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Brooklyn's Barclays Center (more by Amanda Hatfield)
barclays center

In the wake of the horrific terrorist attacks in Paris on Friday, Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams is proposing emergency drills for large venues, event halls, malls and other large gathering places. He told The NY Daily News, "After Paris, we have to refine what a fire drill is. In today's world, a fire drill is not just about flames. It's about people firing guns." The BP's Communications Director, Stefan Ringel, told Gothamist, "The meeting should be taking place in the next week or two, and we will be reaching out to venues of different sizes."

UPDATE: NYC officials confirm that The Gutter was the Williamsburg bowling alley the ebola-infected doctor went to last night.

The Gutter

Goodnight Records just sent out the message that "Unfortunately our CMJ show is canceled tonight as The Gutter can't open because of "Unforseen circumstances."" The Gutter is a bowling alley in Williamsburg that is not Brooklyn Bowl, and which matches the description related ot the ebola scare happening in NYC right now, and which has since been 100% confirmed as the bowling alley that Craig Spencer went to. It was not Brooklyn Bowl, which is another bowling alley in the same neighborhood.

Brooklyn Bowl earlier confirmed that no authorities had been in contact with them, and they are open.

Heaven, Big Sleep, Friend Roulette, Heliotropes and Sun Club were the bands scheduled to play the Gutter tonight.

Update: The man's name is Craig Spencer and he has tested positive for ebola.

UPDATE: The Gutter issues a statement.

UPDATE: It's at Erasmus Hall High School.

Neil Diamond
Neil Diamond

Way before TV On the Radio, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Vivian Girls, Grizzly Bear, DIIV, Parquet Courts, A Place to Bury Strangers and the So So Glos... before the Lordz of Brooklyn, Type O Negative, Life of Agony and Biohazard from Brooklyn, NY... before Jay-Z, B.I.G, Big Daddy Kane, Mos Def, Talib Kweli, Lil Kim, GZA, RZA, and The Beastie Boys... before Pat Benatar even, there was a musician who was proud to be from Brooklyn and who made Brooklyn proud... no, not Barbara Streisand. I'm talking about NEIL DIAMOND!

Is it possible though that Neil Diamond has NEVER actually played in Brooklyn? That's what they're saying. They're also saying that's going to change after Neil announces the location of a secret show happening this Monday in Brooklyn. The location will be announced Monday (9/29) at 8am by Neil. Doors to the show open at 5pm. Neil plays at 6. Tickets will be available on a first come, first serve basis. Stay tuned.

Where do you think he's playing?

UPDATE: It's at Erasmus Hall High School.

Neil Diamond's new record "Melody Road" is out October 21. That's the cover art above. Track list and a new song and video from it, below...

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Grimes and 2 Chainz
Grimes and 2 Chainz

Taylor Swift realizing *NSYNC appeared on stage
Taylor Swift

From many points in Brooklyn, one could look up and see the lit up blimp in the air hovering over the Barclays Center yesterday (8/25). It was where the overhead shots were being filmed during the pre-show which included the big crowds outside around the Brooklyn streets that MTV got closed down to create the red carpet for the VMAs....

A red carpet, set up on Dean Street near Flatbush Avenue, was completely invisible to many non-ticketed fans and the general public who were mainly cordoned in a pen at the Best Buy on Atlantic Avenue between Fort Greene Place and Sixth Avenue.

Another penned area, at Sixth Avenue and Bergen Street, gave a small group of fans a distant peek at the carpet, but it was still a full city block away.

"Obviously they can't let everyone in for security reasons, but we can't see anything at all," said Donna Hall, 28, who came from Queens. "I've been out here with my friends since 3 p.m. and we've been trying to find the best vantage point possible, but we settled here because at least we could see a glimpse of the red carpet. [DNA Info]

Meanwhile, during the ceremony, we got performances from Kanye West (playing "Blood on the Leaves," not "Black Skinhead"), Justin Timberlake (on-stage *NSYNC reunion included), Drake, Kendrick Lamar (joining Robin Thicke, who, um, palled around with Miley Cyrus on stage), Lady Gaga (playing her new EDM-inspired single), and more.

Daft Punk didn't perform, but they did walk the red carpet and sit in the audience in their masks which they also wore to present 'Best Female Music Video' with Pharrell Williams and Nile Rodgers. They also debuted part of the video for "Lose Yourself to Dance."

Vampire Weekend, who are headlining the Barclays Center in September, presented an award to One Direction.

Jay-Z and Beyonce were strangely nowhere to be found.

Eminem also pulled a Jay Z and announced his new album, MMLP2 (the sequel to 2000's Marshall Mathers LP), in a commercial that aired during the VMAs. The album was executive produced by Dr. Dre and Rick Rubin, and it's due out November 5. Meanwhile, the single, "Berserk," will drop this Tuesday (8/27).

And before it all began, Grimes co-hosted the Red Carpet Report. Who wore it better, Grimes or 2 Chainz?

If you watched, what did you think? Should Miley Cyrus stop being so trashy? Should Robin Thicke stop being so creepy? Should Kanye stop being so serious? Does Justin Timberlake have really long arms? Does anyone really care that *NSYNC showed up (for a minute and a half)? If you didn't watch, or need a refresher, some videos from the night are below...

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The Original Hipster

In addition to making artisanal pickles, rocking out to vinyl records and riding their precious fixie bikes, hipsters could make going to Catholic mass their new signature hobby. At least, the Roman Catholic Diocese of Brooklyn hopes so.

Since the beginning of April, the organization has put up ads reading “The Original Hipster,” depicting a robed man wearing red Converse sneakers, throughout the New York City boroughs of Queens and Brooklyn -- including the dive bars and coffee shops of Williamsburg, widely considered the Holy Land of East Coast hipsterdom. The blog Animal New York first noticed the campaign plastered on bus stations and phone booths and tweeted a photo. Then The Huffington Post, CBS New York, and CNN picked it up, and the image started going viral. (As Salon joked, the next thing we’ll see is a Cardinal Timothy Dolan cameo on Girls.

But note that the ad doesn’t actually mention Jesus anywhere. “Everyone just assumes that we were talking about Jesus and that shows religious conversation is a part of our everyday discussions for all people, no matter who you are, no matter where you're coming from,” Monsignor Kieran E. Harrington, the Diocese’s Vicar for Communications, tells TIME.

Have you seen one of these posters around? Read more at TIME.



The former Bushwick party girl who nearly took the rap for her boyfriend's drunken driving will be just fine -- if she can stay away from scandalous Brooklyn, her lawyer said yesterday.

Sophia Anderson -- who was in the car when ex-beau Daniel Sajewski drove his parents' Mercedes into the home of an elderly Long Island woman -- was granted "conditionally dismissed" charges in Riverhead court.

Now, she needs to stay out of trouble for six months -- a task she can achieve if she avoids the borough of booze and sin, said attorney John LoTurco.

"She's doing great . . . without the negative influences of Daniel and the allure of Brooklyn,'' LoTurco said, adding that Anderson is now living safely with her mom in Connecticut.

"The allure of Brooklyn was her boyfriend's circle of friends and the hipster lifestyle that was going on at that period of time -- the drinking, the drugging," LoTurco added.

The good-girl-turned-loft-dwelling-hipster was drunk when the car in which she was a passenger destroyed the home of a 96-year-old Huntington resident in May....

In other news, a Brooklyn boy has been arrested for making over 400 prank calls to 911.


Whoever told you that jaded New Yorkers act cool around celebrties, lied. Watch the YouTube video of Jay-Z commuting from Manhattan to his final Barclays Center show on Saturday, below...

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'Zombie Hipsters' asserting their civil rights on Halloween (more by Amanda Hatfield)

When you think of an outlet with its finger on the pulse of "what's next," it might not be Forbes Magazine. Nevertheless the rag has compiled its list of "hippest hipster neighborhoods" in the US, which lands Williamsburg Brooklyn at #3:

1. Silver Lake, Los Angeles
2. Mission District, San Francisco
3. Williamsburg, Brooklyn
4. Wicker Park, Chicago
5. Pearl District, Portland
6. H Street Corridor, Washington D.C.
7. East Austin, Austin
8. Capitol Hill, Seattle
9. The Uptown, Oakland
10. Warehouse District, New Orleans
Just as interesting, and hardly surprising, is the magazine's comments on the changing face of Williamsburg:
Williamsburg may have spawned the hipster craze, but the neighborhood is evolving in a direction that's far less hospitable to the patchily employed, fedora-wearing crowd. "The more successful neighborhoods like Williamsburg become in attracting people, the real estate prices go up and a lot of the urban pioneers end up moving on," says David Morley, a research associate with the American Planning Association, a nonprofit educational group for community developers.

Real estate prices in the north Brooklyn neighborhood have been steadily rising...his firm reports that Williamsburg rents in July were 23% higher than a year ago ... [and] the mean rent for a studio apartment in Williamsburg was $200 higher than for a comparable (albeit smaller) apartment in Manhattan's Greenwich Village

There you have it folks. The Williamsbur hipster apocalypse according to Forbes.

Brooklyn bridge

Justin Moyer writes:

Let's talk about Brooklyn. Brooklyn is a place where artists gather. There are galleries, and loft parties, and record stores. A dude who presses vinyl lives there. So does a dude who makes stickers and a woman who books a venue. Because there's an infrastructure that supports getting shit done, people do shit, and a lot of the shit they do is cool. Someone is a recording engineer. Someone is a graffiti artist. Someone has a blog. There's a lot of energy, and a lot of people to know. Information--"Know a cheap place to print posters?" or "Who can play the tambourine in my Jefferson Airplane cover band?"--is the coin of the realm.

It's great.

But Brooklyn has a downside. Those who abandon their RMS to come to Brooklyn risk co-option by an aesthetic Borg. Things get mushy. There's too much input, and there's not a lot that's not known. Somebody's band sounds like Howlin' Wolf and ESG and Gang of Four, but also sounds like REO Speedwagon and Glenn Branca and The Pointer Sisters. There aren't many secrets. There are no mountains to go over.

Do not confuse Brooklyn with, well, Brooklyn--the New York borough that sits about 230 miles from Washington on the southwest end of Long Island over the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge off of I-278. There are many Brooklyns. Los Angeles is Brooklyn. Chicago is Brooklyn. Berlin and London are Brooklyn. Babylon was the Brooklyn of the ancient world. In the 1990s, Seattle was Brooklyn. Young Chinese punks challenging Communism risk prison to make Beijing the Brooklyn of tomorrow.

Some Brooklyns aren't even places. MySpace is Brooklyn. YouTube is Brooklyn. Facebook is Brooklyn. Spotify and iTunes are perversely, horribly, unapologetically, maddeningly Brooklyn.

I'm against it.

MUCH more where that came from at the Washington City Paper.

Googa Mooga

A new "food, drink & music festival" is coming to Brooklyn's Prospect Park on May 19 & 20, 2012. The weekend-long festival, presented by Superfly, the festival creators behind Bonnaroo and Outside Lands, will feature "chefs, restaurateurs, purveyors, and wine and beer makers from New York", and it's called Googa Mooga! Stay tuned for more details.

Faith No More

Faith No More announces their first east coast show in more than a decade - to be held on July 5, 2010 to benefit the Open Space Alliance for North Brooklyn (OSA). The show will be a part of a series of benefit concerts for OSA to take place at the Williamsburg Waterfront this summer.

The band, which regrouped in 2009 after a 12-year hiatus, said in an official statement they, "only hope that the experience of playing together again will yield results erratic and unpredictable enough to live up to the legacy of Faith No More."

"The benefit shows will help fund the restoration and preservation of parks in North Brooklyn, and subsidize the cost of free concerts at the Williamsburg Waterfront," said Stephanie Thayer, OSA's Executive Director. "As nearby McCarren Park Pool is being renovated, OSA is pleased to continue its tradition of bringing outdoor music to North Brooklyn."

Tickets will be available to the public on Friday March 19th at 12:00pm EST at Ticketmaster.com, charge by phone 800.745.3000 and at the Nokia Theatre Times Square Box Office, where there is no service fee.

The Open Space Alliance for North Brooklyn (OSA) www.osanb.org is a nonprofit organization helping to preserve and enhance green space in North Brooklyn. OSA raises funds, links community volunteers, and works in partnership with elected officials and agencies to develop new parks, and improve existing parks in Williamsburg/Greenpoint.

The Williamsburg Waterfront is located at North 8th Street & Kent Avenue on the East River in Brooklyn, NY.
Faith No More play Coachella in April. Tickets are also on sale for two shows in San Francisco.

This is the first Williamsburg Waterfront concert announcement of 2010 and the first time a show at the space will cost money. Last year I don't think they could get the details worked out in time.

A series of eight free Pool Party shows will also return to the space this summer, thanks in part to the help of local politicians.

McCarren Pool also used to have a mix of pay and free concerts in the same Brooklyn neighborhood before it had to close which inspired the creation of the concert series at Williamsburg Waterfront (essentially McCarren Pool's replacement). Central Park Summerstage and Prospect Park's Celebrate Brooklyn series at the Prospect Park Bandshell also have a mix of free and "benefit" concerts each summer.

One of the "benefit" shows in Central Park this summer will be the just-announced Hot Chip show. The National play one of the shows in Prospect Park.

Pains of Being Pure at Heart

As pointed out by Stereogum, there's a person who definitely won't be at the Pains of Being Pure at Heart Seaport show tonight.

Brooklyn shut up ! most of your bands all suck and you are total wanna bees ! The pains of being boring at heart ....oh it must hurt being so bland - Jay Reatard on Twitter
Pitchfork also posted the... news, and that's what Jay responded to 6 hours later in a second tweet...

Pains of Being Pure at Heart

Jay played his own outdoor NYC show in Manhattan on July 1st, and a show in Brooklyn the very next day. Did that one not go so well? Video from that show below...

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Issue Project Room during a benefit w/ Moby in April (more by Toby Tenenbaum)
Issue Project Room

Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz has generously granted $1,133,000 to ISSUE's capital campaign to renovate 110 Livingston!

We are humbled, honored, and inspired to have been selected as grant recipients for capital support. This award provides us with critical funding towards the $1.725 million necessary to complete a first phase of construction designed to: bring the jewel box theater space to code; install the necessary systems for soundproofing and performance; make renovations; and begin presenting as early as Fall 2010.

Once renovated, the new space at 110 will be home to more than 4,000 programs reaching more than 1,000,000 people across the next two decades. We are overjoyed at being so close to realizing this historic opportunity. -Issue Project Room

The Issue Project Room, which currently runs most of its programs in the Old American Can Factory, is still trying to raise enough funds to perform the necessary reonovations on the 110 Livingston space. Last year, the organization was awarded a rent free 20 year lease on the theater at 110 Livingston from the city.

ABC No Rio in Manhattan just landed a very similar deal.

Tonight (7/10) Issue Project Room hosts the feedback choir of Lesley Flanigan with Luke Dubois on laptop. Issue Project has a full upcoming schedule, which includes a Saturday, July 25th show with Michael Gira and Wooden Wand. Gira will "be playing many unrecorded songs (to be included on Gira's next album, a Swans/Angels of Light hybrid) as well as songs from the Angels of Light and Swans catalog."

The New York Times talks more about Issue Project Room's money. Check out some of that below...

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"In this monologue, conservative talk show host Jay Mundy lambastes New York City yuppies and hipsters, individuals that he assesses as self-loathing and who have been so psychologically disturbed by their earlier life experiences that they seek to become outcasts and start anew as "New Yorkers."" -Jay Mundy
Jay Mundy, whose Wikipedia page was deleted for being "Clearly a self-penned vanity bio", obviously enjoyed all the attention and comments he got from his first round of delusional Williamsburg bashing. He enjoyed it so much, that he recorded a new one. In this one he mentions the "freaks who have been listening to the program lately", and claims, among other things, that he has "hundreds of thousands of listeners around the country". File under comedy, and listen below...

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photos by Lori Baily

Dan Deacon

Vivian Girls were the last-minute/secret early-opener. More pictures from Friday night's show below...

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Area 2


big news: FRIDAY'S SHOW HAS -MOVED- [from Danbro] TO: "THE 1896 -- 215 INGRAHAM ST @ GARDNER AVE

repeating: this Friday's -$3- epic mega show w/ Baltimore & Brooklyn bands has -MOVED-

here's the new info:

| THE 1896 |
215 Ingraham St @ Gardner Ave | East Williamsburg / Bushwick, Bklyn
L-Jefferson | 8pm | all ages | --| $3 |--

all other details remain the same, two stages, bands playing staggerred one after the other, great times, two towns coming together, etc

pro PA system on both stages, in two beautiful -heated- rooms, both w/ vaulted ceilings & great sightlines.

Todd P is also advertising that "to accommodate all these bands, we will be starting the first band EARLY @ 8:15pm" and "REALLY GREAT SPECIAL SURPRISE GUESTS EARLY ON". Dan Deacon is headlining this show, and then going on a tour in April that brings him back to NYC for two more shows in the middle of May.

More Friday night show details below...

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Friday January 30th @ DANBRO STUDIOS WAREHOUSE (tentative)

:: 2 stages, bands from Brooklyn on one, Baltimore on the other
:: --| $3 |--

:::: Thank You
:::::: Future Islands
:::::::: dj Dog Dick

:: secret guests tba
:::: secret guests tba
:::::: These Are Powers

268 Meserole Ave @ Bushwick Pl | East Williamsburg, Bklyn
L-Montrose, JM-Lorimer, G-Broadway | 8pm | all ages | --| $3 |--

How was the Dan Deacon 'house party'?

JC Brooks & the Uptown Sound perform "Baltimore Is the New Brooklyn" in the video below...

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photos by Ryan Muir


For the a second time this year, Ryan Muir took pictures of Yeasayer at Music Hall of Williamsburg. It was also the second night of their tour-ending, two-show, homecoming run at the Brooklyn venue this weekend.

"[The two shows at Music Hall] definitely have a homecoming feel. At this point we've played, not all over the world, but we've been back and forth to Europe several times and we played in Australia. We played all over the States. And the Williamsburg Music Hall is one of my favorite venues I've ever played in and, you know, Brooklyn is definitely our home. I have family there and I have friends there and it's been our kind of spiritual center. So yeah, it does have a homecoming feel. And it's kind of Christmas time thing so we're doing like a little Christmas party the day before the second show. I really don't know if it was appropriate to play two shows there, you know, but it seemed like maybe . . . And we'd already sold the one out. I don't know. It's good. I would've maybe rather had just one big bang show, but it's also we have a lot friends that we wanted to have open up and play with and stuff, so it's still good." [Yeasayer's Chris Keating to the Village Voice]
The friends they had opening were Chairlift and Fang Island (Friday) and Suckers and Gates of Heaven (Saturday). The pictures below are from Saturday...

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photos by Zach Dilgard

Psychic TV

"Last night, they played "New York Story" in honor of Lady Jaye, who died fairly recently. She was a member of the band and Gen's wife/collaborator. You could see the tears in Gen's eyes as s/he was singing it. The whole band had to take a moment and cry a bit after the song ended. The song and its accompanying video art always get to me. But this particular performance was the most touching and genuine moment I've ever experienced via live music.

And it was so cathartic. After the band, and the audience, paid tribute and got it out of their system...the rest of the show was pure joy." [Worship the Glitch]

More pictures from Sunday's show below...

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photos by Ryan Muir

Joy Riot

Joy Riot

Ryan got off the Bedford L stop at North 7th St. in the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn last night around 1 AM. The sidewalks and streets were filled with people celebrating Obama's win. At one point the cops decided they needed to clear the street out a little, possibly so a garbage truck could get through. One reader wrote into Gothamist...

We were trying to get onto the sidewalk, as requested but hard to do when it is packed. The police pushed my boyfriend because he wasn't moving fast enough and when he spoke back to them the incident escalated.

He was basically thrown to the ground, hit with billy clubs and then arrested for disorderly conduct, resisting arrest & obstructing governmental administration. Others who got arrested were only given a summons, however a police officer hurt himself while arresting my boyfriend. That is why he is still in central booking in Brooklyn.

By 2:30, when Ryan decided to go home, a lot of people had already dispersed from the intersection, many thanks to the urging of the police in riot gear (who apparently were holding at least one mace grenade). The party kept going all night though. More pictures from the 'joy riot' below...

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Parts & Labor @ Siren Fest 2008 (more by Leia Jospe)
Parts and Labor

Saturday August 30th @ HARKET MOTEL

:: a bill straight outta Tommy's Tavern!
:: bands'll set up in the round & play 1 song each at a time!

:::: Aa / BIG A little a
:::::: Pterodactyl

Round Robins are all the rage. The Baltimore Round Robin tour kicks off in Boston on October 2nd and tickets are now on sale for the two NYC shows.

photos by Ryan Muir

Wilco @ McCarren Pool

Was Jeff Tweedy on edge last night at McCarren Pool (August 13, 2008)? Did he not like the crowd? I ask because of a few jabs he took during their approximately 2.5 hour mesmerizing (yes, I have a huge crush on them) set. I think he gave me a complex.

There was the "something is missing tonight" comment which after an awkward pause turned out to be about a gong that was on stage at their Cambridge Tanglewood show the night before. Jeff missed the gong, so drummer Glenn Kotche then did his best to recreate the sound of it.

Then there was the part when Jeff said something like, "Matrix [guitar tech] has heard that song we just played a lot of times, and he says we never played it that well. At least that's what I think Matrix meant when he said 'I cant wait to get out of here'. Just Kidding. He said he loved it". I can't remember the exact quote, but it was weird.

Jeff also criticized us for clapping the wrong beat to one song (which was pretty funny actually - not that the other stuff he said wasn't...) - he called the Brooklyn crowd 'free thinkers' - the term his father used for Bob Dylan (who played a show in a different section of Brooklyn one night earlier). Later Jeff told us to scream on his command because it made him feel powerful and helps him affirm what he is doing with his life (or something like that).

And last but not least there was the comment that definitely had only one meaning. That was the one when Jeff straight up dissed Brooklyn for not clapping in unison. He said something like, "Are you all too cool to clap?! Would it be better if we add the "Love Will Tear Us Apart" drum beat to it?!"" I realize Jeff is a comedian, but now there is also one person I know that considers him a mortal enemy for that one. Also, I mean, did he look at the crowd? It wasn't exactly a 'Pool Party'. This Brooklyn McCarren Pool show was definitely filled with the kind of (mostly male) people who like Wilco more than they like Joy Division (at least that's the generalization I'm going to make).

Great, packed show. Great setlist. 'Total Pros' is a good way to describe Wilco. It's also the name of Wilco's backing 3-piece horn/clarinet section that they had on tour and at this show with them. Jeff said Wilco would be back when they finished their next record. I can't wait for them to come back, and for the new record which I hope utilizes the full power of guitarist Nels Cline and drummer Glenn Kotche this time. They're working on the new album in between all this touring (that also included recent stops at the Baltimore Virgin Fest and Lollapalooza). (insert McCarren Car Pool jokes here). The Brooklyn setlist, and more of Ryan's beautiful pics below....

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Amy spotted the above sign in Red Hook today.

You probably already heard that Converse is giving away a song written by Pharrell Williams, N.E.R.D., Santogold and Julian Casablancas "as part of the brand's Century celebration". I put the whole press release for that one below....

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the Brooklyn Museum, April 3, 2008 (The Brooklyn Paper / Adrian Kinloch)
Brooklyn Museum

Outside the Eastern Parkway art institute, hundreds of protestors started gathering at around 6:30 pm to greet more than 1,000 Museum supporters as they entered for cocktails and hors-d'oeuvres of miso-marinated cod and spicy taro with caviar.

Celebrities including designer Marc Jacobs and tennis legend John McEnroe were also on hand.

Protesters condemned the Museum's decision to honor Ratner, some holding signs reading, "Con Artist" and, in a particularly nifty bit of memory, "Dung Deal," a reference to the Museum's 1999 controversy over its "Sensation" exhibition, which featured a painting of the Virgin Mary adorned with elephant dung.

Joining the protesters was former city Department of Environmental Protection commissioner Marilyn Gelber.

Referring to the protesters outside, Borough President Markowitz -- a major support of Atlantic Yards -- smiled and said, "It shows that this is a great country." [Brooklyn Paper]

High Places @ Market Hotel, Brooklyn, NY (mercurialn)
High Places @ Market Hotel

For rock bands this is a great time to be weird and independent in Brooklyn. After years in which the sound of New York was defined by various shades of retro monochrome -- the new wave minimalism of the Strokes, the disco-punk of the Rapture and LCD Soundsystem, the moody Anglophilia of Interpol -- a new generation is making music that is indefinably eclectic and complex, and finding acclaim around the world. [NY Times]
SEE ALSO: MTV NEWS' "The Noise From Brooklyn"