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Black Lips = "Fueled by Toyota" (more by Leia Jospe)
Black Lips

"NEW YORK - December 8, 2008 -- This spring Black Lips will return with the follow up to the widely successful Good Bad Not Evil with 200 Million Thousand, out February 24th on Vice Music. In addition, MySpace Music, the world's most popular and most trafficked music platforms, will be presenting a spring North American tour beginning March 4th in Carrboro, NC. Teaming up with MySpace Music empowers Black Lips to connect intimately with fans by enabling artists to upload video content, blog, post tour dates, lyrics, and make their music available to fans for stream or download.
The NYC dates are March 9th and 10th at Bowery and Music Hall. They're also playing SXSW. All dates below...

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Black Lips @ Lollapalooza 2008 (more by Zach Dilgard)
Black Lips

Black Lips, Japanese Motors and The Teenagers are playing two Toyota parties during CMJ this year. Japanese Motors are also playing a VICE late night party @ The Studio. PLEASE NOTE the corrected lineups for that... and the Toyota Antics flyer below...

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King Khan and BBQ show

King Khan and BBQ show

King Khan has been making a big splash. His cool friends, over the top guest appearances and entertaining shows with the Shrines (who he just put out a high indie-profile album out on VICE Records with) means the world now knows about Atlanta's musical shock-value showman and that means that next time he comes back to NYC with his old friend BBQ, he/they won't be playing the basement of Cake Shop anymore. In fact, the King Khan & BBQ show will be headlining both Bowery Ballroom and Music Hall of Williamsburg over the course of two days in November. Tickets are on sale Wednesday.

The photos in this post by alexdan are from the show the KK & BBQ show recently played at Santos Party House. All tour dates below...

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half of the photos by Leia Jospe

Deerhunter @ McCarren Pool

I was all ready to see the Black Lips when I heard the band begin. That's when I noticed Bradford Cox on the stage and realized that it was Deerhunter playing, and that Black Lips were going to be the headliner of the day. Maybe Black Lips are bigger now, maybe it was because the Black Lips had just come in from Lollapalooza, or maybe it was just good planning on their part. The higher energy Black Lips set was a much more fitting end of the McCarren Pool day. Deerhunter could have even played before King Khan & The Shrines for that reason.

Anyway, I thought that listening to/watching Deerhunter was going to be a semi-boring way to stand out in the sun on a Sunday afternoon, but my mood changed a few songs in. At that point I really got into it and wasn't really thinking about my surroundings anymore. Moving closer and closer helped. That way it got louder and louder. They played a new song that "hasn't even leaked yet" and there was a guest appearance by Cole of the Black Lips (who also plays with Bradford as Ghetto Cross), and various onstage cameos by King Khan. The guests really helped the energy too.

King Khan (a true ham) then ended up creating the most (unfortunately) memorable part of the show. Right as Deerhunter were playing their final notes - right after Bradford and gang were making their dramtic-guiars-pushed-against-the-amps-and-over-our-heads-and-we-all-fall-down exit, King Khan pulls down his pants and slowly meanders across the stage with a flower stuck in his crack for all to see and photograph and photograph.... More pics (NSFW, NSFLUNCH, NSATALLREALLY) below...

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photos by Leia Jospe

King Khan and the Shrines @ McCarren Pool

In a way, Sunday's free King Khan & the Shrines / Deerhunter (they didn't headline) / Black Lips show was also a King Khan show in three parts. Part one was the very entertaining performance by King Khan & The Shrines. Part two was King Khan on stage with Deerhunter whose final notes were overshadowed by King Khan's bare ass with a flower stuck in it. Part three was King Khan on stage with Black Lips which included a one-song guest appearance by The King Khan & BBQ Show (who are playing Santos Monday night) and a grand finale with the entire Atlanta crew on stage throwing toilet paper, ripping apart pillows and just generally being silly. The photos in this most are basically limited to act one...

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photos by Zach Dilgard

Black Lips @ Lollapalooza

Black Keys
Black Keys @ Lollapalooza

4:12 p.m.: The Black Keys draw a large crowd for their late-afternoon set, rewarding the growing throng with an array of scuzzy, blues-rock tunes ("Strange Times," "Girl Is On My Mind," "10 AM Automatic"). Unfortunately, sound issues on the northernmost stage rob the Akron, Ohio duo of much of its power (Dan Auerbach's guitar and vocals are significantly muted if you drift more than 100 yards from the stage). Moving closer to the stage helps the sound somewhat. "I thought it would be better up here," says Jon Schreur, 30, of Saugatuck, Mich. "From back there you couldn't even hear his voice. It reminded me of two years ago when Built to Spill played on this stage and it sounded terrible. And I love Built to Spill." (AD) [Chicago Tribune]
Black Lips
Black Lips @ Lollapalooza
12:20 p.m.: It takes less than a minute for the Black Lips to knock over its first microphone. The scuzzy quartet, which seems to take its fashion advice from auto mechanics and dock workers, is a blur of screeching feedback, slapdash drums and sweat (witness a revved-up "Bad Kids"). But despite its chaotic stage presence, the Lips prove surprisingly tuneful throughout ("We try and keep that melody in there," says drummer Joe Bradley after the set). This is especially true of "Dirty Hands," a 1950s sock-hop throwback that sounds like the band's ragged take on a prom song. (AD) [Chicago Tribune]
Black Lips and Black Keys both played Lollapalooza on Friday August 2nd (so did Holy Fuck, Jeff Tweedy, Rogue Wave and Radiohead). The Black Keys play McCarren Pool in Brooklyn on August 7th (with Tapes n Tapes and Love as Laughter) (not free). Black Lips play McCarren Pool in Brooklyn on August 3rd (TODAY) (with Deerhunter and King Khan & The Shrines) (FREE). More pictures of both Black bands from Lolla, below...

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photos by Leia Jospe

Titus Andronicus @ Market Hotel

Titus Andronicus @ Market Hotel

Before there was Black Lips, there was Titus Andronicus....at Market Hotel on Thursday night (June 5, 2008).

Market Hotel was a full house for Titus Andronicus, even though they were the first of three second of four bands that night. Named after the bloodiest of all Shakespearean plays, Titus Andronicus have aptly christened themselves with a name that references a story of revenge. The crowd consisted of mostly of twenty-somethings happy to hear their own private thoughts howled from the stage. Despite the recurring themes of hate and self-loathing, the show had a surprisingly upbeat vibe to it - people were smiling. Their high intensity, crowd-pleasing shows prove that Titus Andronicus is a band that is ready to headline on its own. [Trendwhore]
One down, four more NYC shows to go for Titus before July 13th. More Market Hotel pictures below....

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photos by Leia Jospe

Black Lips @ Market Hotel

Black Lips @ Market Hotel

Thursday night's show at Market Hotel was Black Lips' fifth NYC-area show in a week. It was supposed to take place at Ridgewood Temple. It was packed and hot and it ended a little early. More pics and video below....

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Black Lips @ MAxwells



here's what happened: due to recent fights at the venue's weekend parties, the 83rd Precinct & the NYS Liquor Commission have suddenly, temporarily banned -all- alcohol from the Ridgewood Temple - we can't sell it (we had applied & paid for a license) and you can't bring it in yourself. We went to pick up our license to sell today and this is the news we got! Faced with the prospect of a completely dry Black Lips show (that wouldn't work now, would it?), we've decided to relocate the show. Sorry, this all happened with no notice! S'OK THO - THIS SHOW WILL BE AWESOME & MARKET HOTEL IS TERRIFIC!!


The above photo was taken by Leia Jospe the other night @ Maxwell's.

Titus @ Andronicus @ Bowery Ballroom - May 19, 2008 (Pilot Viruet)
Titus Andronicus

On May 16th they had four upcoming NYC shows and they already played two of them, but they added three more (for a new total of five upcoming NYC shows). All tour dates below........

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words by Nick Masi, photos by Leia Jospe

Black Lips @ MAxwells

Black Lips @ MAxwells

A day after their three day run opening for The Raconteurs at Terminal 5, Black Lips headlined the significantly smaller Maxwell's across the river in Hoboken, NJ (June 2, 2008). They played only a few new songs - the rest of the set consisted mostly of tracks from their older albums and covers, one dedicated to the late Bo Diddley and another by their friends (and sorta-labelmate) King Khan & BBQ....

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Jack White & Jack Lawrence @ Terminal 5, Saturday night (Play Vicious)
Raconteurs @ Terminal 5

Brendan Benson, Nick Zinner, Jack Lawrence & White - also Saturday (roxxan23)
Raconteurs @ Terminal 5

The Raconteurs played Terminal 5 in NYC on Friday and Saturday AND Sunday.

Are people actually saying that Saturday night show was just OK??? It was absolutely ripping and jack white is one of the best guitarists alive. The guy was going crazy on stage. He was more into the show than anyone else in the place. The venue sucked, but who cares, no lines for beer. [Anonymous]
Black Lips opened all three nights. More pictures, and Saturday night's Raconteurs setlist, below....

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Battles @ Sasquatch 2008 (more by Chris Graham)
Battles @ Sasquatch

today in NYC & NJ
* Kaki King @ Baruch College
* Dead Confederate is playing Pianos
* Murphy's Law @ Dingbatz in Clifton, NJ
* The Submarines & Headlights are playing Union Hall
* an indie pop dance party @ Cake Shop w/ Austin's The Carrots
* Abigail Washburn, Sparrow Quartet, Béla Fleck/Mirah/SI @ Castle Clinton

Ashanti is playing a free MySpace Secret Show at Knitting Factory on on June 2nd ("Limited number of guaranteed-entry wristbands available at 5pm day of show.")

Beatles tribute band The Fab Faux are playing Radio City Music Hall! (presale password=LENNON).

Speaking of tribute bands, Girls Girls Girls (the all girl tribute to Motley Crue) are playing Knitting Factory Friday night May 30th.

Previously on Lost ("the (only) TV recap rock band, writes and records weekly songs reflecting on each episode.") will be performing (Season 4 of Lost) at Knitting Factory on Sunday June 1st.

Dilinger Four are playing Highline Ballroom and Club Exit.

Most of this summer's free McCarren Pool show lineup was announced. Get out your hula hoops.

Black Lips are playing one of the free shows in addition to five other NYC-area shows this Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Thursday. Check out their new video for "It Feels Alright" below...

Too bad Flaming Lips aren't on the schedule because that would be even wilder than Ted Leo was.

Speaking of free Ted Leo shows and Castle Clinton.

What else?

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Black Lips


Thursday June 5th @ THE RIDGEWOOD TEMPLE


1054 Bushwick Ave @ Gates Ave | Bushwick, Brooklyn
J,Z-Gates Ave, L,M-Myrtle/Wyckoff | 8pm | all ages | $10


By June 5th Black Lips will have already also played a show at Maxwell's and three at Terminal 5. Watch your stuff. Check out pics from Coachella.


Atlanta band Howlies have some great demo songs now streaming on their MySpace. Not surprisingly, this band comes from the same neck of the woods as Black Lips, and one of their upcoming Atlanta shows is with King Khan & The Shrines. Their self-listed list of influences is a long one and probably sums them up pretty good:

velvet underground. beach boys. chuck berry. howlin wolf. bo diddley. james brown. sam cooke. hollies. heat wave. freddy 'boom boom' cannon. ramones. stones. beatles. kinks. link wray. dion and the belmonts. swingin' medallions. easybeats. CAN. CCR. four seasons. coasters. mothers of invention. kim fowley. phil spector. stooges. misfits. tom petty & the heartbreakers. the falcons. flipper. hawaii. satan. the ATL.
I want to check them out at Pianos TONIGHT (April 26, 2008) (@ 11pm) (before The Jones Street Boys). Videos & tour dates below....

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Tickets are on sale for a June 2nd Black Lips show in NJ. This show is the day after they play their third show in a row at Terminal 5 with the Raconteurs. Then from Hoboken they move on to Boston. (thx Keith!)

Atlas Sound


:: ATLAS SOUND + secret longtime buds band
:::: Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome WOLF
:::::: more guests tba

we're selling advance tickets to next Friday's ATLAS SOUND + secret
buds show. Only ticket holders will be emailed the location.
----> tickets go on sale @ 5PM SAT, 3/5 @ CINDERS GALLERY
----> [ 103 Havemeyer St @ Hope St - 718.388.2311 ]
----> location will be emailed to ticket holders @ 7pm night of show

My first guess for "secret longtime buds band" was Black Lips, but they're on tour in Europe. Bradord is definitely "friends" with Grizzly Bear, but I don't know about "longtime", so my new guess is Yeah Yeah Yeahs, but maybe that's just wishful thinking. I was also thinking maybe Deerhunter, though I'm not 100% sure why they wouldn't just say Deerhunter. Maybe it's because Deerhunter aren't supposed to play any other advertised shows before their next one in Brooklyn. Any other ideas?

I ended up seeing Atlas Sound twice at SXSW - first at the Pitchfork Party and then again the next day at Mess With Texas. Both were pretty good. Ryan Muir saw them at Mess With Texas too. More of his photos below....

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Deerhunter with Black Lips

Pitchfork: Do you plan to interrupt recording at all this summer for any tours?

Cole Alexander: I don't want to tour so much. We're known as this touring band, and I'm kind of sick of that. I don't want to burn out by just being a live band, so I really want to block off the whole summer just to record. We'll do the occasional show here and there. I think we're doing a show at McCarren Park in New York with Deerhunter and King Khan and His Shrines, but, beside that, I want to focus on recording. I feel like, when we die, it's easier to live on through records than live shows.

Before that, The Black Lips are going on tour with the Raconteurs. (thx Frank!)

May 30

Black Lips are playing Terminal 5 in NYC in May (with the Raconteurs). All dates for both bands below....

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by Leia Jospe

Black Lips @ Other Music

Black Lips also played Bowery Ballrooom last night. More pictures from Other Music below....

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Black Lips poster
Black Lips poster
Black Lips poster

I was wandering around LES, when I stumbled upon this guy was defacing the following movie posters. I went back to scene of the crime the next day. To find that another poster was put on top. It was just a promotion for the Black Lips / Quintron & Miss Pussycat at the Bowery Ballroom on March 10th. [all photos by URBANBLITZ] (via Gothamist)
Other Music, Bowery Ballroom, Music Hall of Williamsburg, and all dates below...

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Vampire Weekend @ Other Music, NYC (Bao Nguyen)
Vampire Weekend @ Other music

Vampire Weekend (who are also playing in a store this Monday night) played Other Music during CMJ (pictured), and now you can watch it online. The Clean played Other Music too, and that is also up for viewing.

Toumani Diabate is on tour, playing Bowery Ballroom on January 31st, AND playing Other Music on January 30th.

Blood on the WallTaken By Trees is going on tour, playing Hiro Ballroom on February 22nd, AND playing Other Music on Febuary 21st.

Black Lips are going on tour, playing Bowery Ballroom on March 10th, playing Music Hall on March 11th, AND playing Other Music on March 11th.

Blood on the Wall is playing Music Hall on February 22nd with Cause Co-Motion!, AND Other Music on February 20th. All tour dates below...

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