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Shepard Fairey is also DJing the event on Sunday
ATP Asbury Park

ATP Asbury Park ("I'll Be Your Mirror") has released the second wave of artist announcements including many of Portishead's choices for the bill! We already knew about Jeff Mangum, Bonnie Prince Billy, Shellac, Chavez and more. New additions include, not surprisingly, Portishead-related acts Anika and Beak> (and this time Anika will be performing live and not just DJing). There's also now a rare reunion of The Pop Group, an Ultramagnetic MC's reunion (WITH Kool Keith), Silver Qluster (Simeon of Silver Apples and Hans-Joachim Roedelius of Cluster/Harmonia), Thee Siliver Mt. Zion Memorial Orchestra, Mogwai, Earth, The Horrors and more. The full list is below.

Jeff Mangum also just announced a slew of other shows aside from ATP Asbury Park, including a UK ATP.

More details, a bigger Shepard Fairey-designed poster, and the full schedule below...

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Ill Be Your Mirror

This was actually posted by ATP on Friday, but probably still all true:

The Jeff Mangum show at the Paramount Theatre is now sold out.

Three Day passes and Day passes are selling fast and the ticket sites are going slow due to the number of visitors so if it doesn't work first time please be patient and try again, or try phoning! Thanks for your understanding. On Seetickets you will know your order was successful when you get email confirmation.

Here are the correct ticket links to use for today's on-sale at 9am EST. Tickets will be limited to 4 per order per ticket type so please bear this in mind and if you need more than that try to get a friend to do a separate order.

Please note 3 day passes are only on Seetickets...

Three Day Passes - SEETICKETS

Friday / Saturday / Sunday Day Passes - SEETICKETS or TICKETMASTER

Please be advised that each site has a different allocation of tickets, so if tickets say they are sold out on one ticket agent, check out the other!

If you want to try phoning for tickets the numbers are:

Ticketmaster - 0844 844 0444
Seetickets - +44 (0)1159 129000 (thats a UK number)

OR if you're in Asbury Park, Day tickets will be available at The Stone Pony Box Office, located at 2nd and Ocean Avenues in Asbury Park, and at the Experience Asbury Store, located in The Grand Arcade off of the 5th Ave Boardwalk.

Remember, only people with 3 day passes get to go to the Mangum show on Friday, and only people with separate Mangum Monday tickets get to go to Mangum on Monday. 3 day pass holders need to choose between seeing Portishead either Saturday or Sunday (though depending on capacity I suppose some lucky people will get to go to both). There doesn't seem to be a way to stop people who buy Saturday and Sunday day passes from seeing Portishead both nights though. Tickets went on sale Friday morning.

Updated I'll Be Your Mirror USA lineup (they added a couple names since the initial announcement) below....

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by Rachel Kowal

BPB & the Cairo Gang @ Town Hall - 12/8/10 (photo by Reuben Strayer)
Bonnie Prince Billy

By this point, it's no secret that Oldham likes to keep things interesting. The prolific singer/songwriter has collaborated with a myriad of talented musicians (Tortoise, Scout Niblett, Matt Sweeney), performed/recorded under a range of monikers, and has even tried his hand at acting (Old Joy, Wendy and Lucy).

His musical act evolves so rapidly that the surprise of the evening at Town Hall came not during the main act when he played with the talented backing band The Cairo Gang, but during the mysterious opener's set. Earlier in an interview when asked about the band he shared a bill with, Oldham responded nonchalantly that The Babblers were simply an "obscure" band from Shreveport. But within seconds of seeing the group (and hearing the two vocalists), it became apparent that they were actually just a wild permutation of the main act, led by Oldham himself.

With his arm outstretched above his head and his eyes cast heavenward, Oldham's alias had more than a passing resemblance to a cult leader. But instead of matching Reeboks, he and his backing band wore sunglasses and one-piece pajama suits (complete with a zipper, hood, and footsies). The stage itself was decorated accordingly with a mismatched collection of bedroom lamps.

Given Oldham's involvement, The Babblers of course had that characteristic love it or hate it Bonnie 'Prince' Billy twang, but the songs were also quite distinct from Oldham's lengthy discography. Female vocalist Angel Olsen sang songs with a thrilling intensity as if her adopted persona gave her more confidence, freedom, and creative power. Olsen was a joy throughout the evening, but her role in The Babblers really let her shine since it occasionally gave her reason to exchange her smooth, rich vocals for a no-nonsense battle cry. "Sweetheart, Sweetheart, let's get it together!" she shrieked in desperation during one song. Upon witnessing Olsen's sudden transformation, the crowd broke the polite silence perpetuated by the fancy theatre with enthusiastic cheers. Together on stage, Oldham and Olsen were like cool criminals. There was a perverse quality to their back country gospel rock that made it mesmerizing to witness.

In recent weeks, the baffling story of The Babblers has been slowly unfurling. One theory holds that The Babblers project was modeled after the pre-existing work of Kevin Coyne and Dagmar Krause, and after comparing Wednesday night's notes to the track listing for the British duo's album (conveniently titled 'Babble'), this definitely seems to be the case. The Babblers played the entirety of 'Babble' in sequence.

Following the rousing set by The Babblers, there was a quick costume change and Oldham and his band emerged once more - this time under the guise of a different name. Everything was back to normal. (If your definition of normal allows for Oldham's eyeliner, fancy suit/do-rag combo, awkward dancing, and weird tics - that is.)

Bonnie 'Prince' Billy and The Cairo Gang were definitely not as volatile as The Babblers (had Oldham one-upped himself?), but they were still compelling to watch. In her becoming black dress, Olsen charmed the crowd once again, even if her vocals were more subdued for the second half of the evening. After such an intense display earlier, I'm impressed she could continue to sing so beautifully.

Though the majority of the set was lifted from the group's recent collaborative album, 'Wonder Show of the World,' Oldham also included a handful of older tunes, including "Only Someone Running" (which featured Matt Sweeney on guitar) and the breathtaking "Cursed Sleep." They concluded their encore with "Go Folks, Go," which allowed Oldham to retain the position of charismatic religious fanatic once more as he echoed the song's title repeatedly, as if delivering a benediction to his receptive crowd of followers.

I don't think the Town Hall staff and promoters knew what they were getting into when they booked Will Oldham, but I'm certainly glad they took a chance and surrendered to the crazy pajama'ed gang and its fearless leader.

Bonnie Prince Billy & The Cairo Gang opened for Yo La Tengo at Maxwell's one night earlier. Their Town Hall setlist is below...

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DOWNLOAD: The Babblers - Come Down Here (Kevin Coyne cover) (MP3)


"The Babblers turned out to be the alter-ego of the Bonnie "Prince" Billy lineup. Dressed in sunglasses and one-piece pajamas with hoods, the six band members ambled onto a mostly dark stage that was adorned by a handful of small table lamps and a vertical trellis of white Christmas lights. One could have easily taken this for some sort of silly dalliance, but in fact, it's a rather complex conceptual project: The group's name is a reference to Babble, an obscure, rock-opera-ish album from the late-70s by the late British outsider artist Kevin Coyne and German singer Dagmar Krause. The hour-long set was an in-sequence performance of the entire Babble album, with Oldham and Angel Olsen, as "Angela Babbler," in the lead vocal roles." [The Thread]
The Babblers opened for Bonnie Prince Billy at Town Hall in NYC last night (12/8). We have a full review coming. The above-quoted review is from an earlier Babblers show. The above MP3 is believed to be a studio version of a Babblers song aka Will and band covering Kevin Coyne & Dagmar Krause, but you never can really know . Live Babblers videos below...

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Yo La

As hinted, posted and speculated, Bonnie Prince Billy (who plays Town Hall tonight), Kristen Schaal, Kurt Braunohler and Nels Cline (who played LPR one night earlier) all joined Yo La Tengo at Maxwell's on the 7th night of Hanukkah. Full setlist below...

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Yo La Tengo

As rumored, Mission of Burma stopped by Maxwell's this Hanukkah to be one of Yo La Tengo's eight openers. A full review and set of pictures from last night's show is coming soon, but meanwhile let's figure out what we've got so far:

12/1 - M. Ward, Todd Barry, Nash Kato
12/2 - The Parting Gifts, Jim Gaffigan, members of The Feelies
12/3 - Jeff Tweedy, Eugene Mirman & Kid Congo Powers
12/4 - Syl Johnson, Jon Glaser, Peter Wolf & Ira's mom
12/5 - Mission of Burma & Wyatt Cenac
12/6 - ?
12/7 - ?? & Kurt Braunohler & Kristen Schaal & ??
12/8 - ?
So who else will open and/or play with YLT on the final three nights?

Well, "Anonymous | December 2, 2010 9:31 AM" says that Amy Rigby and Wreckless Eric, who played Bowery Electric on November 12th, announced that they'd be at Monday's show "during their show near d.c." That comment was made four days ago. Since then Wreckless Eric made a surprise last minute appearance at Home Sweet Home Friday night. BUT, "Anonymous | December 6, 2010 11:10 AM" says "Tonight's opener is Mofongo, despite the apparent info that Wreckless Eric and Amy Rigby would open. Perhaps Eric and Amy are the encore guests."

note that the proper spelling is: Mofungo

It should also be noted that Bonnie Prince Billy plays Town Hall Wedneday
(tickets are still on sale).

Last night's setlist is below...

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Though lately Bonnie 'Prince' Billy has been performing as/with "Bonnie 'Prince' Billy & The Cairo Gang" (aka Will Oldham and guitarist Emmett Kelly) (like at Monster Island), the December 8th show at Town Hall in NYC that has appeared on Ticketmaster just lists "Bonnie Prince Billy". Oh, and it also lists $328.50 in fees! (thanks Kate and William!). All dates below...

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by Andrew Frisicano

DOWNLOAD: Guilty Simpson & Bumps - Drums (MP3)


A new Madvillain track, "Papermill," is online to stream and download. The Madlib's wirey '70s cop chase sample and top-form wordplay from DOOM are both good signs that the pair is putting in some serious effort to follow-up 2004's Madvillainy. The label writes that the song will be on the new album, which is still a work in progress.

The song is online as part of the Adult Swim singles series, which has been distributing tracks weekly. Madvillian was the second song, and there's already one from Bonnie "Prince" Billy and Matt Sweeney. On the way is music from Black Lips, Freddie Gibbs, Killer Mike, High on Fire, Cults and Washed Out.

To measure just how long the new Madvillain is taking in Madlib-years (remember, he already put out his own part 2 of their debut), consider the fact that Stones Throw gave the beatmaker his own label imprint, Madlib Invazion, in early '10, and that's now in the process of releasing one Madlib CD a month for 12 months. The most recent edition, Madlib Medicine Show #5: History Of The Loop Digga, 1990-2000, collects "Madlib's previously unreleased, made-for-cassette 90s work" under the Loop Digga name (and comes with a comic book to boot).

Madlib's "OJ Simpson" collaborator Guilty Simpson recently released a track with Bumps, the beatmaking trio of Tortoise drummers John McEntire, John Herndon and Dan Bitney. You can get that above. The OJ Simpson album is out now on Stones Throw.

Tortoise kick off a tour in June that brings them to NYC for a June 23rd show at Le Poisson Rouge as part of the Care Fusion Jazz Festival. Tickets are still on sale.

All Tortoise dates and some classic Madvillain videos are below...

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DOWNLOAD: Bonnie Prince Billy - Play, Guitar, Play (MP3)

photo by Shawn Brackbill

Bonnie Prince Billy

At the eight o'clock early show, [Bonnie "Prince"] Billy showed up in all-yellow in the darkened stony room, accompanied by collaborator Emmett Kelly of the Cairo Gang, who played guitar and carried high-pitched, sinuous harmonies. For the duration, our "Prince" performed sans microphone, or any instrument besides the occasional melodica, singing mournful ballads from his newly-released album, The Wonder Show of the World. It was transcendent. Oldham has the commanding presence of a stage actor; his movements are evocative, animated, and precise. A lot of the time last night, he looked like he was performing a monologue rather than singing a song. Meanwhile, the jam-packed crowd sat shoulder-to-shoulder on Monster Island's concrete floor, but, from what we could tell, the room was too busy being enthralled by Oldham to really mind.[Village Voice]
Bonnie "Prince" Billy and the Cairo Gang (Will Oldham and guitarist Emmett Kelly) played three shows in two nights at the intimate Monster Island on April 1st and 2nd. Really nice videos of the unamplified show are posted below.

A song from the new record, The Wonder Show of the World, out now on Drag City, is re-posted above. Their tour, which stopped at New Orleans' famous Preservation Hall, has a few more West Coast shows left. Videos from the Monster Island gig ("I See a Darkness" as an encore, and more) are below...

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DOWNLOAD: Bonnie Prince Billy - Play, Guitar, Play (MP3)

Bonnie Prince Billy

Bonnie Prince Billy & the Cairo Gang will be in NYC to play three shows over two nights at Monster Island Basement. They play early and late shows on Thursday, April 1st, and one show on Friday, April 2nd. Lichens open all three.

Tickets for the shows won't be available online - only in person at Record Grouch Records/Old Made Vintage (open 11am-7pm daily; 441 Metropolitan Ave @ Meeker St, Williamsburg, Brooklyn; 908-246-1512) starting Tuesday, March 9th at 5pm.

Bonnie Prince Billy And The Cairo Gang are releasing a new record, The Wonder Show of the World, on March 23rd on Drag City (Mar. 22nd on Domino in the UK). The song "Play, Guitar, Play," above, a Conway Twitty cover, is a free preview that won't be on the ten-song album.

In related new, Will Oldham is a guest on the new Coliseum record.

BPB & The Cairo Gang put out a NFSW teaser for the record. That, all tour dates and venue info are below...

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by Andrew Frisicano

Fucked Up

Matador announced that Fucked Up's 'Do They Know It's Christmas?' charity single "should be available" from iTunes today (December 8th) (still waiting it is). As previously reported, the song is packed with guests, including Yo La Tengo, GZA, Ezra Koenig (Vampire Weekend), Bob Mould (Husker Du), Tegan & Sara, Andrew W.K., Kyp Malone (TV on the Radio), David Cross and Kevin Drew (Broken Social Scene). In February, it'll be released as 7" single. The record is for charity, and you can read what Fucked Up singer Pink Eyes has to say about the causes, below. The band is also putting out a rarities compilation, Couple Tracks, in January and touring with Kurt Vile in Feb. (with 2 NYC area shows).

Another benefit record, Stroke: Songs for Chris Knox, is out today on Merge (in digital form, CDs come February 23rd). The proceeds go to New Zealand musician Chris Knox (Tall Dwarfs, Toy Love) who suffered a stroke last June. The two-disc collection is all covers of Knox's songs done by acts that include Yo La Tengo, Mountain Goats, Will Oldham, Stephin Merritt, Bill Callahan and...Jeff Mangum (doing "Sign The Dotted Line" by Tall Dwarfs). You can preview songs at Merge. The full track list below.

Don't forget, Bob Dylan's Christmas album is also for charity, benefiting Feeding America. His new video for "Little Drummer Boy" (animated and less jokey than "Must Be Santa") is below...

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Yeasayer @ MHOW 12/06 (more by Ryan Muir)

tonight in NYC
* Ben Perowsky Quartet @ Barbes
* Drug Rug, Your Nature @ Union Pool
* Ida Maria, Franz Nicolay @ Maxwell's
* Tracy Bonham, Tony Scherr @ Joe's Pub
* De La Soul, Buckshot @ Nokia Theatre
* Rakim, DJ Souljah, U-God @ Highline Ballroom
* Tori Amos, One Eskimo @ Radio City Music Hall
* Necking, Piles, Work, Crime Novels @ Bruar Falls
* Prayertown, Edom, Martin Bisi, Queening @ Coco 66
* Yeasayer, Amazing Baby @ Pier 54/Hudson River Park
* Friendly Fires, The xx @ Music Hall of Williamsburg
* Mostly Other People Do the Killing, Afuche @ Zebulon
* CKY, Graveyard, ASG, Fall from Grace @ Gramercy Theatre
* Gliss, Purcane, Automatic Children, Lights On @ The Annex
* Children, Lullabye Arkestra, Violent Bullshit @ Glasslands
* Blondie, Pat Benatar, The Donnas @ Asser Levy/Seaside Park
* Bottle Up & Go, Royal Bangs, Calypso, Slim Twig @ Death By Audio
* Mike Bones, Amen Dunes, Virgin Forest, Up Died Sound @ The Cameo
* Canyons, Justin Miller & Jacques Renault @ Rocks Off Concert Cruises
* Nighthorse, Barracks, Engine Room, Tee Pee Recs special guest @ Pianos
* Holy Hail, Pacific Theater, Aerial East, Bird Love @ The Ghost Factory
* Beach Fossils, Blind Man's Colour, Small Black, The Tony Castles @ Cake Shop
* Out of Doors Fest w/ Snehasish Mozumder & Som, Jake Shimabukuro, The Derek Trucks Band @ Damrosch Park

Free outdoor music tonight includes Blondie, Pat Benatar and The Donnas at Asser Levy/Seaside Park in Coney Island, a Lincoln Center Out of Doors Fest show with Snehasish Mozumder & Som, Jake Shimabukuro and The Derek Trucks Band at Damrosch Park, and Yeasayer and Amazing Baby at Pier 54/Hudson River Park.

Rakim, DJ Souljah and U-God play Highline Ballroom, while De La Soul's Three Feet High And Rising anniversary tour comes to Nokia Theatre with a 10-piece band and Buckshot. A video of "Me Myself and I" on Arsenio Hall is below.

Canyons and Justin Miller & Jacques Renault appear at a People Don't Dance No More party aboard Rocks Off Concert Cruise. Canyons was last seen over the weekend at Central Park Summerstage.

Nighthorse plays with a Tee Pee Records special guest headliner at Pianos tonight.

Brits Friendly Fires and The xx play Music Hall of Williamsburg. Last night the show was at Le Poisson Rouge.

Ida Maria visits Maxwell's with Franz Nicolay (who plays Union Pool tomorrow). She'll be back in the NYC-area on September 16th with the Perez Hilton tour, which today added Semi Precious Weapons to the bill.

San Diego's Lights On have a series of NYC shows this weekend. One is a Saturday Union Hall show with Beach Fossils and Blind Man's Colour (who play tonight at Cake Shop). Catch Lights On tonight at The Annex with Gliss, Purcane and Automatic Children.

Two nights of Animal Collective in Prospect Park begin tomorrow.

Jazz combo Mostly Other People Do the Killing play at Zebulon tonight.

Ben Perowsky Quartet plays a CD release show at Barbes for his new disc, Esopus Opus, out on Skirl Records. That CD deals in largely-accordion-driven jazz. Tonight, Perowsky (drums) will be joined by "Trevor Dunn (Mr. Bungle, The Melvins, Electric Masada) and Matt Mitchell on piano (member of Tim Berne's new sextet), and saxophonist/clarinetist Chris Speed."

Tori Amos nears the end of her Abnormally Attracted to Sin-supporting tour tonight at Radio City Music Hall.

"Next to nothing is known at the moment about "These Are My Twisted Words," the purported new Radiohead song that mysteriously appeared online last night. Unlike "Harry Patch (In Memory Of)," which Radiohead surprise-released almost exactly one week prior (hmmm), this one seems to have materialized on various illicit music hubs without any official announcement or acknowledgment from the band." [EW]

Radiohead's new mystery song "These Are My Twisted Words" is posted below, as is a clip of Bonnie "Prince" Billy on Tim & Eric's Music Express segment.

What else?

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by Bill Pearis

DOWNLOAD: Fanfarlo - Luna (MP3)


London's Fanfarlo will play Mercury Lounge in NYC on September 21, their first NYC gig since CMJ last year. At the time, the band were recording their debut album in upstate New York with producer Peter Katis (The National, Interpol). That album, Reservoir, has since been released and it's quite the stunner if you ask me, full of swooning epics that fall somewhere between Belle & Sebastian and The Arcade Fire. The band self-released it in February, mainly available at at their shows and are currently selling 320 KBS downloads of it for one dollar via their website 'till July 4, one of the best bargains around. The download comes with four songs not on the CD version of the record. For a taster you can download "Luna" at the top of this post.

Fanfarlo's performance at Austin's Central Presbyterian Church made my Top Ten Shows at SxSW 2009, and I've seen them three times now. Alll were great. I'm hoping they'll add a couple more shows to their NYC visit in September, crossing my fingers for the Bell House -- that would be the perfect place for them I think. In the meantime, tickets for the Mercury Lounge show are on sale.

All announced tour dates and some videos, including one of the band covering Bonnie Prince Billy, after the jump....

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Bonnie Prince Billy @ the Apollo Theater - May 21, 2009 (crespa┬┤s)
Bonnie Prince billy

"last nights bonnie 'prince' billy concert at the apollo was supreme. jim white on drums. emmett kelly on guitar. josh abrams on bass. cheyenne mize on violin and vocals. matt sweeney dueting on blood embrace." [here i am. there you are]
Bonnie Prince Billy @ Santos Party House - May 20, 2009 (Catharine Connell)
Bonnie Prince Billy

Bonnie Prince Billy concluded his two night, NYC run last night. More dates HERE. A shot from each of the NYC shows is above. Most of the Santos setlist is below...

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DOWNLOAD: Bill Callahan - Eid Ma Clack Shaw (MP3)

Bonnie Prince BillyI'm not sure whether Bonnie Prince Billy's May 21st show at the Apollo Theater has completely sold out yet or not, but a 2nd NYC show has been added, much farther downtown, at Santos Party House. Tickets for the the May 20th show are on sale now (thx Keith!). Lightning Dust opens.

BPB's new album, Beware, was released by Drag City on March 17th. The same label is releasing Bill Callahan's new album, Sometimes I Wish We Were an Eagle, on April 14th. Download "Eid Ma Clack Shaw" from that album, above.

Bonnie Prince BillySXSW Music is this week, and that usually means a slow music release week.

As with every Will Oldham release, I will be scurrying down to my local music store tomorrow morning to pick up his latest Bonnie Prince Billy album, Beware (and finally replace the annoying promo CD sent my way last month).

I plan to pick up the Nick Lowe greatest hits 2-CD release, Quiet Please: The New Best of Nick Lowe as well as Willie Nelson's Naked Willie tomorrow.

From what has already been sent my way, I can also recommend An Horse's Rearrange Beds, Black Joe Lewis's Tell 'Em What Your Name Is!, Sara Lov's Seasoned Eyes Were Beaming, White Lies' How to Lose My Life, and Wavves' Wavvves.

The week's reissues are highlighted by four Scott Walker remastered albums. Boy Child 67-70, Classics & Collectibles, Sings Jacques Brel and Tilt.

What new releases can you recommend? Have I left anything off the list?

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White Magic


WHITE MAGIC WILL PLAY NEW YORK THIS FRIDAY NIGHT - FEB 27TH @ 92Y (in Tribeca)! It's our fist BAND SHOW in the NY & the US, since 2007 (!!), so COME OUT!

HIGHLIFE (sleepy doug shaw of WM project - first US show of new songs!)

If you quote code "WHMG" when buying tickets at the door, online, or by phone, there is a $3 discount from the regular $15 door price!

Doors are at 8pm


Joly told me they've been in the UK for the past year. All dates, including a bunch with Bonnie Prince Billy, below...

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Naomi Shelton & the Gospel Queens @ BAM (more by Ryan Muir)
Naomi Shelton

Tickets are on sale (@ 10am) for the Bonnie Prince Billy show happening at the Apollo Theater.

Tickets are on sale (@ 10am) for both Flight of the Conchords shows happening at Radio City Music Hall.

Tickets are on sale (@ 10am) for the Lily Allen show happening at Roseland Ballroom.

Tickets are on sale for the Prodigy show happening at Roseland Ballroom.

The Musical Box is performing GENESIS' "A Trick of The Tail" at Nokia Theatre on May 9th and 10th. Tickets are on PRESALE (password = genesis)

Tickets are still on sale for the Neko Case shows happening at Nokia Theatre.

Thursday is playing the Nokia Theatre on March 4th. Tickets are on sale.

Menahan Street Band are opening for Sharon Jones at Nokia Theatre on February 13th. Tickets are still on sale.

Naomi Shelton & The Gospel Queens are opening for Sharon Jones at Nokia Theatre on February 14th. Tickets are still on sale.

Naomi Shelton also performs every Friday at the Fat Cat for $3.00.

Budos Band are playing (Le) Poisson Rouge on February 26th. Tickets are on sale.

Live Naomi Shelton video below...

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Will Oldham as Icky in Wendy and Lucy
Will Oldham

Kelly Reichardt's latest film, "Wendy and Lucy," is 80 minutes long -- it would fit inside Baz Luhrmann's "Australia" twice, with room to spare -- and does not contain a superfluous word or shot. Like "Old Joy" (2006), Ms. Reichardt's modest and critically beloved second feature, "Wendy and Lucy" takes place mainly outdoors and registers the natural beauty of the Pacific Northwest with unostentatious affection. [NY Times]
An icky looking Will Oldham plays Icky in the film that is playing now at Film Forum in NYC. Full list of theaters HERE.

When Will Oldham isn't acting, he's making usually-beautiful music - sometimes as Will Oldham, sometimes as Palace, and often as Bonnie Prince Billy. This week a new BPB song became available on iTunes and Amazon. It's a cover of the Yusuf Islam song "One Day At A Time". Consider the song a teaser for the full album of new material being released soon by Drag City & Domino...

On 16 March 2009 Bonnie 'Prince' Billy is to release his new, biggest and most ambitious album 'Beware' on Domino (in the UK).

Joining Bonny deep in the mix of Beware, the roll-call of top players include the band (Josh Abrams, Jennifer Hutt, Emmett Kelly and Michael Zerang) and special guests (Dee Alexander, Leroy Bach, Jim Becker, Robert Cruz, DV DeVincentis, Jon Langford, Greg Leisez, Rob Mazurek, Nicole Mitchell and Azita Youseffi)!

Drag City is still not listing a US release date. You can hear Will play the new song "You Can't Hurt Me Now" live on WNYC. Full album tracklisting below.

Speaking of live, Bonnie Prince Billy has a bunch of shows lined up for 2009 including the just added May 21st show at the legendary Apollo Theater. Tickets go on sale Friday February 6th at 10am.

Like-minded artists Cat Power and M Ward also have shows coming up at the Apollo which is celebrating its 75th anniversary of holding "Amateur Night". Ryan Adams, Antony, and Jenny Lewis all played shows there recently.

All BPB tour dates below...

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photos by Natasha Ryan

The Walkmen
The Dodos

Walt Martin of The Walkmen's Top 10 of 2008
1. Thee Oh Sees, The Master Bedroom is Worth Spending a Night In (astleface/Tomlab)
2. Thee Oh Sees, The Hounds of Foggy Notion (Castleface/Tomlab)
3. Thee Oh Sees, Thee Oh Sees/The Intelligence Split EP (Mt. St. Mtn.)
4. Fleet Foxes, Fleet Foxes (Sub Pop)
5. The Howling Hex, Earthjunk (Drag City)
6. Bonnie "Prince" Billie, Lie Down in The Light (Drag City)
7. Beach House, Devotion (Carpark)
8. The Breeders, Mountain Battles (4AD)
9. Dirty Dancing Soundtrack (20th Anniversary Edition) (RCA)
10. Animal House Soundtrack (30th Anniversary Edition) (MCA)
(that list via Filter)
The Walkmen and The Dodos shared a bill at the Brooklyn Masonic Temple last night in NYC (12/16). More pictures from the show below...

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Scout Niblett

The video for Scout Niblett & Bonnie Prince Billy's song "Kiss" can be viewed below. Check it out. And check out Scout Niblett live tonight (May 1st) @ Knitting Factory, and tomorrow (May 2) @ Europa in Brooklyn. Both shows are with, and possibly further enhanced by, Holy Sons. Holy Sons is Grails' Emil Amos other band (and Emil now also happens to be the NEW DRUMMER OF OM).

In July, Scout Niblett is playing a bunch of shows with Daniel Johnston in Europe. All dates (and that video) below.....

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DOWNLOAD: Grizzly Bear - On a Neck, On a Spit (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Fischerspooner - Megacolon (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Antony & The Johnsons - Cripple And The Starfish (MP3)

Ed Droste, Casey Spooner, Antony Hegarty
Ed Droste, Casey Spooner, Antony Hegarty

You probably heard: some writers are on strike. That means no new late night TV right now. That means Band of Horses didn't get to play Conan last night, Kanye West didn't get to play Letterman, and it means that Grizzly Bear don't get to play Conan tonight (Nov 6, 2007). They'll probably reschedule the performances, but Grizzly Bear misses out on a TV appearance that was going to synchronize perfectly with the release of their new EP. Friend (the latest addition to the 8.0 club) is out now. Order it from Insound to get a free limited edition silkscreen poster.

Grizzly Bear FriendsSpeaking of Grizzly Bear, they performed at the Society of Ethical Culture in NYC on Saturday night (Nov 3, 2007) - part of the Wordless Music Series - to an audience that included Paul Simon (an artist that Grizzly Bear is known to cover, and who they did cover also that night). It was the same night that GB's "friend" Feist was playing right across town on Saturday Night Live. And speaking of SNL, that's another TV show that might not air this week if the writers don't get what they want. That means Amy Winehouse won't get to play it....or maybe she's not playing it already....I'm confused (she is definitely not playing the Woodies though - for "visa issues" related to the drug stuff).

Sigur Ros also has a new CD out today, and Sigur Ros also played the Wordless Music Series recently (October 5th to be exact). .

Grizzly Bear @ Wordless Music Series, NYC - NOV 3, 2007 (CRED)
Grizzly Bear @ Wordless Music Series

As Ed pointed out early in the set, this show was an unofficial end of tour celebration of sorts, as the band had been on the road for most of the past year and a half. Usually when this is the case, the performance can go one of two ways. One option is that the band is so drained and sick and tired of playing the same songs that they launch into a sort of auto-pilot self parody (see the Strokes at the end of their "Room on Fire" tour). The preferable option, however, is that the combination of having become so technically in control of one's material coupled with the euphoria of playing a hometown show with the finish line in sight will make for something altogether different and spectacular. [read the rest @ Ear Farm]
Sigur Ros @ Wordless Music Series, NYC - Oct 5, 2007 (CRED)
Sigur Ros @ Wordless Music Series
Secondly, beautiful show not just the sigur ros part. And yes Sufjan was there. I was sitting right in back of him along with 2 of the guys from The National. They were all impatient and left right before Sigur Ros came on. Poor Sufjan was complaining he had to get out of there. Hard to blame him cause it was a sauna in there. Also there was Superwolf Matt or Chavez Matt however you like supporting his buddy Will. Great show and got to see Sigur Ros play the same amount of songs they are playing tomorrow night for umm lets see 35 dollars less. [Anonymous]
But wait, what is that photo on the top of this post you ask? Oh yeah, Ed Droste of Grizzly Bear has been named one of this year's Out 100 ("the men and women who made 2007 a year to remember") - a list that also includes James St. James, Beth Ditto (The Gossip), Bianca Casady (Cocorosie), Marc Almond, Owen Pallett (Final Fantasy), Nico Muhly, Casey Spooner (Fischerspooner), and Antony. That's Casey and Antony in the picture with Ed (some new "friends"?). Nico isn't pictured on the Out site yet, but he did recently play the same Wordless Music Series show that Sigur Ros played (the "not just the sigur ros part")....

Nico Muhly @ Wordless Music Series, NYC - OCT 5, 2007 (CRED)
Sigur Ros @ Wordless Music Series

Grizzly Bear are playing one more NYC (mini) show before taking a break for a long time - it's tomorrow (Nov 7th) @ the Virgin Union Square Megastore in NYC (7pm, free).

And in case you missed it, the friends that appear on Grizzly Bear's new EP are Beirut, Dirty Projectors, CSS, Band of Horses, CSS and Deerhunter. Will Oldham is not one of Grizzly Bear's friends, but Will ("his buddy Will" in the review above) did also perform at that now-legendary "Wordless" show in October too...

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