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by Andrew Sacher

Tender Defender

Yesterday, we posted about a cancer benefit happening at Brooklyn's Saint Vitus on August 16 with Big Eyes, Shellshag, Aye Nako and Tender Defender (tickets). As BV readers probably know, we talk about those first three bands a lot around here, but Tender Defender are a new band that the show flyer billed as "new Latterman." Now we have more details, and it turns out that description couldn't be more accurate.

Tender Defender is a trio of musicians who were all in Latterman -- Phil Douglas (now also of Iron Chic), Mattie Canino (now also of RVIVR) and Pat Schramm (now also of Bridge & Tunnel) -- and they sound... exactly like Latterman! (And also like Iron Chic and RVIVR.) That's a good thing of course. Latterman were one of those bands who were never too popular but always had a devoted fanbase, and it's safe to say they're sorely missed.

Tender Defender's debut mini-LP is coming in late 2015 on Dead Broke Rekerds (the label run by Phil's Iron Chic bandmate Mike Bruno), and its first single "Hello Dirt" is out now. Listen below, and download it (name your price) at bandcamp.

Speaking of Big Eyes, they're also playing a BV-presented show with Against Me! and Cakes Da Killa, which is $3 with RSVP.

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by Andrew Sacher


In a little less than two months, a huge handful of the best punk bands in the world will head to Gainesville, FL for The Fest (10/31-11/2), a three-day multi-venue festival (similar to CMJ or SXSW, but more genre-specific). There are so many bands worth catching, including Descendents, Mineral, Melvins, Paint It Black, Touche Amore, Circle Takes the Square, The Menzingers, Hot Water Music, Lifetime, The Marked Men, United Nations, Kind of like Spitting, Screaming Females, Paul Collins Beat, The World Is A Beautiful Place & I Am No Longer Afraid to Die, 7 Seconds, Coliseum, Thou, Into It Over It, Modern Baseball, Cayetana, Iron Chic, Restorations, Chuck Ragan, Laura Stevenson, The Sidekicks, Single Mothers, Beach Slang, You Blew It!, Everyone Everywhere, Whores, Somos, Solids, Foxing, Nona, Nai Harvest, Vacation, PUP, Lemuria, Night Birds, Placeholder, Adventures, Self Defense Family, Goodtime Boys, Xerxes, Cheap Girls, All Dogs, Little Big League, Frameworks, Dangers, Creepoid, Crow Bait, Worriers, Shellshag, Toys That Kill, Sundials, Donovan Wolfington, Places to Hide, Empire! Empire! (I Was A Lonely Estate), Dikembe, Two Knights, Fake Problems, Fucking Invincible, Old Lines, Old Wounds, Rescuer, Everybody Row, Ex-Breathers, Gold-Bears, Hard Girls, The Hotelier, Prawn, Mannequin Pussy, Lee Corey Oswald, Tiny Moving Parts, Tim Barry, Delay, Chumped, Treasure Fleet, Underground Railroad to Candyland, Kepi Ghoulie, Spraynard, RVIVR, Dowsing, Jeff Rosenstock, Broadcaster, LVL UP, It Looks Sad, Lifted Bells, Annabel, Three Man Cannon, The Weaks, Courtesy Drop, Benny the Jet Rodriguez, Free Throw, Sorority Noise, Spoonboy, All Eyes West, My Dad, Aviator, The Max Levine Ensemble, Teen Agers, Typesetter and Mikey Erg... just to name a few of the ones we're excited about. The full schedule was recently posted, so if you're going to The Fest you can head HERE to make your personal schedule, and don't forget you can catch a lot of the same bands in Ybor City on 10/29 & 10/30 for Pre-Fest. That schedule is out now too.

While we'd like to see (and recommend seeing) all those bands, The Fest is also a great place to discover new bands. We've talked about all those bands at one point or another on BV (you can click the links above to read what we've said about them), so here's a new list of 15 bands to check out at The Fest that we haven't written about yet. Not all of them are "new" bands necessarily, and some have even played The Fest before, but they're all good bands that we haven't had a chance to highlight. And even if you're not going to The Fest, it's still a list of 15 bands worth listening to. We've embedded streams for each one.

Check out the list, in alphabetical order, below...

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by Andrew Sacher

Lauren Measure

After The Measure [sa] broke up (not counting their one-off in August), the members have been keeping busy with other projects. One of those, Lauren Denitzio's band Worriers (who recently played NYC with Noun, Modern Hut, and Shellshag), have announced that they'll release a new album, Cruel Optimist, on October 29 via Don Giovanni (Waxahatchee, Screaming Females). The band's got a rotating lineup, and for this new album the lineup features Mikey Erg (whose in a ton of bands himself) on drums, plus guitarist Rachel Rubino (Bridge & Tunnel) and bassist Tim Burke.

The album's first single/title track is pop punk in a raw, honest way, not unlike The Thermals, Ted Leo, or Lauren's past band The Measure [sa]. It not only lives up to the promise of Worriers' past singles/demos, but might be the strongest thing they've done yet. Put Worriers next to a line of other recent bands like Swearin', Aye Nako, and Big Eyes, and you can make a pretty good argument that pop punk is living strong past its mallcore corruption.

Worriers' only upcoming dates at the moment are Gainesville's The Fest and a European tour. All dates are listed, along with the new single and album artwork, below...

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by Andrew Sacher

Slow Warm Death

Brooklyn-based band Slow Warm Death is the current project of John Galm, who previously fronted the beloved math-emo band Snowing (and before that Street Smart Cyclist), but for this project he's taking the lo-fi/garage rock route, and he does the sound just as well and genuine as his previous style. They've shared local bills with bands like Literature and LODRO, and if you're into that kind of scene, Slow Warm Death will be right up your alley.

This past March, Slow Warm Death released their self-titled album on limited edition cassette (which is now sold out) and digitally. For a guy whose previous bands included lots of noodley guitar playing, on this record, the guitars are thick and rhythm oriented. It's got a punked up style that brings to mind bands like The Stooges or even that recent Ceremony album, but it's not without its hooks either. You can stream the album in full below or download it (name your price) at bandcamp.

As usual, the band have some local dates scheduled, including this Saturday (5/25) at Shea Stadium opening the previously discussed Lemuria show, which also has Bridge and Tunnel and Jeff Rosenstock (of Bomb the Music Industry) on the bill. Tickets for that show are still available. After that, they have shows scheduled at The Paper Box on June 3 with Honeydrum and Mannequin Pussy (tickets) and Cake Shop on June 9 with Nona, The Guts and Crow Bait.

UPDATE: As a commenter pointed out, they also play Suburbia on Friday (5/24) (330 Melrose St. in Brooklyn).

Flyer for the Paper Box show, a live video, and the album stream below...

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The Fest 11

The Fest is back for round 11 (!) adding bands from across the spectrum of punk rock for the multi-day Gainesville, Florida extravaganza. The Fest announced its initial lineup earlier this month but has doubled that number, bringing the total tally to a whopping 217, and there are more to go! The lineup includes Lagwagon, Naked Raygun, Baroness, Red Fang, Off with Their Heads, Torche, Valient Thorr, 7 Seconds, F.Y.P., Braid, Titus Andronicus, Toys That Kill, Underground Railroad to Candyland, Frank Turner and many more (see below). Tickets are now on sale (and sold out quick last year).

Full lineup is below, expect to see some surprises at The Fest as well; Sleepytime Trio reunited there last year.

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photos by Andrew St. Clair

Laura Stevenson, BTMI & friends celebrating the holidays

Titus Andronicus were the special guests at Europa on Sunday, 12/18, with Bomb the Music Industry (who played their newest album Vacation from front to back), Laura Stevenson (who recently played a song in a stairwell for us), Bridge and Tunnel, and The Golden Age of Radio. Titus were revealed last minute after playing Brooklyn Bazaar one night earlier (12/17). The Europa show was a holiday benefit...

"This is our FOURTH ANNUAL HOLIDAY CHARITY SHOW or the "WE GIVE A SHIT" as it's often called. All the money left over from the door after expenses will be donated to Safe Horizon... a great non-denomiational charity that aims to move victims of violence from crisis to confidence by providing food, shelter, and all that other good stuff so many of us are lucky to have."
More pictures from the Europa show, along with a video of Patrick Stickles covering Lana Del Rey, below...

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photos by Meghan McInnis, words by BBG

Small Brown Bike
Small Brown Bike

On friday I saw Small Brown Bike in NY at the Cake Shop in the Lower East Side... I walk to the Cake Shop. The entry level is a vegan bakery and bar, the downstairs is the music. Tthe 2nd of 4 bands [Your Skull My Closet] was on and they were SO GOOD. Like, blown away... I knew about 5 minutes in that this would be a special show. Then Bridge and Tunnel came on and were also insanely amazing. THEN Small Brown Bike come on and was perfect. One of the best shows ever. They haven't playing in NY in 7 years and the show was sold out and it was a... TRILLION degrees in there and we all just bonded over it... Really wonderful show, one of the best I've ever been to. -[stompthroughpuddles]
The first band of the night was Let Me Run. It was the second show of the day for SBB & B&T, and it was a sweaty one indeed. Our trusty photographer Meghan was warding off lens fog for the duration of the SBB set, and heat and condensation in the basement of Cake Shop can mean only one thing: a tightly packed group of fans having a good time. Proof is in the pictures and video below...

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by BBG

Misery Index at Union Pool (more by Samantha Marble)
Misery Index

Small Brown Bike have added a free show with Bridge & Tunnel at Generation Records in NYC on May 14th at 5PM. It's the same day as the show at Cake Shop which is part of a four date tour. Tickets for Cake Shop will also still be available at the door (the advanced sale is sold out), and you can win a free pair! More details are at the bottom of this post with all dates and the Generation flyer.

It's one of two upcoming in-store shows scheduled at Generation. The second takes place on June 7th when Misery Index plays the store in celebration of their new LP Heirs To Theivery, out on TUESDAY (5/11) via Relapse Records. Stream the entire record now.

Misery Index is currently on the road with Dying Fetus, Arsis, Annotations Of An Autopsy, and Conduction from The Grave, a tour that will hit the Crazy Donkey in Farmingdale on June 6th. Tickets are on sale.

Videos and all dates below...

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by BBG

Small Brown Bike
Small Brown Bike

...To make a long story short, the original lineup (Mike, Ben, Travis, Dan) is back together and working on new music. Over the last few months we've been writing a ton of new stuff and currently have about ten new songs finished plus a bunch more in various stages. We're all really excited about how it's going. So far, so good!

The bottom line for us is to have fun, write music, and play a few shows here and there. Just like we did when we started the band. Keep it simple.

...See you at the shows!

Mike, Ben, Travis, and Dan
Small Brown Bike

Up until Oct 2009, Small Brown Bike's last release was in 2003. That all changed with the release of the Composite, Volume One 7" on No Idea Records (pick up a copy and stream the whole thing here). Since then, they've played a handful of shows including an appearance at The Fest in Gainesville, Fl.

Going forward, the band currently has two dates on their calendar, and one is in NYC on May 14th at Cake Shop with Bridge & Tunnel and Your Skull My Closet. Tickets are on sale.

The other show is at Harvest of Hope Fest in Florida along with Torche and Leatherface. Coincidentally, Leatherface will team up with Bridge and Tunnel as well, with a string of east coast dates lined up including Knitting Factory on 3/5. Tickets are on sale.

The 2009 Small Brown Bike lineup matches the band's 1996 lineup which means no Jeff Gensterblum currently the drummer of Your Skull My Closet. YSMC recently recorded a new EP and played Europa with Coliseum, A Storm of Light & Coalesce on 12/30.

Scott Flaster is also an ex-member of SBB, and you can find him either playing with his new (and great) band Millions or running the great Seventh Rule Recordings.

Tons of Small Brown Bike videos are below....

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by BBG

Leatherface at Chaos in Tejas 2008 (juarezma)

Leatherface is a British punk rock band from Sunderland fronted by Frankie Stubbs. The band is known for an eclectic style spanning American folk music, hardcore punk and post-hardcore. Formed in August 1988, ...Leatherface's music has been described as a cross between Hüsker Dü and Motörhead, a notable element being Stubbs' rasping, "gravelly" vocals.
Though never attaining much more than a cult following outside their native country, the band has been cited as an influence by higher-profile punk acts such as Hot Water Music and Dillinger Four. [Some have] ...listed Leatherface's 1991 release Mush as one of the fifty greatest punk albums of all time. -[Wiki]
Leatherface is working on their new LP for Big Ugly Fish Recordings, a twelve track effort due in Feb 2010. Stefan Mush, Graeme Philliskirk, Dickie Hammond and Frankie Stubbs will hit the road in the tail end of that month for a East Coast tour starting in Canada, hitting Knitting Factory in Brooklyn on 3/5 (tickets) and concluding in Florida ten days later. Support will come from Yesterday's Ring on all dates, with Sinkin Ships, Bridge & Tunnel (that's who NYC gets), and Riot Before rotating in throughout the trek. Just two months later, the band will ship down to Austin to play Chaos in Tejas again alongside Rorschach, Bastard Noise, Jeff The Brotherhood, The Marked Men, and many others.

Full Leatherface dates and a few videos are below.

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by Black Bubblegum


Propagandhi have scheduled some east coast dates in support of their upcoming album Supporting Caste due on March 10th via their own Illegal Combatant Records. Dan Yemin's Paint it Black will be joining them on all dates which include a pair of NYC shows, their first since 2001 when they played the now-defunct Wetlands with Avail! They are March 12th at Highline Ballroom (with TBA) and March 13th at Music Hall of Williamsburg (with Bridge & Tunnel). Ticket info TBA soon.

Bridge & Tunnel, who was recently named #12 in Punknews's top 20 of 2008 (Paint It Black was named #3), have a few local dates in the coming days as well... Jan 25th at Tommy's Tavern with The Riot Before and Jan 28th at Generation Records with Cheeky. The Generation Records show in particular is highly recommended, because the cost of the show is a can of food! Good for the community, good for rockin'... sounds like a win-win.

All dates below...

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