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"Somewhere, a Pitchfork editor is crying" [Alternative Press] (thx Jeff)

Panic! at the Disco are bringing Bloc Party on tour...

11/13 - New York, NY @ The Theatre at Madison Square Garden
11/14 - New York, NY @ The Theatre at Madison Square Garden

All dates below...

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Bloc Party @ McCarren Park Pool

more soon....

Kele from Bloc Party is DJing Misshapes Saturday night. Earlier in the day he's playing a sold out show at McCarren Pool in Brooklyn. Here are the set times: 6:15 - Mew, 7:20 - Secret Machines, 8:30 - Bloc Party.

Bloc Party concert last night was cut one song short due to an "electrical storm". Two songs into the encore, the rain started to come down and lightning was evident in skies. After a brief conversation with the stage managers, the band said goodnight which was subsequently met with boos from the crowd. Kele responded with something on the lines of "You had fun though right? We will repay our debt to New Jersey soon" and the crowd responded with cheers. - Bao

Radio Free Chicago and Future Perfect Radio worked with me to get all of this coverage of the VICE Intonation Festival that recently happened in Chicago, and I really fell behind in getting the content up, so... sorry about that to all involved. Here are the photos of Bloc Party (who are playing NYC at the end of this month).....

Bloc Party @ Intonation

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Instead of Irving Plaza, Bloc Party are playing a 2nd NYC-area show on July 27, 2006 @ The Stone Pony in Asbury Park. Instead of being fan club-only, the presale is just for the fan club and it's happening now.

Bloc Party

Fan-club only pre-sale tickets for Bloc Party's Brooklyn show went on sale today. More people than I can count on two hands mentioned they joined the fan club just to get access to tickets. That makes the fan club seem like nothing more than a scam to get people to spend an extra $3.86. Mike Neuman wanted to buy one ticket with his membership. This is how much it was going to cost:

TICKET = $35 + $3.86 Fan club membership + $4.50 service charge + $8.95 mandatory shipping = $52.31

He decided to save his cash and wait for the potentially cheaper regular sale. Not everyone thought like him. The tickets still sold out in 30 minutes, or so says someone in the comments where others are are complaining about the price too.

EVEN WORSE, The fan-club only Irving Plaza show mysteriously disappeared

Blog Party has a link to stream a performance Bloc Party gave BBC on Saturday.

"Having just completed a short U.S. tour, culminating in a euphoric performance at Coachella, BLOG PARTY can exclusively reveal that B.P. will be crossing the Atlantic once again in July to bring the (Bloc) party to America. Full details are below:"

27.07.06 New York, NY - Irving Plaza
Marshals show: on-sale TBA

28.07.06 Boston, MA - Bank Pavilion
Marshals on-sale: 15.05.06. Public on-sale: 20.05.06
Support: Secret Machines, Mew

29.07.06 Brooklyn, NY - McCarran Pool
Marshals on-sale: 15.05.06. Public on-sale: 20.05.06
Support: Secret Machines, Mew

Bloc Party AND Secret Machines...at McCarran Pool in Brooklyn???? A fanclub only Manhattan show??? Tour dates continued below...

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The Streets IN CHICAGO
6/24 - 6/25 = Intonation Festival
7/29 - 7/30 = Pitchfork Music Festival
8/4 - 8/6 = Lollapalooza

Last year Intonation was the Pitchfork festival. This year, Intonation and Pitchfork are two different festivals, and this year's Intonation is curated by VICE whose Bloc Party & The Streets are both headlining the show.

DOWNLOAD AN MP3 They Gave Him An Inch (The Streets w / Trim - from Run the Road 2)


AND Watch a new video by The Streets

Bloc Party add some dates around Coachella
Vice Revealed | Annie too cute, Bloc Party too big | Grime
Bloc Party @ Tribeca Grand Hotel - pics

Tue Apr 25 '06 - Ft. Lauderdale, FL Revolution
Thu Apr 27 '06 - Tempe, AZ Marquee Theatre
Fri Apr 28 '06 - Las Vegas, NV The Joint at Hard Rock Hotel & Casino w/ The Go! Team
Sun Apr 30 '06 - Indio, CA Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival

ALSO: VICE is MP3 Blogging

Girl Lip-syncing to Bloc Party | Video

This video was just what I needed right now. (via ftr)

"Owen Pallett and his drummer played a violin & drums version of Bloc Party's This Modern Love a couple of weeks ago." [Get the MP3 & Video @ the Smudge of Ashen Fluff] (via More Cowbell)

Final Fantasy remixes Grizzly Bear
Final Fantasy's Dream of Win & Regine Video

Matt Tong: Well, most of the people I spoken to brought up this Gang of Four thing. I think people have read that into our work.

Kele Okereke: It's frustrating that people attribute something to certain songs and that's not what they're about at all. It's a common misconception that "Helicopter" is about President Bush. It's kinda patronizing.

Kele Okereke: I don't know. I saw !!! recently at a live show in London. They make real dance music. They make real house records. Not just songs that you can dance to. It's a different energy. I don't know really.

* Read the whole interview at Pitchfork
* Pitchfork gives Silent Alarm Remixed an 8.0
* Order Silent Alarm remixed at Insound
* Stream the new Gang of Four remake
* Download a new Bloc Party song
* Tickets are on sale for !!!'s CMJ show at SOB's
* !!! shares members with Out Hud
* See Out Hud at Motherfucker in NYC Sunday night
* Bloc Party played Motherfucker too
* Gang of Four played Tribeca Grand

You'll find the MP3 here. (via Productshop)

and the new Franz and new Bloc Party being discussed at One Louder.

Russell Lissack Russell Lissack of Bloc Party DJ'd at Misshapes in NYC on Saturday (July 30, 2005). Photo to the left swiped from the Misshapes photo gallery.

Chromeo are Bloc Party's VICE labelmate that are heavy on the "sleazy/cheezy/80's electro funk." You may have seen them open for Bloc Party at both of their shows at Bowery Ballroom.

When Bloc Party isn't selling out Roseland or getting in fights with Art Brut, they're remixing music...or at least DJ Russell is.

Run to Smashed Robot for the Bloc Party remix of Chromeo's "Needy Girl" and a hot 40 minute Chromeo mix MP3.

Bloc Party Remixes | MIA MashUps
Bloc Party was hot, Webster hall was not, NYC | Pics

Bloc Party releases a remix CD on September 13th, 2005.

In the meantime:
* So Much Silence has four rare Bloc Party remix MP3s for download
* that link via DOH, who has some MIA mashups
* Two more Bloc Party remixes at One Louder
* And as always, lots of downloads at BlocParty.Net

Bloc Party | Tour, Album, Roseland, Videos
Listen to Missy Elliot's Cookbook

It's happened. The Knitting Factory (Sept. 30th, 2004) to Roseland (Sept. 9th, 2005) transformation took a little less than a year. They deserve it, but there's no way I'm going to Roseland.

One Louder has all the September 2005 Bloc Party tour dates and pre-sale information.
Minivegas has a new animated video for Pioneers (animated Bloc Party members included)
MTV has video of Bloc Party playing in-studio
Chart Attack reports that they're working on their second album
NME has Bloc Party's condolences to London bombing victims & Euro tour dates

Silent Alarm is one of my favorite albums
Bloc Party @ Webster Hall, Pics

Listen to Bloc Party live in Washington DC on NPR (literally playing live as I post this)

Watch or Listen to Keren Ann on KCRW (same lineup as the recent Southpaw show)
Watch or Listen to Martha Wainwright on KCRW

Watch or Listen to M. Ward on the BBC
Watch or Listen to Beck on the BBC

Watch & Listen | M.I.A, Gang of Four, Sleater Kinney...

Bloc Party @ Webster Hall

Despite all the Webster Hall controversy (mostly the temperature) yesterday, Wednesday (June 15th, 2005) night's show reconfirmed why I love Bloc Party so much. I left Webster Hall drenched in sweat, but NOT from the temperature inside the club; From dancing. I was very comfortable in the club (note: the cold front that came to NYC on Wednesday obviously helped).

Bloc Party @ Webster Hall

They only have one full length album, yet I feel like I watched a band playing all their hits. Every song is as exciting as the next. I've been listening to "Silent Alarm" for almost seven months, and I still love it. This was the sixth time I saw them live (I'm trying to break Cobra Snake's record), and I'd probably rank it as the second best. Roxy ruled.

Bloc Party @ Webster Hall

Highlights from the show in list format:
* Kele (singer) made a point to tell the crowd they were better than the night before (again)
* From where I was standing, the crowd was good
* They said they'd be back in September (Roseland? Hammerstein?)
* They kicked major ass
* They played TWO encores (4 songs, then 2 songs). Half the crowd was gone for the second one.
* They played two new songs. They were good.
* Kele & the Matt (drummer) both stage dove.
* Fireworks or something went off over the drums during the encore
* Kele dedicated a song to a singer of another band in attendance who helped them get started (hint: Franz Ferdinand...as also seen at Spoon in the same venue)

Bloc Party @ Webster Hall

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Bloc Party @ Webster Hall
Before you read Manhattan carnivore Mike Neuman's disgruntled review of last night's Bloc Party show at Webster Hall (June 14th, 2005), keep in mind that some people do like the venue (see comments).

Photo courtesy of hseikaly who said, "imagine hot, humid, stagnant air over a large mass of people and you can't move. it was lovely."

Dear Webster Hall,

You suck. Please stop hosting shows of good bands, because you are going to ruin their live-show reputation. Last night at Webster Hall was the last straw.

I am never going there again! I walked in about 25 minutes before Bloc Party came on. And about 20 minutes before Bloc Party went on... I was drenched. It is so fucking hot inside of Webster Hall, that it made Coachella 2004 look like... some much colder... concert.

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Gothamist Interviewed Clap Your Hands Say Yeah (who I'm listening to in my headphones as I write this)
Gakwer says the Bloc Party show at Webster Hall last night was full of "retarded NYU kids." (I sold my tickets to go to LOA)
Gakwer notes that the NYTimes made it OK for journalists to hate Coldplay. (They'll never beat U2 now)
Rolling Stone has a video for Spoon's "I turn my camera on." (via Chromewaves via Catbirdseat) (good song, stream the whole album)

Pauline Millard from The Simon writes...

"Any music fan worth their salt can remember June 2004 when The Killers' album, Hot Fuss, was all the rage, at least it was south of 14th Street. Even a year later I can still put it on and just let it rip, no skipping songs or turning it off after the fifth track. I remember going to their show at the Bowery Ballroom on August 16th..."

"...That's why I get mad when I hear The Killers' played at yuppie watering holes with names like, "The Mad River Grille" and on Top 40 radio stations like Z-100, which manages to ruin every great song."

"...Naturally someone is going to pipe up and tell me not to be such a whiner, that the point of music, and what these artists hope to achieve, is to reach the masses..."

"...I shrugged, changed into my flat shoes and headed home, where I turned on my Bloc Party CD. Surely it was safe to listen to them, at least for another year."

The Death of the Killers?


Speaking of the Killers, I'm sure you already heard about the secret show (the one I thought was happening back when)

I wish Bjork would play some secret shows. Maybe to promote her new soundtrack.

Death From Above 1979 posted an exclusive cover of Bloc Party's "Luno" on their MySpace page.
DFA 1979 and Bloc Party are both on VICE Records. (thx Joey for the tip)

Bloc Party is playing Webster Hall in NYC June 14th and 15th (Tuesday and Wednesday).
Live Review: Bloc Party in San Francisco
Death From Above 1979 To Release Three Versions Of Next Album

Rolling Stone interviews Gang of Four...

What do you think of new bands, like the Futureheads and Bloc Party, and their connection to your sound?

I think "respect." If writers want to say these bands are good -- and they're great -- but they're borrowing from Gang of Four, I mean, that's cool. I suppose I'm a little pissed that some of these bands are just borrowing freely from us. It's a difficult equation for me: Do I come down on any one band's side? Because there's tons of them! I think our integrity, our credibility, has remained intact. And if that's attached to these new bands, that's fine.

I think the live Gang of Four is the big differentiator, and, of course, the lyrics. There's nothing remotely close to us when it comes to being socially, politically and lyrically aggressive pains in the ass. Jon King was so amazing at writing those lyrics that hit the nail on the head every time about your everyday life, and I'm not hearing that in any of these new bands.

Gang of Four Hate Oldies

Tour Dates:

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