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by BBG

Batilus on stage with Kat of Salome (more by Chris LaPutt)
Batillus with Kat of Salome

Complete Failure. Celeste. Thou. These are some of a few bands that have offered their recorded output for FREE in the past, and considering the quality of those releases, they easily could have charged for those LPs. Now two other bands that have offered their material for free download in the past, Batillus and Kowloon Walled City, will hit the road for a string dates which will include TWO NYC shows. Both shows will be presented by BrooklynVegan & 1000Knives with a performance from Riff Cannon on the first date, Cake Shop on Sept 18th, and Liturgy on the second, October 2nd at Acheron.

Download all of KWC's releases at their site and Batillus's debut EP (before they added Fade) at their site.

Batillus was last seen at Cake Shop, where the band destroyed amidst a similarly fierce lineup of Salome and Landmine Marathon. Video from that show and tour dates are below...

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words by BBG, photos by Chris La Putt

Landmine Marathon
Landmine Marathon

Salome, from northern Virginia, is a doom-metal band with no bass player: one of the few... At Union Pool on Tuesday night, early in the band's second song "Master Failure" [vocalist] Kat brought the microphone to her face with both hands, enveloped two small fists around it and began a deep, dreadful growl, altering the tone with the shape of her mouth, something like yawwheeawhhhheee... It was more an earth sound than a body sound; the imagined howl of undersea canyons.

... Before Salome came Landmine Marathon, from Phoenix, dealing out a combination of death-metal and hardcore punk... The band's music can be rushed and impersonal, with riffing and shifts of tempo predetermined by its genre. But [vocalist Grace] Perry's real-time reactions to it were extravagant. In "Shadows Fed to Tyrants" she opened her eyes wide and rolled them back in her head, drew her hand across her neck, beat her fists on her collarbone and finally went marauding through the crowd for a few quick turns, pushing and being pushed. She's magnetic as she re-enacts boiling over, but then leaves her work at the office. Quickly after the last riff, she was smiling, gregarious, normative. - [The New York Times]

The above review comes from the Union Pool show which was the first of two NYC shows in three days for Salome & Landmine Marathon. That show wrecked upper Brooklyn with the assist of Wetnurse on July 13th.

Last night, July 15th, the two marauders destroyed Manhattan, specifically Cake Shop, where they teamed up with Batillus (Cleanteeth unfortunately was forced to cancel due to a funeral). As to be expected, both Salome and Landmine delivered, but I found myself transfixed by Batillus who seems to grow by leaps and bounds every time I see them. The band showcased three new songs, one of which was captured on video which you can watch below. In addition, Batillus was joined by Salome's Kat on vocals at one point, a special treat which added a touch of grimness to the proceedings.

More pictures and some video from Cake Shop below...

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words by BBG, photos by Samantha Marble

Andrew of Castevet

Though reportedly no champagne bottles were popped, nor was the gatorade dumped on anyone, Lit Lounge's bill on June 7th was a celebration on many levels. Castevet welcomed their new LP Mounds of Ash into this world via Profound Lore Records (cop it) and brought along with them an unstoppable bill to mark the occasion. Precious Metal recently celebrated four years in existence, and it was PM founder Curran Reynolds's birthday!

No matter what occasion it is, whenever you combine Castevet, Woe, Batillus, and Flourishing, its going to make for an unmissable night of punishing metal. Pics from the show continue below.

Castevet is hitting the road with Altar of Plagues and Velnias for a string of shows leading up to their NYC appearance at The Studio at Webster Hall on August 1st with Man's Gin. Tickets are on sale.

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words and photos by Ilya Blokh

The Abominable Iron Sloth

Saturday (5/15) was my first time at the relatively new Party Expo, to see Divider, Beauty Apes, Chambers, Tiger Flowers and The Abominable Iron Sloth. Mixed feelings on the space - I like floor shows and the sound was better than expected, but the crowd was anemic at best. Not that I particularly miss windmills and spin-kicks, but I'll take them over glazed eyes and sullen stares any day.

Divider opened with a jaw-clenching set of hardcore/metal crossover, followed by Beauty Apes' filthy sludgecore, though I wish the bands' Neurosis and Kylesa shirts showed through a bit more in their music.

Chambers - from NJ - were on-fucking-fire! Doomriders are a decent reference point, but Chambers tread much further into drunken, psychobilly-style guitar rock, colored by Dan Pelic's raspy shout-alongs. Though steeped in metal and punk, this is pure beer-swilling, fist-fucking, bar-fight rock'n'roll at the core. Their "Old Love" debut is out June 22nd.

Not sure why, but I dug Tiger Flowers much more here than at their Public Assembly show a few weeks back. Maybe it was the DIY venue and the floor set-up, but the boys put on a fierce, fluid and raw performance, despite the iffy sound.

After briefly blowing out the power, The Abominable Iron Sloth finally took the floor for a short but massive set. Guitars tuned down to the ground, The Sloth feels like one massive rhythm section, slamming a giant sledgehammer into your chest with every sludgy chord. Apparently they only had 20 minutes of material ready due to a new touring drummer (or is he full-time?) - a damn shame. Check out their recent The Id Shall Overcome album and the song "Hats Made Of Veal And That New Car Smell" off their first record - the riff will bury straight into your brain.

More pics from the show and dates are below...

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by BBG

Landmine Marathon & Salome @ Emo's (more photos by Tim Griffin & Brian Reilly)
Landmine Marathon

It's with the utmost excitement that I can announce Landmine Marathon and Salome will team up for a TWO nights of carnage in NYC! The pair will swap headlining duties over the two dates. LM headlines Union Pool on July 13th (with the return of Wetnurse). Then two days later Salome will headline at Cake Shop (on 7/15) with Batillus and Cleanteeth. The pair of dates are part of a stretch of shows that Landmine & Salome will do together, and part of a longer set of dates for Landmine Marathon that will also land them at Dudefest 2010 (alongside Arab on Radar, Voetsek, Trap Them, Weekend Nachos, Coffinworm, and many notable others). Most of these dates are still TBA.

Current tour dates, some video and the show flyer is below...

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by BBG

Tiger Flowers at Lit Lounge (more here)
Tiger Flowers

The previously discussed show scheduled for TONIGHT (5/14) with The Abominable Iron Sloth at Fat Baby has moved to Party Expo, adding some serious firepower along the way... Tiger Flowers and Chambers! Divider and Beauty Apes will open the show and doors open at 7:30. Get there!

Chambers are welcoming Old Love, the band's debut album which hits (digital) shelves on June 22nd. The band recently played Cake Shop alongside Tiger Flowers and Gods & Queens in support of Blacklisted.

Also tonight: Finland's Kyklooppien Sukupuutto play their first of two NYC shows happening this weekend.

All Chambers dates and some videos below...

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by BBG
DOWNLOAD: Batillus - "The Division" (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Hallowed Butchery - "Pantheon Enthroned" (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Hallowed Butchery - "Back Asswards" (MP3)

Batillus (more by Chloe Rice)

Now that Fade Kainer (Inswarm, Batillus, Jarboe) is back in the country after the volcanic ash debacle that stranded him and the rest of the Jarboe band in Europe, the dreadlocked vocalist of Batillus is ready to belt it out. The downtuned destroyers have scheduled an NYC date at Party Expo TONIGHT (4/29) with Riff Cannon, Yorba Linda and Bad Dream, as part of a short tour on the way to Chicago:

Why are we going to Chicago, you ask? We're recording our debut full-length in May at Volume Studios with the much-lauded Sanford Parker (Yob, Rwake, Unearthly Trance, Nachtmystium, Pelican). We have seven songs written clocking in at nearly an hour, of which we expect probably five to make it to the final LP. After doing a pair of EPs on an extremely limited budget and a tight schedule, we're very much looking forward to taking our time this go-around and coming out of the studio with something that really represents us as a band; something that we can really be proud of. More details on the full-length will be announced in time.
The NYC band also have a split 12" due this summer via Vendetta with Hallowed Butchery, which will contain three tracks previously available on Batillus's rare and sold out Beard Destroyer Tour EP (a track from that EP is above). Hallowed Butchery released their (his?) EP Funeral Rites for the Living late last year. Stream the entire thing at HB's site, and/or download a pair of tracks above.

In addition to the bash at Party Expo, the quartet have also scheduled a date at Lit Lounge on 6/7 as part of a release party for Castevet's Mounds of Ash along with Woe and Flourishing. Full tour dates are below. Woe also play NYC TONIGHT (4/29) as part of a show with Alcest and Have a Nice Life at The Studio at Webster Hall (tix).

In related news, Jarboe has rescheduled the previously cancelled date at Union Pool. The new show is May 25th with Hull. Tickets are on sale.

Full Batillus dates and videos are below...

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words by BBG, photos by Chloe Rice

Savannah's Black Tusk, ruling
Black Tusk

Special guest Black Cobra headlined with an all-star supporting cast of Black Tusk, Javelina, and Batillus as part of a BrooklynVegan/Chronic Youth Presentation at The Charleston on 11/18. The Batillus show was the first for the quartet in a month, as drummer Geoff Summers has been on the road with A Storm of Light (who also added Will Lindsay of Wolves In The Throne Room for the tour). Summers did double duty that night, leaving shortly after his performance with Batillus to hold down the kit for ASoL at their Record Release party at Ace of Clubs with Goes Cube and Biclops.

Batillus were on first, and this band has gone from good to reeeeaally good since my last experience with them. The addition of Fade (Inswarm, Jarboe's backing band with Eric of Cobalt and Man's Gin) changes this band from really great instrumental band to full-on juggernaut, and I am excited to see what their next move is. With a little luck and a few more tours under their belt, this band could be headed for great things.

Javelina is the perfect name for these Philadelphian sludgesters; the band is ferocious and violent, and tore through their set like a charging beast. It was another incredible showing from this foursome who opened with "You're Gonna Hate This" (I didn't) from their latest (and possible end of year favorite?) Beasts Among Sheep before barreling through other selections from that LP as well as their previous monster.

Black Tusk were the band that I was probably most excited to see. The Savannah crusty-thrashers, who recently signed to Relapse Records, mowed down the crowd with material from their recent LP Passage to Purgatory as well as material from recent splits with ASG and The Holy Mountain. Great band; fans of Kylesa, southern metal, and general badass-ery, take note.

San Francisco duo Black Cobra finished the day with serious downtuned High-On-Fire-y riffs and BIG drums. I have seen my share of bands, and with the exception of Jason Roeder (Neurosis) and a select few others, I have not seen a drummer hit quite as hard as Rafael Martinez. Seriously killer band that you can see again on 11/30 when they play with Pelican and Disappearer at Highline Ballroom. Tickets here.

More pictures from the show below...

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DOWNLOAD: Quest For Fire - "Bison Eyes" (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Quest For Fire - "Strange Waves" (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Quest For Fire - "The Hawk That Hunts The Walking" (MP3)

Naam at a BV-CMJ Day Party (more by Paul Birman)

Toronto's Quest For Fire have announced a short stint of dates which include NYC with Weird Owl, Chyld and BV CMJ alums Naam at Pianos on 12/4. Full tour dates are below. Quest For Fire, which features former members of The Deadly Snakes & Cursed, recently dropped their self-titled full length on Tee Pee Records. Dig on some tracks above.

Word has it that another band on Tee Pee Records has scheduled a show in NYC on 11/20 with Tournament at The Charleston as part of the Chronic Youth series of shows. We have no confirmation on the "who", but the show will feature 20+ minute jams and will sound "out of this world".

Baroness kicks off their tour with Earthless in Washington DC on Wednesday. Tickets are still on sale for the NYC show at Bowery Ballroom on Friday (11/20).

Tournament is also scheduled to play NYC as part of the BV-Sponsored Coalesce + A Storm of Light + Coliseum show at Europa on 12/30. Tickets are still available. Coalesce recently played a show in Austin. Check out the pics and some free MP3s from their new EP.

Chronic Youth and BV have teamed up to present Javelina, Black Tusk, Batillus and a Special Guest at The Charleston on 11/18. The flyer for that show and a list of more killer shows this week, and all tour dates, below....

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by BBG

DOWNLOAD: Javelina - "Step Child" (MP3)

Javelina @ the BV-BBG Northside Fest Showcase (more by Jason Walker)

As if that week wasn't insane enough... BrooklynVegan, in association with Chronic Youth, present Javelina + Blacktusk + Batillus + a secret guest headliner (*coughsouthernlordcough*) at The Charleston on 11/18. No tickets, but the door will only cost you $10.

Javelina recently dropped the must hear Beasts Among Sheep, and it's definitely one of my favorite records of 2009 (much like in 2008). The band recently replaced their drummer and returned from a larger tour to promote the smashing new LP.

Blacktusk hails from Savannah, and their swampridden take on crusty thrash was heavily apparent on their great Passage Through Purgatory LP as well as their recent splits with the great Fight Amp, ASG, and Holy Mountain (one of their last recordings). The ASG and Holy Mountain splits are available through Ebullition, and you can pick up that Fight Amp split via Brutal Panda.

Batillus are cooling off after a killer tour with Salome and Hull, but the band's drummer Geoff Summers is currently touring Europe with A Storm of Light along with Will Lindsay of Wolves In The Throne Room who joins on as a second guitarist. A Storm of Light plays it's album release party on 11/18 at Ace of Clubs with Goes Cube (who we just interviewed) & Biclops.

The Javelina/Blacktusk/Batillus show caps an unreal week of great metal in NYC:

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by Black Bubblegum

DOWNLOAD: Batillus - "The Division" (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Thou - "The Song of Illuminate Darkness" (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Salome - "With Hell For A Mouth" (MP3)


Batillus have scheduled one final NYC show before the quartet hit the road to play a string of dates with the mighty Salome and locals Hull as part of the "Beard Destroyer Tour". That show takes place this weekend, 9/5 at Lucky 13 Saloon in Park Slope. The band was originally scheduled to play The Charleston with Overmars & Battlefields TONIGHT (9/3), but that show has since been cancelled (pics from Europa are here).

If you manage to catch the band in the coming weeks, make sure and hit up the merch tables for a copy of their limited-to-75 tour-only EP which includes "The Division" available for download above! The Tour EP was mastered by Josh Bonati and produced by Brendan Tobin of Made Out of Babies fame.

Salome who recently premiered a new track at MetalSucks as part of their split Our Enemy Civilization EP with Thou. Download that Thou as well as the Salome track above. Release details on that split EP are forthcoming.

Batillus, Salome, and Hull will also cross paths with the incred-amazing Planet Caravan Festival, which will feature (among countless other notables) Pentagram, Orange Goblin, Clutch, Tombs, The Gates Of Slumber, Kylesa, and YOB. Who wants to go? I have a pair of passes for the weekend as well as a custom screened poster (below) and t-shirt to give away! Details are at the bottom of this post.

Speaking of Brandon Tobin, I recently ran into Mr. Made Out of Babies who told me he is working on new MOOB material! So far the band has written two new songs and have the skeletons for an additional five. Described to him as "happy doomy", the tracks are still in infancy bu he promises that the new LP will signify a change in direction, similar to The Ruiner. In addition, word is that Julie Christmas's solo LP is inching closer toward completion, as all for Babies recently recorded the final track together. Bassist Cooper also plays with the Austin band Ratking.

Tobin moonlights in Red Sparowes (though not a permenant member), and they recently put their entire catalog on Bandcamp.com for free download! (Although it seems that the site is missing both a limited tour EP and their split with Grails)

Dates and more below...

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DOWNLOAD: Asphyx - "Scorbutics" (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Gods & Queens - "Head To Wall" (Quicksand cover, MP3)
DOWNLOAD: The Catalyst - "I Hate The Future" (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Planks - S/T (Rapidshare, Zipped MP3)
DOWNLOAD: They Are Cowards - Demo (Mediafire, Zipped MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Overmars - "Born Again" (MP3 Snippet)


Thanks all who came out Sunday night to Public Assembly. Full recap and pics coming soon HERE. In the meantime, pics from Friday's Repulsion show are HERE.

Asphyx's Death... The Brutal Way is due out in the US on August 18th, but it's shipping NOW at the Ibex Moon site. It's a sickening death/doom trip that's part down-tuned riff fest, part beastly conjuring, but 100% heavy heavy heavy. Recommended for fans of old school death metal, Entombed, Dismember, Autopsy, and the like. Check out one of the tracks, "Scorbutics", available for download above.

Gods & Queens currently have a new split 7" on the way via Hawthorne Street with the mighty Medusa, and have taken the time to drop off a killer cover of the Quicksand classic, "Head To Wall"! Download that above.

Weedeater have announced that Steve Albini will record their new album, which will be available in Spring 2010.

Swallow Your Teeth is the end of a long road for Richmond's The Catalyst, as the band has dropped multiple releases over their seven year history but THIS is their first LP! The noise-core merchants are currently streaming their Swallow Your Teeth at Scene Point Blank, but you can download the sick opening track, "I Hate The Future", above! The Catalyst have a few shows in the very near future, including The Glass Door on August 14th and a TBA show lined up for Aug 15th in Manhattan. Full tour dates are below. Pick up a copy of Swallow Your Teeth here.

Attention hardcore fans! Lambgoat is reporting that the legendary Disembodied will release Psalms of Sheol on Prime Directive in August, comprised of thirteen tracks of rare and unreleased material that includes the Existence In Suicide MCD and the Confession 7". Disembodied has reunited and sporadically played shows recently.

BaronessBaroness has a new album on the way, which we knew, but we now can attach a name to that effort Blue Record! The LP was recorded in Dallas, Texas with producer/engineer John Congleton (Explosions In The Sky, Black Mountain) and will hit the racks in October. Meanwhile, dig on the cover art (to the left) and the tracklisting below!

First of all, The Endless Blockade would like it be known that they "have not broken up". As a matter of fact, they finally released their split with Agoraphobic Nosebleed and have a split with The Bastard Noise out soon (stream the new BN track here). The boys in TEB "just figured another band would give us even less time in our lives to do anything else". That new band? Slaughter Strike.

Candlelight records has signed the mighty midwestern band The Atlas Moth, whose new album A Glorified Piece of Blue Sky will be released on Oct 6th. The band dropped their massive EP, Pray for Tide, on Witch Trial last year.

Planks have reissued their 2008 split with Tombs as the "European edition" featuring artwork by Mike Wohlberg. If you never got a hold of the Black Box Recordings version, it is highly recommended. Pick that up through the either of the bands on tour. Meanwhile, Planks recently made their massive S/T LP (where these two songs came from) available for free download! Pick that up above. Mike Hill of Tombs has posted all of the lyrics from the massive Winter Hours via his blog.

Crucial Blast is set to release Overmars's 2008 LP Born Again. The LP combines electronics, ambient soundscapes, Swans industrial dirge, and the thunder of Neurosis to create a different and powerful take on post-metal. The band is scheduled to hit the US with the mighty Battlefields, logging a pair of dates in NYC: Europa on August 16th and September 3rd at The Charleston. This will destroy.

Mastodon, High On Fire, Converge, and Dethklok announced dates (and a presale).

The premiere of the NEW Goes Cube video for "Saab Sonnet", more news on Black Sun, Absu, Trap Them, Kylesa, Anaal Nathrakh, and Darkthrone as This Week In Metal continues.....

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DOWNLOAD: Jarboe - "House Of Void" (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Batillus - S/T EP (Zipped MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Batillus - "Tunguska" (MP3)


Ex-Swans dark goddess Jarboe is currently touring Europe until the end of June, but has scheduled a lone date in the US, June 27th at Santos Party House with IUD (mems-Gang Gang Dance), Bloody Panda, and Cult of Youth! Tickets are on sale.

Jarboe is currently touring with members of NYC's own Inswarm as well as Erik Wunder, half of the amazing Cobalt, on her current trek through Europe (and in NYC). So where is the other half of Cobalt? Serving in Iraq, according to Decibel:

The last time I talked to Erik, about a year ago, he mentioned that you had about a year left in your time with the Army. Are you indeed close to being finished, or will you be serving for longer?

I reenlisted for 5 more years. I fucking love the Army and I am an excellent Soldier. This is where I belong, in another country with a gun in my hand.

Just how dangerous has it been for you over there?

I will put it this way, 90% of people in Iraq are on huge camps called FOB's with huge intertwined security systems and people there don't have a thing in the world to be worried about. I, on the other hand, have spent 3 days on a FOB in the last few months and am living IN the population and gunfire and explosions are heard every day where I sleep. The threat is very real but we are prepared.


Fade Kainer of Inswarm, in addition to playing with Jarboe, recently joined local faves Batillus, contributing his shredded vox and fx. Batillus has only played one show in this configuration thus far, and will revert back to trio formation on June 27th (while Kainer is playing Santos Party House) and play a previously unreleased and comparatively minimalistic piece "Tunguska" (downloadable above) in Providence, RI. The June 27th show is part of a handful of Northeast dates that the band has scheduled with Elder and Riff Cannon.

Full Jarboe and Batillus tour dates, and a few vids are below...

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words by Black Bubblegum, photos by Justina Villanueva


February 15th was a challenge... logistically and emotionally: Logistically because I had planned to catch as much of both Show No Mercy's Ocean/Salome/Riff Cannon/Batillus event AND Zoroaster / Amenra / A Storm Of Light show as possible. Emotionally because obviously, there were some casualties... namely Ocean who I only caught 15 minutes of, and Batillus and Riff Cannon who I completely missed. Frown. The single positive out of missing this trio of bands is that Batillus are good 'ol local boys, so the chances to catch them again in NYC are much greater in the near future. If you have a chance to catch them (and I have before) you should.

Now on to more positives.... I was able to catch most of the Europa show (more on that later) and almost all Salome, who were just devastating! The thundering duo of R. Moore (guitars) and Deal (drums) punctuated an already frightening performance by lead howler Kat. Hell hath no fury like Kat's shredded voicebox.... how a sound that unholy comes out of a person that small, I will never know. Make sure to look for them when they make it up to NYC next, and if you are going to be in ATL for the OMG Fest (read: Scion Rock Fest), make sure and catch them.... they'll be on early.

More pictures below...

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by Black Bubblegum

DOWNLOAD: Woe - "Alone With Our Failures" (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Castevet - "Stones" (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Crucifier - "When The Bough Breaks" (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Crucifier - "The Funeral" (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Dimentianon - "Dead and Forgotten" (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Batillus - Batillus EP (ZIPPED MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Wetnurse - "Not Your Choice" (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Ocean - "The Beacon" (MP3 Snippet)
DOWNLOAD: Ocean - "Of The Lesser" (MP3 Snippet)

Woe on 1/7/08, photo by Scott Kinkade

The Ocean/Salome/Riff Cannon/Batillus edition of Brandon Stosuy (Pitchfork)'s Show No Mercy showcase at at Public Assembly isnt even here yet (that's on 2/15. Check out the Seldon Hunt flyer below), but we have already have word on some of the bands in the months to come, including Genghis Tron, Krieg, Tombs, Wetnurse, Villains, and Crucifier!

First up, March 1st, a scant two weeks after the Ocean/Salome rumble off, Show No Mercy turns the speed waaaaay up with the pairing of the black metal horde Krieg and Philly's Woe (others TBA). Krieg is the brainchild of Imperial, former member of Nachtmystium and Twilight, the defunct black metal super group that at one time featured Blake Judd (Nachtmystium), Malefic (Xasthur), Wrest (Leviathan, Lurker of Chalice), Hildolf (Draguar) and even, for a short time, Aaron Turner (Isis). Woe released the awesome A Spell For The Death Of Man, which is available for pay-what-you-want digital download.

Three weeks later (3/22) as part of a record release party for Paragon Records, Crucifier, will team up with Villains, Castevet, Nocnitsa, and Dimentianon. Crucifier are welcoming their new 10", Trampled Under Cloven Hooves and have posted a pair of MP3s for download... check out "The Funeral" and "When The Bough Breaks". Castevet are welcoming the Salt/Stones 7", which is available for pre-order here. Check out "Stones" from that 7" available for download above. The new Villains album, Lifecode of Decadence, is due "soon" on Nuclear War Now.

And finally, on April 12th, Genghis Tron will headline an eclectic night with Tombs and Wetnurse. Genghis Tron are also playing a show scheduled a few weeks before at Europa, with Converge/Coliseum/the entire Deathwish roster (not really) (tickets). Genghis Tron are also playing Coachella. Tombs will release their new album Winter Hours on Feb 17th. Wetnurse recently played The Charleston with Graf Orlock and Lewd Acts.

Woe and Tombs will team up on Feb 21st to play ABC No Rio with Black Anvil and Bastard Sapling. Later that same night, Tombs plays Death By Audio with Defeatist, Engineer & The Wayward. We interviewed Mike Hill of Tombs here.

Villians & Castevet recently played Public Assembly with the mighty Malkuth and Ipsissimus.

Cannabis Corpse recently played Show No Mercy with Skeletonwitch. Vice Magazine dressed up as the Cannabis Corpse Weed Monster and lived to tell about it. Here's a great quote about the experience:

"The costume smelled of many many many men, and beer, and scrotum, and more beer and MORE scrotes."

February 15th flyer below...

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by Black Bubblegum


My favorite of the two Oceans, the one missing a definite article in front of their name (Ocean of Maine), will be the next heavy band to headline Show No Mercy at Public Assembly (Feb 15th). As part of some sort of bizarre doom-off, Ocean will try to out rumble and underpace the mighty Salome, Riff Cannon, and Batillus who are also on board for the (anti-) festivities. Both Ocean (profiled here) and Salome (who we profiled in August) released full-length LPs last year... Pantheon of The Lesser and S/T respectively. Riff Cannon will drop their debut LP in 2009 and Batillus recently made their new self-titled EP available for free download here.

Speaking of Salome, lead vocalist Kat will make her first Agoraphobic Nosebleedappearance on Agorapocalypse, the latest LP from Scott Hull's pummeling grindcore project. Due April 14th, Agorapocalypse won't be the lone AnB in 2009; the band plans a series of splits for this year with a wide array of bands including Despise You, ANS, Agents of Satan and Thrones!

Mayhem, Marduk, Cattle Decapitation, and Cephalic Carnage have added a date together in Seattle Washington @ Studio Seven on June 5th. Pleasegodletitbeafulltour... Pleasegodletitbeafulltour... Cattle Decapitation's The Harvest Floor dropped on Jan 20th.

Brutal Truth recently announced their involvement in the Auditory Assault Festival (with Gadget, Kill The Client, Jig-ai and others), and now comes word that the band will have released their new record before then! Enter Evolution Through Revolution, recorded at Watchman Studios by Doug White (Psyopus) and due on April 14th via Relapse. Stokeage. Brutal Truth drummer Richard Hoak will do double duty at the Auditory Assault festival, also playing with his Total Fucking Destruction project.

Isis announced their new album, Wavering Radiant, due on May 5th via Ipecac Records! Produced by Joe Baressi (Tool, Queens of The Stone Age), look for the wax to hit the streets on Apr. 21. Tool's Adam Jones contributed guitar tracks to a pair of songs on Wavering Radiant.

Sweet do, Jared Big Business!
Big Business

Big Business have announced their new album, Mind The Drift due in April via Hydra Head Records. Produced by Phil Ek (The Shins, Earth, Fleet Foxes, Built To Spill), the record is the first to feature new guitarist Toshi Kasai. Stream the new track "Gold and Final" at their myspace.

Ahhh... NOW I know why 1349 are heading out on tour.... Revelations Of The Black Flame is the name of the recently announced new album by the black metallers! Recorded at StudioStudio Nyhagen in Bøverbru, Norway, 1349 have enlisted Tom Gabriel Fischer to help man the boards! Look for it sometime this spring. Meanwhile, Tom Gabriel Fischer's new venture post-Celtic Frost, Triptykon, is currently in the demo phase. 1349 will be at BB Kings on March 2nd, tickets are available here.

The sickos in Sourvein have scheduled a few new dates, including an NYC date that looks to be part of an upcoming US tour. No details just yet, but set aside April 19th until then. Tour dates below.

The previously announced Converge show at Europa on March 27th (tickets here) just got a little bit nuttier with the addition of Genghis Tron, Ceremony, Rise and Fall, and Pulling Teeth.

Lair Of The Minotaur's new DVD, WAR METAL BATTLE MASTER is out NOW at Southern Lord. Meanwhile, bassist Nate Olp (Demiricous) has been sent in to replace the departed DJ Barraca for live gigs. DJ recently left LOTM to joined Harpoon, who's new record, Double Gnarly / Triple Suicide is due on Feb 10th via Interloper Records.

News on Sublime Cadaveric Decomposition, Weekend Nachos, Carcass, Blut Aus Nord, Lamb Of God, Javelina, and more below...

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DOWNLOAD: 16 - "Skin & Bones" (MP3)


Downtrodden miscreants 16 have dropped off a new track, "Skin & Bones" from their upcoming Bridges To Burn due on Jan 20th via Relapse. Made of the Drop Out era lineup, 16 will tour their native west coast in the new year and ready reissues of Blaze Of Incompetence, Drop Out, Curves That Kick, and The Early Years, a collection of rare 7's and B-Sides. In other news, Ex-16 guitarist Phil Vera is scheduled to kick out the jams with powerviolence badasses Despise You at Maryland Deathfest.

The Dillinger Escape Plan have "loosely set aside" June and July 2009 to record their new album. In a myspace entry entitled "Blogzilla" (they ain't kiddin') the band also had this to say:

We're writing, ...recording with Steve Evetts, ...we've got Australia booked for late Feb/early March, and we'll more than likely be doing some stateside stuff as well around that time, maybe some US shows before we go down under, we'll see.
Impacting imminently, "astronaut metallers" Rosetta will headline Death By Audio in Brooklyn on Dec 6th with mighty Tombs, Junius, Moving Mountains, and Battilus. Wanna go? We have one pair of tickets to give away. Details on how to win at the very end of this post.

Tombs recently dropped off of the bill for the Don Cab show at Europa, but they are still on for Maxwell's AND have added a matinee at ABC No Rio on Feb 21, 2009 with Black Anvil and Woe. Meanwhile, Batillus will also be on hand to open Withered when they damn the stages of Europa on Dec 19th with Inswarm. Tickets are on sale. Withered was captured on video by Metalkult when they opened for the black metal horde Watain.

Genghis Tron, Knife Hyts, and Kayo Dot will triple-team Death By Audio on Dec 20th.

Napalm Death have revealed more details about their upcoming follow-up to the triumphant Smear Campaign. Time Waits For No Slave spans fourteen tracks, including the currently streaming "Diktat", look for it to drop on Century Media on Feb 10th with a cover that looks sorta like this. In the meantime, dig on the tracklisting way below and video of the band grinding their way through "Diktat" and "On The Brink Of Extinction" in the video below, shot on 11/22/08 in Leeds, UK. Barney from ND was recently interviewed by Rock Sound, and the band are scheduled to play the new record during a hometown show in Birmingham, UK on January 31st.

That video, Pelican, Integrity, A Storm Of Light, Coalesce, Demiricous and so much more, below...

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