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A new public art installation may make some Bronx residents wait for the bus a little more musical. Appropriately named, the "Boogie Down Booth" sits on the street below the Freeman Street station in South Bronx, and provides a 24/7 spot to hear local music. Folks waiting for the bus can sit and listen to a 17-song curated playlist that is piped out (not too loud) on speakers. The playlist currently includes tracks from Living Colour drummer Will Calhoun, and rap group Circa '95.

A collaboration between the Design Trust for Public Space and NYC's Department of Transportation, the Boogie Down Down is part of the Under The Elevated initiative, which aims to make city space below transportation infrastructure more useful (or interesting).

photo via News12BX
Paradise TheateR

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Paradise TheateR

photo via Norwood News
Paradise TheateR

Not much to report at the moment, but News12BX says "Fire at Paradise Theater appears to be under control. No word how badly the building was damaged." NYScanner says it was a 2 Alarm "heavy fire on the upper levels of the theater." FDNY confirms. (thx Deeee). Hopefully not a huge deal.

The xx were supposed to play the Paradise Theater twice last week but the 2nd show was cancelled due to the hurricane. The first went on though. Check out a video below...

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photos by Dana (distortion) Yavin

Slayer / Anthrax

Right from the start, when Anthrax hit the stage for its very early 4 p.m. slot, the collective goal of artists and audience alike seemed to be to peel the paint off the walls with violent volume and loosen the bolts that held the joint together, with the bounce of dance moves.

Of the opening three acts before Metallica took the stage at 9 p.m., Anthrax was the outfit that owned The Bronx.
Over the course of an hour, the quintet wowed the fans with cornerstones of their songbook such as "Indians," "Thrashing Mad" and "I Am The Law."

Megadeth was the second band to play and was the least successful act on the bill. Lead singer Dave Mustaine told the house he had just had neck surgery earlier in the week, adding "I shouldn't even be here." He was right.

Slayer was the heaviest band on the bill. Their set was pure brute force. The shred guitar solos were impossibly fast, and the drumming made thunder sound tame...[NY Post]

And we already talked about what Metallica played as well as the Motorhead cover that brouht all the bands back to the stage. We also saw pictures of the Rocks Off boat cruise that brought a few hundred fans up to the Bronx on Wednesday (9/14). Now here are the pictures from the first three bands that played the 'Big 4' show (Metallica pics HERE). They continue below...

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