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Jamie Lidell (not playing BK) & Ed from Grizzly Bear

The September 24th "Wordless" Beirut show is right around the corner (not really wordless - just the name of the series), and word has just come in that - around a few more corners after that - Beirut's good friends Grizzly Bear will also be playing one of these Wordless shindigs...

Grizzly Bear + special guests and classical performers TBA
The Wordless Music Series
Nov. 3, 2007
New York Society for Ethical Culture
6:30 PM doors / 7:30 PM show
Tickets on sale Monday 9/17/07 via www.wordlessmusic.org
Yes, Grizzly Bear have a lot of friends, so why not include some of them in their next album, and why not call that album "Friend"? And why not put a big picture of them all on the inside of the CD? In fact, why not put this picture? (click it for a much larger view):


Alligator (Choir Version- feat. Zach Condon of Beirut and Dirty Projectors)
He Hit Me (Crystals cover)
Little Brother (Electric)
Shift (Alternate Version)
Plans(Terrible vs. Nonhorse: Sounds Edit)
Granny Diner
Knife (as covered by CSS)
Plans (as covered by Band of Horses)
Knife (as covered by Atlas Sound)
Deep Blue Sea(Daniel Rossen Home Recording)
Atlas Sound = Bradford from Deerhunter - you can see him there in the photo in his dress. How many of the other people can you name? Own the picture when the album comes out ("November 5 in the UK/Europe and November 6 in North America via Warp Records").

Going to Austin for ACL this weekend? Stop by the Hot Freaks (BrooklynVegan and other bloggers) afterparty to see Grizzly Bear for free. Make sure you add your self to the waiting list (RSVP) though, and get there early. All tour dates (and some more friends) below.....

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Masonic Temple

It went something like this...
1) It leaked that Beirut would play NYC 3 times in September
2) Two NYC shows were announced
3) One @ the Society for Ethical Culture went on sale
4) One in Central Park went on sale

Now finally today the third show is announced, and tickets are on sale, and it's in Brooklyn @ The Brooklyn Masonic Temple in Fort Greene (map) on September 20th. The opener is Fifth Veil - a clarinet-with-string-quartet group from the Bard College Conservatory of Music that will perform composer Osvaldo Golijov's "The Dreams and Prayers of Issac the Blind" (1994), which combines Klezmer clarinet playing with classical string quartet writing. Three shows - three intersting venues.

In other Beirut news....
* Old Beirut demos have surfaced
* Someone posted a Beirut live show for download
* Someone posted another live show for download too
* La Blogoteque posted a new Take Away Show starring Zach
* Zach Condon played instruments for Alaska in Winter
* Jon Natchez played instruments for White Rabbits

All Beirut tour dates below....

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Joes pub in the park

Joe's Pub is throwing some shows at The Delacorte Theater in Central Park in NYC in September Some of them are free, and some of them are not. Tickets are now on sale for the one on September 26th with Beirut, Balkan Beat Box & NY Gypsy All Stars ("Presented in association with The NY Gypsy Festival"). This is a Beirut tour date we already knew about, but this is the first time ticket information has become available (unlike the wordless show that is/was on sale a while ago).

Full Joe's Pub in the Park schedule below....

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Tickets are on sale for the September 24th Beirut show, a Do Make Say Think show, and the Mum shows. (note: Zach will be singing at the "wordless" show)

Did anyone notice a member of Beirut playing a horn with The Citizens Band when they opened for the White Stripes at Irving the other night? I could be wrong.

Zach @ Primavera sound 2007, 9:00 am soundcheck (more about that)
Zach Beirut

Back in May it kind of leaked out that Grizzly Bear-fan Zach Condon and his band Beirut would be playing three NYC shows in September, but the tour dates I just received only list two September dates - so either plans changed, or they'll announce the third one after the first two sell out. All dates, and new album info, below....

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DOWNLOAD: David Bowie - It's Hard To Be a Saint in the City (Springsteen) (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: The Last Town Chorus - Modern Love (Bowie cover) (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: David Bowie - Cat People (putting out fire) (MP3)

Arcade Fire @ Radio City Music Hall, NYC - May 9, 2007 (CRED)
Arcade Fire @ Radio City

I thought David Bowie would at least introduce Arcade Fire, or say something to kick off the "festival", but nope. He was there though - I saw him. He was wearing a gray suit, and looked happy & healthy - sort of like how he looked two nights earlier at the Met........

Iman & David Bowie @ The Met, NYC - May 7, 2007
Bowie & Iman

He came out the backstage door into the orchestra area at some point. For the encore at least - he was standing against the same wall (stage left) that the trumpet player (Kelly Pratt) (also in Beirut) ran along to do this....

Arcade Fire @ Radio City Music Hall, NYC - May 9, 2007 (CRED)
Arcade Fire @ Radio City

Arcade Fire were great, but it sounds like maybe United Palace was more fun. At Radio City there was lots of fighting (literally) between the crowd and security. A bunch of people got dragged out. The security didn't know what to do when Win encouraged people to dance in the aisles.

If Bowie had played with them, it would have looked something like THIS and THIS. Was David Byrne there? I didn't see him, but someone told me they did see Lou Reed and Laurie Anderson.

Lou Reed & Bowie @ Syracuse W Hotel - Apr 26, 2007 (INFO)
Lou Reed & David Bowie

I missed the National - not on purpose.

And just in case you were wondering, Zach Condon from Beirut was there too - it would have been the only one of the three shows he would have been able to make. Actually, they were ALL probably there - the whole indie trumpet player mafia.


I believe there are still tickets available for the Air, TV on the Radio, Kate Havnevick show tonight (the 2nd High Line Festival show).

Beirut is back for three shows in September. Tonight Arcade Fire hit Boston.


Radio City setlist below....

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Shoving as many people on stage as possible is all the rage. Here's a video by Jason Schupper of the infamous Beirut encore at Bowery Ballroom Sunday night....

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Beirut @ Bowery Ballroom

Beirut @ Bowery Ballroom

Everyone's around, and here's what happened at Bowery Ballroom Sunday (May 6, 2007) night: Final Fantasy (Owen Pallett) played first. Beirut came out to play with Final Fantasy for one song. Beirut played second. Final Fantasy played with Beirut for about half of their set. Four members of the Arcade Fire, Final Fantasy, and even more musicians who I didn't recognize, came out to play a song with Beirut during the encore. Sufjan Stevens, members of the National and Grizzly Bear were in the audience. Too bad Amy Winehouse didn't stop by. Great show....

Beirut @ Bowery Ballroom

Beirut @ Bowery Ballroom

Beirut @ Bowery Ballroom

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Arcade Fire, David Bowie, & Final Fantasy @ Radio City Music Hall - 2005 (MORE)
Arcade Fire

Highline Ballroom opened with Lou Reed. The David Bowie Highline Festival. Sunset Rubdown. Ted Leo. Blonde Redhead. Two Dan Deacon. Two Modest Mouse Man Man shows. Two Amy Winehouse. Two Daniel Johnston. Two Type O Negative. Three Patrick Wolf. Three Bjork & Konono. Three Arcade Fire & National. AND three Final Fantasy & Beirut. It's a big two weeks of shows going on right now in NYC.

Beirut's three sold out shows at Bowery Ballroom are this Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. Final Fantasy (who, like Craig Wedren, Jake Shears, Kanye West, Antony, Ed Droste, and Elijah Wood, were spotted at Bjork last night) is opening all three shows. Coincidentally, Owen (Final Fantasy)'s sometimes-other band the Arcade Fire are playing two of those nights in NYC too.

Sun 06 - Beirut @ Bowery Ballroom,
Mon 07 - Beirut @ Bowery Ballroom, Arcade Fire @ United Place
Tue 08 - Beirut @ Bowery Ballroom, Arcade Fire @ United Palace, Bjork @ Apollo
Wed 09 - Arcade Fire @ Radio City

Beirut is playing three more NYC shows in September at the Society For Ethical Culture in conjuction with the Wordless Music Series, except unlike last time Beirut showed up at a Wordless show, these shows WILL HAVE WORDS. Exact dates TBA, and whether these shows coincide with the next Beirut album release TBD.

Beirut is also putting out a single for Elephant Gun on 4AD in Europe on June 25th. It includes the songs 'Elephant Gun', 'Transatlantique' and 'Le Moribound' (a Jacques Brel cover, recorded live at Austin City Limits for KEXP).

Tour dates below...

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DOWNLOAD: The National - Fake Empire (MP3)

The National

All three Beirut shows are sold out, and three of the four National shows are sold out. There are still tickets for the Tuesday National show, and tickets go on sale Wednesday for a fifth National show with The Philistines Jr opening (June 1st). Will Beirut try to catch up?

"Boxer", The National's new album, is out on May 22nd via Beggars Banquet (the new home of St. Vincent). MP3 from that National album above. More tour dates at the National's site. An MP3 of Beirut live at SXSW is here.

DOWNLOAD: Beirut live on KEXP during SXSW (MP3) (more)

"Despite significant sound problems, the crowd lurved Condon's every move, whether he was singing or playing either ukulele or trumpet (or maybe it was a cornet). He sang in French and in vibrato-filled English, covering Gulag Orkestar and Lon Gisland material." [Pitchfork]

Beirut @ Emo's, Austin, TX - Mar 14, 2007 (CRED)
Beirut @ Emos

I missed both Beirut shows @ SXSW, partly because there are three more chances coming up to see them in NYC. Currently in Los Angeles, the band needs some extras to star in a new video:

We are looking for people of all ages to be extras. The video shoot is on Wednesday, March 21st and the hours you will need to spend with us are between 4-8pm. Dancing and costume-wearing may well be involved. If you're interested and free on that date please email to jib0613@yahoo.com as soon as you can.
Grab more KEXP SXSW MP3's on KEXP's blog.

Beirut adds 3rd NYC (Bowery) show -- Final Fantasy

Beirut in Santa Fe - Oct 2006 (CRED)
Beirut in Santa Fe

I guess people didn't hold the prior cancellations against Beirut. Their two new Bowery Ballroom shows are selling so well that they decided to add a third....

Beirut, 2007
May 6 @ Bowery Ballroom, NYC (tickets) *
May 7 @ Bowery Ballroom, NYC (tickets) *
May 8 @ Bowery Ballroom, NYC (tickets tomorrow) *

* Final Fantasy (Owen) is opening all three shows which is sweet.

DOWNLOAD: Beirut - Postcards From Italy (you probably have this MP3)

Beirut @ McCarren Pool, Brooklyn (MORE)
Beirut @ McCarren Pool

Lets try this again. The following dates go on sale today @ Noon:

Beirut, 2007
May 6 @ Bowery Ballroom, NYC
May 7 @ Bowery Ballroom, NYC

And as previously announced, those going to Austin for SXSW will have the chance to see Beirut much sooner even - first at the Beggars showcase (Mar 14), and 2nd at a daytime Austin City Limits KEXP taping (Mar 16).

I'm also happy to report that Zach is currently doing well in his original home of New Mexico. In fact:

He's completely rested and working furiously on the next album. The band - minus trumpeter Kelly Pratt who is performing this year with Arcade Fire and is being replaced by his wife. Tracy Pratt - will be headed over to Albuquerque after SXSW to record their parts. Zach is borrowing the A Hawk and a Hacksaw studio/practice space while Jeremy and Heather spend the next six to nine months in Budapest, preparing for a big May UK tour with the Hun Hangar Ensemble. The whole new Beirut album is already in Zach's head, and about 50% recorded. It's very French.
Speaking of French, Ear Farm presents "An evening of rock from Paris to (Zach's second home) Brooklyn" at Union Hall on March 3rd.

* Beirut Lon Gisland CD out now
* Beirut cancels tour including 2 sold out Bowery shows

DOWNLOAD: Beirut - Elephant Gun (MP3 from new EP)

Mountain Goats and friend?

Not only is Beirut about to come out of hiding, check out the two-stage Beggars lineup happening at Emo's at SXSW this year:

Inside Room (Beggars):

  • Voxtrot (playlouder)

  • CALLA (Beggars Banquet)

  • The Early Years (Beggars Banquet)

  • Future Of The Left (too pure)

  • iLiKETRAiNS (Beggars Banquet)
Outside Room (4AD):What's crazy about SXSW is that as amazing as that show seems, when the day comes you still have to weigh it against like 100 other options.

In other Beirut news, Zach is currently holed up in New Mexico, resting, and working on a new album. The rest of the world is listening to his awesome EP that just came out called "Lon Gisland" (get it? Long Island):

Lon Gisland

You can buy it at Insound who have also announced a little SXSW party of their own:

Friday, March 16th-
Le Tigre, Death & Taxes Magazines, and Hot Freaks Present Insound SXSW w/

** Shout Out Out Out, Pelican, Walter Meego, Black Lips & Apes and Androids **

@ Club Deville- 900 Red River, Austin, TX.
Noon-6pm, $3 at door. Free beer & bbq.

That party is in direct competition with the Pitchfork party.

PLUS, I don't think I ever mentioned that Mastodon and Okkervil River are also playing SXSW this year.

We already know there will be Satellite Party, The Good The Bad and The Queen, Willie Nelson (sort of), Amy Winehouse, Daniel Johnston, Rodrigo y Gabriela, and many others (and here and here).

Blonde Redhead is also touring.

And in other Voxtrot news, don't be surprised if you run into any one of them in NYC for the next couple of weeks. Like Jared, they're all here visiting.

**BONUS**: Beirut's McCarren Pool show was taped, and you can download it

Andrew Bird wordless

I was planning on attending the Andrew Bird / Hawk and a Hacksaw wordless show in NYC Wednesday night, but like Beirut I was too exhausted to make the trip. Sounds like it was good...

This was an amazing night. Bird seemed to channel his music in a way that I have never experience. He swayed, paced, tossed his head, and generally exuded joy throughout the entire concert. He made use of several live recording devices, which allowed him to layer his own music on top of more of his own music. Simply orchestrating this complicated bit of art was amazing enough on its own. Some of the songs he played were arrangements of his vocal versions, other were brand new. It was fantastic. [fuzzyblu]
And speaking of Beirut, the rest of the band must be less exhausted than Zach because, unlike me, they were there:
First up was A Hawk and a Hacksaw, a violin/accordian duo who played music that sounded straight out of eastern Europe...which I suppose is inescapable with that perticular instrumentation. Halfway through their last song, a horn sounded in the back of the church (they held this event in a church btw) and suddenly Beirut...an eight-piece band comprised of guitar, drum, accordiant, clarinet, and trumpet, among other things...comes marching down the aisle to join the two performers in stunning orchestral madness.[cait]
Don't worry, Zach was probably home sleeping - this show required no singing. T-Sides has a full review.

The next Wordless Music Series show will most likely take place on January 24th, 2007. It hasn't been 100% confirmed yet, but Charles Spearin (Do Make Say Think, KC Accidental, Broken Social Scene) may be performing. The show after that is 100% confirmed and already on sale. That one features Explosions in the Sky.

Andrew Bird's next two shows are November 24th & 25th in Chicago at Logan Square Auditorium.

I know a lot of people have been wondering what happened to the upcoming Beirut shows that were cancelled last night. Here's the official word:

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"Brooklyn's Beirut have signed to 4AD for an expanded re-release of The Gulag Orkestar (Ba Da Bing), their impressive debut record of Eastern-European-inspired waltzes and folk songs. Beirut, the solo project of Zach Condon, has grown to a full band, which includes strings, horns, ukeleles and even a hype man. The re-release will coincide with Beirut's first shows in the UK, opening for the equally-cinematic Calexico this fall. The European version will also include a new EP, titled Lon Gisland[sic]. Chouette will release the EP in limited vinyl." [CMJ]

4AD is part of the Beggars family of labels who, collectively, also recently signed Voxtrot, Serena Maneesh, Tapes 'n Tapes, The Ponys and another buzz band from NYC that I'm not allowed to announce yet. Beirut's deal with 4AD does NOT include North America where they will remain with Ba Da Bing.

Beirut @ McCarren Pool, Brooklyn, NYC | pics
An Interview with Zach Condon & Jason of Beirut

Beirut played a free show at McCarren Pool in Brooklyn yesterday (Aug 13, 2006). Not only did they sound great, their professionalism as a band continues to grow. Recently back from playing Moscow, everyone on stage seemed to have a much better grasp of their instruments (and the songs they're playing with them) than the last time I saw them at Northsix (which was infinitely better than their first show at Knitting Factory).

Beirut @ McCarren Pool

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Voxtrot kick off a UK tour this Saturday (August 12, 2006). We also already knew that they're playing two nights at Bowery in November, but now we know they're playing their hometown of Austin with Beirut (who just scored a big article in NY Magazine), and some shows in California & Chicago too. All dates below....

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Well, that was quick. Beirut is headlining two nights in a row at Bowery Ballroom in NYC this Fall - November 21 and November 22 (thx jayLoose). Before November Beirut, are playing a free show at McCarren Pool and a much smaller Mercury Lounge show, and more shows all over the place. All dates below...

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Bradley's Almanac saw Beirut in Cambridge, MA, and as usual he taped it and posted the MP3s.

An Interview with Zach Condon & Jason of Beirut

The new headliner is Voxtrot.

DOWNLOAD: Postcards From Italy (MP3)

Help me welcome interviewer Mike to BrooklynVegan. Mike set up this interview with Beirut's Zach Condon and Jason (guitar & keyboards) with the help of Ben from BadaBing Records (who we'd like to give special thanks).

Beirut @ Northsix

Mike "caught up with them (Beirut) the day after they played two shows at the Lily Pad in Cambridge (June 24, 2006). The venue was small and the line snaked around the block. They ended up playing two shows: one at 11:30 and another at 12:45." Mike, Zach and Jason "tried to grab some beers but lack of proper I.D.'s prevented that" so they "ended up grabbing a six pack and did the interview on a friends porch"...

BrooklynVegan Mike: How did you hook up with BaDaBing?

Zach: Jeremy lives in Albuquerque, which a lot of people don't know. The funny thing about us is that we both lived in Albuquerque and are from Albuquerque, and that's what our bios say about us…but neither of us played in Albuquerque, ever. The one show we did do, a friend of Jeremy's convinced him "Come on Jeremy, play a show in your hometown," so he did. They were looking around for people with similar musical aspirations and that's how they found me. Somebody heard that I was doing gypsy-related stuff as well and that's how we hooked up. I was doing karaoke to Gulag Orkestar stuff, basically. He heard it and liked it and eventually gave the CD to Ben [Goldberg, BaDaBing Records] and he agreed to do drums on it.

BrooklynVegan Mike: So how long has the album material been done, like the songs and whatnot?

Zach: About this time last year. About a month from a year, yeah.

BrooklynVegan Mike: How do you feel about people making Neutral Milk Hotel comparisons? Does that bother you?

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