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photos by Amanda Hatfield & Tim Griffin; additional pictures by Nate "Igor" Smith

Frankie Rose & band @ Hotel Vegan (by Amanda Hatfield)
BrooklynVegan @ SXSW 2012 - Hotel Vegas and the Voldstead Lounge

BrooklynVegan's Hotel Vegan, located at Austin venues Hotel Vegas & Volstead Lounge, began at noon back on Wednesday, 3/14/2012, on three stages. As "bob dylan wrote propaganda songs" points out:

"...it offered the perfect setting for seeing multiple bands within an intimate setting in a short amount of time. Sure it was a long walk down Sixth Street to get there, and it may not have been the most well kempt venue (I'll be honest, it was a shit-hole), but the three stage set-up provided for prime SXSW day party viewing. I had the pleasure of seeing Chelsea Wolfe, Japandroids, Frankie Rose, Deaf Heaven, and Japandroids all within the span of a couple hours. All of these bands were on my list of bands I wanted to see, and thanks to this venue, I was able to cross more bands off my list than past years"
One of the stages on Wednesday was dedicated to Chicago bands courtesy of BV Chicago, and one was put together by BBG. It was on the latter that we hosted an afternoon set by Deafheaven who created NY Mag's Nitsuh Abebe's favorite moment of SXSW 2012.

Deafheaven @ Hotel Vegan (by Amanda Hatfield)
BrooklynVegan @ SXSW 2012 - Hotel Vegas and the Voldstead Lounge

Like on Friday and all four days, we served complimentary HobNob Wines all day. On Wednesday we also proudly passed out Brooklyn Brewery beer and Sailor Jerry drinks.

Special thanks to our official backline providers Vox, Blackstar and Korg, and thank you to NadaMoo for supplying free vegan treats, and to Honest Tea for the tea.

More pictures from the entire SXSW Wednesday at Hotel Vegan, below....

Continue reading "#HotelVegan Day 1 pics (Future of the Left, Japandroids, Bear in Heaven, Frankie Rose, Maps & Atlases, Deafheaven, more) "

frankie Rosefrankie Rose

As you know, BrooklynVegan is taking over ALL THREE STAGES at connecting Austin venues Hotel Vegas & Volstead for FOUR DAYS STRAIGHT this week, and it's all 100% FREE (no RSVP or badges either). There's a big outdoor stage, and smaller stages inside Hotel Vegas & Volstead. Collectively we're calling the four day long party "Hotel Vegan" (located at 1500 E. 6th St, Austin, TX).

We announced Thursday, Friday, and Saturday too. Here is Wednesday: Wednesday at Hotel Vegan (March 14, 2012)

Stage 1 (Hotel Vegas Outside)
12:00 PM - Devin
12:45 PM - Big Deal
1:30 PM - Pujol
2:15 PM - We are Augustines
2:50 PM - Sun Araw Band (live) + Matthewdavid (DJ Set)
3:45 PM - Frankie Rose
4:30 PM - Japandroids
5:15 PM - Bear in Heaven

Stage 2 (Hotel Vegas Inside) (BBG Stage)
12:10 PM - Freshkills
12:50 PM - White Ring
1:35 PM - The Coathangers
2:20 PM - Razika
3:05 PM - Chelsea Wolfe
3:50 PM - Deafheaven
4:35 PM - Bleached
5:20 PM - Future Of The Left

Stage 3 (Volstead) (BV Chicago stage)
12:00 PM - Minor Characters
12:35 PM - Gypsyblood
01:15 PM - FIELDED
02:00 PM - White Mystery
02:45 PM - Maps & Atlases
03:30 PM - The-Drum
04:15 PM - Flosstradamus
05:00 PM - JC Brooks & the Uptown Sound

This is a rare opportunity to see Frankie Rose perform songs from her great new album at SXSW. She made a very last minute decision to come to Austin. Everyone on the third stage is from Chicago! (including The-Drum who is not to be confused with the Drums who we have Thursday.) Come early. Stay all day.

And in addition to the completely free lineup of 24 bands playing on THREE stages, we will also have complimentary drinks courtesy of Brooklyn Brewery (while supplies laset) and HobNob Wines, the official wine parter of our entire week of FREE PARTIES at Hotel Vegan (check out HobNob's Facebook page for free music downloads), and a hosted bar courtesy of Sailor Jerry

We will also have FREE VEGAN TREATS courtesy of NadaMoo! and FREE Honest Tea. Arlo's great Vegan Food truck, located right next door, will be at all four days of Hotel Vegan selling food.

Special thanks to all of our partners and sponsors for making this party possible - including Vox, Blackstar and Korg, our official backline partners. And special thanks to Tim Griffin for making our Hotel Vegan flyer.


This just one of four full days at Hotel Vegan. Thursday lineup HERE. Saturday lineup HERE. Friday lineup HERE.

We also have THREE official showcases (Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday), and a Saturday metal day party at Lovejoys, AND a just-announced bridge show.

Some past (and future) BrooklynVegan events....

March 12, 2008, official BrooklynVegan SXSW showcse, Austin, TX

Feb 26 - March 2, 2008, Noise Pop fest (media sponsor), San Francisco, CA
Noise Pop

Feb 28, 2008, NYC
Rock and RoflRock and Rofl

Oct 20, 2007, NYC

Kaiju Big Battel posing w/ fans @ BrooklynVegan party (MORE)

Every place Black Kids played during the 2007 CMJ Music Marathon was mobbed. That's not bad for a band that is still giving away its four recorded songs on its MySpace page, myspace.com/blackkidsrock. Black Kids were, it's true, playing small places like the R Bar on the Bowery, where they shared the stage with a pair of stripper poles, and the Annex, where an amp gave out during their first song. [NY Times]
Oct 17-20, 2007, NYC
Any post-CMJ document is obligated by Internet law to mention the Black Kids. Wouldn't want to be sent to blogger jail (no WiFi), and apparently our man WSB is complicit in this hype, for which even Mike D showed up to the Brooklyn Vegan R Bar showcase on Friday afternoon. [Village Voice]
Beastie Boy Mike D @ BrooklynVegan party @ R Bar - Oct 19, 2007 (cred)
Mike D @ R Bar

Oct 16, 2007, official CMJ showcase, NYC

Kudos to our brother in blogging Brooklyn Vegan for curating a kick-ass CMJ opening night show at Bowery Ballroom!....the first set we saw at CMJ '07 will probably be one of the very best: We learned Bon Iver is simply astounding....Try and see him today at BV's day show at Pianos (5PM). [Stereogum]
Bon Iver @ BV CMJ - Oct 20, 2007 (MORE)
Bon Iver

Sept 14-15, 2007, Austin, TX

St Vincent @ ACL afterparty, Austin, TX - Sept 15, 2007 (MORE)
Hot Freaks

July 14, 2007, NYC

Les Savy Fav @ Citysol, NYC - July 14, 2007 (MORE)
Les Savy Fav @ Citysol

Spring 2007, USA
Vanderslice and Vincent

We're almost on tour!!! Dave and I are rehearsing like fiends. Btw, I'll be posting photos and a tour diary on Brooklyn Vegan. Annie from St. Vincent will be singing some songs with us. Exciting! Okay, no more exclamation marks... [John Vanderslice]
March 23, 2007, NYC

Tim Fite @ Sin-e - March 23, 2007 (MORE)
Tim Fite @ Sin-e

Human Giant @ BV/NY2LON show, Austin, TX - March 17, 2007
Human Giant @ NY2LON

March 17, 2007, Austin, TX

The Fratellis @ Habana Calle, Austin, TX - March 17, 2007 (MORE)
The Fratellis @ SXSW

a Yaris @ the BV/AAM party, March 15, 2007, Austin, TX

March 15, 2007, Austin, TX

outside Pianos - BrooklynVegan show, Nov 1, 2006 (MORE)

CSS, inside Pianos - BrooklynVegan show, Nov 1, 2006 (CRED)
CSS @ Pianos

This was an afternoon showcase on the first day of CMJ 2006 curated by the popular Brooklyn Vegan blog site. The place was well jammed as it was CSS's only freely accessible club date during the week, and they played straight after Thunderbirds Are Now! [Punkcast]
Dave Hill, Vitamin Water & flyer @ Pianos, BV party, Nov 1, 2006
Dave Hill

Nov 1-4, 2006, NYC

"We made it to the second of three parties thrown during CMJ by our good friend Dave, who did an outstanding job making our lives easier by booking our favorite bands and putting them under the same roof for the day; see, we like to take it nice and lazy. Vegan's second show at Fontana's was the one we hit up, just in time for the tail-end of the Lo-Fi-Fnk set (that's pronouned "Low Fi Funk," despite the missing vowel)." [Stereogum]
Thermals @ Fontana's, BV show - Nov 3, 2006 (CRED)
Thermals @ Fontanas

Tokyo Police Club @ The Annex, BV show - Nov 4, 2006
Tokyo Police Club

June 29, 2006, NYC
Syrup Room

special guest Ramesh from Voxtrot @ Syrup Room, June 29, 2006 (more)

Sept 13, 2005, NYC