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Lez Zeppelin is playing Bonnaroo
Lez Zeppelin

No Led Zeppelin, but there is LEZ Zeppelin, Robert Plant and Metallica. Also Pearl Jam, Kanye West, Sigur Ros, Levon Helm, M.I.A., Mastodon, Sharon Jones, and many, many more.....

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Bonnaroo 2006 (CRED)

It's official! The 7th Annual Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival is now confirmed for June 12 - 15, 2008. The four-day camping and music festival will once again be held on our beautiful, 700-acre farm in Manchester, TN, 60 miles southeast of Nashville. We'll be announcing our spectacular 2008 line up and more in late January/early February.
Will Metallica & Led Zeppelin play? Bonnaroo says "NO".

CMJ and other festivals have announced dates too.

Nouse Pop

The Noise Pop Festival returns in 2008 from February 26 to March 2. Over six nights, Noise Pop 16 will take over the best-loved venues in San Francisco, to host unforgettable performances by Magnetic Fields, The Mountain Goats, The Gutter Twins, Cursive and dozens of other important indie rock, electronic, punk and cutting edge musical artists, transforming the city into an almost week-long celebration of the finest that the underground and not-so-underground has to offer, nationally and locally.
Kelly Stoltz, Tilly & The Wall, Capgun Coup, Fleet Foxes, Fu Manchu, Saviours, Man/Miracle and Blitzen Trapper are also confirmed.

Not confirmed at all is this letter Bob Lefsetz sent out from someone he purposely left anonymous....

Zeppelin just confirmed for Bonnaroo. They can't officially announce until after the London gig so pass it on! Also Metallica is confirmed on the bill too!
In related news, Led Zeppelin denies that they're going on tour with the Cult (thx Hiro).

Like Bonnaroo, the new Vineland Music Festival in NJ will offer 3 days of music and camping (but much closer to home - my home anyway). I hope Led Zeppelin plays that too.

Magnetic Fields are also playing four NYC shows and have a new album coming out soon. The Mountain Goats just played NYU and also have a new album coming out soon. Robert Plant has a new album out, and it's selling really well.

DOWNLOAD: The Decemberists - The Tain w/ LA Philharmonic (MP3) (more)

the Decemberists @ Hollywood Bowl - 7.7.7 (CRED)
The DEcemberists @ Hollywood Bowl

Download the rest of the audio from The Decemberists' recent (7/7/7) LA Philarmonic show @ the Archive.

The Decemberists are playing a free MySpace secret show at the Mohawk in Austin tonight (July 11).

They play a not-free show at Central Park Summerstage with Grizzly Bear and Land of Talk (who are also playing Citysol) on Monday July 16th. It's sold out, but I have one pair of tickets to give away to one lucky winner. To win, e-mail BVCONTESTS@HOTMAIL.COM (subject: Decemberists) and let me know what the last show you saw was. One winner will be picked at random. Contest ends July 12 @ 5pm EST.

Check out their recent appearance on Leno, tour dates, and other stuff, below....

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Manu Chao @ Bonnaroo 2007
Manu Chao @ Bonnaroo

Manu Chao is back in Brooklyn Tuesday & Wednesday...

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DOWNLOAD: Feist - 1234 (Van She remix) (MP3)

Feist @ Bonnaroo 2007 (CRED)
Feist @ Bonnaroo

I’ve also toured with Feist, but now that I’ve established my journalistic integrity we can dispense with formality. She’s a first-rate guitarist and musician who is inspiring some cult-like devotion from her fans.

I didn’t hear cheering anywhere else like the cheering for Leslie Feist — she’d arch her eyebrow and the place would blow up — which always makes me wonder what the heck is going on. Her songs are minimalist and inventive, and she has a good voice and a good ear, like a PJ Harvey who’s not so mad at boys, but the rabid fandom is usually about something else. She must be code for something that I haven’t figured out. [John Roderick]

Tickets are at Ticketmaster for Feist's August 29th show at McCarren Park with Kevin Drew who has an MP3 to download too. More JR & Bonnaroo HERE.

Like I said, Andrew Fischler made the trip to Bonnaroo...


I should probably preface this by saying I'm a multi-year vet of Bonnaroo. Since 2003 I've been making a trip to Manchester, TN a part of my summer. That includes the 17-hour, 900-mile trip from my Weehawken, NJ home. I'm part of that sick breed of people who like road trips, driving, and find camping a joy. The life of the festival outside the stages is just as much a part of the experience as what you'll find inside the gates.

Now while the drive down was nothing of major consequence (unless you're a big fan of trees, hills, mountains, cows and 18-wheelers - then, oh boy was it a big thing!), this was actually the first time in years that I actually hit any semblance of traffic getting in. Maybe it was because this was the first year the festival was officially 4-days long (though they've been having Thursday night acts for years), or maybe it speaks to the sold-out attendance of 80,000 which made this the 6th largest city in Tennessee for the duration (with the highest unemployment rate in the state, I might add ^_^).

The National
The National @ Bonnaroo

The National @ That Tent: First band on the to-see list was one I had never heard until the trip down when my friend started playing them through his iPod. What sounded so sullen and morose on my car stereo had so much more pop to it live - not as lively as their fans though. Hell, I almost lost my hearing on the first night, and not from any amp, but from some guy flipping out and screaming his head off when they played "Secret Meeting". Unfortunately, consideration for the proximity of someone's ear is usually the last thing on a festival-goer's mind.

Clutch @ Bonnaroo

Clutch @ This Tent: To say the crowd was amped for this show would be a mild understatement. So eager was everyone that the sound tech testing the mics had no problem getting the crowd to respond in sing-song fashion to everything he said. This was also the first time I can ever remember seeing mass crowd surfing at Bonnaroo -- a first time for everything I guess. The band has grown since the last time I saw them - that includes the number of members (organist Mick Schauer joining the core of Neil Fallon, Tim Sult, Dan Maines and Jean-Paul Gaster), and the size of their catalog (with their new release "From Beale Street To Oblivion").

The highlights of their set were the classics like "Big News" and "Pure Rock Fury", but the new stuff - especially "Electric Worry - not only held up, it was as strong as the old stuff. "Beale Street" could be one of the best, yet most underrated, albums of '07.


CLUTCH tour dates HERE. Andrew took the Clutch picture. His pictures of the Decemberists are HERE. Woxy took the National picture, and someone else took the pic at top. Even more Bonnaroo pics HERE and HERE. Stay tuned for day two.

DOWNLOAD: The Long Winters - Ultimatum (MP3)

The Long Winters' John Roderick blogged Bonnaroo this year.

The DEcemberists @ Bonnaroo

In all fairness, I should probably recuse myself from reviewing the Decembrists. They are a band I know, we’ve toured together and I’ve appeared in one of their music videos. Also, Decembrist Chris Funk guested on the Long Winters’ most recent album. I can’t possibly review their show impartially, because I like them too much.

On the other hand, I’ve been in a “fake feud” with them for several years, involving some “smack talking” and pranking, which despite my best efforts has failed to catch fire mostly because they reciprocate too passively. (I think they’re holding out for a fake feud with Sufjan Stevens or something). So I can’t really be trusted not to call them a bunch of fruity, Vaudeville, pirate-song-singing sissies just to burn their britches a little.

But in this instance I’m acting as a professional journalist and I must honor my caste by reporting the news without adornment. They played their epic song, "The Tain," which was a bold choice, and their kitchy theatricality played exceptionally well with the big crowd.

At one point Colin led the audience in bidding the sun to set, and the effect was like a pagan ceremony — 15,000 people all motioning in unison toward the sun. In the end Mavis Staples joined them for a song, which was a little like... Like... Well, there is no better analogy for an unfathomable incongruity than: Like Mavis Staples jamming with the Decembrists. [John Roderick]

John was not as nice about the Hold Steady....
These fellows have a rabid popularity that leaves me deeply conflicted. Although their live show is undeniably full of energy, full of engagement, and full of whimsy, their music is full of s--t.
...which I guess serves the Hold Steady right for recently talking s--t about Jim Morrisson and The Doors.

More Decemberists photos (by BV Bonnarooo correspodent Andrew Fischler) below....

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Demetri Martin & Pete Yorn (CRED)
Bonnaroo 2007

Crowd Surfer?(CRED)
Bonnaroo 2007

More photos and sad Ornette Coleman news below....

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Lily Allen & Jagermeister
Bonnaroo 2007

David Cross & ?uestlove
Bonnaroo 2007

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The four-day Bonnaroo music festival kicks off in Manchester, Tennessee tomorrow (June 14, 2007) (schedule here), and BV correspondent Andrew Fischler will be among the thousands on hand to witness sets by "indie" bands like The White Stripes, Wilco, The Flaming Lips, Franz Ferdinand, The Decemberists, Spoon, Hot Chip, Lily Allen, The Hold Steady, Feist, Gogol Bordello, and The National. Stay tuned right here for his reports, and stay tuned to AT&T blueroom for live streaming sets by many of the bands.

Like Bonnaroo, BV correspondent Andrew Fischler (who is going to kill me after reading this) used to be a hippy - well, both of them sort of still are - there's still more than enough hippy bands to keep the hippies happy at Bonnaroo (Widespread Panic, The String Cheese Incident, Bob Weir & Ratdog, and Gov't Mule to name a few), and I'm sure Andrew will see at least some of them.

Now in its sixth year, Bonnaroo is too young to have ever hosted the biggest hippy of them all. That's because Jerry Garcia (RIP) passed away in 1995. Do you like how I transitioned from Bonnaroo to the fact that I'm giving away (courtesy of FADER) one limited edition Jerry Garcia poster and one limited edition Jerry Garcia t-shirt? Details below....

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Flight of the Conchords on set - April 20, 2007 (CRED)
Flight of the Conchords

No sooner did we express our love for Flight of the Concords, than we were contacted by those involved with the series inviting us to a screening of the first episode at the Tribeca Grand Hotel in NYC this Thursday May 17th (8:30pm). It gets better – they’re giving us 10 PAIRS of tickets to give away to said screening. BUT THAT'S NOT ALL - for those not in NYC (or for those in NYC that are TOO busy on Thursday), we've also got five Flight of the Conchords prize packs (DVD, t-shirt, etc) to give away. To enter to win one of these 15 prizes, E-mail BVCONTESTS@HOTMAIL.COM (subject: FOC). Tell us your favorite stand up comedian. Include your first and last name as you would like it to appear on the guestlist. Winners will be contacted via email. Losers will not.

Flight of the Conchords & Aziz Ansari in NYC - May 10, 2007
Flight of the Conchords & Aziz

In the meantime, the Conchords are, and have been, filming all over NYC - possibly in your apartment. Just the other day they did some outdoor filming with special guest Aziz Ansari - another awesome addition to an already insane guest roster.

In related news, I sincerely hope you've been watching The Human Giant on MTV, people. The core cast of Aziz Ansari, Rob Huebel, and Paul Scheer and the masterful direction of Jason Woliner has made it one of the greatest comedy shows to hit the tube in recent memory. Add special guests such as Patton Oswalt, Jon Benjamin, Jon Glaser, Brian Posehn, Jonah Ray and Ghostface Killah to the mix, and you've got the concept of 'must-see TV' redefined.

And speaking of Jason Woliner, he was recently interviewed by Aspecialthing. Read it HERE. Though the three main stars of the show get the most exposure, it should be noted that the show wouldn't be what it is without Jason. As Sub Pop's Patton Oswalt once said...

He's as crucial to the success of Human Giant as the writing and acting abilities of its stars. He's a sharp comedic actor himself, as well as infinitely patient and instinctive, so he always knows how to get maximum wattage out of every sketch.
Are you going to Bonnarroo this year? In addition to some pretty dope musical acts, they also have a comedy tent featuring many of the comedians featured elsewhere in this post - like YO LA TENGO REVIEWER David Cross, Flight of the Conchords, and Aziz Ansari. They also have the amazing talents of Lewis Black, Dave Attell, Demetri Martin, Finesse Mitchell, Dov Davidoff, Nick Kroll, John Bowman, and Lynne Koplitz.

And speaking of music festivals and Aziz Ansari........

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DOWNLOAD: Wintersleep - Insomnia (MP3)

DOWNLOAD: Wintersleep - Jaws of Life (MP3)

DOWNLOAD: Wintersleep - Nerves Normal, Breathe Normal (XM Radio) (MP3)

DOWNLOAD: The Slip on AOL The Interface (MP3)

DOWNLOAD: The Undusputed Heavyweights - Money (MP3)

DOWNLOAD: The Undisputed Heavyweights - Roll Your Windows Down (MP3)

"...a whole lot of Canadians will also be crossing the border for the festival (SXSW) including quintessential Canadian rockers The Tragically Hip, pop rockers Sloan, Montreal indie alt-rockers Mobile, electronic music group MSTRKRFT, Edmonton rapper Cadence Weapon, indie rockers The Dears, Metric frontwoman Emily Haines and her band The Soft Skeleton, singer-songwriter Jill Barber AND INDIE ROCKERS WINTERSLEEP just to name a few." [Soulshine]


Wintersleep also play Mercury Lounge in NYC this Thursday February 22nd (8pm). Coincidentally Undisputed Wes and the Undisputed Heavyweights ALSO play Mercury Lounge this Thursday (10pm). Playing between them is Val Emmich who recently left Epic Records. Playing after the Heavyweights is Derek James.

Undisputed HeavyweightsThe Thursday Mercury Lounge show is also the Undisputed Heavyweights' "Live From New York City" EP release party.

After NYC, Wintersleep play three more U.S. dates with the Slip (see below) before heading home to Halifax to rest before SXSW. The Slip's upcoming local show is at Maxwell's in Hoboken on Feb. 27th with Phonograph (who just came out with an album). All tour dates for everyone below...

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Lily Allen & dogLily Allen & dog

Not only did Lily Allen put out of one my favorite albums in 2006, I was one of those who enjoyed her live performance at Hiro Ballroom back in October. So, I couldn't be more excited at the news I read in the interview between Miss Lily and Mr Thighmaster. Lily says:

I’ll definitely be coming back in February to LA. We’ll be playing SXSW, and maybe Coachella, hopefully Bonoroo, and lots of other gigs next year. We’ll be touring for about 8 weeks next year. We’ll be back.
Unfortunately, that good news is coupled with some bad news - the dog you see Lily holding in the above picture has gone missing. From her MySpace blog...
I am beside myself with worry because someone has stolen my dog Maggie May this morning.
I am in Jamacia, while i am here Maggie has been looked after by a friend she was stolen out of his van. outside his house, Capel road, Forest gate, London. E7
and no one has seen her since.
Not only am i devastated that my dog has been taken away, but i am also concerned for her wellbeing. She needs an operation on her stomach and is having medical treatment.
there is a reward.
please anyone help.
no one will be angry - me and my family just want Maggie home.
Fingers crossed for Maggie's safe return. Currently announced Lily Allen tour dates below....

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With this post, coverage of the 2006 Bonnaroo festival comes to an end. Largehearted Boy tells you where to download the audio.

Bonnaroo 2006

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"Jennings and his band, the .357s — Leroy Powell on guitar, Bryan Keeling on drums and Ted Kamp on bass — released "Put The 'O' Back In Country" last year, selling more than 200,000 copies and spawning a hit single "4th of July." He also began dating the actress Drea de Matteo ('The Sopranos')." [The Brunswick News]

Shooter Jennings & Drea de MAtteo

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Sonic Youth @ Bonnaroo

"i just got out of the sonic youth show at bonnaroo (im in the press/media tent) so we have internet capabilities. Stephen Malkmus just did Expressway to yr skull with sy as the encore. also backstage, not to start rumors, but i heard malkmus talking to mark ibold and saying 'man we should get back together, we shud get back together and do some shows'" [Sonic Youth Message Board]

Video of 'Incinerate' @ YouTube.

photo by Jon Bahr (ASCAP/The Slip)

Bright Eyes @ Bonnaroo 2006 | pics & MP3s
I didn't see Sonic Youth @ CBGB | NPR will stream DC

DOWNLOAD: When You Wasn't Famous (Professor Green Remix) (MP3)

I really wanted to finally see The Streets at Webster Hall last night, but I didn't have a ticket and it didn't seem worth trying to get one with so many other shows going on anyway. Here's a picture from this year's Bonnaroo.

The Streets @ Bonnaroo

"... I cleanse my palette with some good ol' white boy rap, first from The Streets, who boast a back-up band in matching orange uniforms printed with palm trees, and the biggest bottle of brandy I've ever seen. The brandy is generously proffered by Mike Skinner, who proclaims, "I like to drink with all my friends," and then promptly launches into "Too Much Brandy." Our lad gets big points for effort in trying to revitalize a tent full of hung-over hippies" [Chart Attack]

photo by Jon Bahr (ASCAP/The Slip)

The Streets | 2006 Tour Dates | Webster Hall
Tom Petty @ Bonnaroo 2006 | pics & video

Tom Petty @ Bonnaroo

"Can I jam for you?' Tom Petty asked the 2006 Bonnaroo crowd during his performance Friday night. The crowd answered yes with a roar as Petty and his band played for nearly 3 hours and even welcomed Stevie Nicks (Fleetwood Mac) out on the stage to sing a few songs." [Western Herald Online]

I loved watching the video of Tom's performance. WDTB tells you where to download it.

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And while I'm catching up on Bonnaroo coverage, I thought now would be a good time to post this photo from the press-only performance CYHSY's Alec Ounsworth gave at this year's festival.

Alec Ounsworth @ Bonnaroo

After Bonnaroo, Alec gave an interview and played three songs for WXPN in Philadelphia. Download the MP3 at their website.

photo by Jon Bahr (ASCAP/The Slip)

Andrew Bird @ Bonnaroo 2006 | pics, news
Clap Your Hands Say Yeah @ Bowery Ballroom, NYC | pics

With all this talk of Final Fantasy vs. Andrew Bird, I thought now would be a good time to post this picture of Andrew at this year's Bonnaroo festival.

Andrew Bird @ Bonnaroo

"ANDREW BIRD might just have been the most talented man in Manchester. Using his violin and backed by only a drummer, Bird’s pre-recorded and on-the-spot loops, guitar, glockenspiel and masterful whistling skills made the most exquisite sound we heard all weekend." [Nashville Scene]

"The hip violinist is currently working on his next full-length album, expected sometime next year. Building upon the success of 2005's Mysterious Production Of Eggs, Bird has recruited a number of Midwest musicians, including Haley Bonar and Chris Morrissey, both veterans of the lengthy Mysterious Production Of Eggs tour." [CMJ]

photo by Jon Bahr (ASCAP/The Slip)

Devendra Banhart | from Bonnaroo to Moscow, Israel, Japan, Brazil, UK...
Lots of Live Andrew Bird for Download & album stream

Devendra Banhart @ Bonnaroo

"...Devendra Banhart was playing across the grounds, and we headed over to catch a good chunk of his show. He is very hit or miss these days for us, but completely nailed this one. Equal parts oddball loose cannon and bona-fide frontman, he was able to take the show all over the place and do what he wanted while keeping a tight set...." [Gothamist]

Now that Devendra has conquered Bonnaroo, it's off to Berlin, Poland, Moscow, Israel, Chicago, Japan, the UK, Brazil.....

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