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Bloc Party

The below video says Bloc Party are playing a free show on September 18th. Where? I don't know, but they're in Montreal on September 17th....

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Bloc Party @ Lollapalooza (more by Bao Nguyen)

Vijay wrote in and asked, "conscious decision not to post anything on the release of the bloc party record?" oops...

"This year, record releases are like ambushes. There was a time when only hip hop albums would 'drop'; now, indie rock releases fall from the sky like ordnance as well. Earlier this year, Radiohead and Sigur Rós issued albums with indecently short lead-up times. Now east London quartet Bloc Party have joined the stealth set, revealing the completion of their third album last Monday and releasing it electronically just two days later. The hard copies arrive in October." [Guardian]
Bloc Party are playing Syracuse, NY on September 7th.

Bloc Party by Chris La Putt, Foals by Bao Nguyen

Bloc Party @ Webster Hall

Foal w/ a sore arm?
Foals @ Lollapalooza

Often accused of having a similar sound, and united together against the evil powers of Sex Pistol John Lydon (and McCain), Foals and Bloc Party both visited from the UK to play Lollapalooza this past weekend...

"the Foals provided the most pleasant surprise of the weekend. I knew nothing about these guys going in, but I did like what I was reading about them in all of the Lollapalooza previews. They were often described as math rock, but their punk-inflected vocals and dance-driven grooves reminded me a lot of The Rapture." [The Windy Citizen]
Bloc Party then moved on to NYC where they played Webster Hall last night (August 6, 2008)...
Bloc Party takes the stage with a false challenge. Lead singer, Kele Okereke says, "you know, New York, we're coming off some of the best shows of our career. You don't want to let Philly best you now?" Sure the band played Lollapallooza over the weekend but Philly? Telling a hungry New York crowd that Philly brought the noise is a bit like telling a speeding dump truck that there's a Kia at the of bottom of a hill that just won't move. Sure it will. Just watch. [32ft/second]
...and will again tonight (August 7, 2008).... Bao's Bloc Party pics from Lollapalooza are HERE. More pics Chris took at Webster Hall last night are below...right below the pics Bao took of Foals at Lollapalooza which are also below....

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photos by Bao Nguyen

Bloc Party @ Lollapalooza

Bloc Party frontman Kele Okereke looked like he was ready for a very political game of basketball. Dressed in brightly colored shorts, vintage Nikes and a Barack Obama T-shirt with the word "Progress" written on it, Okereke and his band managed to overcome some technical glitches and the absence of bassist Gordon Moakes (he's at home with a new baby) to deliver a set of inspired stadium-sized dance riffs as the Chicago sun set. The band really clicked the new single "Mercury" (where Okereke sampled his own voice) and on the set-closing "Helicopter" (which was greeted as a true anthem). During some down time, Okereke even teased the opening riff of Nirvana's "Heart Shaped Box," which was a knowing nod to Lollapalooza's early-'90s roots. [Rolling Stone]
No fights reported yet. Bloc Party play Webster Hall in NYC on Wednesday and Thursday. Video captured from the live Lollapalooza stream and more pictures below....

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Johnny Rotten

Speaking to the BBC's One Show about racial attitudes, Lydon said: "My grandchildren are Jamaican right."

"This is an absolute offence to them and me when I read stories like that, that are allowed to go to print absolutely unfounded and have the liberty to take liberties with a man like me and call me a racist when my entire life has proved exactly the opposite." When asked if he was a racist, Lydon replied: "Absolutely not. And any bugger that dares say so is going to have their day in court with me - you understand this?"

During his interview, Lydon also reaffirmed comments made in his initial response to Okereke's allegations that stressed the Sex Pistols' multi-racial appeal.

"It's the most wonderful thing ever, playing to our multi-racial audiences, which they always have been," he said. "And not only that, multi-gender, multi-everything-you-like, we are open to all. Our whole message in life has been to eliminate the barriers that separate us."

He added that the Sex Pistols "only true enemy in life is governments". "And politicians, and, low and behold, the British press," he added. [GigWise]

PREVIOUSLY: three Foals injured in Sex Pistols-Bloc Party fight

Foals @ Silent Barn (more by Leia Jospe)
Foals @ Silent Barn

Foals tour manager Nick Jenkin today called Lydon's description of the event at Barcelona's Summercase Festival "totally untrue," and said he watched Okereke being punched by the Sex Pistols' entourage while the band's frontman, known as Johnny Rotten, taunted the Kaiser Chiefs' Ricky Wilson, after he went to the aid of the Bloc Party singer.

Jenkin also told Times Online that Foals frontman Yannis Philippakis tried to help Okereke but was put in a sleeper hold by a security guard until he passed out and was then handcuffed as he lay on the ground. "He had a boot on his back," Jenkin said.

Foals bassist Walter Gervers suffered a black eye and guitarist Jimmy Smith was shoved through a barrier during the brawl on Saturday afternoon, Jenkin said. [Times Online]

Gruff Rhys was there too.

furry fight

Neon Neon have backed up Kele from Bloc Party's statement on John Lydon's alleged racist attack, after witnessing the event.

Speaking exclusively to MTV News Gruff Rhys from the group said: "It was horrific. Kele is a very brave man and what he said is exactly what happened."

The band were backstage at the Summercase Festival in Barcelona with other British groups when the alleged assault took place and confirmed they saw everything.

Neon Neon and Super Furry Animals singer Gruff added: "The statements Kele has said are absolutely true. It did happen."

John Lydon denies it. John Lydon played in the fourth best punk band ever. John Lydon has sexy dance moves.

Neon Neon are up for this year's Mercury Prize, a prize that Gruff (Super Furry Animals 'Rings Around the World;') lost to PJ Harvey in 2001.

Sex Pistols @ Summercase, Barcelona - July 19, 2008 (lalitaporfavor)
Sex Pistols

John Lydon has responded to allegations of his involvement in a racist assault by saying his accuser is a liar and in need of the publicity. In a carefully worded statement, Lydon said: "I feel very sorry for a man that needs to lie about what was a perfect evening." In Lydon's version of events, the Sex Pistols singer claims that, "trouble was brought us, resulting in those causing the trouble being physically removed by festival security". He added: "If they need publicity so badly this is the allegation universe they run into." [Guardian]
In related news, Bloc Party bassist Gordon Moakes will not be with the band when they arrive in North America next week. The reason: "in order to prepare for the imminent arrival of his first child."

John Lydon

Bloc Party singer Kele Okereke claims he was left with severe facial bruising and a split lip following what he alleges was a racist attack by Sex Pistols singer John Lydon [aka Johnny Rotten]. The incident occurred on Saturday evening at the Summercase festival in Barcelona while the bands were socialising backstage.

In an official statement released by Okereke, who is of Nigerian descent, the singer says he approached Lydon and asked him about the possibility of a reunion for Public Image Ltd, the band Lydon formed following the Sex Pistols demise in 1978. In Okereke's words, Lydon became "intimidating and aggressive while his entourage responded with a racist tirade, including the statement, 'your problem is your black attitude'." An assault allegedly ensued in which three people attacked Okereke.

Several other bands witnessed the incident, with members of the band Foals and Kaiser Chiefs singer Ricky Wilson intervening on the Bloc Party singer's behalf. Both have confirmed to the Guardian that the incident occurred but could not confirm or deny reports that the assault was racially motivated. Following his involvement, Foals singer Yannis Philippakis was arrested. He is expected to make a statement shortly.... [The Guardian] (thx J M)

photos by Ryan Muir

DIOYY @ Coachella 2008
DIOYY @ Coachella

Tickets are on sale (@ noon) for the upcoming Bloc Party shows at Webster Hall.

Does it Offend You, Yeah? is opening for Bloc Party on all non-festival U.S. dates. Ryan happened to catch them (DIOYY) at Coachella. More pictures (and video) from that show below....

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Bloc Party

Bloc Party will pay a short visit to the United States this summer to play a few festivals and some shows in California, Philly and NYC. In NY it's two nights at Webster Hall (again). "A ticket pre-sale to Bloc Party's fan club, Marshals, begins on Tuesday, April 29th, with tickets going on-sale to the general public on Friday, May 2nd." All U.S. dates are with Does It Offend You, Yeah? who are going on a North American tour of their own even sooner. All dates below....

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DOWNLOAD: Gang of Four - Password (Demo) (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Gang of Four - Second Life (Demo) (MP3)

Gang of Four

Recently the band has enjoyed a resurgence in popularity, initially due to emergence of new post-punk influenced bands such as The Rapture, Liars and Radio 4 and then the rise of Franz Ferdinand and Bloc Party, which led to the renewed patronage of the NME. The original Burnham/Allen/Gill/King lineup reformed in November 2004. In October 2005, Gang of Four released a new LP featuring new recordings of songs from the albums Entertainment!, Solid Gold and Songs of the Free entitled Return the Gift, along with an album's worth of remixes. [Wikipedia]
Did you know that Dave Allen, the bass player of Gang of Four, writes a music blog? A good one too - one that not only provides regular updates and thoughts on topics like Radiohead, but one that also keeps people up to date with the latest Gang of Four happenings. That's how the world now knows that Gang of Four is busy recording some new songs, and that's where I got the two early demos linked on top of this post.

Bloc Party have a new EP out this week. The contents? Five versions of the song "Flux" - the same song you heard in the video that stars the Kaiju Big Battel characters. Stream the whole EP at AOL. Read more about it below.....

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Takka Takka, Dave Godowsky & Kaiju @ Pianos (BV CMJ) Oct 20, 2007 (CRED)

Characters from Kaiju Big Battel were on hand at two of the three BrooklynVegan day parties during CMJ this year. You already saw a photo featuring the bouncer at the Friday R Bar party (where Yeasayer & Black Kids & many others played). Now this post is full of pictures that were taken the next day at Pianos - some featuring members of Takka Takka, and two with (their friend) singer-songwriter Dave Godowsky (who played upstairs at noon at that party).

Kaiju Big Battel play Warsaw in Brooklyn tonight! (Nov 9, 2007). Dave Godowsky plays Mercury Lounge on Sunday. Why is Dave in town? Because his other band plays Bowery Ballroom on Saturday.

Kaiju Big Battel are also featured in the new Bloc Party video. That video, and more photos (including one with Jaime of Islands), below....

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Bloc Party @ Theatre @ MSG, NYC - Oct 3, 2007 (CRED)
Bloc Party @ The Theatre @ MSG

Kele from Bloc Party is DJing at Hiro Ballroom tonight (Oct 04). It's one of the parties that Kaper Bjorke is playing. The Glass are playing live too. Free with RSVP.

Bloc Party is now finished with their U.S. tour. I didn't go to MSG, but I did see them at ACL - which was okay, but I think I need a new album before I can ever see them again. Overseas tour dates below....

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DOWNLOAD: Foals - Hummer (MP3)


Foals are a Bloc Party-esque dance-punk band from the UK - a band whose MySpace page I found myself visiting quite often lately - partly because I had heard they were coming for CMJ, and now I know they'll be playing Bowery Ballroom with Le Loup, The Brunettes & Band of Horses on Saturday October 20th. It's the Sub Pop/Hardly Art showcase, but whether Foals actually have a record deal in the works with one of those related labels is not known at this time. Tickets go on sale Wednesday at noon.

Tickets are also still on sale for the other known Bowery CMJ shows. Tuesday & Thursday (of CMJ @ Bowery) are still unknown, but I can tell you at least that Tuesday will be revealed very soon...

More Foals tour dates below....

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DOWNLOAD: Tokyo Police Club - Be Good (from Dinner with the Band) (MP3)

outside Bowery Ballroom - Aug 13, 2007
Outside Bowery Ballroom

All I know is that after Tokyo Police Club finished their set (and one-song encore), I went outside and there was this guy on the ground surrounded by police. I snapped the above photo with my phone. A second guy was wiping blood off his own nose, and then an ambulance came, and then the guy you see on the ground was taken off in the police car. Exact details are unknown, but supposedly the guy in handcuffs (probably very drunk) just decided to walk up to this other guy near the end of TPC's set, and just punch him right in the face for no reason - possibly to try and start up a mosh pit or something.

TPC played a great set, that, for them - was long, and full of new material. I'm excited to hear their new album coming out on Saddle Creek. They're about to start recording it any day now. I also (surprisingly) really enjoyed Harlem Shakes' opening set, and even the one by opener-opener King Left. I didn't take pictures (inside), but here's one I like from a show they recently played in their hometown of Toronto....

Tokyo Police Club in Toronto

On October 3rd, TPC is opening for Bloc Party at the Theatre at MSG in NYC. More tour dates, and TPC's new video for 'Citizens of Tomrrow', below....

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"Save the World" - Bloc Party @ Live Earth London (CRED)
Bloc Party @ Live Earth

The most bizzare thing about the Bad Brains show on the boat was before the show when HR was just sort walking around by himself with his sunglasses on - looking extremely chill, and nobody was talking to him - at least when I saw him. He apparently did speak to at least one person before the show though, and it was DL host Sara Schaefer. AOL has the must-see video where they talk about the new album, and even sick Morrissey's favorite artist (and Gogol Bordello collaborator) Madonna. Keep the video running for a cool in-studio performance by Bloc Party that comes up right after Bad Brains. Updated Bloc Party tour dates below....

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A one-month-old female Golden Snub-nosed monkey is held in the arms of her mother at the Yokohama zoological gardens Zoorasia, south of Tokyo, Saturday, June 23, 2007 (AP Photo/Itsuo Inouye)

Clap Your Hands Say Yeah's show at Gramercy Theatre sold out quickly. Bloc Party's show at the WaMu is on sale. Blonde Redhead is playing a free show at McCarren Pool this summer, and now tickets are also on sale for a show by them in NJ on September 22nd.

All Blonde Redhead tour dates & stuff, below...

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DOWNLOAD: Smoosh - This Modern Love (Bloc Party cover) (MP3) (VIA)

Bloc Party @ Glastonbury 2007 (CRED)
Bloc Party @ Glastonbury

Bloc Party frontman Kele Okereke has a secret confession to his army of supporters - he doesn't like music festivals because they remind him of when he was at school. The British rocker's band performed at the Glastonbury festival yesterday, and will be headlining a number of shows around Europe and America over the summer.

But he doesn't find the experience being backstage at festivals very enjoyable.

He says: "It's like being at a school reunion with people you know the faces of but don't really know at all." [Starpulse]

Bloc Party had to cancel last time they were supposed to play the Theater at Madison Square Garden in NYC. They try it again on October 3rd - not long after they play Austin City Limits & a show in Toronto. A fan club presale starts Tuesday. More dates surely TBA soon. All known dates below....

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DOWNLOAD: Bloc Party - Banquet (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Bloc Party - Say it Right (Nelly Furtado) (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Bloc Party vs. Gwen Stefani "What You Hunting For?" (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Bloc Party vs. Coldplay "Hunting For Witches In My Place" (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Bloc Party - I Still Remember (live @ FNX) (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Bloc Party - Sunday (live @ FNX) (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Bloc Party vs. Madonna "Groovecopter" (MP3)

Bloc Party continue their current U.S. tour (with the Maccabees) in Kansas City, Missouri tonight (Jun 11, 2007). They played the Stone Pony (moved from the Convention Hall) in Asbury Park, NJ on Thursday (June 7), and on Saturday (June 9) they played Live 105's BFD 2007 at Shoreline Amphitheater in Mountain View, California.

Bloc Party @ Shoreline Amphitheater - June 9, 2007 (CRED)

Interpol, Queens of the Stone Age, Social Distortion, CSS, The Faint, The Bravery, Kaiser Chiefs, Silversun Pickups, Cold War Kids, and CSS were also on the relatively cheap bill. More BFD pics & BP tour dates below....

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This guy Ronald doesn't like Bloc Party:

I'm sorry, but it's impossible for me to listen to these English newcomers without hearing the indelible mark of post-punk founders the Cure. I'm afraid what we have here is just the latest example of a U.K. band appropriating the sound of one of America's best. This is one bloc party RTC will not be attending — and I don't care if they are serving hamburgers.


He doesn't like Cat Power either. Here's a picture of Bloc Party from SXSW...

Kele scales the wall @ Stubb's, Austin, TX (SXSW) - March 16, 2007 (CRED)
Bloc Party

In just a couple of days Bloc Party will be here in NYC, and people that don't already work or live there will be venturing to 175th Street (United Palace) for the first time. Bloc Party will also make an appearance on Letterman while they're here, and they'll be back in the area in June to play Asbury Park and elsewhere.

Mar 29 - The Late Show with David Letterman
Mar 30 - New York, NY @ United Palace Theatre
Mar 31 - New York, NY @ United Palace Theatre
June 7 – Asbury Park, NJ (Convention Hall)

All tour dates below...

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Bloc Party

Kele told Rolling Stone he likes Joanna Newsom, Beyonce, and Forward, Russia!. The other day we heard what he and Gordon think about the first four tracks on their new album Weekend in the City. Here's what they have to say about tracks 5-8:

VIDEO STREAM: "track 5 - Uniform"

VIDEO STREAM: "track 6 - On"

VIDEO STREAM: "track 7 - Where is Home?"

VIDEO STREAM: "track 8 - Kreuzberg"

I don't really get all the hate. Weekend in the City is not as instantly engaging as their first album, but the more I listen, the more I love it. Lately I've been listening to it more than anything else.

I'm happy to see they still sold an impressive 48,000 records the first week - not as many as Fall Out Boy, but still a lot. The CD and vinyl are still selling fairly well at Insound too.

Videos 1-4 here.