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I'm so behind in posting. Friday's Bloc Party show at Bowery Ballroom undid any negative thoughts left in my mind by Thursday's show. People danced, they turned up the volume, and the band was acting completely cool. After one or two songs, they told the crowd how much better they were than Thursday night's crowd. The energy worked both ways. I think bands feed off good crowds, resulting in a better show. The louder sound helped too. We heard a totally new song. They announced the June 14th and 15th Webster Hall dates too. Those tickets go on sale today at noon.

Tickets - on sale at Noon

Kele asked why nobody invited Bloc Party to play a block party in Brooklyn. Good question.


Vice Revealed | Annie too cute, Bloc Party too big | Grime

A few posts ago, I reported that Vice Records is no longer releasing the Annie album. A few posts ago, I reported seeing Vice Records signee, Bloc Party, at Bowery Ballroom. If you haven't heard yourself say "grime" yet, you probably will soon. If you haven't heard Vice's Run the Road Grime compilation, you probably should. The Streets. DFA 1979. The list goes on.

How does the mysterious Vice do it? What's their story? What happened with Annie?

“We love the Annie record. But this is a tough one, because I do feel like Vice Records is not just about music. It’s also all the different Vice entities, and for what Vice sort of means to people, having that incredibly cute Norwegian pop singer doesn’t really fit the mold, no matter how great she is.”

"The buzz surrounding Bloc Party has exploded in recent weeks, and as the band is on the verge of mainstream exposure, Vice is learning to handle a new beast."

Those answers at more at the Columbia Spectator: The Virtues of Vice

Thanks to Joey of Tale of Two Cities and NOW Curbed for the link.

Bloc Party @ Bowery BAllroom

Bloc Party played the first of two shows at Bowery Ballroom in NYC Thursday night (April 7th, 2005). Thanks to Kathryn Yu for the above picture.


Tickets were going for $100 a pop outside the venue. The block was filled with people looking and hoping for a miracle. Kele (singer) asked the crowd who paid the most to get in. Someone in the front screamed $200. He gave them his laminated pass and asked him/her to sell it on E-bay to recoup some of that loss.


The show was both awesome and frustrating at the same time (like being tied up and tickled?). The complaint? More people stood around with their arms folded than danced. (like Toronto) There was a small pocket of communal dancing and excitement going on in the front (which I eventually found my way to), but the rest of the crowd might as well have been sitting. My favorite line from Kele: "I don't care what magazine you work for. You can have fun and dance." (or something like that).

A few times I just closed my eyes, and pretended I was back at Roxy. There should be a mandatory open bar for an hour before every Bloc Party performance. I think that would have helped.


As also reported at the Modern Age, Bloc Party thought they were funny by pretending to start songs by The Killers, Franz Ferdinand, Interpol, Radiohead, and Coldplay. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think Bloc Party's intent was to pick on those bands and the people that like them. Funny? a little. Cocky? a lot.


After about 30 minutes of playing, Bloc Party left the stage. Was it over? No, it was just intermission. Either that, or the encore was really long.


James Iha of Smashing Pumpkins (yeah, I know - New Yorkers are thinking it would be weird if James WASN'T there) & a member of TV On the Radio.

Mike Dirnt of Green Day with a fan @ Pianos
Green Day @ Pianos


The after party was at Pianos. Bloc Party, Ultragrrrl, and Karen Plus One were DJing. I went right from Bowery to Pianos, but by the time I got there, there was already a line half way down the block. Not too bad, EXCEPT it was pouring. I had no umbrella, but waited anyway. By the time I got up to the list, I was drenched. Then my name wasn't on the list. Luckily there were enough +1's to go around, and I eventually got in.

I'm not big on after-parties, especially ones on a weeknight, but I'm glad I went. Bloc Party was ('if you want to call it') DJing and generally just hanging out with the full-to-capacity crowd. Iha appeared again. I think I saw Chris Glover.

The really interesting thing happened when I was about to leave at 2am (the same time Human Television was starting to play). I couldn't help but notice Billie Joe Armstrong and Mike Dirnt from Green Day hangin at the front bar with two large bodyguards close by. (Strange that I had just been talking about Green Day earlier in the day).

I'm a jaded New Yorker, but I still got excited at the sight of them in a bar. I'm not the type to approach celebrities, but I can't say the same for my friend who thinks American Idiot is the best thing since sliced bread. Long story short, this friend and Billie were talking about the meaning of life with their arms around each other for about five minutes. My camera wasn't working, so I unfortunately couldn't capture the Kodak moment.

After Billie left, I ended up outside in a group discussion with Mike Dirnt. Mike is the most conceited, down-to-earth, guy you'll ever meet. He was really, really nice, and had no problem just chillin' with his fans. We asked him if he saw Bloc Party. He hadn't. I'm not sure they even knew it was the after-party. They were in town to play Saturday Night Live (tomorrow). He told us about his plans for a few more albums, mixed with world domination.

Our party was eventually broken up by another endearing fan. I used that opportunity to finally get home and get some sleep. Thanks to Brian for the two photos of Mike Dirnt.

Mike Dirnt of Green Day with a fan @ Pianos
Green Day @ Pianos


Bloc Party are back at Bowery tonight (Friday). Expect more scalping.

And the breaking news is two more scheduled shows at Webster Hall: June 14th & 15th. Tix not on sale yet.


Green Day playing Giants Stadium

Bloc Party @ Tribeca Grand Hotel - pics

Kele, the singer of Bloc Party, didn't seem to have any trouble with his voice on Letterman just now. And since we haven't heard otherwise (and based on the comments two posts ago) I assume the Bloc Party shows are on for Thursday and Friday night at the Bowery.

Even the New York Press recommends seeing Bloc Party, and the Village Voice agrees.

Toronto didn't dance. (New York did and did and did)

If you didn't already know, it's Bloc Party at the Bowery week. According to a statement published on Music for Robots, there's now a chance the two shows may get postponed. The Philly show they were scheduled to play tonight has been moved to June in a new venue.

My 2 Cents: If they cancel the Bowery shows and reschedule them for Webster Hall (like they've done for The Arcade Fire and The Fiery Furnaces), I'm gonna.... I don't know what I'm gonna do, but I'll be pissed.


Bloc Party's Silent Alarm, SXSW, and some more Picaresque


Silent Alarm With all the excitement yesterday about Picaresque and Arular, I totally spaced the fact that Bloc Party's Silent Alarm was actually released (in the U.S.A.) too. You've heard people say that it's hard to be excited about a release date when you've been listening to an album leak for months. The same goes for an album that already came out in another country. Silent Alarm falls in to both categories. Leaked, then released in the UK, and then finally released in the United States.

One Louder was lucky enough to score an interview with Matt and Kele from Bloc Plarty after their performance at Roxy last month. In it, they touch on that very subject...

Are you surprised by the reaction you're getting in New York? Your shows were sold out well before the album's release date.

Matt Tong: It's the downloading that's going on.

Does that bother you?

M: I remember the people who are singing the words [laughter] and we meet them afterwards.

Kele Obereke: We get the roadies to go out and shut those people down. We give them the shakedown. [laughs]

The rest of the interview and MP3 downloads here.

There's nothing more I need to say about Silent Alarm. I've said it all before. I really, really like it.
Oh yeah, the U.S. CD has the song Little Thoughts on it. My leaked download didn't.


Bloc Party played a lot of shows at SXSW this past week.

Elijah Wood went to see them

Check out an awesome picture of Bloc Party playing at Urban Outfitters during SXSW (via One Louder)

Tony Hicks says Bloc Party was the best band he saw at SXSW.

Of Bloc Party's performance, Chart Attack says, "It’s insane. It’s awesome."

More photos at Flickr.


Pitchfork gives Picaresque an 8.3


The Decemberists | Picaresque & M.I.A. | Arular

Bloc Party continue their reign as one of my favorite bands of the moment.

Supplement Silent Alarm with six assorted radio session MP3s, courtesy of a new (Japanese?) Bloc Party Fansite.

Watch the Video for Who We Are:
Win HI | Win LOW | Real HI | Real LOW

Play the Silent Alarm game

And of course, more MP3s, Videos, and games at BlocParty.net.

If you haven't already, pre-order Silent Alarm from Insound.


Bloc Party is the Best Motherf*ckin Band in the World

Bloc Party | Silent Alarm

Bloc Party

That's how I felt last night as Bloc Party rocked the stage at the "legendary" (Bloc Party called it that, not me) Motherfucker party at Roxy in NYC. From where I was standing (dancing) it seemed the entire crowd was in agreement (Hillary Duff included).

I don't work on President's day, so I didn't take any pictures. Luckily both Bronxxx of Last Night's Party and The Cobra Snake were in attendance. Above and below photos from Last Night's Party. Cobra Snake didn't post his yet, so look at his pictures of Beck and Har Mar Superstar instead. Then head over to Central Village for an in depth review of the evening.

Bloc Party


Bloc Party | Silent Alarm

Bloc Party 2005 U.S. Tour Dates

Bloc Party played some of my favorite shows of 2004

Silent Alarm Bloc Party's new album, 'Silent Alarm,' will be released in the U.K. on February 14th. We here in the U.S., have to wait until March 22nd (to buy our copies).

The buzz in blogland is already that Silent Alarm will likely be one of the most popular records of the year. Decide for yourself. Stream the entire album.

NME says:

Bloc Party aren’t just hoping, they’re trying. Maybe it’s over-long at 13 tracks but that’s just us being picky. ‘Silent Alarm’ is the unpigeonholeable soundtrack to 21st-century life as a cast-off. In a world of posers, fakers and bandwagon-jumpers, Bloc Party are unquestionably ‘4 real’. They never shy away from showing their truest feelings, even if those are of vulnerability or weakness. It’s this honesty which has spoken to people and will speak to a hell of a lot more when ‘Silent Alarm’ rings out beyond the desks of music journalists.

Preorder Silent Alarm from Insound. (or from Amazon UK for those overseas)
(the first 50 Insound pre-orders will get a free UK CD single)


Another review @ Drowned in Sound

The best unofficial Bloc Party site


NYC Bloc Party Tix (Friday show is already sold out)

Bloc Party 2005 U.S. Tour Dates

Bloc Party Signs to Vice Records

New Bloc Party

Bloc Party @ Tribeca Grand Hotel - pics

via More Cowbell

04.07.05 New York, NY - Bowery Ballroom
04.08.05 New York, NY - Bowery Ballroom

This is in addition to the date I announced two posts ago.

All Dates...

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Bloc Party

The rumor is that Bloc Party are coming back to NYC on February 20th to play the next Motherfucker party. Thanks to Neuman for the tip.

Above photo grabbed from the Cobra Snake.

And in related hot-act-from-the-UK-playing-NYC news, The Kaiser Chiefs are coming back to play Mercury Lounge on Valentines Day. (via Central Village via KarenPlusOne via Melody Nelson)


Best Shows of 2004 | MP3s Included

Bloc Party Signs to Vice Records

Saw the Dears @ Mercury | Missed Kaiser Chiefs

"Hotly tipped U.K. rock act Bloc Party has signed to Vice, which will release its full-length debut, "Silent Alarm," on March 22. The group made a big splash this fall with its self-titled Dim Mak EP, led by the single "Banquet.""

Billboard Bits: Mariah Carey, Hoobastank, Bloc Party (via largeheartedboy)


Bloc Party Live in France Torrent

According to The Rub, and confirmed by one of my favorite bittorrent sites (hint), the new Bloc Party album, scheduled for a 2005 release, has leaked.

My initial reaction: 2005 is going to be the year of the Bloc Party. (translation: the album is REALLY REALLY GOOD)

Paul (The Rub) has also posted one track for download.


Bloc Party @ Tribeca Grand Hotel - pics

Bloc Party @ Knitting Factory - pics

Buy the Bloc Party EP @ Amazon

Bloc Party @ Tribeca Grand

The Bloc Party show at Tribeca Grand wasn't as good as the one at Knitting Factory 2 nights earlier. Maybe because Knitting Factory was their first U.S. show ever. Maybe because Knitting Factory is a better venue. Maybe because they were tired from 3 nights of partying and playing in the U.S.A. (Philly the night before) Maybe because they didn't go on until two hours after they were advertised to go on. Maybe because most people had to wait on a long line to get into this 'free' party. Maybe you don't agree. Anyway, they still rocked...short set or not.

Rumor: Bloc Party signed to a major U.S. label @ Tribeca Grand.

Here are some pictures from this event (2 October 2004).
(Related links at the end of the pictures)

Bloc Party @ Tribeca Grand

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Bloc Party

Bloc Party did not dissapoint. Here are pictures from last night @ Knitting Factory, NYC (30 September 2004).

Bloc Party

Bloc Party

Bloc Party

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Bloc Party Flyer

Manic Mess reveals the details:

Saturday October 2nd, 2004
Justine D and Dave P Present
The Tribeca Grand Sub-Basement
2 Avenue of the Americas NYC
Special performance at 11pm
DJ'S: Justine D, JDH, Dave P
Select open bar from 10pm-11pm
and drink specials all night!

Bloc Party is playing the Tribeca Grand Hotel on 10/2. I guess that's to make up for the show that was supposed to be at the now closed Filter 14.

A.R.E. Weapons are headlining (???) the Bloc Party show at Knitting Factory.

Goin to Franz Ferdinand tonight?
Don't delay, your future depends on it. :-0

Here are the posted set times:

Futureheads 7:30
Delays 8:15
FF 9:30

Tickets for Rilo Kiley at Bowery Ballroom are now on sale. (Thanks Central Village)

And while you're at Ticketweb, you can also now pick up tickets for Bloc Party at Knitting Factory.

Bloc Party is also supposed to play Filter 14 the night before (Sept. 29). I'm not sure if that's possible since Filter 14 closed a month ago.

If you haven't already, check out the Bloc Party video at NME.

The first two Pixies show sold out in negative ten seconds. I didn't get tickets. :(

I did get some tickets for the second Wilco show at Radio City though. I think tickets are still available.

Why does Bowery Ballroom list Rilo Kiley as playing on October 6th and 7th, but their official tour dates say October 7th and 8th? Third date going to be added? When are tickets going on sale?

Why are Bloc Party tickets still not on sale?

"The Band Formerly Known as Satanicide" ??? play The Delancey on August 21st with Slunt and Old Money. Has Devlin Mayhem left the band? What will Laura Bush think?

The Decemberists never stop touring. Here are their unannounced upcoming tour dates:

September 2004
22 - Champaign, IL @ High Dive
23 - Grand Rapids, MI @ Calvin Coolidge
24 - Cleveland, OH @ Beechland Ballroom
25 - Clinton, NY @ Hamilton College
26 - Baltimore, MD @ Recher Theater
27 - New York, NY @ Webster Hall
28 - Northampton, MA @ Pearl Street
29 - Montreal, QUE @ La Sala Rossa (Pop Montreal
October 2004
14 - Burlington, VT @ Club Metronome
15 - Portland, ME @ Big Easy
17 - Columbus, OH @ Little Brother's
18 - Galesburg, IL @ Knox College
19 - St Louis, MO @ Blueberry Hills Duck Room
20 - Columbia, MO @ Blue Note
21 - Lawrence, KS @ Jackpot
22 - Norman, OK @ Opolis