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photos by Ryan Muir

Etta JAmes @ BB Kings

Etta James played three NYC shows earlier this month. Ryan stopped by to take some pictures at the last one. He and everyone I asked about the shows said something like, "girl can sing!" (and "girl can talk a lot"). On Beyonce portraying her in an upcoming movie Etta said something like, "Yeah she looks good, but can she sing?" Etta's two sons were both in her band (guitar and drums) and she played a lot of covers including Randy Newman's "You Can Leave your Hat On".A recent review of a Michigan show adds:

Etta was amazing! She had "The Roots" band with her that was an 8 member band + 2 additional musicians, very tight and included a great harmonica. (I think 2 of the musicians were Etta's sons). Anyway, Etta's voice was as rich and full as its ever been, the show was punctuated with naughty little comments, spicy moves (watch out "chair dancers"!) and juicy tidbits of her life. She received a standing ovation when she first walked onto the stage and 2-3 more throughout the show . . . Outstanding Lady!
More pictures below.....

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by Black Bubblegum

Testament @ Starland Ballroom - April 5, 2008 (K.Knipp)

"We'll be on first, and we're only gonna have 30 minutes, so we won't be doing any talking.....We're just gonna hit you hard -- bam, bam, bam, bam -- with everything we've got."

Thats Chuck Billy from Sunday night's show at B.B.Kings, in response to whether or not his band Testament were going to open on the previously mentioned mega terrific super ridiculous tour with Motorhead, Heaven & Hell (Black Sabbath with Dio), & Judas Priest. Between Chuck Billy and Rob Halford, it sounds like all but a confirmation.....

Whats more, Blabbermouth.net are reporting that Testament had a few arena dates that were announced and then removed.... Ones that are MUCH bigger than the clubs that Testament played Sunday night and the night before (Starland Ballroom). The mystery tour dates and actual tour dates below...

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Bill Graham

Bill Graham died 16 years ago, but the legendary rock promoter's birthday is still cause for celebration in these parts.

For each of the past three years, Graham's old compadres have invited stars such as Carlos Santana, Jackson Browne and Bonnie Raitt to gather in San Francisco in January for a good time and a good cause.

"We have a dual purpose," says Danny Scher, a former vice president for Bill Graham Presents and current member of the Bill Graham Foundation's advisory board. "One is to give money away to organizations that probably couldn't get it otherwise. The other is to keep the spirit of Bill and awareness of Bill alive." [The Mercury News]

That story is about California. Here's what's going on in NYC....

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Sly & The Family Stone

I heard the early show wasn't that good again (update: maybe I heard wrong!), so I feel lucky to have picked the late show - the fourth of four NYC shows by Sly & The Family Stone at the relatively intimate BB King's in Times Square - the 2nd of two that were last night (Dec 7, 2007).

Doors were supposed to open at 10pm. They didn't. The show was supposed to start at 10:30. It started at midnight. Standing around sucks - missing Bon Iver when I didn't really have to sucks. I was a little grumpy. Then Sly hit the stage, and all grumpiness instantly disappeared - and not only did Sly hit the stage, he stayed on it for most of the 70-or-so minute show (though he never came back for the encore that the rest of the band treated us to). He sounded great, the band sounded great - the whole room seemed to be having a good time. They played hit after hit (setlist anyone?). Sly was in good spirits, danced, and interacted with the crowd. Everyone definitely got their money's worth. Amazing experience. More photos below...

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Sly @ BB King Blues Club, NYC - Nov 20, 2007 (CRED - Dino Perrucci)
Sly & The Family Stone @ BB Kings

As the horns blare with a syncopated rhythm and singers call to the crowd of about 1,000 to dance, a hunched man hidden in the wings of the stage smiles broadly, watching his band like a proud father.

After decades away from the spotlight, Sly Stone has returned to the stage with his band Sly and The Family Stone, performing in Europe this summer and this week making his first New York appearance in 32 years.

Dressed in a white sweatsuit trimmed in silver, sunglasses and Mohawk hairstyle, Stone fills the club with his rich, mellifluous voice as the band spends an hour cycling through their greatest hits, including "Everyday People," "Family Affair" and "Stand." [Reuters]

Some important points:
* Multiple people have said the late show was better
* There were three original members
* You have two more NYC chances to see them