (EITS). Now I'm sure there were other great bands at SXSW this year - there were after all 1400 bands or so playing - but of all the bands I knew, they were at the top of my list to see.

EITS played at the river shores at night, where the band was framed against the brightly lit skyline of the lonstar's capitol - the setting, truly, couldn't have been more grand. When the guys took the stage you could tell that they were totally overwhelmed by how many people had come out to see them in their own hometown of Austin. The crowd must have easily numbered in the thousands, and it seemed pretty obvious that this was going to be one of the biggest and most memorable shows of their career.

The show itself was beautifully performed, but one thing just about killed it for me: the sound!...

....Finally, though, one thing made it all right again: fireworks. During their soaring last song, fireworks explode all over the night-time sky. Obvious, perhaps... but undeniably perfect and beautiful. So, a great ending, right?

Almost. Unfortunately, the crowd goes nuts and yells for encores like crazy, but the fireworks just keep going and going and going with no EITS to be seen. The firework spectacle is now beginning to turn somewhat comically meandering. A guy behind me tells his friend "just like the music... a lot of false finales." The crowd, however, doesn't budge and you can still hear shouts for more songs ten minutes after they played their final chord.

Finally, the guitarist walks back on stage, you hear the familiar hum of a cable being moved around inside the socket of a guitar, and everyone cheers, for we interpret this as the sound of him plugging his guitar back in to play us one final song.

It was the sound of him unplugging it... " [The Enright House]

Tickets are still on sale for the previously announced Central Park Summerstage show. Since that announcement, they added a few more shows to their "10th anniversary" summer itinerary. Those dates and more SXSW pictures below...

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photos by Jacob Blickenstaff

Flower Travellin' Band @ Smokin' Music, Austin, TX - March 19, 2009

"There was a certain amount of tension before Flower Travellin' Band's set at Smokin' Music. Would people show up for this 30+ year old Japanese psychedelic rock band? Would they be playing to like 30 people, many of whom were there for the free smokes from American Spirit? Would the band be any good? The band's heyday was in the 1970s, when they produced some of the most visionary psych rock around. But that was then and this is 2009 and these guys must be in their 60s at this point. Could they pull it off and would anyone care?

Yes. And yes." [Austin 360]

Flower Travellin' Band also played two shows in NYC before they got to Austin to play SXSW on Thursday. More of Jacob's pictures from that day below...

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photos by Jacob Blickenstaff

Those Darlins & Deer Tick @ the BV SXSW showcase - Mar 18, 2009

"In a world of emo-boys and reluctant band leaders, Those Darlins, country-punk pals from Murfreesboro, Tenn., had a comically leering sexuality and the kind of abandon that seems scarce these days. Their punk hootenanny sensibility reminds us that you don't have to act serious to be taken seriously. South by Southwest, with its quick set ups and tear downs, is always technically challenged, but when these girls blew an amp, they vamped with the kind of jokes and entreaties that can't be rendered here..... After they borrowed an amp from their friends and tour mates in Deer Tick, they borrowed the whole band as well, with the boys serving as accessories as the girls sang a kind of homage to a bird..."
[NY Times]
The music portion of SXSW ran from Wednesday to Saturday (most of it). Looking back, it went by so fast. At the same time, it feels like Wednesday was so long ago. For me, it started out with the BrooklynVegan/Solid PR day party on one of the three Emo's stages, and ended right down the block the same day with six bands at the official Brooklyn Vegan showcase (two of the four BV parties this year). Jacob Blickenstaff stopped by both shows, and went a few other places, as you can see in the pictures below...

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Passion Pit & The Wrens @ the BV party @ Radio Room - yesterday (3/19/2009)

Three down, one to go - by that I mean BrooklynVegan parties at SXSW this year. The pictures above come from yesterday's epic day party at Radio Room. Today, Friday March 20th, stop by Habana Calle for a six-hour, free taste of Norway and Sweden, and/or consider checking out the Dickies Battle of the Bands that Black Bubblegum is judging. If a Battle of the Bands is not your thing I understand, but now consider that they've announced that GZA, in addition to co-judging, will be also performing at the show WITH the Black Lips.

Deer Tick @ BV official showcase @ Club De Ville - yesterday
Deer Tick

The Bronx (crowd) @ BV day party @ Emo's - yesterday
The Bronx

the mayor of Austin & Titus Andronicus, Austin, TX - yesterday
Titus Andronicus

Future Islands @ the 1896 in February (more by Lori Baily)
Future Islands

tonight in NYC
* Maceo Parker @ SOBs
* Fleetwood Mac @ MSG
* Allman Brothers @ Beacon
* The Roots @ Highline Ballroom
* Butch Walker & The Films @ Maxwell's
* Pronto, Puss 'N Boots @ Mercury Lounge
* CuCu Diamantes (of Yerba Buena) @ Bowery Ballroom
* Double Dagger, Future Islands, Teeth Mountain @ Market Hotel
* Matt Everett, Ingrid Olava, Magdyn Osh, Annie and Her Guns @ Cake Shop

Things will be a little slow today due to SXSW. Sorry! We're trying to keep up.

Speaking of which, if you are in SXSW, come by our Thursday and Friday parties.

Everything went great yesterday - day party at Emo's followed by night party at Club De Ville (more about that later).

Great Lake Swimmers' video for Your Rocky Spine below...

What else?

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the new Radio Room (as it looked on an iPhone Tuesday night)
Radio Room

starting now...

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DOWNLOAD: The Tiny - Burn (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Wildbirds & Peacedrums - Doubt/Hope (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: The New Wine - Revolving Cylinder (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Dag for Dag - I Am the Assassin (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Ungdomskulen - Idunno (MP3)

Sweden goes SXSW

Friday, March 20, 2009
Habana Calle Patio
709 6th st. on Waller Creek in Austin, TX

12:00 - Adam Heldring [SWE]
12:20 - Sofia Talvik [SWE]
01:00 - Wildbirds and Peacedrums [SWE]
01:35 - Teresa Andersson [SWE]
02:15 - The New Wine [NOR]
02:40 - The Tiny [SWE]
03:15 - Dag For Dag [SWE]
04:00 - Ungdomskulen [NOR]
04:45 - Casiokids [NOR]
05:30 - Loney, Dear [SWE]

Presented by The Rebel Group, International Rescue Artists, Brooklyn Vegan and Export Music Sweden

To mix things up a little, I teamed up with Sweden and and The Rebel Group to put on another day party in Austin during SXSW this year.

"Sweden Goes SXSW" is a 100% free show (no badges, no money). The bands are all Swedish, and Norwegian (I had to do something with Casiokids!) (not to mention The New Wine and Ungdomskulen). Check out the full lineup above. Spend six hours with us at Habana Calle on Friday and get a taste of the Nordic Region.

In NYC, but not going to Austin? Still haven't seen Casiokids? Want to experience 1/5 of the above lineup? Tonight, March 16th, at the Bell House in Brooklyn is your last chance (for now).

BrooklynVegan does SXSW
Wed day - party @ Emo's
Wed night - official showcase @ Club De Ville
Thu morn - panel @ the Convention Center
Thu day - party @ Radio Room
Thu night - relax (and/or Jane's Addiction)
Fri day - Dickies battle of the bands
Fri day - Sweden Goes SXSW (see above)
Fri night - collapse (and/or Metallica)

Live Casiokids videos below...

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by Black Bubblegum

Amebix, in a rare moment of calm? (more by Justina Villanueva)
Chaos in Tejas

Chaos in Tejas 2009 is on and poppin', having laid out May 21st-24th in Austin for a crust/punk/hardcore field day(s)... dig on the sick FINALIZED lineup that includes punk favorites like Amebix, Cock Sparrer, and Cro-Mags, as well as Eyehategod, The Thermals, Harvey Milk, Annihilation Time, Outlaw Order, Crude, Severed Head of State, Warcry, Ponytail, Trash Talk... the killer list goes on:

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DOWNLOAD: Deer Tick - Long Time (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Those Darlins - Wild One (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Loch Lomond - Blue Lead Fences (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Phosphorescent - Reasons to Quit (Willie Nelson) (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Bell - Echinacea (live on Fair Game) (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Shilpa Ray and Her Happy Hookers - Coward Cracked the Dawn (Radio Edit) (MP3)


If you'll be in Austin for SXSW this year, especially if you have a badge, please stop by Club De Ville on Wednesday night, March 18th, 2009 for the official BrooklynVegan showcase (aka a show aka a concert with six bands that is officially a part of the overall South by Southwest festival). If you don't have a SXSW badge, this show will cost you a modest fee at the door. This is who we've got on the bill...

Starting things off. She hails all the way from Brooklyn... it's Bell who will have just finished a tour with Asobi Seksu. (8 PM)

Following Bell is Brooklyn's very own Shilpa Ray and Her Happy Hookers. Some say Shilpa has gotten a lot of attention around here lately. That is true. (9 PM)

Loch LomondAfter Shilpa, it's Portland, Oregon's Loch Lomond (with special guests). You may have caught Loch Lomond while they toured the country with The Decemberists. The Decemberists just so happen to be playing across the street at Stubb's, a few hours later, on the same SXSW night. (10 PM)

Not to stereotype, but girl power continues with the fourth act of the night. This also marks the beginning of the "alt-country" portion of the evening. It's Those Darlins. Maybe you saw them on their current tour with Dan Auerbach of the Black Keys.
(11 PM)

Next up... I've mentioned it a few times now: Phosphorescent will perform their/his new Willie Nelson tribute album, "To Willie", from start to finish . By the time this show happens, Phos will have done the same thing in Brooklyn, LA, and San Francisco. After SXSW, they may never do it again. (12 AM) Don't miss it...

...AND then, don't leave yet, because last but not least, Deer Tick (reunited with Those Darlins for the millionth time) are going to finish the night off. This closing performance feels especially special because this is the second year in a row that Deer Tick are playing the same showcase at the same venue, except last year their set time was much earlier. (1 AM)


NOTE: This is one of MANY SXSW events we planned, produced, or BrooklynVegan are just somehow involved in this year. I'll announce all of them ASAP, including the free day parties, and one more of them now...

Bill Pearis, currently best known for his weekly column "Week in Indie", will be representing BrooklynVegan.com on a SXSW panel about music blogs on Thursday, March 19th at 11am at the Austin Convention Center. The event is for SXSW badge holders only.

MP3's above. Videos below...

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Psych Fest

As people have pointed out, A Place To Bury Strangers, Ra Ra Riot, Marnie Stern, and Apache Beat are sharing a bill at NYU's Kimmel Center (60 Washinton Square South) on March 5th...

CHILL 2009: Advance NYU Tickets on Sale Now! $10 NYU/$16 Public Doors: 7:30pm ++++++ 100% of Proceeds go to Charity+++++++ The Chill Concert is our annual fundraisiner concert to benefit the Chill Foundation, a charity organized by Burton; one of the snowboarding industry's largest players. The Chill Foundation seeks out at-risk, inner-city youths, and periodically gets them out of the city and to the mountain over the course of the winter.
A Place to Bury Strangers are also playing Psych Fest 2 in Austin...
Power PlantFriends, Austinites, countrymen, lend us your ears: THE BLACK ANGELS and LIVE MUSIC CAPITOL present PSYCH FEST 2 Friday March 13th through Sunday March 15th, in Austin, Texas, spiritual birthplace and global epicenter of psychedelia. What better way to honor the cradle of consciousness than a festival of hallucinogenic sights and sounds celebrating the town's musical heritage and spotlighting the best new vanguards of the most mind-bending music ever played? Your three-day key to the doors of perception is a scant $45 (or one day doses for $15 ) available online on www.livemusiccapitol.com and Austin record stores beginning Friday the 13th, 2.13.09. With a lineup featuring such acclaimed acts as Austin's own THE BLACK ANGELS, joined by A PLACE TO BURY STRANGERS, DEAD MEADOW, THE WARLOCKS, Sky Sunlight Saxon of legendary garage rock innovators THE SEEDS and a constellation of rising underground stars from Austin and around the world including THE WOODEN SHJIPS, INDIAN JEWELRY, THE STRANGE BOYS, THE GOLDEN ANIMALS and many more, those doors will be rocked off their hinges. This year's Fest also features Austin's psych cult heroes, THE GOLDEN DAWN performing their 1968 album 'Power Plant' from start to finish. Prepare your earthly vessel for lift-off.
Full lineup and all APTBS tour dates below.

Marnie Stern is also playing a March 10th shown in Philly which doubles as the first night of a tour leading to Austin for SXSW where she'll play the Kill Rock Stars party @ Club DeVille on March 18th (in the afternoon) with The Thermals, Thao Nguyen, Horse Feathers, The Shaky Hands, and the pAper chAse. She's also, like Yann Tiersen, on the bill of one of the ATP's in Minehead in May. All of her dates below.

Ra Ra Riot have another NYC show coming up at Webster Hall, as well as tour dates with Death Cab For Cutie, Tokyo Police Club, and Passion Pit. They also appear on the recently announced Sasquatch lineup.

Apache Beat are currently in London where they'll play a bunch of shows with School of Seven Bells before coming back for the NYU gig. They also share a bill at Santos Party House on April 11th with Violens.

All dates below...

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"Killdozer are a three-piece band hailing from Madison, Wisconsin - the dairy state, of all places. Anyone who has ever seen them perform can bear witness to their awesome bombastic aural onslaught. Vocalist/bass player Michael Gerald innocently jerks thunderous pounding rhythms from his instrument, while letting forth a mighty roar perhaps more startling because of his otherwise unassuming stage presence. Flanked by Bill and Dan Hobson, on ear-splitting guitar and bone-jarring drums, Michael conveys vivid impersonations of the Great American Dream gone astray, exaggerating in no small detail the potential for existential adventure in the lifestyles of the everyday man. Not to be confused for some trend-kissing band of posing pseudo-intellectuals, Killdozer offsets their warm visions of reality with songs you may remember from your past, bringing you back to those fond memories of jaded youth." [The New Puritan]
Playing almost the same (but a slightly shorter) setlist (Neil Diamond cover included) as they did at Knitting Factory in NYC six days earlier, Killdozer proved, despite their age and new professions, that they can still grind at Fun Fun Fun Fest in Austin on November 8th.

Michael Gerald is a lawyer now, and he graduated NYU School of Law in 2001, at least that's what his LA law firm bio says... and is consistent with the NYU Law hat he was wearing when he first came on stage to a relatively small, but excited festival crowd. Is there a demand for Killdozer in 2008? I'm not sure it matters, or that the band would care, but it was kind of sad that the majority of the fest's crowd chose Trail of Dead who were playing at the same time on another stage. I found that out when I walked over to catch the end of Trail of Dead after Killdozer finished their set. Regardless, Killdozer (to quote myself) killed it.

Among other things (like telling the crowd to drink beer), Michael pointed out that they, Killdozer, a reunited band who (according to Wikipedia) were active from 1983-1996, are "old". Maybe that's what guitarist Bill Hobson was trying to disprove when, towards the end of the set, he climbed to the top of the scaffolding, played some guitar up there, climbed back down and then played some more guitar with his back on the stage - it was all part of the awesomeness that was the climatic ending of the set. As Austin Daze points out, "The trio left stage with amplifiers feeding back, and the crowd (including members of the headlining acts) screaming for more."

After the show I talked to drummer Dan (brother of Bill) Hobson who told me that Killdozer are not finished yet, and that they're even, though slowly, working on new material. Austin Daze also talked to the band. Their video interview, more pictures, and the setlist below...

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photos by Tyler Nutter


"Cro-Mags (jam)" were great, and a huge hit, at Fun Fun Fun Fest in Austin on Sunday, November 9th. They played to a massive, enthusiastic crowd. Who knew there were so many hardcore fans, in Texas, and in Texas and willing to to go see bands at an outdoor festival? I'm sure it helped that the bill also included Bad Brains, not to mention Bouncing Souls, Integrity, and DOA.

As previously posted, the difference between Cro-Mags and Cro-Mags (jam) is that the "jam" version is John Joseph with a mostly new Cro-Mags band that doesn't include Harley Flanagan or Parris Mayhew. And, as previously mentioned, the "jam" band at Fun Fun Fun Fest consisted of an impressive lineup of hardcore alumni. They were John Joseph, AJ from Leeway on guitar, Craig Setari of Sick of it All on bass, and Mackie Jayson (one of Cro-Mags' past drummers and a former member of a million other bands, and currently in Madball) on drums. Collectively they ripped through at least 14 songs that mostly came from the Cro-Mags' 1986 debut album The Age of Quarrel and also included a cover of Wire's "12xU". Lots of people were going nuts. Lots of people knew all the words. Lots of people were slam-dancing, and I think there were more (and more experienced) stage-divers than during any other band's set at the fest.

John Joseph was on a roll with his between-song banter as well. He gave shout-outs to lots of other bands on the bill including Walter and Sammie of Rival Schools, and, of course, Bad Brains who John was also later seen watching from the stage. John also spoke about the government, about living with Ian Mackaye and Henry Rollins after he went AWOL from the military, asked what happened to punk and hardcore meaning something, said 9/11 was an inside job, and found it symbolic that the stage was clearly facing the lit-up Texas State Capitol building that happens to be located in Austin.

More pictures, the setlist, and some videos below...

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photos by Kyle Dean Reinford

Leftover Crack

Every other band at Fun Fun Fun Fest over the weekend made it a point to give the fest's co-headliner Bad Brains a shout-out - a respect kind of thing. It makes sense. That's kind of what you do when you're sharing a bill with a band that helped paved the way for your own sound. That said, it was also really refreshing to hear one band take a slightly different approach. Leftover Crack's Stza also gave Bad Brains, or more specifically HR, lots of shout-outs. They were even positive shout-outs, but they were to call out HR's questionable politics/alleged-still homophobia. They were positive because they started with a speech about equality for all people, and were said in a way as to educate HR (if he was listening), AND Stza even announced his cell phone number in case HR wanted to give him a call. You can hear that last part in the first video below.

So, as pointed out, NYC's anarchist ska punk band Leftover Crack (who I had no idea were so popular because I honestly don't follow punk music that much) love everyone, EXCEPT, notoriously,...

...Oddly, the visit from detectives came just after cops arrested Leftover Crack lead singer Scott Sturgeon [also known as Stza Crack] on Friday for--no kidding--throwing donuts at the police during a demonstration outside the 9th Precinct in the East Village. Sturgeon says he was pissed off that the cops wouldn't let the band play their music at a reasonable volume.

In the complaint, Officer Richard Labore wrote that Sturgeon's antic "caused people to express alarm." Labore also wrote that Sturgeon was chanting "kill the police, kill the police."... [Village Voice, September 2008]

...police. The other video below is the band performing their hit "Fuck the Police" at the Austin festival. The show was a ton of fun. There's more pictures down there too...

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Photos by Kyle Dean Reinford

Fun Fun Fun Fest

If not obvious by the 2008 Fun Fun Fun Fest coverage so far, I was having the most fun (fun fun) over the weekend with all the punk, metal and hardcore on stages 3a and 3b (two connected stages to avoid long times between sets). Highlights and pictures from day one are HERE. Highlights of day two (9/9) were DOA, Frightened Rabbit, the ska punk, politics and crowd of Leftover Crack, Cro-Mags (jam) (John Joseph w/ one of Cro-Mags' past drummers, AJ from Leeway on guitar and Craig Setari of Sick of it All on bass), what I saw of St. Vincent and Black Angels, the vegan sausage pizza, and Bad Brains. I managed to catch a few songs of Islands who sounded great, but totally missed Spinto Band and Annuals. Also saw pieces of Kevin Seconds, Chuck Ragan, and Ben Nichols's solo-frontmen sets. Saw Black Joe Lewis and most of Trash Talk, but neither lived up to my expectations in the daytime festival setting. I went back and forth between the pre-headliner sets of Minus the Bear and Bouncing Souls, and ran over to watch one song of Clap Your Hands Say Yeah during a Bad Brains reggae segment. Despite the competition, CYHSY still pulled in a respectable sized crowd. The stages were far enough away in general, but I could also still hear Alec Ounsworth's unmistakable voice at times between Bad Brains songs depending on where I was standing (I watched Bad Brains from various areas throughout their set). Clipse were headlining on the stage farthest away from Bad Brains so I totally missed them, and Kool Keith, who played that same stage earlier. Bad Brains ended earlier than curfew which meant I got to run over and catch about 20 minutes of Tim and Eric which was a great way (laughing) to end the hectic two day fest.

One unfortunate aspect of the weekend was the dust. It was a problem at ACL this year too. Dry dirt and wind meant you were constantly breathing it in. A signifigant portion of the crowd was wearing bandanas or other gas mask-like things on their faces. I didn't, but I should have because I think it made me a little sick. More pictures from day two below...

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This past Fun Fun Fun Fest weekend was filled with artists you might categorize as living hardcore and punk legends. There was the Dead Milkmen, Killdozer, Rival Schools (members), Bad Brains, Kevin (7) Seconds, All, and Cro-Mags, and there was D.O.A....

They are often referred to as the "founders" of hardcore punk, along with Black Flag, Bad Brains, and Minor Threat. Their second album Hardcore '81 was thought by many to have been the first actual reference to the second wave of the American punk sound hardcore. Singer/guitarist Joey "Shithead" Keithley is the only founding member to have stayed in the band throughout its entire history, however original bassist Randy Rampage has rejoined DOA after a long absence and is in the current lineup. [Wikipedia]
I haven't felt this nostalgic and excited about punk again since CBGB's closed. D.O.A. were pretty awesome. Check out some clips below, along with a few more pictures including one of the setlist...

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Bad Brains FFF Fest, Waterloo Park, Austin, TX, Nov 9, 2008 - setlist
Fun Fun Fun Fest

I'm not sure how much the Bad Brains stuck to the setlist because I'm stupid like that, but HR, dressed in a blue robe-like outfit, did keep pulling a copy out of his pocket to see what was coming up next throughout their headlining Fun Fun Fun Fest set on Sunday night. They definitely closed the pre-encore set with "Pay To Cum" (or "Pay to Come" as they spelled it on the set list) though. After that HR grabbed his bags (literally) and left the stage as the crowd yelled for one more. You can see all of that happen in the video below...

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photos by Kyle Dean Reinford

fun fun fun fest

Fun Fun Fun Fest (a music festival this weekend in Austin) successfully mixes punk, indie, singer-songwriter, hardcore, dance, hip-hop, metal, comedy, new and old. For instance, after blowing my mind to the thrash metal stylings of Municipal Waste, I immediately ran over to catch the end of Bishop Allen's family friendly indie rock set. I like that. One of the bad things, like most festivals, is how much overlaps. On Saturday I had to completely give up seeing The National, Z-Trip, Neil Hamburger, Yacht, and Hawnay Troof. Tonight (Sunday, November 9th), I'll probably have to miss all of Clipse, Tim & Eric, and Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, in favor of seeing Bad Brains. I also have to decide between Bouncing Souls and Minus the Bear.

Highlights from day one (yesterday, Saturday) included Dead Milkmen, Municipal Waste (wall of death), Dead Milkmen, Walter Schreifel's solo set (Rival Schools was good too), Dead Milkmen, Killdozer (killed it), Dead Milkmen, Dan Deacon (camp counselor of the year), Dead Milkmen, and Krumbums (punk is not dead). What I caught of Octopus Project, Trail of Dead and Deerhoof was also great. If I say anymore, I'll be late for Black Joe Lewis and the Honeybears and/or Kevin Seconds. For now, here are some more pictures from day one...

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Dead Milkmen @ Fun Fun Fun Fest, Austin, TX - Nov 8, 2008
Dead Milkmen

After Schulthise's death, the surviving Dead Milkmen took the stage once again for two consecutive nights in November 2004 at the Trocadero Theatre in Philadelphia. Proceeds were donated to a variety of mental health organizations and to a Serbian monastery that Schulthise supported. Dan Stevens, bass player of Genaro's band the Low Budgets, performed on bass.

In 2008, the band announced its plans to play the Fun Fun Fun Fest in Austin, TX, their first performance since the Schulthise memorial show, with Stevens again on bass. When asked if they were planning a corresponding tour, the band said they were not planning to do so. However, the band played two unannounced concerts in Philadelphia in October, 2008, billed under their pseudonym Les Enfants Du Prague. Both shows, including one at the small bar Johnny Brenda's and another at the all-ages venue the First Unitarian Church, sold out despite their lacking proper billing. [Wikipedia]

The band, with new bassist, did in fact play that show at Fun Fun Fun Fest last night (11/8). It was my first time seeing Dead Milkmen. I forgot I knew all the words. Full setlist and more pictures later. In the meantime here's some video....

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Municipal Waste

During their performance at Fun Fun Fun Fest in Austin on Saturday (11/8), Tony Foresta announced that lame bands like Atreyu and Yelloward were doing the wall of death at their shows and therefore this would be Municipal Waste's last. The crowd was essentially challenged to make it extra special, and this is how it came out...

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photos by Kyle Dean Reinford

Heartless Bastards

Fat Possum Records is excited to announce that the Heartless Bastards are set to release their third record on January 20, 2009. The record is called The Mountain and was produced by Mike McCarthy (Spoon, Trail of Dead, Patty Griffin). The Mountain delivers the swamped-up rock howl that fans have come to love from the critically acclaimed Heartless Bastards, but it also weaves in an adventurous sonic evolution, expanding their three-piece rock palate by adding pedal steel, mandolin, banjo and strings, all in support of Erika Wennerstrom's transcendent voice that Rolling Stone once described as "channeling all the swagger and spit of a young Robert Plant."
Heartless Bastards are on tour and will play two NYC shows with NYC's own Langhorne Slim this weekend. Friday night they'll be at Bowery Ballroom. Saturday it's Music Hall of Williamsburg. Those Darlins open both shows. More dates and pictures from their performance at the recent Austin City Limits music festival, below...

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photos by Kyle Dean Reinford

Conor Oberst

Jenny Lewis

M. Ward took the stage first to start off Conor Oberst's aftershow at La Zona Rosa around 10 p.m Sunday, without the high-powered band that accompanied him during his Friday set at the festival. Ward is just as good solo as he is with his band, however, as the big sound of his finger-picking style compensates for the lack of umph. He played a few repeats from his Friday set, including, "Sad, Sad Song" and "Chinese Translation," before bringing out Gillian Welch and David Rawlings, who appeared at the festival on Sunday. Rawlings and Ward traded licks and Welch sang backup on Ward's "Fuel For Fire," a mellow cover of "It Hurts Me Too" and Ward's "One Life Away" to finish the set.

Lewis came out second. Her performance on Friday in the WaMu tent was good, but inside La Zona Rosa the show was bigger and better. [Austin 360]

Kyle wrapped up his Austin trip at the late-night Sunday show at La Zona Rosa. Friends M Ward, Jenny Lewis and Conor Oberst were all on the bill, and they had all played the actual festival over the weekend as well. Due to scheduling, Kyle missed M Ward both times, and he ended up seeing Jenny twice and Conor twice. He may also be in attendance when Jenny plays NYC this weekend (and he saw her recently at Terminal 5) (hopefully she doesn't file a restraining order). More pictures from the La Zona Rosa show below...

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photos by Kyle Dean Reinford


"At 37 years old, Badu is a sweet and unpredictable presence (and about five months pregnant). Her teased-out fro shook in the Austin breeze and the Dallas native made a point of her politics with a long, mid-set riff on occupation and the Zapatistas and the coming World War featuring the people against the system. If she's an analog girl in a digital world, she gets a flexible, bass-thumping groove from her big band, featuring dueling beat pads, live drums, flute and three tightly rehearsed back up singers/dancers. The sea of festival freaks never stopped bouncing." [RiverFront Times]
More pictures of Erykah from ACL, below...

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