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photos by Dana (distortion) Yavin

Kitten @ Bowery Ballroom

Kitten supported Electric Six with locals New York Rivals on 10/28 at Bowery Ballroom as part of the latter two's tour together. Here are some belated pictures from that Halloween weekend show. They continue with all tour dates below...

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Caveman at Beekman Beer Garden in Sept (more by Amanda Hatfield)

Brooklyn's Caveman just played a bunch of CMJ shows and followed that with Brooklyn Bowl show with Hospitality earlier this month. If you missed out on all of that, you'll have a chance to catch the band again when they headline Bowery Ballroom on January 20. Tickets for that show go on sale Friday (11/11) at noon. This show is their only one scheduled at the moment.

Caveman's debut LP CoCo Beware came out digitally on 9/13 and they will release it on CD and vinyl on November 15 via ORG Music and their own Magic Man! label. The digital version is available now on iTunes. You can grab one of the album's tracks HERE and watch the video for "Great Life" below.

In related news, Caveman frontman Matt Iwanusa recently talked to L magazine about his favorite places to hang out in Brooklyn, like drinking at The Bell House, people watching in Prospect Park, and attending shows at BAM.

Video below...

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photos by Amanda Hatfield

Wild Flag @ Bowery Ballroom
Wild Flag

Wild Flag recently hit the NYC-area during CMJ, selling out three shows while they were here with Eleanor Friedberger and Hospitality. The run ended at Manhattan's Bowery Ballroom. A second set of pictures from their Bowery Ballroom set are in this post. Pictures of Eleanor's set are HERE and Hospitality's are HERE.

Wild Flag will return to NYC during a 2012 tour for a much larger show at Webster Hall on April 1. Tickets for the NYC show go on sale Friday (11/11) at noon with an AmEx presale starting Wednesday (11/9) at noon.

All spring tour dates and more CMJ pics below...

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photos by Toby Tenenbaum

The Drums @ Bowery Ballroom
The Drums

"Lead singer Jonny Pierce's stage presence last night was reminiscent of the glory days of Morrissey as he swayed to the beat and delivered his moody, but brilliant lyrics about breaking up, money and death. Pierce told the crowd that the band is winding down from their North American tour before playing the non-album track "I Felt Stupid." Other highlights included great versions of their "Portamento" songs "Money," "I Need a Doctor" and "If He Likes It Let Him Do It." The crowd of course lost their minds during songs such as "it Will All End In Tears," "The Future" and "Best Friend," which Jonny Pierce dedicated to his dead best friend." -[according to g]
The Drums headlined Bowery Ballroom last night (11/2), part one of their three night, November NYC stint which includes a stop at Music Hall of Williamsburg TONIGHT (11/3), and a return to Bowery Ballroom on 11/7. All three shows are/were sold out. Support from last night, Patrick Cleandenim & Regal Degal, will also be on hand for tonight's festivities but Grand Rapids will sub-in for Regal Degal at Bowery Ballroom round two. Regal Degal also play Shea Stadium tonight.

More Bowery Ballroom pictures (including The Drums' setlist), and more Drums dates, below...

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photos by Amanda Hatfield

Hospitality @ Bowery Ballroom

"Since it was the Merge Showcase, the show itself featured a short set from Hospitality, a new signee to the label that showed a great deal of promise. Their music was meat-and-potatoes indie, with a little Stereolab and a little Built to Spill, but it was a perfect, if perfunctory, set-up for Wild Flag." [tripped media]
As previously mentioned, Hospitality played a CMJ show at Bowery Ballroom with Wild Flag and Eleanor Friedberger, and play another local show with Caveman and JPF at Brooklyn Bowl tonight (11/2). Tonight's "Local x Local" show is free with RSVP, but RSVP is now closed. You can however still get in for just $5, either in advance or at the door. Caveman have no other upcoming shows.

Hospitality also play a show on 11/11 at Glasslands with ARMS, Franz Nicolay, The Building. That one is $10. ARMS have no other upcoming shows.

The next "Local x Local" at Brooklyn Bowl is in December with Delicate Steve and Milagres.

More pictures from Bowery Ballroom below...

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photos by Tamara Porras

Wild Flag @ Bowery Ballroom
Wild Flag

"On Tuesday night, that act vacuuming up all the attention was Wild Flag, a new band comprised of members of old bands that sounds like the mean of those old bands, and also like many recent bands who have looked to those old bands for inspiration. (Got all that?)

The self-titled Wild Flag debut album was released last month on Merge and, in places, it's blistering. But only some of that tension came through during the band's set Tuesday night at the Bowery Ballroom. The singer Carrie Brownstein is still poignant, and still wry, and still handles her guitar authoritatively. While Janet Weiss, the drummer, was firm, she wasn't at her firmest. And sometimes the keyboard lines from Rebecca Cole appeared to have parachuted in from another concert up the block." [NY Times]

Wild Flag completed their 3-night attack on the NYC-area last night at Bowery Ballroom where they were joined by Eleanor Friedberger and Hospitality. Pictures of EF & WF continue below...

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photos by Dana (distortion) Yavin, words by BBG


Without the mega-firepower of the Metalliance lineup with Saint Vitus, Crowbar, Kylesa (who play NYC on 10/22), Red Fang (who support Mastodon), Howl (who plays the Metal Suckfest) and The Atlas Moth (who recently played NYC) backing them, Helmet headlined a different kind of show at Bowery Ballroom on Tuesday (10/11), with support from Skeleton Key. This time the focus was NOT on their classic LP Meantime but quite the opposite; Helmet pretty much avoided the LP entirely save for a performance of "Give It". Full set-list is below along with more pictures from the show.

In semi-related news, the Metal Suckfest has completed its lineup for the the two-day festival (and pre-game with Mayhem), adding appearances from All Pigs Must Die, This is Hell, 3, and Last Chance to Reason. Tickets are still available.

For Bowery Ballroom, this Helmet show came right after a two-night run by the Lemonheads and before the Rosebuds headlined the stage.

More Helmet pictures and all tour dates are below.

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photos by Devan Council

Screaming Females @ Bowery Ballroom
Screaming Females

Washington Post: You're about to record a new album, so that means you have a whole batch of new songs ready to go. But when you play shows, people like to hear songs they know. So how do you decide to work new stuff into the setlist?

Mike Abbate: We played a show in New Brunswick over the summer and we played only new songs and people were [very upset].

Marissa Paternoster: It didn't go over very well. I thought they might be interested to hear some new stuff. It didn't really work out that way.

So what can we expect from the new material?

Paternoster: It's chillwave. It's witch house.

I think you missed that boat by about six months, unfortunately.

Paternoster: We don't care! We're bringing it back! It's post-witch-house! Dubstep, that's in there, too ... We just want to write some good songs. For riding your bike. For walking your dog. For driving your cool car. For driving your Grandma around to the supermarket. "Hey Grandma, listen to this. This rocks!"

Screaming Females played Bowery Ballroom on Saturday (10/8) with appearances from Hilly Eye, Underground Railroad to Candyland, and Shellshag. The show was one of the first of a larger tour that will stretch into early November, heading as far west as Fargo, ND before looping back to play a doubleheader day/night show at Court Tavern in New Brunswick on 11/6. Most dates are with Underground Railroad to Candyland.

One of those dates goes down at The Fest 10, the mega-Gainesville, FL punk festival going down from 10/28 - 10/30 and featuring more than 200 bands that vary widely in the general "punk" genre (everything from the prefix "pop" to powerviolence). Full lineup is below and though passes are sold out, walk-up tickets for most shows are still available.

More pictures from the NYC show are below.

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photos by Dana (distortion) Yavin

The Lemonheads

10:45ish, here come the Lemonheads! They came out and blasted into "Rockin Stroll". From the first chord, first verse you can tell things seem to have fallen in line . There was no fumbling around on stage before starting, no looks of confusion on the face of Dando. My bud who's here from last night turned quickly after the song and said "Like night and day!", commenting on Dando's lucidness, and ability of the band to play the music compared to the previous night (and all other nights of this tour). Last night they didn't perform the entirety of "It's a Shame About Ray", even tho that's what the bill said...

"Confetti" was awesome, and after the first chord of "It's a Shame about Ray" Dando stops like he messed up or something, and then says "Nah, I'm kidding!" and they rocked that sh!t out. That's when I knew they weren't going to have one of those shows I've been reading about. I mean, even tho Dando's sentences didn't make a whole lot of sense, it at least looked as if HE knew what he was talking about. He was conversing with fans, between songs and between amp checks..

They played the [album portion of the show] ...before the band left the stage leaving just Evan and an acoustic guitar to play solo. He never left the stage through the duration of the night, he played what was basically an entire acoustic set after finishing the album. If I had one complaint about the album portion of the show, it would have to be inviting a fan up on stage to sing the lyrics to "Mrs. Robinson". What's up with that? Her voice isn't really projecting through the mic, it's almost like an instrumental.. When Dando asked if someone in the crowd could sing it, we were shouting from balcony "how bout YOU sing it Evan??!?" ... He didn't go near the mic for that one. -[Jay Porks]

From the sound of it, Bowery Ballroom on Monday night (10/10) went
way better for The Lemonheads than their disasterous show at the venue the night before, even though the cover of the Simon & Garfunkel classic "Mrs Robinson" was sang by an audience member because Evan claimed "that even he didn't know the song anymore" (thanks Jonathan). Ever since the tour kick-off, The Lemonheads have had problems "doing the tour as marketed" (a quote from someone close to the band), either because of Evan's alleged bout with pharyngitis or for other, possibly more nefarious reasons.

Regardless, the tour soldiers on with a show in Boston today, continuing until early November before taking a break and then hitting the UK. All tour dates and more pictures from the second night at Bowery Ballroom with New York Rivals and The Shining Twins, including both Lemonheads setlists from that night, below...

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Dando car

The Lemonheads played their first of two full-album shows at Bowery Ballroom on Sunday night (10/9), sort of. Eric wrote in:

"I just hope you make it known that they FAILED to deliver tonight...after waiting for way too long, they did not perform Its a Shame About Ray...they just FAILED...I have lived in NYC since early 2001 and have gone to MANY MANY shows...and I have never been so completely disappointed and never felt so totally ripped off. Evan seemed like he didnt even care that they didn't perform the album as marketed. I went down to the men's room halfway thru their set and everyone downstairs was like, "WTF are they doing...this is total BS..." It was such a let down...even the merch girl was sorry about them NOT PLAYING THE ALBUM AT ALL...they played more of come on feel the...I don't know...I feel like my time and money got totally wasted..and I loved this band and that album...WTF...BIG DISAPPOINTMENT. I hope I am not the only one who felt this. "
He's not the only one who felt that. Benard Shakey tweeted that, "#Lemonheads show was total disaster. #EvanDando comes onstage rambling incoherently into mic & "attempts" 2 play. Walked out after 20 min." GiGi wrote "that was sad. like going to the zoo sad." That said, Shannon Lorraine tweeted that the "band finally joined evan. Most bizarre show ever. But still great." She also called "Bogus" on one person who wrote "This is your band. This is your band on drugs. Any questions? #lemonheads."

Missed out? They do it again tonight! (though it is currently sold out)

The Shins at Bowery Ballroom (via wonderboymusic)
The Shins

Mercer's trademark widow's peak was a welcome site as the band immediately launched into two classics; "Caring Is Creepy"... and "Australia" from 2007's Wincing The Night Away. The audience seemed strangely cognizant of Mercer's path as a musician, treating his troubles with departing band members and his elongated Broken Bells hiatus as forgettable. I mean, this guy wrote a song that was played at Heath Leger's funeral! He's a legend!

The newer tracks were met with stifled cheers, but cheers nonetheless... "New Slang" was slightly warped to allow for an electric guitar and a synthesized tambourine, a departure from the original's very organic feel, the words still sting as sharply as they did ten years ago. The surroundings may change, but the core is still compelling. -[BaebleMusic]

The Shins played Bowery Ballroom on Sunday night (9/25) with Faces on Film, a very tiny show compared to The Shins' previous outings at Terminal 5. The band, who played new material and old, dipped into waaay older material when they covered David Bowie's "Ashes to Ashes" and Pink Floyd's "Breathe". The latter cover was played again on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon last night (9/26) as part of Pink Floyd week (which continues tonight). If you missed either show, live vicariously through the videos below.

As discussed, if you somehow don't own every Pink Floyd album (or want another copy), the band is reissuing material which hits record stores today.

Video from Jimmy Fallon and Bowery Ballroom, and the NYC show setlist, below...

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photos by Sarahana

Oh Land

Oh Land, complete with her "herd of animals dressed as people" aka the nightingale string quartet, headlined a glitter and balloon-filled, sold out show at Bowery Ballroom in NYC last night (9/26). Here are some pictures, the setlist and a video. They continue below...

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photos by Ryan Barkan, words by Andrew Frisicano


San Francisco's Girls headlined two sold-out nights at Bowery Ballroom on Thursday (9/22) and Friday (9/23). The band performed in a sea of floral arrangements, which seemed to make the connection between their poppy tunes and sunny '60s-era idealism. There was plenty of cheeriness ("Hunny Bunny," "My Love") from their new record, Father, Son, Holy Ghost. But the album has a darker side too: the metal thrashing of "Die," the whispered desperation of "Vomit," with its Dark Side of the Moon-style rapture at the end. The touring band, eight members strong with a trio of backup singers, vacillated between those two modes over the course of their 90-plus-minute Thursday night set.

Girls are excellent at mirroring the musical styles of the past, from surfy Beach Boys tunes to soulful McCartney-esque ballads. And frontman Christopher Owens seemed content to lets the polished sounds of the band take over, though the show's best moments featured him at his most bare. When Owens came back alone for the first song of the encore, "Jamie Marie," the crowd chuckled along at his rambling asides. The band came back to finish that song and play "Substance" and "Just a Song," completing the trio of sleepy send-offs.

In the role of the tortured frontman-down to the bleached blond hair and opiate addiction-Owens is a compelling presence that puts the band beyond being a mere nostalgia act. But the setlist Thursday night didn't really do him any favors. Front-loaded with hits like "Lust for Life" and "Laura," the second-half of the show dragged on, and reinforced the sameness of some of his songs.

Nobunny, whose First Blood is easily one of my top five album's this year, opened the show with a hilarious, grimy set. The opener, "Your Mouth," tipped the crowd off to his perverse humor, which continued with songs that included "(Do the) Fuck Yourself," "Blow Dumb," "I Am a Girlfriend," "Ain't It a Shame" and "You Don't Like Rock 'n' Roll," a Nobunny-penned Hunx song that got the biggest reaction of the night.

The first band, Papa, made up of Girls' guitarist and drummer with a piano player and bassist, proved to be competent musicians, but the group just didn't have the songs to make the set enjoyable.

More pictures from Friday (the review is from Thursday) below...

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photos by Diana Wong

TPOBPAH @ Bowery Ballroom
The Pains of Being Pure At Heart

[The Pains of Being Pure at Heart singer/guitarist Kip] Berman, who grew up a Green Bay Packers fan after being born in Madison and living in Milwaukee until he was 9, doesn't exactly ooze confidence. The singer critiqued his vocal capabilities ("I can't sing") and downplayed the band's ambition ("We're making songs people will hopefully like to hear next to other songs on a mixtape").

He even worried that his low-key, everyman vibe wouldn't make for a compelling enough narrative for a newspaper story. "I should create a better tortured artist persona where it's like, 'Then I was getting really heavy into narcotics in the studio and we were fighting all the time'."

Berman said he doesn't remember much about his toddler years in Madison. But he does still have family in Wisconsin, and he's looking forward to a mini-family reunion when his band plays the High Noon Saloon on Monday, Sept. 26. When The Pains of Being Pure at Heart opened for the National at Milwaukee's Riverside Theatre this past April, Berman told the crowd that the after-party would be in the suburbs. "I'm going to my grandparents' house to do laundry. It's important." -[Square]

The Pains of Being Pure at Heart hit Bowery Ballroom last night (9/19) with Twin Sister and Wyldlife. Pictures are in this post. After a few days off (in Kip's current home, NYC), Pains will head back out on the road for another string of dates in the US and Canada (and yes, Madison, Wisconsin) that should get them back home during CMJ (which they are currently not scheduled to play). The dates include an appearance at this weekend's Popped! Music Festival in Philadelphia on 9/23.

The Pains of Being Pure at Heart recently released a remix by Violens for "The Body" from their LP Belong. Get that for the price of an email address. Jead below for all tour dates, more Bowery pictures (including one from the setlist), and a video from last night...

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The Shins at Terminal 5 (more by Natasha Ryan)
The Shins

Annnnnnnd here is yet another MAJOR show announced this morning (My Morning Jacket/Band of Horses at MSG, Radiohead at Roseland). The Shins are scheduled to play this weekend's Popped Music Festival in Philadelphia, and have added a few Northeasten dates at smaller venues as well, including one at Bowery Ballroom on 9/25! Tickets go on sale at noon on Wednesday. Faces on Film open the show. The last time that The Shins played NYC was over two nights at the much much bigger Terminal 5 in 2009.

All tour dates and some videos below...

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photos by Amanda Hatfield

Active Child
Active Child

One Thirty BPM: Now that you're going out on your own tour do you feel extra pressure as the headliner?

Active Child (Pat Grossi): Of course! We've done five support tours in the US and UK and Europe and there's still pressure doing that because you're live and you want to impress and get new fans and impress the band you're opening for; there's all this pressure. But then when you're the headliner everyone's there to see you so you don't want to get shown up!

One Thirty BPM: Do you get any comfort from knowing that you're playing to an audience that will be more familiar with your material?

Active Child (Pat Grossi): Yeah, I think so. It seems like every show I play I get more comments from the people who have never heard of me before, but I'm definitely excited to play for an audience that is there specifically for my music.

Glowsticks came out to play at Active Child's sold out headlining show with Com Truise & Young Athletes League at Bowery Ballroom on Saturday night (9/10). Here are some pictures. They continue below...

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Union Transfer rendering
Union Transfer

Lots of interesting stuff to report in the world of live concert promotions...

NYC concert promoter Bowery Presents, who already has expanded to NJ, Boston, Maine, and Canandaigua, NY (not to mention MSG, Jones Beach, the Meadowlands, Radio City, etc), is opening a new music venue in Philadelphia this month. In partnership with Philly's one and only Sean Agnew of R5 Productions, and Avram Hornik and Mark Fichera of Four Corners Management, Union Transfer is...

... "named after the original train depot station that occupied the building [and] was developed by the group to meet Philadelphia's need for a mid-sized live music space and will accommodate 600 people. The general admission venue boasts a flexible capacity and can manage up to 1,000 people for larger crowds. Located at 1004-26 Spring Garden St, steps from Center City, Union Transfer is slated to open on September 21, 2011.
Clap Your Hands Say Yeah headline the very first show at the new space. Felice Brothers, Shellac, Mogwai, Tune-Yards, RJD2, Langhorne Slim, Little Dragon, CSS, Odd Future, Dum Dum Girls, Friendly Fires, The Black Angels, Boris, SBTRKT and many others are also already on the initial schedule.

In perhaps less exciting news for Bowery Presents, Mercury Lounge talent buyer Jay Belin has reportedly moved on and started booking Irving Plaza, Gramercy Theatre and the new Paramount Theatre in Huntington, Long Island for Live Nation.

The Paramount Theatre is...

...located on New York Avenue a block and a half north of Main Street. The space is the former home of the nonprofit Inter-Media Arts Center (IMAC), which closed its doors in 2009 after 26 years of hosting jazz, folk and blues concerts.

The 1,500-capacity venue has been undergoing renovations for months. Among the changes, there will be a VIP lounge on the balcony and a member's only "Founder's Room" with a separate entrance in addition to the general admission floor.

"With both the architecture and the vibe of the venue dedicated to quality sound, hospitality, and experience, The Paramount is sure to be a hotspot for all of Long Island, and especially for Huntington," the founders said in a news release." [Long Island Press]

Upcoming shows at the Paramount include Rusted Root, Elvis Costello, The B-52's, Weird Al Yankovic, BB King, Willie Nelson, the Pixies, Brand New and Ray Davies.

Speaking of moving on, Rock Shop booker Jack McFadden aka Skippy has moved to the music capital of Texas. He is still booking the Brooklyn club (and other NYC rooms) though. You just won't see him there as much.

Speaking of expanding, the race is on to see who can open in Chicago first. Will it be Brooklyn Bowl? or City Winery?

Speaking of Brooklyn Bowl, and last but not least for this post, the Wetlands is having a Class of '96 reunion at Brooklyn Bowl on Sunday (9/11). Ex-employees of the famed Tribeca club who will probably be in attendance include Rocks Off founder Jake Szufnarowski, Bowery Ballroom (and Union Transfer co-booker) Johnny Beach and of course ex-Wetlands owner and current Brooklyn Bowl owner Peter Shapiro. Brooklyn Bowl hosted a Wetlands get together of sorts in 2010 too, though that one was on a much sadder note, as it was to remember Wetlands' very first employee Dave Nolan who died of a heart attack last year.

photos by Ryan Barkan

DOWNLOAD: Washed Out - "Amore Fati" (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Washed Out - "Eyes be Closed" (MP3)

Washed Out @ Bowery Ballroom
Washed Out

[Washed Out's] set wasn't quite an hour long but it covered the bases. The undulating synths of "Hold Out" off the Life of Leisure EP opened the show, as footage of waves flashed on the screen behind the band. Next a new song, "Echoes" was introduced, with soaring melodies no longer buried and double tambourines to provide a bigger sound to the live mix. Greene asked for help with singing "New Theory," as the crowd exploded with recognition of the hit. A sax player was brought on stage for a solo in "Soft" and stayed for a revised arrangement of "Feel It All Around." Then the lead off track of the new release, "Eyes Be Closed," served as the encore with the band exiting to the final chords of the song continuing from an empty stage. -[NewMusicMatters]
Washed Out headlined the sold-out Bowery Ballroom last night (7/11) with Blood Orange (aka Lightspeed Champion Dev) and Grimes. The show, a one off for Washed Out, was a celebration for his new LP Within and Without, which is out now and currently streaming in full. Washed Out will be back in the area with Cut Copy in September. All dates are listed again below.

Grimes recently released the video for "Beast Infection" from the Geidi Primes rerelease due on 8/8/2011. Order that here, and if you missed her, you can check her out at one of her dates below which include August 20th at PS1, again with Blood Orange, as well as Juan Maclean, Solange, and Pictureplane.

Check out the Grimes video, dates and more pictures from Bowery below...

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photos by Deneka Peniston, words by BBG

Cro-Mags @ Bowery Ballroom

The venue was packed and it was a tattoo convention of NYC born and bred punks. You could tell the band was beloved by the hometown crowd and John Joseph's patter with the crowd was on cue. He got a message across (it's the food not the pharmaceuticals that can save us) along with some humor "you need to watch some soul train clips before you come back up here with that stuff" to one rhythmically challanged stage diver...

NYHC is a genre unto itself, with bands like Agnostic Front, Murphy's Law, Madball and of course the Cro-Mags doing the heavy lifting to get it where it is today, which is, I assure you from my travels abroad, very international and still growing. -[Punk Outlaw]

That review refers to Cro-Mags' headlining appearance at Bowery Ballroom on July 1st. Support came from Wisdom in Chains, Death Threat, and RazorBlade HandGranade. Pictures are in this post.

If, like me, you spent your July 4th weekend out of town and half-wishing you didn't miss the show, you're in luck: Cro-Mags will play a FREE show at House of Vans on July 29th and with Fucked Up! (thanks Sean). The Friday night date is one of the four unannounced House of Vans lineups. NO RSVP yet, but RSVP is still open for the next House of Vans event on July 14th with Superchunk, OFF! and Lemuria.

Meanwhile find Jon Joseph on one of his historic Rocks Off walking tours. He and Jake Szufnarowski (whose band 'Tragedy' is in residency at Brooklyn Bowl this month) take groups out every Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Fucked Up and Cro-Mags also both recently played Chaos in Tejas. Fucked Up was also just in NYC to play Terminal 5 and 285 Kent.

More pictures of Cro-Mags (none of the support) and a video from Bowery, below...

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photos by Dana (distortion) Yavin

Death Cab for Cutie

"We're Death Cab for Cutie from Seattle, Washington," he had announced after a quick opener of three of their classics: "Bend to Squares," "The New Year" and "Why'd You Want to Live Here." "Thanks for coming out to this label showcase. We're trying to get a record deal tonight." Gibbard was clearly making a joke, but it also seemed like he's actually nostalgic for the days before his band was signed to a major label and selling out small shows like this one in a matter of minutes. It's hard not to be slightly cynical about this pose - the indie rocker professing to be horribly conflicted by his commercial success - but it was also a reminder about how much Gibbard's life actually has changed since he started Death Cab in Bellingham, Washington in 1997. [Rolling Stone]
Death Cab For Cutie returned to Bowery Ballroom (the first place I ever saw them play a bunch of years ago) on Wednesday (6/1) with The Lonely Forest as part of their 'Underplay' tour. They played a 26 song set (encore included) which consisted mainly of older material and about half of the recently released Codes and Keys. The full setlist is below.

If you weren't able to get into the too-small venue, you can catch Death Cab with Frightened Rabbit at the much larger Williamsburg Waterfront on August 2, part of a larger tour for the two bands. Tickets for the Brooklyn show are still available.

Check out more pictures and the full setlist from the Bowery show, below...

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photos by Amanda Hatfield, words by Andrew Frisicano

Our Band
Our Band

The "Our Band Could Be Your Life" tribute Sunday night at Bowery Ballroom ran more than four hours with 14 bands playing the music of 13 bands (plus a special encore act that covered Nirvana). Set changes were kept short, and bands generally played about 10-15 minutes (between one and four songs). Unannounced guests included Tim Harrington and Lee Ranaldo singing the Minutemen, Craig Finn playing the role of Minneapolis cop, and Dan Deacon's multimedia barrage and three-piece band. More highlights, lots of pictures, and a bunch of videos (UPDATE: NPR has audio of the show) are below...

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photos by Winnie Cheung


PopMatters: José, at what point did you so decide you wanted to focus your creative energies on Junip?

José González: : Ever since I started touring seven years ago. After my first album [Veneer], our first attempt with Junip was in 2005. I've been really bad at saying "no: to stuff, so I was always headed back out on tour. So in 2008 it needed us to just put our foot down and decide properly that "next year we're going to record it, right? Right?!'

PopMatters: Do you work better when you set a deadline for yourself like that?

José González: It wasn't a deadline. It was more about a start line. More about saying 'no' to other stuff--not having a deadline, but starting to write and letting it take the time it needs. Deadlines are bad actually.

PopMatters: You guys met on the hardcore scene in Gothenburg in the 90's, which coincided with the city's death metal scene.

Tobias Winterkorn: I played bass in a death metal band. Very briefly. Some death metal stuff is quite good. I liked it more than I liked the hardcore scene for example.

José González: And Elias used to play drums in a death metal band.

Sweden's Junip (featuring Jose Gonzalez, Tobias Winterkorn and Elias Araya), and NYC band Acrylics brought their tour to Bowery Ballroom in NYC last night (5/19), an opening set by High Highs included. Junip returns this summer to play a free show at Prospect Park, and Jose will be performing solo while he's here too. More pictures from the Bowery show (where the Antlers play with Little Scream tonight), below...

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photos by Tamara Porras


...From the beginning it was flawless, for better and, as the night ploughed on, a bit worse.

Several Yuck songs are built around searing and time-tested melodic riffs, indie rock made indie again. The way that Mr. Blumberg and Max Bloom, the band's other guitarist, creep from one chord to the next, slowly and deliberately, is eerie, the ghost of 1992 hanging above them at all times.

But Mr. Blumberg is also a naturally flexible singer, able to pull off a range of styles: there's a nasal Oasis sneer on "The Wall," and a more sensible and polite take on Pavement on "Suicide Policeman." He's even capable of occasional sweetness, as when singing in tandem with the bassist Mariko Doi on "Georgia."

But while the band cycled through songs nimble ("Coconut Bible," "Holing Out") and lethargic ("Suck," "Shook Down"), it never appeared unkempt. There was rarely any more disruption than the sight of Mr. Blumberg gathering the mop of hair atop his head and pushing it away from his eyes. At the end of the encore the band -- which also includes the drummer Jonny Rogoff -- left its instruments onstage, with feedback blasting for a couple of minutes, but even that didn't feel sloppy.
-[NY Times]

Yuck played their self-described biggest headlining show at a sold-out Bowery Ballroom on May 7th, flanked by support from Caveman and Family Portrait. The show took place less than two weeks after the band supported Tame Impala at the similarly sold-out Webster Hall.

Bowrey Ballroom was one of the last US shows that the band has for a while, as they'll tour Europe starting this weekend before eventually hopping the pond to play Pitchfork Festival in Chicago on July 17th.

In other Yuck news, the band recently announced the new Get Away 7" that the band will self-release. Preorder it now.

More pictures of Yuck (though unfortunately none of the support bands), alongside all tour dates, below....

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photos by Toby Tenenbaum

Toro y Moi @ Bowery Ballroom
Toro y Moi

Toro y Moi, Braids, and Adventure toured through NYC earlier this month, playing two sold out shows at Bowery Ballroom while they were here. Pictures from one of those shows is in this post.

Adventure returns on May 14th to play a show at Glasslands with Pat Jordache. Tickets are on sale. All future tour dates for all three bands and more pictures from Bowery, below...

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photos by Brook Bobbins

Smith Westerns

...been meaning to catch the smith westerns for some time now and friends they didn't disappoint. their breezy kinda rock was the perfect way to welcome in spring to new york. playing a set under an hour, a sold out crowd left a little disappointed that the smith westerns glassed over an encore. despite that, the infectious tune "weekend" is stuck in my head the morning after.-[sharocks the blogspot]
Smith Westerns played Bowery Ballroom on Monday evening, as part of a larger set of dates with Unknown Mortal Orchestra that concludes on Saturday in Atlanta. From there, the Smith Westerns will continue on the road eventually ending up at Sasquatch Fest in the Pacific Northwest.

Unknown Mortal Orchestra also played their own show at Pianos on Sunday, and a late one with Bass Drum of Death on Saturday night at Shea Stadium while they were in NYC. After they finish their tour with the Smith Westerns, they'll prep for another tour, this time with Portugal. The Man and Telekinesis. That tour hits Webster Hall on 6/3 (tickets are still on sale).

All tour dates and more pictures from Bowery Ballroom are below....

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