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Bjork @ Austin City Limits 2007 (CRED)
Bjork @ ACL

Bjork's big show at Madison Square Garden in NYC is tonight (Sept 24). The Klaxons are opening, and so is Santogold - which is BrooklynWhamCityConsistent with Bjork's choice of Spank Rock opening for her last time she was in town. And speaking of Spank Rock and Santogold, they're also both playing the Klaxons-MSG afterparty at Rebel, which (as David Bruno reported) is free if you RSVP. This is also a good spot to mention that the Klaxons are listing a Webster Hall show on October 12th which is "currently not on sale".

I'm supposed to go tonight, but should I? I just saw her at Austin City Limits (she headlined the first day), and probably because I was spoiled from going to all three of her last NYC shows (Radio City, United Palace & The Apollo), I had trouble getting into it (set list here). I was also tired (flew in that morning - was at festival all day), far from the stage, alone, supposed to already be at my own afterparty (which I had no idea how I was going to get to), and in a huge field with thousands of people. I guess I had trouble connecting with the show - like it was just this thing happening on a stage far away that I could sort of hear (I felt that way during Arcade Fire too) (wah, I know). You might have heard that a speaker caught on fire during Bjork's set which was the second fire that day at the fest.

Maybe sitting in a seat at MSG with stadium sound will be better. Do you want to go to tonight? The 30th person to e-mail BVCONTESTS@HOTMAIL.COM (subject: Bjork) will get a free pair of tickets. Include your first and last name. Tickets are also still on sale.

* Bjork Live Album in the Works
* Bjork playing Conan O Brien Thursday
* Quirky Bjork Relocates Her Innocence, Explains Video Contest
* Bjork, QOTSA, MIA Highlight First Day Of ACL Fest


Bjorkestra is "The Music of Bjork Gudmundsdottir for large jazz ensemble". They have three shows coming up...

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BjorkRegular tickets go on sale Friday for Bjork's show at MSG. As previously announced, the presale was Wednesday. Did you get tickets through that? I was disappointed to find out the Klaxons are opening. I don't hate them - I just don't think they're very good live, and for whatever reason I don't associate them with Bjork. They're also not Antony.

Since the theme lately seems to be "should they be playing MSG?", for Bjork I would say...yes?Bjork

Björk returns to North America this fall with a new series of performances. Highlighting the tour are headlining appearances at Toronto’s V Festival and Austin City Limits Music Festival as well as at a special Madison Square Garden event, featuring (to be announced later) guest performers.

The tour supports Björk’s new release Volta (One Little Indian/Elektra), described by the Washington Post as “…enthralling, frenetic and fresh…” and heralded by the New York Post as “…2007’s first must-hear album.” Additionally Spin says it “…dispels any doubts about the strength of her arty instincts” and Rolling Stone affirms it as a “…good argument for Björk to keep doing whatever she pleases…”

As before bjork.com will be hosting a special pre-sale next week for these dates. These will take place on Wednesday 18th and 19th of July and are accessed from bjork.com

Confirmed 2007 Tour Dates:
September 08...Toronto, ON:V Festival
September 11...Detroit, MI: Fox Theatre
September 14...Austin, TX : Austin City Limits Music Festival
September 17...Atlanta, GA: Fox Theatre
September 21...Montreal, BC :Jacques Cartier Pier
September 24...New York, NY :Madison Square Garden

This should do it for the time being. [Bjork.com]

Maybe Antony will open??? (please)

* An interview with Bjork
* Bjork played Radio City Music Hall -- pics
* Bjork @ United Palace Theater, NYC - pics & stream
* Bjork & Antony @ Apollo Theater, NYC - pics
* more Bjork

DOWNLOAD: Benni Hemm Hemm - Snjórjljóssnjór (MP3)


* Screaming Masterpiece is a new DVD about Bjork, Sigur Ros, Mum and other Icelandic music.

* Milan Records is offering people the chance to win a trip to Iceland.

* Video of Bjork's recent appearance on Jools Holland is on YouTube. M.I.A. is opening for Bjork in France.

* There's a new book called In a Frozen Sea: A Year with Sigur Ros.

* I missed singer-songwriter Lay Low's recent NYC debut at Midway, Pianos, Lakeside Lounge and Zebulon respectively, but she will be back for CMJ. Video below.

* Dance to Lauren Flax's 'Iceland'.

* Tickets are on sale for two Mum shows happening in NYC in November. More tour dates and details on a new album below.

* Tickets are on sale for a July 5th Benni Hemm Hemm show at Mercury Lounge in NYC (w/ Casiotone for the Painfully Alone). All tour dates below...

What else? All that promised stuff, and more, below....

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Bjork @ Sasquatch 2007

Our last concert in the first leg of the tour took place on Saturday night in the Gorge Amphitheatre, which is about two and a half hours’ drive from Seattle. It was great fun, I was unusually relaxed and Björk was marvellous. And the venue was so beautilful!

We didn’t go on stage until around midnight and as it takes about two and a half hours to drive to Seattle I wasn’t back in my hotel until 4am. And then I had to wake up at 6am to catch a plane to Boston.

From Boston I flew to Iceland, travelling with the brass girls and Mark Bell. I don’t know about them, but I have a horrible jet lag!

It is wonderful to be back. Unfortunately I won’t be here for long as Björk will be appearing on the Jools Holland show on June 5. But until then I rest my (suit)case! I will probably not be blogging until then. So all you wonderful people who have been reading the blog, see you in a week! [Jónas Sen - Volta Tour Blog]

Bjork @ Sasquatch 2007
DEREK REPORTS: Back from Sasquatch. I only attended the first day, and my main motivation in being there was to see Bjork. Quick summary:
  • The Gorge is stunning. I'd never even imagined listening to such great music with a backdrop so fantastic. To my poor New Englander brain, it felt unreal.
  • Sarah Silverman was completely useless. IMHO, she shouldn't even get paid for her presence there Saturday.
  • Michael Showalter was entertaining and seemed much more comfortable with the MC role
  • Electrelane have potential... the live show left me wanting, but I could definitely see a good producer helping form their sound into a damn good pop album.
  • Viva Voce were intimate and beautiful on the side stage. Damn impressive to see the male half out there drumming while also playing bass to such lovely female vocals.
  • Citizen Cope and The Long Winters completely failed to impress. It wasn't that they were bad. I just like live shows that have edge and energy. They had neither.
  • MIA was well ... not there... apparently my friendly government found her form of music to be some sort of security risk.
  • Manu Chao rocked the house. This is what I want in a live show. Energy! Dance white boy, dance!
  • The Arcade Fire kept up the energy from Manu Chao, with their insane drummer, amazing vocals, and crazy musicians who seem to randomly swap instruments every other song.
  • Bjork was amazing. She performed some reworks of older songs that really blew me away. The laser show was simple and clean, in the best of ways.
Bjork @ Sasquatch 2007
And from Ryan, "Now onto the not-so-good: this will probably get me labeled as having "low-brow" musical tastes, but I just do not understand Bjork. Sure, there was a huge, lavish stage and equally visual costumes that featured a brass-section dressed like teletubbies, but the music just does not draw me in. Her songs were slow and boring. Speaking of which, Citizen Cope was clearly popular with the crowd but inspired me to try and take a nap. Finally, Grizzly Bear is nothing like its name implies - there are a lot of trippy sounds and strange lyrics that do not translate well to a festival setting (unless, of course, your festival includes a lot of funny smelling 'cigarettes')." [Keeping Up With The Nonericks]
Set list below.....

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not for these people at least...


DOWNLOAD: Party Ben - Coachella Dance Mix 2006 (MP3) (more)

" It´s been a gorgeous pleasure to get to know antony , he is very very special . Incredibly generous person . I feel blessed ." [Björk]

Bjork @ Apollo Theater

Bjork @ Apollo Theater

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DOWNLOAD: Spank Rock - Bump (pink Skull Remix) (MP3)

Spank Rock @ Apollo Theater

I almost wrote that it was the wrong venue for Spank Rock to play, but then I remembered that we're talking about the legendary Apollo Theater here. In fact, even MC's Spank & Pase Rock dedicated their set to the late James Brown who played there many times (even after death). So I guess it could have been a party - actually Bjork was a party - it was just there wasn't really anybody in the place when Spank Rock started, and the people that were, were not about to get up out of their seats and start dancing (actually one guy sort of did).

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DOWNLOAD: Elliott Smith - Some Song (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Elliott Smith - Between The Bars (MP3)

I just wanted to take this opportunity to say that I don't like the Lavendar Diamond album, that I'm totally psyched to see that the new Keren Ann is out this week (still haven't heard it), that tickets are still on sale for Keren Ann at Bowery Ballroom, that the Clientele album is streaming at Merge, that I very much want to check out that Boggs album, and that you shouldn't forget that Brakes = Brakes Brakes Brakes (in the U.S.), and that Brakes Brakes Brakes are playing two nights at Mercury Lounge with Pela. And now, Largehearted Boy....


Bjork VoltaBjork's Volta is the most hyped music release in a week filled with quality releases.

Fans of the late Elliott Smith will enjoy his latest posthumous album New Moon, and I can also strongly recommend Keren Ann's self-titled release, Electrelane's No Shouts, No Calls, the Clientele's God Save The Clientele, Maximo Park's Our Earthly Pleasures, and Great Lake Swimmers' Ongiara (plus about half of the below list).

What new releases can you recommend this week?

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In case you were wondering what Bjork was wearing at United Palace Satuday night (May 5, 2007)...

Bjork & United Palace

Compare that with her outfits at Radio City and Coachella.

Seriously though, another great show (don't take my word for it though - LISTEN TO THE WHOLE SHOW AT NPR).

The crowd was much rowdier (LOUD in a good way) than Radio City. At Radio City people were standing and sitting and getting in fights over standing, and getting yelled at for standing, but then standing, but then sitting, etc... At United Palace everyone stood (and screamed) from start to finish.

The crowd ended up disappointing me a little though. Unlike at Bloc Party and the Stooges (Bjork was my third time at the new venue already), the United Palace security was making sure people stayed in their seats (and out of the aisles). I thought for sure everyone would disregard sercurity, and just fill the aisles and rush to the front during "Declare Independence" ("Don't let them do that to you!!"). I thought maybe we'd get a mini-revolution going (Create your own flag!). I was wrong. Show ended peacefully. Everyone gave a collective "that's it?", and then we all went home quietly and riot-free.

The set list, and some more photos, below....

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Konono N°1 opening for Bjork @ Radio City, NYC (CRED)
Konono no1 @ Radio City

Despite what it says on Bjork's website and I in turn posted, Konono N°1 are not opening for Bjork at the Apollo Theater. Mudderfukin Spank Rock is instead. Awesome, and not surprising. Konono is still opening at United Palace.

Speaking of Mudderfukin, tickets are on sale for The Faint show at Webster Hall.

DOWNLOAD: Dirty Down Mix Vol. 1 (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Cornelius - Point of View Point (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Wicked Pase Rock mix live from Miami (MP3) (via Fluokids)

Cornelius is touring. He gets to NYC on May 10th. I caught him this weekend at Coachella (hence the reason for no dance post last week). Here's a picture of his show in LA on Monday...

Cornelius @ The El Ray - Apr 30, 2007 (CRED)
Cornelius @ The El Ray

Spank Rock @ Coachella - 2007
Spank Rock @ Coachella 2007

Chk Chk Chk @ Coachella - 2007
Chk Chk Chk @ Coachella 2007

I'm going to geek out on Bjork too.

Wow. What an amazing show last night. After seeing her at Coachella and last night, I really hope that crunchy dance version of "Declare Independence" she rocks at the end of her set gets a proper release. "Raise Your Flag!" would go down well in the clubs. Speaking of da clubs, Spank Rock (who destroyed Coachella on Sunday night) remixed "Earth Intruders."

Zeitgeist: DANCE? Can You Feel It?

Larry TeeLarry Tee in this week's Village Voice:

"Dance music finally has an opportunity. It's kind of hot. I sense something is changing here."
Tricia Romano delves into the comings and goings of the fight against the Caberet Law, Larry Tee's proposed "Dance Music Invasion Festival" in NYC October 3rd through 7th, and the Dance Parade on May 19th (partly to protest the Caberet Law, partly to showcase dance (as in the act of)). Dance illegally this weekend: declare your independence.

Speaking of legality, the recent decision by the FCC's Copyright Royalty Board of Royalty Oversight, Discussion, and Redundancy that hiked up fees for internet broadcasters is being challenged by the SaveNetRadio organization. Internet radio is a crucial promotion vehicle for dance music. Go there and read up. Call your congressperson.

MobyMoby is kicking the dust off his stack of "Go" remixes and playing an old school rave set for the Cut & Trouble + Bass crews at the Masters of the Universe party at Studio B on Saturday (May 5th) night. Wear a mask and rave out. Other techno legends dropping through town this weekend: Sven Vath at Cielo tonight (Thursday May 3rd) and Juan Atkins at Sullivan Room Saturday (May 5th) (Tix).

Lots of Justice news this week. After a wild live set at Coachella that featured 45 minutes of cut, chopped, and fuzzed originals and pieces of their remixes, all performed from a Marshall stack stage. The boys have released their video for their massive next single "D.A.N.C.E." Its basically a pretty amazing ad for So Me's work with the Revolver clothing line. If this song isn't on every radio station this summer, I'd be very surprised. All of you PYTs make sure to kick the B.E.A.T. loud. Possibly one of the most anticipated dance albums of the past few years, Justice's † is out on Vice SOMETIME soon?

Justice video, more news, downloads, parties, and other surprises, BELOW....

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Bjork @ Radio City Music Hall

It's not the first time I've seen her. I've seen her at Radio City even, but something about last night - it was extra special. Bjork, the lights, the sound, the band, the songs (how great is Volta - I love it), the special guests.....the Antony & Bjork duet = one of the top concert moments of my life. more later. good night.

Bjork @ Radio City Music Hall

Bjork @ Radio City Music Hall

Bjork @ Radio City Music Hall

Konono No 1 were great too. Set list below

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DOWNLOAD: a taste of Konono N°1 (MP3)

Konono No 1

Bjork is here! Konono N°1 are here! NYC is glowing. From Our Bjork interview:

Will Antony be around to join you at your three upcoming NYC shows at Radio City, Apollo Theater, and United Palace? In fact, who (and what) can we expect to see at those performances?. I know that Konono No1 (another Volta collaborator) are playing a show in NYC during the first week of May. Can I assume that was coordinated with you?

It was a coincidence !! Not coordinated . Not sure exactly what will happen but i have asked both groups to join though . We´ll see ... ? I have been rehearsing with my band in iceland . It is 10 brass girls ( icelandic ) jónas sen on keyboards , mark bell and damian taylor on electronics and chris corsano on drums .

Cearly Konono said yes - they will open all three of Bjork's NYC shows + Chicago and Vancouver. I'm sure we can expect some thumb piano action during Bjork's set as well. Joanna Newsom is opening for Bjork in Denver and San Francisco. Maybe those guys will get some guest harp.

Tickets are STILL on sale for Konono's show at Bowery Ballroom on May 5th. It's the same night as their show with Bjork at United Palace. They're amazingly playing both - long commute.

More pics of Konono @ SOB's HERE. Pics of Bjork @ Coachella HERE.

DOWNLOAD: Bjork - I Miss You RH Factor Mix (MP3) (via)

Did Bjork coordinate her outfit with Kevin Barnes?

Bjork @ Coachella

If I remember correctly, she only wore what you see above during Earth Intruders (the song she opened with). More below....

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Bjork @ Coachella

I don't really know who "ruled" Coachella, but the performance I just watched on the stream was AMAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAZING - especially the ending where Bjork went all rave and then came back for a rave-punk encore. SO GOOD. Set list below...

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Wongie has the Spank Rock remix of Bjork's first new single 'Earth Intruders (one of the songs she played on SNL). Bjork likes Spank Rock. Everyone likes Spank Rock.

Did you see Bjork on Saturday Night Live? One of the songs she played was 'Earth Intruders'. The video of the performance is not up on YouTube yet, so here's the official one instead..

"Earth Intruders" on SNL....

"Wanderlust" on SNL...

The official video for "Earth Intruders" was removed from YouTube by Warner Brothers. I think it was a leak. 'Innocence' is streaming at MySpace. Make your own video.

"I had a throat problem that day and 5 minutes later 'earth intruders' was ready ." [Bjork]

DOWNLOAD: Clipse - Ain´t cha (MP3)


As I was saying, David Bruno (dance), Undisputed Wes (hip hop), and I (other) interviewed Björk (via email).

No introduction needed. After thanking her and all that, we asked
(questions in bold).......


SugarcubesBjörk, you recently reunited with the Sugarcubes and played a show in Iceland. How did that come about? Were you happy how it turned out, and most importantly - would you do it again in the U.S.? (New York preferably!)

Sorry , won´t be doing it again , i guess it was strictly for rescuing bad taste which was on the verge of bankruptcy . Don´t know if you know about that label but it has been putting out grassroot poetry and music now for 20 years . A non profit company where most of the people that work for it do so voluntarily .we put out sigurrós and múm´s first albums for example.

I love musical collaborations, and you always pick such great people to work with. This time you've especially lined up an exciting cast of characters. Truth be told, I get excited any time Antony Hegarty is involved with anything (including the new Matmos album that you both appear on). Do you remember the first time you heard Antony's voice, and/or saw him perform? How soon after did you know you wanted to work with him? Any good stories from your time together in Jamaica, and what eventually led you to include him on not just one, but two tracks on the new album?

Bjork and AntonyI was in my kitchen and a friend gave me a cd for christmas of this album that hadn´t come out yet . It wasn´t until later when i had gotten to know him a little we thought of working together . I guess me and antony have mutual friends in new york so we sort of got to know each other slowly ... He came to iceland and i showed him a bit of the country side . Then we sang together on couple of occations and ended up working on couple of sketches , 2 of them ended on the album ... It´s been a gorgeous pleasure to get to know antony , he is very very special . Incredibly generous person . I feel blessed .

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DOWNLOAD: Plastique De Rêve- Rodeo mechanique (live) (MP3)

Bjork Volta

I'm still feeling giddy. I was offered the opportunity to interview Bjork, did it (via email, but still), and she really answered (like just now). Actually - David Bruno, Wes and I worked on it together to quickly come up with questions that covered some dance, some hip hop, and some whatever. Stay tuned for the entire interview on Monday. For now here's a preview....


Can you tell us at least one album or song you're listening to - possibly right now, during and/or right before this interview, and maybe an album you're looking forward to in the future?

Bjork said:

Povo que lavas no rio : amália rodrigues
Ain´t cha : clipse
Leaf house : animal collective
Throw a shadow : eyeless in gaza
Rodeo mechanique : plastique de reve


The rest Monday.

Bjork is gonna be on SNL with host Scarlett Johansson on Saturday April 21st. Volta (cover art above) is out May 7th. Volta-related videos below....

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The first single from Bjork's Volta is available digitally today (both legally and illegaly). It's called "Earth Intruders". I listened to it about 100 times already - can't wait to hear the rest of the album.

There's a New York pre-record release party for Volta at the Delancey on Friday April 20th. Album track listing below...

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Tickets went on sale for Arcade Fire this morning. Some of the other High Line shows are on sale too, and here (Daniel Johnston). Tickets are about to go on sale for Bjork. Daft Punk tomorrow.