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Cold Cave @ 285 Kent, 6/29/2013 (more by Lukas Hodge)
Cold Cave

Pitchfork: How has the controversy surrounding your shows with Boyd Rice affected you?

WE: I guess you just can't say or do anything without opposition. People say art doesn't need to be explained, but then they demand an explanation. I know Boyd Rice as a kind, intelligent, influential individual, not as any of these things that people are saying about him personally. It's not my problem that people are ignorant or can't contextualize his work.

Pitchfork: Were you prepared at all for this sort of backlash?

WE: There's always a backlash no matter what you do. Of course I'm aware [of his previous statements]. People have always had this misunderstanding with his work, as they do many artists; sometimes people choose to separate someone's art from their personality and sometimes they can't. Boyd played New York four times that year and there hadn't been any issues. If anything, the mistake was assuming people could contextualize it. - [P4K]

Elsewhere in Pitchfork's interview with Cold Cave main man Wes Eisold says he's in a very creative period of his life currently, and he doesn't want "to let time pass me by even more than I've already allowed it to." Eisold is currently putting the finishing touches on the third Cold Cave record, tentatively titled Sunflower.

As mentioned, Cold Cave play (without Boyd Rice) Glasslands on September 4. Tickets for that show are still available. That follows a string of West Coast dates with synthpop legend Gary Numan (who also plays NYC). Cold Cave also have shows in the South and Southwest after the Glasslands show. All dates are listed below.

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The Death in June flyer for U.S. tour
Death in June

Uber-influential and controversial neofolk band Death in June will return to the states for eight tour dates in the US, including a trio of shows on the East Coast. That includes an NYC show at Brooklyn's Bell House on September 22 and tickets are on sale now.

Much like former member Boyd Rice (who had some trouble of his own recently), Death in June isn't without controversy. The band has repeatedly toyed with Nazi imagery over the years, which has lead to show cancellations on a few occasions including in Chicago (this 2013 tour currently has a Chicago date scheduled). And though Douglas P has repeatedly denied any nefarious use for a Death in June logo depicting a totenkopf (see the flyer above) the fact remains that it was an insignia for the SS during the Third Reich. (For the record, Douglas P, sole original member still with DIJ, is an out homosexual.)

Regardless of which side you fall, following this tour should be... interesting. Dates are listed below.

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photos by Lukas Hodge

Cold Cave @ 285 Kent, 6/29/2013
Cold Cave

Despite much protest, Cold Cave and Boyd Rice teamed with Alberich (who has a few shows on the way), to play 285 Kent on June 29, the last of a clearly tumultous tour of cancellations and accusations. Unlike Saint Vitus, which happened near the start of the tour, 285 Kent was under fire for their acceptance of the show at their space. Late Friday, they responded and after all the hubub, the show went off as planned (not even a smoke bomb in the bathroom like at the Chicago show). Pictures of all the bands, as well as some of the anti-fascist literature that was available at the venue to counteract whatever nonsense Boyd Rice represents or may have been spewing, are in this post.

Wes & Cold Cave return to NYC -- minus Rice -- on September 4 at Glasslands. Tickets are still available.

More pics from Saturday's 285 Kent show below...

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Cold Cave w/ Boyd Rice @ Saint Vitus last week (more by Greg Cristman)
Cold Cave and Boyd Rice

As you may have heard, Cold Cave's tour with Boyd Rice, which has been riddled with cancellations due to Rice's inclusion, hits 285 Kent on Saturday (6/29). The Brooklyn show is still happening, however Todd P has issued a statement about it:

As you may have heard, the There has been a small uproar about Boyd Rice joining Cold Cave's show at 285 Kent this Saturday. After a handful of venues in other cities canceled tour dates due to Rice's inclusion, and notices appeared on a couple of websites, we've received about 9 emails imploring us to cancel, as well as 3 recommending we do not cancel. There has been some additional chatter on Twitter and Tumblr, etc.

Boyd Rice recently reappeared after many years absence, and has performed on bills this year at Europa and at Saint Vitus, without incident or protest. The controversy has come up because Boyd Rice is a character who has spent the last 30 or so years saying truly disgusting things - everything from palling around with the KKK to wearing Nazi uniforms to advocating the subjugation of women and the efficacy of rape. The guy revels in offensiveness and whether or not his statements are meant sincerely, or as schtick - he completely sucks as a human being and as an artist he employs abuse imagery and hate rhetoric for shock - a practice we find despicable.

So that leaves the question - why is this asshole playing 285 Kent (which I help run with Ric Leichtung)?

The rest of Todd P's statement is below...

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Boyd Rice

The sold out Cold Cave / Boyd Rice show scheduled for tomorrow (6/28) at TT The Bear's in Boston, MA, a Bowery Boston production, has been cancelled. Venue manager Kevin Patey commented on the cancellation to Vanyaland:

"We've made the decision we didn't want this person in the room. After researching the artist and discussing it with promoters in other cities, we made it clear to the agent that we didn't want this person to perform at our venue. We weren't canceling Cold Cave, but the agent said the show wouldn't happen without the opener. It was the agent's decision. So regrettably, the show was cancelled."
"This person" is of course noise artist Boyd Rice, the controversial former Death in June member whose ties to Nazism, satanism, and accusations of misogyny continue to follow him. Some argue that Rice is just a provocateur using "shock tactics." What do you think?

In the show's stead, the Boston venue is holding a benefit for "local womens' groups and/or shelters."

This is not the first cancellation of this tour. Dates in Toronto and Montreal were also called off for the same reasons. Rice's inclusion on the Cold Cave tour also enraged Philly ANTIFA folk, where that stop ended up being canceled, resulting in last week's late night Saint Vitus show. Chicago ANTIFA are none too pleased either, and claimed to have shut down the Empty Bottle show on 6/24 with a smoke bomb (though the show went on as planned). Cold Cave's upcoming dates with Rice (who performs with the band) include Montreal tonight, and a sold-out Brooklyn show at 285 Kent on 6/28.

Don't have a ticket? Don't want to support Boyd Rice, but not holding it against his collaborators? Cold Cave also just announced a September 4th Brooklyn show at Glasslands.

Photos by Greg Cristman

Cold Cave w/ Boyd Rice @ Saint Vitus, 6/20/2012
Cold Cave with Boyd Rice

I see sources saying I'm playing in philly tonite. Unfortunately not true. I love Philly, a home to me, and where Cold Cave began.. but the show was cancelled by the promoters without discussion because we are allegedly SATANIC NAZIS. See you in NY tonight. Sorry Philadelphia friends. - [CC]
Due to Cold Cave's appearance with Boyd Rice being cancelled under reported threat of ANTIFA protest, the band played a late show at Saint Vitus last night (6/19) on their current tour. Instead of performing an opening set, Rice played with Cold Cave. The hour-long set was heavy on favorites, with Boyd Rice providing mostly a menacing look and a bit of controvery due to (according to our photographer) "his continual snorting of snuff that many thought was drugs." Did you go? What did you think? What time did you get home?

Cold Cave and Boyd Rice will return to NYC to play a sold out 285 Kent next week. More pictures from Saint Vitus, plus video, are below.

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Boyd Rice

The ever controversial noise artist Boyd Rice (of NON) will join Cold Cave on a set of upcoming North American tour dates, which will include a stop at 285 Kent on June 29. Tickets are still available. Rice recently released his book NO for repress via Heartworm (Wes from Cold Cave's label), which will be available at the merch tables during the show.

Cold Cave have released a seemingly endless stream of new singles. Hear those new tracks at the band's upcoming tour dates, which are listed below.

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by Fred Pessaro // BBG

Cult of Youth at Union Pool, Dec 2012 (more by Lukas Hodge)
Cult of Youth

Cult of Youth recently taped an episode of popular Blogotheque's popular "Take Away" series, performing a stripped-down rendition of "Garden of Delights" from last year's Love Will Prevail. You can watch that below.

The band have also announced a set of dates that will kick off with a headlining show at 285 Kent on March 2. There the band will team with Alberich (who recently played Saint Vitus), Herzog Rising, and psychedelic noise-punks Destruction Unit.

The show is one of two NYC shows scheduled for CoY. This week you can catch them at Europa on Thursday (1/24), supporting the Hirsute Pursuit with the ever controversial Boyd Rice / NON, and House of Blondes. Tickets are still available.

Speaking of Destruction Unit, you can stream some of their material below and look for their new LP, Void, on Jolly Dream soon.

In related news, Sean Ragon (of CoY) recently celebrated the one year anniversary of the opening of Heaven Street Records at its current location. Congrats Sean!

A list of all tour dates, the "Take Away Show" featuring CoY, and some streaming Destruction Unit material are below...

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Vs Mothra

Tickets for the Iceage, White Lung, and Parquet Courts show at Bowery Ballroom go on AmEx presale today at noon.

Tickets for the Solange show at Webster Hall go on AmEx presale today at noon.

Tickets for the Liars show at Brooklyn Masonic Temple are on ale now. Tickets for their show at the Met are still available too.

The Queers are going on tour with fellow Ramones worshippers Teenage Bottlerocket and Masked Intruder which hits NYC on March 2 at Santos Party House. Tickets for that show are on sale now. All dates are listed below.

'90s alt-lite faves Sixpence None the Richer play Knitting Factory on February 6. Tickets for that show are on sale now.

Toots & the Maytals are playing with Galactic and Nigel Hall Band at Terminal 5 on April 13. Tickets for that show go on AmEx/Ticketmaster presale today at noon with a general on-sale starting Friday (1/11) at noon.

Birthmark (aka Nate Kinsella) has been added as an opener to the Tim Kasher shows at Knitting Factory and Maxwell's. Tickets for the Knit show and tickets for the Maxwell's show are still on sale.

Hirsute Pursuit (mem of Thee Majesty) will team with the ever controversial Boyd Rice/NON as part of a show at Europa on January 24th. Support will come from Cult of Youth and House of Blondes. Tickets for that show are on sale now.

Tickets for the Gojira, Devin Townsend, and The Atlas Moth show at Music Hall of Williamsburg go on AmEx presale today at noon.

Tickets for the Dawn Richard show at SOB's are on sale now.

Tickets for the Rockie Fresh and Lunice show at SOB's are on sale now.

Tickets for the Amon Tobin DJ gig at Le Poisson Rouge are on sale now.

Celtic punks The Tossers are playing Mercury Lounge on March 8 with Continental. Tickets for that show go on AmEx presale today at noon with a general on-sale starting Friday (1/11) at noon.

XXYYXX and Teen Daze are playing 285 Kent on February 21. Tickets for that show are on sale now.

All Queers, Teenage Bottlerocket, Masked Intruder dates are listed below...

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Charles Manson - "Just Fucking Around"
Charles Manson

Manuel Vasquez defends the unusual product he's selling. But not everyone's buying it.

Vasquez is the 26-year-old co-owner of [LA's Beauty Is Pain Boutique] who produces records in his spare time. His latest release features music written and performed by convicted mass murderer Charles Manson.

"I've gotten some hate mail from it. There are people not appreciating the release of music by him," he said. "People say they don't understand why I'd want to associate myself with this or why I would be interested in releasing it."

Even his parents tried to talk him out of pressing and selling the 40-minute vinyl album.

"They're in their mid-50s and they grew up with a fear of Charles Manson," Vasquez acknowledged. "They don't want to have anything to do with him. They asked why I was doing it and did I know what I was getting into -- did I fully understand the extent of what it means?"....

...."I usually tell people that the perspective they have of Manson is what he was convicted for in 1969, not for what he became in prison," Vasquez said. "He is somebody who is obsessed with ecology and saving the earth, the environment and animals. Life is his obsession, not death."

The album's title, a vulgarity that means wasting time, reflects Manson's own description of his guitar playing that was recorded in the 1980s in a room above the prison chapel at California Medical Facility in Vacaville. Manson later gave the tape recording to a friend who eventually passed it on to a third person. After years of "badgering" that person for it, Vasquez obtained the tape last year.

With Manson's encouragement, he said, he set about creating an album. [LA Times]

That's a pictures of the record, that I found on eBay, above. That all said, this is not the first time in recent history that a new Charles Manson record has been released. In fact, a four part series of Charles Manson LPs is also coming soon .

I'm not sure if Beauty Is Pain is selling their new record online, though you can buy a Che Guevara t-shirt from them on Etsy.

The Hollywood store also hosts in-store shows. Not surprisingly, one of those in-stores featured another controversial figure with a fondness for swastikas - Boyd Rice, as you can see in the video below...

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