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Asphalt Orchestra at Lincoln Center (more by Benjamin Lozovsky)
Asphalt Orchestra

The Bang on a Can Marathon returns on Sunday (6/19) with a mammoth thirteen hours of FREE live music kicking off at 11AM at NYC's World Financial Center Winter Garden (200 Vesey Street). Featuring over 150 musicians/composers, the fest includes performances from, and compositions by, names like Philip Glass, Glenn Branca Ensemble, Sun Ra Arkestra, David Byrne/Annie Clark, Bryce Dessner, Frank Zappa, Bjork, Yoko Ono, and many more. The full lineup and schedule is below.

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Bjork at Housing Works in 2009 (more by Ryan Muir)

Bjork has been stirring things up lately as she preps her upcoming seventh album Biophilia. The album, which has no official release date yet, is set to be a multi-media affair that encompasses a 10-song album in many formats. There's the traditional format, and music videos for every track directed by long-time collaborator Michel Gondry (Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind), and an iPad app produced with interactive artist Scott Snibbe for each track, and a Biophilia live show which is premiering later this month at her three-week residency at Manchester International Festival. Exact dates are listed below.

Regarding the iPad apps, The Guardian reports:

Biophilia for iPad will include around 10 separate apps, all housed within one "mother" app. Each of the smaller apps will relate to a different track from the album, allowing people to explore and interact with the song's themes or even make a completely new version. It will also be an evolving entity that will grow as and when the album's release schedule dictates, with new elements added...For one song, Virus, the app will feature a close-up study of cells being attacked by a virus to represent what Snibbe calls: "A kind of a love story between a virus and a cell. And of course the virus loves the cell so much that it destroys it." The interactive game challenges the user to halt the attack of the virus, although the result is that the song will stop if you succeed. In order to hear the rest of the song, you have to let the virus take its course. Using some artistic license, the cells will also mouth along to the chorus. It's this determination to fuse different elements together - be it juxtaposing a female choir from Greenland with the bleeps and glitches of electronic music pioneers Matmos during the Vespertine tour, or meshing soaring strings and jagged beats on the Homogenic album - that helps explain the power and success of Björk's collaborations.

In support of the album, Bjork launched a new website, which according to her twitter, includes an "interactive Biophilia universe". The site has an audio clip at the bottom of Bjork speaking about innovations in electronic music and how she is excited to apply them to Biophilia. According to a message on the homepage when viewed in Firefox, "this website has been developed using the latest html5 technology. to experience it fully, we recommend you to use the following browsers: safari, chrome."

The album features the employment of two brand new instruments created for Bjork by Icelandic organ maker Bjorgvin Tomasson. One is an organ that Bjork controls digitally with a computer, and the other, which Bjork calls a "gameleste" is a hybrid of a celeste and a gamelan.

So far, we've been graced with two clips from the upcoming album. Back in December, an instrumental track off Biophilia appeared on the Solar System iPad app. She also posted a 33 second clip of herself driving while the new song "Crystalline" plays on the car stereo. Check both of those out below. According to her twitter, "Crystalline" will appear in full towards the end of June. She also posted a picture on facebook hinting at a video for the song:


It had also been announced in February that Bjork is releasing a collaboration with Omar Souleyman, who played Music Hall of Williamsburg last night (6/12). No details on the collab have been released since, though a 2011 release date is anticipated. UPDATE: the collaboration is just a remix of a Biophilia track.

No live U.S. Bjork dates to announce yet, but the Bjork-covering jazz orchestra Bjorkestra plays Highline Ballroom Tuesday (6/14) as part of the Blue Note Jazz Festival. Tickets are on sale, and can be purchased with a 50% off discount by using the access code "BIGBAND". (note: Ticketweb seems to be having issues, so try again later if you can't get to the link).

Videos and tour dates below...

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Nat Baldwin on stage w/ DP @ Fun Fun Fun Fest 2010 (more by Tim Griffin)

Dirty Projectors member Nat Baldwin is currently on a solo tour with Kurt Weisman and Travis Laplante. "These are two of my favorite musicians and people in the world," Baldwin says in his myspace blog, "it's a short tour, but my longest solo trip since 2008." After recently playing Madison Square Garden with Dirty Projectors, Nat Baldwin returns to smaller venues to showcase his vocals and experimental upright bass playing, including this Monday at SUNY Purchase and Tuesday (11/23) at Sycamore. All dates below.

To follow up the recently released expanded edition of Bitte Orca, Dirty Projectors are releasing their second 7" of 2010 on December 6. The 7" features Bitte Orca's "No Intention" b/w their cover of Bob Dylan's "As I Went Out One Morning." DP previously released a different Dylan cover as part of a Levi's promotion.

Bjork, who collaborated with Dirty Projectors on for-charity album Mount Wittenberg Orca earlier this year, also recently released a new single on iTunes called "The Comet Song." All proceeds from the sale of the song are donated to the victims of the 2010 Pakistan Floods. And the song is actually the theme of the 2010 film Moomins and the Comet Chase whose director Maria Lindberg also directed the music video to the song which you can watch below.

Bjork video and Nat Baldwin tour dates below...

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by Andrew Frisicano

St. Vincent @ Pitchfork Fest in Chicago (more by Kate Gardiner)
St. Vincent

David Byrne and Annie Clark are collaborating on music for a future Housing Works benefit. There's no date set for that, but Asphalt Orchestra will be debuting a version of one of the songs they've been working on...

A few months ago we had [Here Lies Love arranger] Tony Finno arrange the horns, and we performed one of the songs -- tentatively titled "Who" -- at the end of Annie's show at the Rose Room at Lincoln Center. Now, having been approached by the Bang On a Can spinoff Asphalt Orchestra, with the help of [Asphalt saxist/producer] Ken Thomson we've adapted another song called either "Two Ships" or "The Movie" for their group. This will be an instrumental version and we'll do a vocal version later. [David Byrne]
Asphalt will perform that song on Wednesday, August 4th, at the first of five free shows the avant-marching band is doing around the Lincoln Center as part of LC's Out of Doors Festival. Locations and times for the band are below.

In addition to that piece, they'll be debuting a commission by Yoko Ono; other songs in the group's repertoire include commissions by Tyondai Braxton of Battles and Stew & Heid Rodewald of Passing Strange and BAM Next Wave 2010. The 12-piece will release a seven-track CD of its material on August 3rd through Canatloupe Music. That includes a blisteringly dissonant song by Swedish metal band Meshuggah and an intricately-arranged version of Bjork's "Hyper-Ballad." There are a few more typical "ra-ra" maching band songs on the album too (Zappa in particular is already quite melodic and pompy), but the band focuses on getting unusual sounds out of the limited instrumentation. Live, they move in unique coordinated patterns, so the experience is individualized to the space and where you stand.

As an aside, this Saturday at Lincoln Center Out of Doors Festival is going to be particularly amazing, with the "Detroit Breakdown" lineup of Mitch Ryder, ? and the Mysterians, The Gories, Death and more.

St. Vincent has her own free show this weekend, at the Central Park SummerStage Sunday (8/1) afternoon, with openers Tune-Yards and Basia Bulat.

A video of Asphalt Orchestra doing that Meshuggah song on WNYC, and their schedule, plus a video of Annie doing a nylon-string version of "Actor Out of Work," are below...

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DOWNLOAD: Olof Arnalds - Innundir Skinni (MP3)

Olof Arnalds @ SXSW 2010 (more by Dominick Mastrangelo)
Olof Arnalds

Talented Icelandic songwriter Olof Arnalds has an amazing new record, Innundir skinni (translation: Under the Skin), coming out September 14th on One Little Indian. The album's title track, an acoustic-guitar-and-voice ballad produced (as the whole album is) by Kjartan Sveinsson of Sigur Ros, is posted above. That song will also appear on a forthcoming 7" single featuring Arthur Russell's "Close My Eyes" on the b-side. An intimate performance of that cover is below.

Olof in NYC for a show at Rockwood Music Hall tonight (July 19th) where she'll be accompanied by Skuli Sverrisson (Laurie Anderson's musical director) on electric bass. Tickets are still on sale. After that she travels to the West Coast for shows with Jonathan Richman.

Bjork make a guest appearance on an Innundir skinni song. She'll also pop up on the new Antony and the Johnsons album, Swanlights, due in October. There she sings on a duet called "Flétta" (the Icelandic word for both braid and lichen). Bjork recently put out a collaboration with Dirty Projectors, and will be holding a press conference today (7/19) to protest a new deal that would give Magma Energy of Canada a 65 year lease (renewable for 65 more) on Iceland's geothermal power. She said to the Financial Times about the it:

"Most people feel this is something the nation should keep....Especially after the bank crash, after witnessing all the criminal gambling with precious things... This deal smells like the leftovers from the corruption that brought us the bank crash."
Video below...

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by Andrew Frisicano

Dirty Projectors & Bjork @ Housing Works in April 2009 (more by Ryan Muir)
Dirty Projectors Bjork

Dirty Projectors and Bjork will be releasing a recorded version of Mount Wittenberg Orca, the suite they debuted at their Housing Works benefit in April 2009. The seven songs run 20 minutes total and are being released online on June 30th.
Stereogum points out...

"The Projectors and Björk recorded the new cycle April 28-May 1 at Rare Book Room with Nicolas Vernhes. (It was mixed by Vernhes with Longstreth and Björk.) It's the first new music since Bitte Orca. In contrast to that complex studio working -- something I mentioned in the press release for the album, full disclosure -- Mount Wittenberg Orca was recorded with the group together in a single room, only overdubbing lead vocals and solos. The songs are instantly recognizable from the Housing Works show (especially the opener), but they've noticeably deepened. The multi-part harmonies feel like the group's most adventurous to date. Nat Baldwin's bass is Sunn heavy. And, as you might expect, Björk's singular voice meshes gorgeously, floating atop when necessary. Something essential that remains was the original's idea of trying to use the book store's natural acoustics and as little amplification as possible. The sound is honest, immediate."
You can preorder the songs for a $7 donation. Dave Longstreth writes that, "We've decided to give away all the money that Wittenberg generates to the project of creating international marine protected areas. Only 1% of the oceans are protected in any way and this is a huge problem. We're working with the National Geographic Society to create areas of sustainability, so the oceans don't end up like a giant poisonous corpse hugging the continents." Awesome!

There is a series of teaser videos for the songs by "Stillness" director Matthew Lessner, which are posted below. Each has a different snippet of sound from the record: an eerie vocal cadence at the end of the first video, a dissonant chord burst on the second (and some prairie calisthenics), terse rhythms of the third, and a Xenakis-style glissando of the fourth. The final one has a melodic descending part that's sort of a companion to #1.

Dirty Projectors are on tour currently and play NYC's Terminal 5 on September 11th.

Olof Arnalds opened that Housing Works show, and she'll be in NYC for a show at Rockwood Music Hall on July 19th (tickets). She'll follow that up with three dates opening for Jonathan Richman in San Francisco, where she'll be debuting songs from her forthcoming record, Innundir skinni, (which Bjork guests on) due September 1st on One Little Indian. Maybe she'll give NYC a pre-debut peek at the songs. Pitchfork has a stream of the one Bjork sings on. Olof's dates and more are below...

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photos by David Andrako

Above the auto parts store

We arrived at about 9PM as Björk was hanging out behind the turntables gearing up to begin her set. The venue "Above The Auto Parts Store" was indescribably hot, but regardless fans packed in to get a glimpse of the one and only Björk. I was prepared to be at the venue for the long haul thinking Björk would be last, but she thankfully was second up on deck. DJ selections included a lot of obscure Asian and Middle Eastern house music, most notably including a cover of 2 Unlimited's "No Limit," along with Major Lazer/Crooker's "Jump Up!" [Tastes Like Caramel]
Bjork, Dave Longstreth of Dirty Projectors, Battles' Tyondai Braxton, and writers Alex Ross and Brandon Stosuy DJed at Above the Auto Parts Store on Sunday (5/2) at a benefit for Partners In Health, a health care nonprofit that works in Haiti. They called it "The Rites of Spring". Alex Ross posted his playlist, which paired The Ex, Justin Bieber, Stravinsky and more. That and more pictures from the event are posted below...

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Bjork & Dirty Projectors @ Housing Works (more by Chris La Putt)
Bjork / DP

As you can see on the flyer below, cavernous Bushwick DIY spot Above the Auto Parts Store will be the site of a benefit for Haiti with an eclectic lineup of DJs on May 2nd. Dirty Projectors' Dave Longstreth, Battles' Tyondai Braxton, and music writers Alex Ross and Brandon Stosuy will be joined by...Bjork behind the turntables and iPods for "Rites of Spring." Ross predicts "some combination of Thai soul, death metal, Justin Bieber, and, of course, nude Stravinsky." Brandon, who writes for Stereogum, has the genesis of the event, which involves Bjork/Dirty Projectors show at Housing Works last May, laid out at that site: "Tickets go on sale this Tuesday (4/13) at 5PM at Record Grouch/Old Made Vintage, 441 Metropolitan Avenue (@ Meeker) in Brooklyn. Their hours are 1PM-7PM daily. (There will be no online tickets. Paper tickets only.)"

Speaking of Bjork...

Ólöf Arnalds [who also played that Housing Works benefit with Bjork and Dirty Projectors] was recently featured in NPR's All Things Considered last week. Host Jonathan Richman chatted to the singer songwriter about her new album, and played a snippet of a new song called "Surrender", that features Björk.

Olöf recently finished mixing her second album, Innundir Skinni, at Sundlaugin Studios with Kjartan Sveinsson producing once again. Innundir skinni features more elaborate arrangements and instrumentation than Við og við, with vocals sung both in English and Icelandic. Innundir skinni is set for worldwide release this spring. [Iceland Music]

The NPR show is here. A streaming clip of the song is below with the benefit flyer...

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DOWNLOAD: The xx - Basic Space (Micachu Remix) (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Speech Debelle - Better Days (Revox) ft. Micachu and Wiley (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Micachu & The Shapes - Lips (MP3)

Micachu & The Shapes @ Siren Fest 09 (more by Chris La Putt)

Icelandic singer Bjork chats with All Songs Considered host Bob Boilen about some of her favorite artists and spins an eclectic mix of music. Hear selections from Syrian musician Omar Souleyman, the post punk duo Eyeless in Gaza, fellow Icelandic singer Olof Arnalds, The Pokrovsky Ensemble and the wildly eccentric, London-based rock group Micachu and the Shapes.
[NPR, June 2009]
The Micachu song Bjork picked for that session was "Golden Phone," the video for which is posted below.

Now, Micachu & The Shapes are back in North America for a set of dates including two NYC shows coming up very soon. At the first gig on Friday, October 2nd, they'll be playing at Brooklyn's Littlefield with Julianna Barwick and Mon Khmer. Tickets are on sale.

The second gig, an October 3rd Wordless Music show at (Le) Poisson Rouge, will feature ACME (American Contemporary Music Ensemble) who will be "performing string quartets written by Micachu (aka Mica Levi) and Jefferson Friedman. Tickets are on sale.

ACME plays another show the next week at Galapagos Art Space where they tackle the music of John Cage, Andrew Hamilton, Frederic Rzewski and Louis Andriessen. Tickets are on sale..

Before Micachu & The Shapes get to NY, they stop in Montreal where they will play a Pop Montreal showcase co-presented by BrooklynVegan (me/us). Also on that October 1st bill is Clues and Slim Twig. Check out the poster below.

All Micachu & The Shapes tour dates are below, with their "Golden Phone" video, a "special acoustic session in front of Tempelhof Airport in Berlin in August 2009" and a clip of Jefferson Friedman's "String Quartet No. 3," which ACME will be playing on the 3rd. Check them out...

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"We first caught wind of this rumor last week and have finally gotten enough confirmation that we feel comfortable posting it: Avant-garde pop star Bjork and artist husband Matthew Barney are in contract on a rather phat pad in Brooklyn Heights. In the name of privacy, that's all we're gonna say and ask that commenters refrain from posting the address if they know it. Stick to welcoming two more world-class artists to Brooklyn." [Brownstoner] (via)
That August 19th blog posting was followed by two blog postings on "The Real Estalker" that were posted the same, and the next, day. The first is titled "Matthew Barney Buys in Brooklyn and Sells in Manhattan", and the other is "Buy or Lease Björk's House in Snedens Landing" (a 2nd property upstate). Video of Bjork's possibly-maybe-former house in Iceland, below...

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Tanya Tagaq

Award winning performer Tanya Tagaq will embark on her first U.S. solo tour in August to showcase her unique style of Inuit throat singing....The Nunavut-born singer has gained notoriety through partnering with the world's most groundbreaking artists, including a successful 2008 tour that she co-wrote and performed with the Kronos Quartet, aptly titled "Nunavut." She also worked with the multi-talented Mike Patton (Faith No More, Mr. Bungle) and her latest record Auk/Blood was released through his label Ipecac Recordings (Sept. 2008). Icelandic visionary Björk took an interest early on to Tanya and brought her on her Vespertine tour in 2005. [On her solo dates] Tanya will be performing alongside SF-based drummer Scott Amendola and Vancouver violinist Jesse Zubot.
In NYC, Tanya Tagaq will be appearing on Wednesday, August 19th at Lincoln Center's Out Of Doors Festival at the Damrosch Park Bandshell. She'll also be playing the next day (August 20th) at the National Museum Of The American Indian Pavilion (near Battery Park).

Lincoln Center's Out of Doors Festival kicked off last night (8/5). Full schedule at their site. All events are free.

Check out a bunch of videos of Tanya, and all tour dates, below...

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WilcoWilco's Wilco (The Album) heads up a typically slow summer release week, with new discs by Moby (Wait for Me) and Bjork (Voltaic) also in stores tomorrow.

Other than the new Wilco album on vinyl, new Spoon EP and a couple of Television Personalities vinyl reissues (And Don't the Kids Just Love It and Mummy Your Not Watching Me), my music shopping list is pretty spare this week.

Relive the original Woodstock music festival with the 10-CD box set Various Artists: The Woodstock Experience.

What new music can you recommend this week? What's on your shopping list? Have I left any interesting releases off the list?

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Phosphorescent @ the Bell House in March (more by Fresh Bread)

tonight in NYC
* Gordon Lightfoot @ Town Hall
* The XYZ Affair, Wheat @ Mercury Lounge
* Team B, New Numbers @ (Le) Poisson * Rouge
* Pansy Division, Wormburner @ Mercury Lounge
* Steve Wynn & The Miracle Three @ The Bell House
* Cyro Baptista, Ben Perowsky Quartet @ The Stone
* Puffy Areolas, Unholy 2, Twin Stumps @ Silent Barn
* No Doubt, Paramore, Janelle Monae @ Jones Beach Theater
* Au Revoir Simone, Findlay Brown, Lights @ Bowery Ballroom
* Your Nature, Arizona, Javelins, Ghost Gamblers @ Bruar Falls
* Jarboe, IUD, Bloody Panda, Cult of Youth @ Santos Party House
* The Sundelles, Benjees, pow wow!, Shark, Edensong @ Trash Bar
* Girls, Ty Segall, Charlie And The Moonhearts, Screens @ Cake Shop
* The Most Serene Republic, Pursesnatchers, Adam's Castle @ Union Hall
* Dr. Dog, Phosphorescent, These United States @ Prospect Park Bandshell
* Pterodactyl, A Sunny Day in Glasgow, Grooms, Boogie Boarder, Ana Lola Roman @ Death By Audio

Dr. Dog, Phosphorescent and These United States play a free Celebrate Brooklyn show at the Prospect Park Bandshell tonight.

Steve Wynn & The Miracle Three are at the Bell House tonight. They'll be playing Wynn's Dream Syndicate album Medicine Show in full.

Arcade Fire & Beirut alum Kelly Pratt bring his Team B to (Le) Poisson Rouge for a show with New Numbers.

The Smithereens cancelled their Brooklyn show, but their show at the Stone Pony tonight is still on.

Williamsburg Walks closes Bedford Avenue to car traffic.

Cymbals Eat Guitars play Cake Shop on Sunday.

Allen Toussaint plays Joe's Pub on Sunday.

Amanda Palmer performed "Billie Jean" on the night MJ died. Video below...

The trailer for Bjork's "Voltaic" below...

What else?

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Bjork @ Housing Works (more by Ryan Muir)

For one night only in New York City, see and hear Björk's "Voltaic: The Volta Tour Live in Paris" in glorious high definition video and audio in one of North America's greatest new venues. The School of Visual Arts' beautiful new theater, with its state of the art equipment, provides the optimal situation for viewing and hearing this concert film from one of the most innovative artists of our time. [Cinema Purgatorio]
The Voltaic material was released on multiple formats earlier this year.
The NYC screening will take place on Tuesday, June 23rd. The School of Visual Arts Theater is located at 333 W 23rd St. in Manhattan. Tickets are on sale.

Bjork's most recent concert in NYC took place at Housing Works. Also on that bill were the Dirty Projectors (who have two announced NYC shows coming up) and Olof Arnalds (who is playing the BrooklynVegan Northside Showcase at MHOW on Friday, June 12th).

Other events coming up at Housing Works Bookstore & Cafe in SoHo include a show by Amanda Palmer, TONIGHT, June 3rd, and a street fair on Crosby St. this Saturday, June 6th.

The Bjork DVD will also be screened in other cities and states. More information on it with the full list of dates and the poster, below...

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DOWNLOAD: Ólöf Arnalds - Við og Við (MP3)

Olof Arnalds @ Housing Works in NYC (more by Chris La Putt)
Olof Arnalds

Last Friday, 300 lucky guests crowded into Housing Works Bookstore for a very special installment of the bookstore's Live From Home concert series: the occasion was a collaboration between musical legend Björk and the up-and-coming Brooklyn band The Dirty Projectors. It was a night of never before heard music to benefit Housing Works Inc., which provides direct services for homeless New Yorkers with HIV and AIDS.

Guests drank beer from Whole Foods, Hendricks Gin and Reyka Vodka cocktails and wondered what lay in store. Björk and the Dirty Projectors each chose an opening act: Olöf Arnalds, a singer from Björk's native Iceland, and Kurt Weisman, from Vermont were introduced by the headliners. Hosting the evening was bookstore board member and Stereogum writer Brandon Stosuy...

...The music was transcendent, and the night was a huge success as a fundraiser-raising $40,000 for Housing Works, Inc. Thanks to everyone who helped make it such an amazing night."
[Housing Works press release]

That singer from Bjork's native Iceland (Olof Arnalds) will be back again in June, this time to play two shows during Brooklyn's first-ever Northside Festival. And the dates are:
Thursday, June 11 @ Union Pool - Olof Arnalds w/ François Virot, Lisa Li-Lund, Sharon Van Etten, and Ivana XL (Uncensored Interview Presents "The Speakeasy: A Showcase of Transatlantic Alt-Folk")

Friday, June 12 @ Music Hall of Williamsburg - Olof Arnalds w/ John Vanderslice & The Tallest Man On Earth & one more artist TBA. (the BrooklynVegan showcase)

A Northside Festival badge will get you (first come, first served) into either show. Advanced tickets are also available for both shows (Union Pool and Music Hall).

The Tallest Man/Vanderslice/Olof/TBA show at MHOW is now one of two BV Northside Fest shows. The 2nd one is, courtesy of Black Bubblegum, much heavier.

Olof covered Bjork at the Bjork Housing Works show. Watch that video, and others like it, below...

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photos by Ryan Muir

Housing Works Bookstore Benefit featuring Bjork and the Dirty Projectors with Ólöf Arnalds and Kurt Weisman

The songs were largely or entirely Mr. Longstreth's -- he took half the lead vocals, leaving Bjork the lead on three songs -- but her presence brought out their longer melodic lines amid the counterpoint. Where Mr. Longstreth's lead vocals can sound mannered, Bjork sings like a force of nature. The songs became ballads of innocence and discovery, particularly the delicate finale, a moment of mystical interspecies communion concluding with a line from Kurt Cobain: "All in all is all we are." It would have been a crowd-pleasing touch to follow up with a rearranged Bjork song as an encore -- Dirty Projectors recorded her "Hyperballad" on that Bjork tribute CD -- but they chose to leave that gentle homily in the air.

Bjork and the Dirty Projectors each chose an opening act: Olof Arnalds, a woman from Bjork's native Iceland, and Kurt Weisman, from Vermont. Both were songwriters who put unexpected melodic tangents and other idiosyncratic twists into sparse, folky material. [Jon Pareles @ The NY Times]

You may have seen the first set of pics we posted Friday night. Here is another (which includes Kurt Weisman and a few other angles) from Ryan Muir (the night's house photographer)....

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photos by Chris La Putt

Bjork and the Dirty Projectors - Housing Works Benefit

I'm wiped. It was amazing. Here are some pics and a bit of summary....

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tonight in NYC
* So Cow @ Silent Barn
* Fischerspooner @ Webster Hall
* FIXED: JG Wilkes, Tanlines @ Studio B
* The Havels w/ Bryce Dessner @ Sycamore
* Pela & The Gaslight Anthem @ The Stone Pony
* grand opening celebration @ Satellite Lounge
* The Younger Lovers, Gamma Rays @ New Museum
* Celebration, Psychic Ills @ (Le) Poisson Rouge
* Drink Up Buttercup, We Are Country Mice @ The Cameo
* Darcy James Argue's Secret Society @ Galapagos
* pow wow!, Dinosaur Feathers, Los Basement, Wide World @ Lit
* Mike Watt & the Missing Men, Lite, Kahoots @ Mercury Lounge
* Mono, Wordless Music Orchestra @ Society for Ethical Culture
* Roddy Jackson, The A-Bones, The Memphis Morticians @ Maxwell's
* Anamanaguchi, Buke and Gass, Phil Pierce and the Sinners @ Europa
* Lubricated Goat, Junk Science, Mr. Meatpockets @ rabbitholestudio
* The Thermals, The Shaky Hands, Point Juncture, WA @ Bowery Ballroom
* Crystal Stilts, Blank Dogs, Religious Knives, Dinowalrus @ The Bell House
* Paint It Black, Blacklisted, Crude, Unit 21 @ The Studio at Webster Hall
* Mannequin Men, Choke, Joe Romeo & the Orange County Volunteers @ Union Hall
* Peanut Butter Wolf, James Pants, Mayer Hawthorne, Dam-Funk @ AMNH
* Bjork, Dirty Projectors, Olof Arnolds, Kurt Weisman @ Housing Works Bookstore

Recent ticket on-sales HERE and HERE.

Magik Markers (who are going on tour with Ghost) are playing a semi-secret show tonight. Their new video for "The Lighter Side of...Hippies" below...

Video from So Cow's show last night at Bruar Falls, below...

What else?

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photos by Chris La Putt

Ólöf Arnalds

Iceland Review: Your sound on that album is acoustic, folksy and quite unique. Is that a style you're going to stick with?

ÓA: When I was making and writing the songs I wasn't thinking in styles. That comes afterwards. The recording style was very determined; I wanted to use tape and wanted to set the rules up against me a little. I recorded both singing and guitar at the same time to make it as live and immediate as possible. I like the danger of whole takes. In the future, the style of my recordings might change because I want to add more musicians and to deal with different things, but I think that the core is the singing and the storytelling.

If I didn't know it was her, I'd barely recognize her. Iceland's Ólöf Arnalds played her third of four NYC shows in a row, last night (5/7). It took place at Scandinavia House in Manhattan. Her set was broken into two parts separated by an interlude (intermission). She was accompanied by a fellow who played guitar and a toy piano. There was free wine and a garden in the back to walk through. She also played Union Hall and Sycamore this week. Tonight's show is with Bjork at Housing Works (5/8). More pictures from last night below...

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Lincoln Center Damrosch Park bandshell - August 2008 (miro.m)
Damrosch Bandshell

This year's Lincoln Center Out of Doors (LCOOD), three weeks of FREE music and dance on the plazas of Lincoln Center, will run from August 5 through August 23. The 39th annual edition of the festival will present a wide range of music and dance events by dozens of international, U.S. and local artists, highlighted by New York, U.S. and world premieres and debuts and special commissions. Out of Doors opens Wednesday, August 5 with the worldwide debut of the Asphalt Orchestra, a new marching band developed by Bang on a Can, premiering works commissioned for Lincoln Center's 50th Anniversary from Goran Bregovic, Tyondai Braxton (of Battles), and Stew and Heidi Rodewald. The band will also perform original arrangements of iconoclastic rock, jazz, and classical material--all to movement created by MacArthur Fellowship winning choreographer Susan Marshall. Asphalt Orchestra will kick-off the first five consecutive nights of Out of Doors at 7 p.m., performing in different locations across Lincoln Center's campus, with a varying playlist each night. The opening night concert at the Damrosch Park Bandshell at 7:30 is a double-bill with Out of Doors alum The Dave Brubeck Quartet (marking the 50th Anniversary of the landmark album Time Out) with guest soloist, oud virtuoso Simon Shaheen, and Iraqi-American jazz trumpeter Amir ElSaffar leading the New York debut of his Two Rivers Large Ensemble.]
The Asphalt Ochestra shows also include "world-premiere arrangements of works by: Björk, Meshuggah, Charles Mingus, Colon Nancarrow, Frank Zappa."

And Lincoln Center and Wordless Music are again planning a performance of Rhys Chatham's Crimson Grail for 200 Electric Guitars. It'll be happening Saturday, August 8th at Damrosch Park. Let's hope they've secured a rain location, or this could be an annual thing. Section leaders include David Daniell, John King, Seth Olinsky (Akron/Family) and Ned Sublette. The fest is taking applications to volunteer as a guitarist or bassist for the event. Also on the bill for that is "seminal funk-punk band Liquid Liquid."

Other highlights on the schedule are "a pairing of Malian singer-songwriter Rokia Traoré with Raul Midón", The Derek Trucks Band, and Slavic Soul Party.

Closing out the festival will be the 26th Annual Roots of American Music Festival at the Damrosch Park Bandshell, an event that'll touch on the blues (Four Women: A Tribute to Odetta, Miriam Makeba, Abbey Lincoln and Eartha Kitt), Creole music (The Louisiana Renegades), country (Texas Tornados: Tribute to Doug Sahm), and "Mazel Tov, Mis Amigos: The Lost World of Latin-Jewish Sound" with Afro-Jazz bandleader Arturo O'Farrill.

Full schedule below...

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Voltaic, a very special CD/LP/DVD project from Björk, is set to be released in the US by Nonesuch Records on June 23, 2009. Available in five different physical configurations, it is a lovingly packaged celebration of the past two years of Björk's Volta activities--her critically praised sixth studio album, which came out in 2007, and the subsequent two-year world tour.
No new songs - "live", but "in a studio" (and remixes of course)... "five different physical configurations" (all very Bjork). More details (which I'm still trying to get my head around) below.

Bjork's only upcoming show is the Housing Works Bookstore benefit with the Dirty Projectors on Friday, May 8th. Openers include Ólöf Arnalds and Kurt Weisman.

The video and making-of for Bjork's "Declare Independence" are on the new Michel Gondry DVD collection out now.

Voltaic details (all configurations included) below...

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DOWNLOAD: Ólöf Arnalds - Við og Við (MP3)

Ólöf Arnalds @ South Street Seaport (more by Chris La Putt)
Olof Arnalds

Ólöf Arnalds has just finished recording her second solo album which was once again produced by Kjartan Sveinsson from Sigur Rós. This time round Kjartan also plays on the record along with his wife María (of Amiina), Skuli Sverrisson (Laurie Anderson), Shahzad Ismaily (Tom Waits, Bonnie 'Prince' Billy), and Davíð Þór Jónsson (Mugison). [press release]
Ólöf and Skuli Sverrisson, who performs on her album, played a special show at (Le) Poisson Rouge on September 9th of last year. Onstage guests included Laurie Anderson, Peter Scherer, Okkyung Lee, Hilmar Jensson, Shahzad Ismaily, and Nico Muhly. That show was just days after her outdoor South Street Seaport show last summer.

Ólöf will again be in New York and sharing a talent-laden stage. She's one of two acts opening the sold-out, May 8th Housing Works benefit headlined by fan and fellow icelander Bjork, and Dirty Projectors. (Kurt Weisman is the other opener.) At the show, Ólöf will be "showcasing tracks from [her new record] as well as [songs from] her award-winning solo debut, Við og Við." The MP3 above is the title track off that debut.

She'll also be playing three nights of NYC shows leading up to the benefit. The first is at Union Hall on Tuesday, May 5th. Tickets are on sale.

The second and third are at Ditmas Park venue Sycamore on Wednesday, May 6th and the Scandinavia House on Thursday, May 7th. A reception will follow the latter.

All tour dates with a video of Ólöf Arnalds on music-doc show Dig For Fire, below...

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Michael Gondry

The auction for premium Housing Works Bjork seats ends at 6:00 pm. As of this post, the current prices range from $550-$800.

Bjork, as well as The White Stripes, Beck, Paul McCartney, Radiohead and many others appear on a new Michel Gondry DVD (pictured above). Details below...

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Stillness is the Move

There will be a VERY limited number of $50 tickets for sale at Housing Works Bookstore on April 15. These tickets will be sold in pairs by lottery at 12pm on April 15. To enter the lottery, come to the bookstore at noon. The drawing will happen at 12:30pm.

Coming April 10: Front Row VIP Auctions! Bid on a front row table for two with a bottle of champagne, gift bag and more! (if you win an auction you can trade in your previously purchased ticket) Tickets to this event are completely sold out, but we're offering a few more fans the chance to of a lifetime--bid on a table for two in the front row! You and a lucky guest could be sitting just a few feet away from the stage, knocking back vodka and listening to what promises to be the musical event of the season. Auction will include:

* Front row table for two
* Complimentary bottle of Icelandic vodka
* Signed limited edition poster*

In a never before seen or heard collaboration with The Dirty Projectors, Björk will perform a suite of new music composed for her by David Longstreth of The Dirty Projectors. The suite, written for five voices, will pair Björk with the Projectors (Dave Longstreth, Amber Coffman, Angel Deradoorian, and Haley Dekle).

Dirty Projectors tour dates and more info HERE. Brand new Dirty Projectors track, "Stillness Is the Move", HERE.


The Icelandic environmental documentary Nattura-Summer 2008 [was] released exclusively on iTunes on March 10 (One Little Indian) via an exclusive digital distribution partnership with E1 Entertainment Distribution U.S. The film focuses on the current environmental issues that face Iceland and includes interviews with Björk along with many other well-known Icelandic figures. All proceeds from the documentary will benefit the Nattura Campaign.

Directed by Charlie Lightening, Nattura-Summer 2008 focuses on the proposed plans to increase the use of aluminum smelters as a means to harness Iceland's natural energy. As an alternative to these industrial practices, the documentary offers innovations and attempts to reinvigorate a larger discussion and debate on these key issues. In addition to Björk's commentary, the film features interviews with well-known Icelandic politician and environmentalist, Ómar Ragnarsson, as well as Andri Snaer Magnason. Magnason is the author of the award-winning, best-selling book, Dreamland: Self-Help Manual for a Frightened Nation, which offers a detailed critique of the Icelandic government's current energy-harnessing practices.

The documentary continues Björk's close involvement with the Nattura Campaign, which was founded in an effort to generate alternative, sustainable and eco-friendly ways to utilize Iceland's natural resources. In Björk's own words, "It is now more important than ever before to emphasize a respect for nature...I believe that profits, technological advances and working together with nature can all go hand in hand. None need to be sacrificed at the expense of the others."

If you weren't able to get tickets to the upcoming Bjork / Dirty Projectors show at Housing Works Bookstore, "In addition to online ticket sales at www.housingworks.org/bookstore. There will be a very limited number of $50 tickets for sale by lottery at Housing Works Bookstore in SoHo and select Brooklyn locations on April 15. Online auctions begin April 10 for front row tables for two."

In related news, Dave from Dirty Projectors will NOT be performing with Bang on a Can on April 2nd.