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photos by P Squared

John Grant / Villagers @ Le Poisson Rouge 10/16/2015
John Grant

John Grant: I really do feel like music is the only thing that I can do. You know, I don't cook. I sort of -- did you ever read The Tin Drum? It's a great story about this little boy who decides to stop growing because he doesn't want to be a part of this world. And I sort of feel like I did that as well. And so now that I'm, you know, 47, I'm sort of awake now and really sort of looking at the world and I'm trying to learn to do things. Which is a lot of fun. I roasted a chicken, for example, recently for the first time ever.

Neko Case: It's wild when you realize your basic skills, isn't it?

JG: Well, that you have none, yeah. - [NPR]

John Grant wraps up his North American tour this week (Siouxsie and the Banshees' Budgie is on drums) with a few dates on the West Coast. (He plays LA tonight.) His East Coast dates, which were with Irish act Villagers, hit NYC during CMJ where he headlined Le Poisson Rouge. Pictures from that night are in this post.

In other news, John Grant recently talked to Neko Case for a special edition of NPR's All Songs Considered podcast. The 45-minute conversation, that features occasional prodding by NPR's Bob Boilen, is fun, funny and insightful to listen to, and you can do so while checking out more John Grant and Villagers pics from LPR and updated tour dates, below...

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photos by Mimi Hong

Donovan Wolfington / Nai Harvest @ Topshelf showcase
Topshelf CMJ Showcase
Topshelf CMJ Showcase

Boston-born record label Topshelf stuffed their CMJ party with the sort of bleary-eyed, ruddy-cheeked indie rock that they've built their modest name off of since 2006, but the funereal crawl of Brooklyn folkies Lizard Kisses was asynchronously tapped to kick off the proceedings. As their set unfolded, it became clear that what the occasional Mutual Benefit collaborators lacked in buzzy guitars and adenoidal vocalizations, they made up for in upping the ante of their heart-sleeved emoting. That meant that every creeping slowcore structure and crooned romanticism was met with lopsidedly swelling strings and unearthly guitarwork. It's all off-balance and understated, characteristics that the sorts of melodramatic bands who usually bring string sections to basement shows could stand to adopt. [Spin]
The above quote is from Spin's "Best of CMJ" feature, in which they deemed Lizard Kisses to have the "Best Use of Strings at an Emo Show." The show in question was the Topshelf Records showcase at Shea Stadium on October 15, which also featured Infinity Girl, Clique, Solids, Wildhoney, Donovan Wolfington and Nai Harvest. We've got pictures of that show in this post.

Donovan Wolfington and Nai Harvest also teamed up for the 'Unimpressed Fest' CMJ show at The Studio at Webster Hall a couple days later with Furnsss and more. We have pictures of that show in this pos too.

Lizard Kisses' core lineup is the duo of Cory Siegler and Marc Merza, but they have several other collaborators. As that Spin review points out, one is Mutual Benefit, and main MB member Jordan Lee features on their single "In the Morning" which came out earlier this year. You can watch the video for that below.

Clique, who were also at the showcase, are very recent Topshelf signees, and they have a new album on the way in 2016. Their self-titled 2014 album can be streamed and downloaded (name your price) at bandcamp.

More pictures and that Lizard Kisses video below...

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photos by Amanda Hatfield, videos by (((unARTig))), words by Pink Baby

Lilys / Dilly Dally / Martin Courtney @ Baby's All Right - 10/17/15
BV CMJ 2015 Saturday
BV CMJ 2015 Saturday
BV CMJ 2015 Saturday

After the mere seven-hour BrooklynVegan Friday party at Baby's All Right during CMJ, we threw a 12-and-a-half hour party on Saturday (10/17). It kicked off bright and early at 11:30 AM with Murals and continued through midnight when reunited '90s shoegazers Lilys wrapped up their set.

Murals, whose sound these days is sort of pastoral and proggy (not unlike Andora-era Caribou at times) which was a gentle start to a long (fun) day, while we munched on free Thai samosas -- courtesy Baby's new Bangkok-inspired menu -- and sipped complimentary Bell's Brewery Octoberfest. Though that keg went quick, Bell's Two Hearted Ale and Lager were also on tap all day, and they gave out pins, sunglasses, bottle openers and other goodies, too.

After Murals it was Petal, whose set we wrote about and posted pictures of HERE (with her new album stream), and then we were treated to an early afternoon set by Real Estate frontman Martin Courtney. Martin was supporting and playing songs off his forthcoming solo debut, Many Moons (due 10/30 via Domino), and he was backed by an ace band that included Woods' Jarvis Taveniere (who produced the album) and Doug Keith of Sharon Van Etten's band (and several other projects). Martin plays an acoustic guitar the whole time, and they're a little more on the '70s folk/soft rock side than Real Estate's slightly janglier indie pop. Martin also threw in a cover of Pavement's "Major Leagues" which fit in perfectly with his own compositions. They ended the set with Doug Keith's extended guitar solo that Martin's Grateful Dead-obsessed Real Estate bandmate Alex Bleeker probably would've been proud of.

Then came Australian trio Methyl Ethel, who gave us a set of psychedelic dream pop and had a frontman with quite a bit of urgency to his performance. The Gotobeds then seriously kicked things up a notch with their tough, post-punk inspired indie rock. These guys are just the kind of smartasses you want at something like CMJ, coming on stage saying "Hey, we're Viet Cong! What!?! They're not using it anymore!" and being good enough musicians to make playing sloppy charming. The set featured their 'hit,' "NY's Alright" (which Kasan sang as "Baby's All Right" at least once), as well as songs from their upcoming Sub Pop debut, including one that Protomartyr's Joe Casey will be guesting on. Between that show and their set at Sub Pop's showcase two days earlier (which Protomartyr, who played our Baby's day parties in 2014, also played), they were a definite highlight of CMJ.

BV CMJ 2015 Saturday

They were followed by UK trio Shopping, one of the most buzzed about bands at CMJ this year (as the beyond packed room illustrated). They wear their minimal, danceable post-punk influences (Delta 5, The Slits) on their sleeve, but they make up for the lack of originality with a super fun live show. They were bouncing around up there the whole time, and if the crowd was more familiar with their songs (or drunker) you could imagine the rest of the room bouncing along with them. Tight musicians too.

The tight musicianship did not die down at all when Dilly Dally followed. They instantly won us over with an early set on our 2014 day party, but this year they returned bigger and better in every way. The sound and light show was perfect for them, which didn't hurt, but the band's grungy force and Katie Monks' throat-shredding voice is what keeps this band exciting every time.

Things got a bit calmer for Liverpool trio Stealing Sheep, who are still a new-ish band but already have a fully-formed unique vision. All three members wore matching outfits, and they're all set up in a horizontal line in the front of the stage. They all sing in close harmony, and they make a kind of arty pop that's not exactly in line with any current trend. While trying to remember who you saw at CMJ, you don't forget Stealing Sheep.

The rock returned when local staples The So So Glos followed. They've been doing their thing around NYC for years now, and they really do play like stars. Their poppy punk might have actually made them stars in 1995, but it's nice to get that kind of performance in a smaller venue in the midst of a CMJ party too. Things stayed turned up to 11 when Baltimore shoegazers Wildhoney followed. They don't exactly do the whole "punkgaze" thing that's been going on, but they definitely have a hard backbone as far as shoegaze bands go.

It was a full house when Frankie Cosmos kicked off the evening portion of our party with a set of appealing indie pop that is both winsome and spirited. Jessica Lea Mayfield, who played the ATO showcase the day before, then brought things down even softer than Frankie, with a haunting solo set. It would have been nice to see her full band, especially with her heavier new album out, but she's good with just a guitar too. Chicago garage punks Meat Wave followed and wasted no time turning things way back up. They're just a trio but they were one of the loudest and heaviest bands of the day. Almost their whole set was flooded in entirely red lights. It suited them well.

Up next were young locals The Lemon Twigs, who are still in their teens but already have approval from Foxygen whose Jonathan Rado is producing their forthcoming album. Fronted by Micheal and Brian D'Addario (who take turns between guitar/lead vocals and drums), The Lemon Twigs seem to take inspiration from mid-'70s rock: Michael, who wore eyeshadow, a floor-length robe and Aladdin Sane-Orange hair gave us the weirder songs with hints of Syd Barrett, early Bowie and Sparks; while Brian seemed to draw more from classic songwriters like Paul Williams, Burt Bacharach or Todd Rundgren. The whole band are seriously good musicians (and killer at harmonies) and, if these guys keep at it, it seems like they'll be crazy good by their mid-twenties.

BV CMJ 2015 Saturday

Mothers from Athens, GA then came on for the penultimate set of the day. Kristine Leschper has a great voice that reminded me more than once of Angel Olsen, and the music is a bit like Angel's last album too. It's folky at times, but driving indie rock at others. And the rest of her band were no slouches at all.

Finally Lilys wrapped up the day with what was only their fourth show of 2015... which is probably as many as they have played in the last five years. Kurt Heasley has seen nearly as many members of Lilys as The Fall, and this lineup -- the same as the two shows the weekend before at Baby's -- was put together by former member Don Devore, one of the five guitarists on stage. Sticking to songs from the band's early shoegaze years (like 1994's Eccsame the Photon Band which just got re-pressed on vinyl) with some seriously trippy projections, Lilys melted faces (helped along by Heasley's insistence that the A/C be turned off) with Clinton-era classics like "Ginger." We were very happy to bring this very rare show to fans (which included a lot of folks in other bands) to you for free. What a day!

Then we went to bed.

More pictures and videos from Saturday's show below...

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photos by P Squared

Thunderbitch @ Knitting Factory 10/16/2015

I didn't know what to expect when the Alabama Shakes singer took the stage for the first time with her rock band Thunderbitch, but no one could have imaged Brittany Howard coming out in white face, sitting on a motorcycle wearing leather and donning a straight haired, short, black wig. The music was right out of the garage: no frills, all grit, nothing new, but that's the point. This band, made up of members of Nashville's Clear Plastic Masks and Fly Golden Eagle, simply shows that when rock is stripped down to its core and cranked full of talent it speaks volumes and thrills the soul. - [Bob Boilen, NPR]
This year's CMJ had plenty of noteworthy shows and one of the more special ones was Thunderbitch's performance at the ATO Records Showcase at Knitting Factory on October 16. Thunderbitch, as you may know, is Alabama Shakes frontwoman Brittany Howard's other band, which hadn't played live since 2012, making this an extremely rare show. (And a much more intimate venue than Alabama Shakes play these days.) It was also a record release party for Thunderbitch's debut album, which was surprise-released in September and you can listen to at their website. While Thunderbitch shows are once in a blue moon, Alabama Shakes are currently touring and all dates are listed below.

The rest of the ATO CMJ showcase featured sets from Margaret Glaspy, Jessica Lea Mayfield (who played the BV Saturday day party), and Joseph. Pictures from their sets, plus more from Thunderbitch, below...

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photos by Amanda Hatfield, words by Andrew Sacher

Petal @ BV-CMJ at Baby's All Right - 10/17/15
BV CMJ 2015 Saturday

One of my favorite acts I caught at CMJ was Petal, at their early 12:15 PM set at the BrooklynVegan Saturday party at Baby's All Right. Petal is singer/songwriter Kiley Lotz and a revolving lineup, and she said that the three-piece backing band she had (which included Tom from Run For Cover) was assembled just for CMJ. I thought they sounded like the real deal though, even if it was just a temporary version of the band. Kiley will probably be fine no matter who she plays with though, she looked and sounded ready to be taking on bigger venues as a headliner. Let's hope the demand for that comes soon, because these songs deserve to be heard.

On record, Kiley is joined by Tigers Jaw's core members Ben Walsh and Brianna Collins, and Run For Cover is set to release her debut album Shame this week (pre-order). There are some real standouts on there -- first single "Sooner," "Tommy," "Camera Lens II" -- and anyone into catchy guitar-driven indie/alt rock should find something to dig. The whole thing is now streaming and you can listen below (via SPIN).

Pictures from Petal's set at the BV CMJ show are in this post too, and more pictures from the rest of that day are coming very soon. Petal went on just minutes after we started giving out a free keg of Bell's Brewery Octoberfest, which went until about 2 PM.

More pictures and the album stream below...

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photos by Greg Cristman

Mercury Rev @ LPR 10/15/2015
Mercury Rev
Mercury Rev

Mercury Rev played Bella Union's official CMJ showcase on Thursdsay (10/15) at Le Poisson Rouge, part of their short tour. Though the band just released their first album in seven years, The Light in You, their set made the most room for their 1998 classic Deserter's Songs, playing "Holes," "Tonight it Shows," "Endlessly," "Opus 44" "The Funny Bird," and "Goddess on a Highway." Pictures and setlist from the LPR show are in this post.

Also on the CMJ showcase were Icelandic band Mammut, UK group Landshapes, and Ezra Furman (who played BV's free day party the next afternoon). Pics from their sets are below...

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photos by Amanda Hatfield, videos by (((unARTig))), words by Pink Baby

The Album Leaf / Makthaverskan
BV CMJ 2015 Friday
BV CMJ 2015 Friday

BrooklynVegan took over Baby's All Right for the third year in a row for free Friday and Saturday parties during CMJ. The Friday show went from noon to 7 PM with Porches, Makthaverskan, Superheaven, Yung, Car Seat Headrest, Ezra Furman, The Album Leaf and Long Beard. Pictures and videos of that one are in this post.

Long Beard kicked things off bright and early with a set of their slow, melancholic songs. Main member Leslie Bear was backed by a bassist and drummer, but the main draw was definitely her pristine sounding voice and clean guitar. Long Beard's album Sleepwalker comes out this week via Team Love and it's now streaming at The FADER.

After them it was post-rock trio The Album Leaf, who played a mostly instrumental set (but did have the occasional vocals) and sounded great. They were super impressive on a technical level, but had plenty of pure beauty in there too. They were a nice treat for so early on in the day.

Then Ezra Furman took things up a notch with a spirited, sax-fueled set. Furman's a charismatic, charming guy and between the confessional, storytelling nature of many of his songs and folk-rock style, it's all a little late-'80s Violent Femmes yet there's nobody else quite like him.

Car Seat Headrest were next, with one of the better sets I saw at all of CMJ. Main member Will Toledo has had this project going for a few years with a ton of releases on bandcamp, but live Car Seat Headrest is a super tight power trio who don't come off like a bedroom/bandcamp project. (They also picked 11 of the best songs and re-recorded them for their fat-trimming Matador debut.) Will can often sound like Julian Casablancas, but the songs sound more inspired by crunchy, poppy '90s alternative rock than The Strokes. That's a sound that a lot of bands have been bringing back lately, but CSH stand out because Will can really write a chorus (check out "Something Soon"). It's not hard to imagine this band playing on much bigger stages very soon, in part because they had no trouble packing Baby's at 2pm on a Friday.

The energy stayed high with Denmark's Yung, who were a heavier band than their EP led me to believe. "Danish punk" is a phrase that tends to get people excited in the American music blogging world, but the Fat Possum-signed Yung don't have the melodrama or the too-cool-for-school attitude that their more popular neighbors do. Instead they're a little screamier and the songs rip a little harder, which I had no complaints about.

It got even heavier when Superheaven followed, with their grunge/shoegaze/post-hardcore blend sounding great as ever. They threw in a really nice cover of Weezer's "Pink Triangle" which they made sound like a Superheaven song, and otherwise gave us a pretty good mix of the stuff off their own albums. Like they usually are, they were loud and super tight/professional-sounding, which is always a nice thing to get at CMJ.

Then it was Sweden's Makthaverskan, who I hadn't seen since they played a BV SXSW show in Austin this past March. They were good then, but this set was way better. Being indoors with a great light show probably helped, but the band just seemed way more confident and way more powerful, even if singer Maja Milner's voice sounded like it was going at times. They can be a pretty intense band, and Friday's set definitely proved this.

BV CMJ 2015 Friday

Friday's proceedings wrapped up with a set from new Domino signees, Porches. The band draw influence from crystalline, heart-on-sleeve '80s pop (Blue Nile, Prefab Sprout, China Crisis) but pull things into the now via things like on-the-fly autotune. They've also got a lot very catchy tunes -- main man Aaron Maine is good with a hook -- all of which are well rehearsed. It was a full house and a nice way to end the day.

We gave out a keg of Bell's Brewery Octoberfest between noon and 2pm (in addition to the pins, sunglasses, bottle openers and other goodies.) Their Two Hearted Ale and Lager were also on tap all day. We also got a visit from internet-famous pooch Pablo the Pomeranian.

We did it again Saturday, and coverage of that show is coming soon. Meanwhile, more pictures and videos from Friday below...

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videos by (((unARTig)))

photo: No Devotion at BV/Collect CMJ showcase (more by Amanda Hatfield)
No Devotion

We already posted pictures and a writeup of the BrooklynVegan/Collect Records official CMJ showcase on Wednesday night (10/15) at Baby's All Right, and now we've got videos from the whole thing, courtesy of (((unARTig))). It included Geoff Rickly's band No Devotion (who since played Vintage Vinyl and Maxwell's), Hether Fortune's band Wax Idols, Philly shoegazers Creepoid, and ambient pop duo Foxes In Fiction (who had main member Warren Hildebrand joined by Emily Reo). Check out the videos below...

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photo: Modern Baseball at Best Buy Theater in July (more by Mimi Hong)
Modern Baseball

As you may know, Philly indie/punk label Lame-O Records is throwing a CMJ showcase at Shea on Saturday (10/17) with two special guests promised. Turns out those special guests are label alumni Modern Baseball (opening the show at noon) and their future tourmates Jeff Rosenstock (headlining acoustic).

The rest of the lineup is Three Man Cannon, Lithuania, The Superweaks (fka The Weaks), Thin Lips, Meat Wave, Cherry and Lowercase Roses (ex-The Sidekicks). $5 at the door gets you in.

Modern Baseball just played FADER Fort (which is going on as we speak), and the tour with Jeff Rosenstock (that also has PUP and Tiny Moving Parts) hits NYC on December 11 at Webster Hall. Updated dates are listed below.

Ahead of the showcase, Lame-O put out a sampler that includes a lot of the bands playing their show, and more. You can download it (name your price) at bandcamp and stream it below...

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The Album Leaf at today's BV CMJ party @ Baby's All Right

The Album Leaf (aka Jimmy LaValle) will release the follow-up to 2010's A Chorus of Storytellers in early 2016. To give you a taste of this still-untitled new album, you can check out new single "A New Soul" which adds a vocal presence -- and full band -- to LaValle's ethereal sonic webwork. You can stream it below.

The Album Leaf, just minutes ago, played BrooklynVegan's free Friday day party at Baby's All Right, which has sets from Ezra Furman, Car Seat Headrest, Yung, Superheaven, Makthaverskan and Porches still to come. Hustle over to Baby's and join us -- it' free! Additionally, The Album Leaf have three other CMJ shows to come:

October 16, 2015 @ Cake Shop (4:30 PM) - Terrorbird CMJ Day Party (FREE)
October 17, 2015 @ South Street (3 PM) - Seaport Music Fest showcase (FREE)
October 17, 2015 @ The Knitting Factory (11 PM) - Flower Booking Showcase
The Album Leaf have a few West Coast shows in November before heading to the UK and Ireland. All dates are listed below.

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photos by Amanda Hatfield, words by Andrew Sacher and Bill Pearis

S / The Gotobeds
CMJ 2015 Day 3
CMJ 2015 Day 3

The annual Sub Pop / Hardly Art CMJ showcase went down last night (10/15) at Knitting Factory. It kicked off with Mass Gothic, the new thing from Hooray for Earth's Noel Heroux who just signed to Sub Pop. They were pretty good -- catchy, agreeable indie rock that was at times dancey, at times darker and a little heavier, and hit a few spots in between too.

The biggest draw for me was S (aka Jenn from Carissa's Wierd) whose 2014 album Cool Choices remains one of the most underrated albums of last year. S tours as a 4-piece band, and they played basically every song I wanted to hear from that album (except "Remember Love"). They don't have the craziest live show or anything, but Jenn's voice sounded amazing and it was great to finally hear those songs. The heartbreaking lyrics are definitely the biggest sell with the Cool Choices songs, and having them sung right in front of you is some pretty heavy stuff. If you're still sleeping on this record, you should really change that.

Next was The Gotobeds, who most people at BV have seen before but I was getting my first live taste of last night. Their live show is great in just about all the ways you want from a band like this. They've got tough fist-pumping punk rock and more brainy post-punk tendencies too. They're great musicians, even better performers (I still kinda can't believe how high frontman Eli Kasan can kick), and they've got as much a wiseass sense of humor as they do raw power. Great set, and you can catch them again at the free BrooklynVegan all-day party on Saturday.

I caught a bit of Olympia's Nirvana-ish punks Strange Wilds before heading home (our photographer had left already though). And Protomartyr wrapped up the night which Bill can tell you about...

Protomartyr frontman Joe Casey spent most of the night in Knit's front bar watching the Mets game, cracked a baseball joke (that I didn't get) at the start of their set but otherwise didn't offer up much between-song commentary. That's ok: the band were pretty on fire last night for an intense set that split its time between new album The Agent Intellect (their toughest, bleakest yet) and 2014's Under Color of Official Right, plus "Three Swallows" from No Passion All Technique. You 've got two more chances to see Protomartyr at CMJ: tonight (10/16) at Rough Trade (12:45 AM, tickets), and Saturday (10/17) at the Car Wash show (sold out).

In between S and The Gotobeds, H. Jon Benjamin (with help from Eugene Mirman and a guy claiming to work for Sub Pop) did a bit involving prank calls that got very dark very quick. Funny too. More pictures below...

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photos by Amanda Hatfield

John Grant @ Rough Trade / Miya Folick @ Living Room
CMJ 2015 Day 3
CMJ 2015 Day 3

John Grant, who lives in Iceland these days, is on a short U.S. tour current and is making time for a couple shows in NYC during CMJ. The first was Thursday afternoon (10/15) for record store Rough Trade's own CMJ day party. (The singer and the store are a mutual appreciation society; RT named Pale Green Ghosts the best album of 2013 and John played the NYC location's first week open.) This doubled as a record release show for Grant's terrific new album, Grey Tickles, Black Pressure and most of his short set stuck to songs from that. We did get the title tracks from both Pale Green Ghosts and Queen of Denmark, which closed his set. He was uber-charming as usual and if his drummer looks familiar, that's because it's Budgie from Siouxsie & the Banshees (he's plays on the new album, too). You can see John play a full set on Saturday (10/17) at Le Poisson Rouge with Villagers. Tickets are still available.

After that, our intrepid photographer went to the nearby Living Room to catch LA singer Miya Folick who is often described as folk-grunge, which is pretty accurate. She literally goes from a whisper to a scream. More pics from her set, and more of John Grant at Rough Trade, below...

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photo: Porches at Baby's All Right in 2014 (more by Amanda Hatfield)
BV CMJ 2015

It's the Friday of CMJ which means things are really starting to pick up and there's about a bazillion great shows you can see during the day and all through the night. We of course hope you come to the free BrooklynVegan Friday day party at Baby's All Right that runs from noon to 7 PM with Porches, Makthaverskan, Superheaven, Yung, Car Seat Headrest, Ezra Furman, The Album Leaf, Long Beard and a free keg of Bell's Brewery craft beer while it lasts. That's totally free, no badge RSVP or badge or anything required.

You can browse our full NYC show calendar to see all the shows going on today, but here's a huge handful of other highlights:

* Strange Wilds, Grounders, Bayonne, The jungle Giants @ Arlene's Grocery
* Mammut, Landshapes, DJ Flugvel og Geimskip, Doomsquad, Fufanu @ Rough Trade
* Avan Lava, The Album Leaf, Deradoorian, Stealing Sheep, Nai Harvest, PWR BTTM, Makthaverskan @ Cake Shop
* Kirin J Callinan, Whitney, Mild High Club, Jimmy Whispers, Sean Nicholas Savage, Joy Again @ Elvis Guesthouse
* Holiday Mountain, Rose Quartz, Young Empires, Monika, Cheatahs, What Moon Things, Mothers, Grandchildran, Paperhaus @ Berlin
* Palehound, Big Ups, Spirit of the Beehive, Greys, Palm, Stove, Washer, Dirty Dishes, Swings, Flagland, Leapling, LVL UP @ Palisades
* Saint Pé, Cosmonaut, The Tye Trybe, Injecting Strangers, People's Blues of Richmond, Sleepy Hahas @ Bowery Electric

* Bilal @ Iridium
* Steely Dan @ Beacon Theatre
* Maya Beiser, Jherek Bischoff @ BAM
* Trey Anastasio Band @ Kings Theatre
* Yuka HOnda, Nels Cline @ National Sawdust
* Stealing Sheep, ohnomoon, Sui Zhen @ Niagara
* Ryan Hemsworth (& Lucas), Lontalius, DD Elle @ Palisades
* Titus Andronicus, Ex Hex, Spider Bags @ Warsaw
* Total Slacker, Pill, Paperhaus, Dances, Gemma, Sam Kogon, Velo @ Alphaville
* Cosmo Sheldrake, Landshapes, Outfit, Hector Bizerk @ Living Room
* Spritzer, Tall Juan, Holy Tunics, Ben Katzman's DeGreaser, Winstons @ Matchless
* Porcelain Raft, David Moore, Blonde Redhead @ Knockdown Center
* Palehound, Drinks, Stealing Sheep, Hooton Tennis Club @ Baby's All Right
* Spray Paint, Strange Wilds, PC Worship, Lushes, Sinkane (DJ) @ Union Pool
* J. Fernandez, The Gotobeds, Eaters, Turn to Crime, Spray Paint @ Cake Shop
* The Membranes, Cinema Cinema, Chomp, Les Bicyclettes Blanches @ The Grand Victory
* Shannon and the Clams, Sheer Mag, Shopping, PMS and the Moodswings @ MHOW
* Kamasi Washington, Mark Guillana (Beat Music), Lakecia Benjamin @ Le Poisson Rouge
* CO LA, Tallesen, Jeremy Hyman, Motion Graphics, Acemo, Max D @ Trans-Pecos
* The Mystery Lights, Saint Pe, Psychiatric Metaphors, The Yetis, Good Morning @ Our Wicked Lady
* Fred Thomas, Meg Griffiths Anderson, Shannon Manning, Mike Daisey, Adam Wade, Peter Aguero @ Union Hall
* Broken Hope, Embalmer, Dr. Shrinker, Teloch Vovin, Hypoxia, Thorn Constellation @ Saint Vitus
* Ringo Deathstarr, Oso Oso, Mumblr, Pinact, Boosegumps, Soft Cough, Good Morning @ Black Bear Bar
* Mitski, Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith, Long Beard, Mal Devisa, Johnny_Ripper @ Lutheran Church of the Messiah
* Omar S, Actress, John FM, Free Magic, Faso @ Output
* Sean Nicholas Savage (DJ), Lemonade (DJ), Yumi Zouma (DJ), Promise Keeper (DJ), Better Person (DJ) @ Wythe Hotel
* The Men, Destruction Unit, Michael Rault, Celestial Shore, Dirty Ghosts, Beach Baby @ Baby's All Right
* Protomartyr, Omni, The Lemon Twigs, Drinks, Yoko and the Oh Nos, Mothers, Car Seat Headrest, Modern Vices @ Rough Trade
* LE1F, Empress Of, Porches, Kirin J Callinan, Deradoorian, Okay Kaya, Jimmy Whispers, Kaya, Stolen Jars @ Cameo Gallery
* Mild High Club, Salt Cathedral, Weaves, Beverly, Eternal Summers, Diet Cig, Stolen Jars, Controller, The Fluids, Vundabar @ Pianos
* Them Bruins, Methyl Ethel, Sunbeam Sound Machine, Heavy Heart, Pool Boy @ The Shop
* Special guests, Kehlani, Boogie, Whiney, Conner Youngblood, Modern Baseball, Martin Courtney, Aquilo @ Converse Rubber Tracks Fader Fort
* Solids, Chocolat, Elliot Maginot, Loud Lary Ajust, Cri, Heart Streets, The Muscadettes, Sean Nicholas Savage @ Arlene's Grocery
* Frankie Cosmos, Phony PPL, Dent May, Lazyeyes, Fraser A. Gorman, Corbu, Stone Cold Fox, The Britanys, Acid Dad, Sam Cohen (of Apollo Sunshine), Piers @ The Wick


For all of tonight's shows, and tomorrow's, check out our NYC concert calendar.

For laughs, check out the NYC Comedy calendar too.


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photos by Amanda Hatfield

Eternal Summers / Hockey Dad / Beverly / Yung / Diet Cig / Wildhoney
CMJ 2015 Day 2 Day Shows
CMJ 2015 Day 2 Day Shows
CMJ 2015 Day 2 Day Shows
CMJ 2015 Day 2 Day Shows
CMJ 2015 Day 2 Day Shows
CMJ 2015 Day 2 Day Shows

If you have the advantage of being free in the afternoons during CMJ week, day parties offer an easy way to catch many of the most talked about bands at the fest, usually for free with maybe some free drinks/food too. Such was the case on Wednesday (10/13) when Pianos (Kanine/Dr. Martens party) and Cake Shop (Breakthru Radio party) -- both on the same block of Ludlow St. -- offered up Car Seat Headrest, Mothers, Shopping, Windhoney, Yung (all of whom are playing free BV CMJ parties this weekend), as well as UK bands Pinact and Oscar,, Aussie duo Hockey Dad, Baltimore indiepop act Expert Alterations, as well as Eternal Summers, Beverly, Diet Cig, Palehound and more. (Front bar DJs include Kip from Pains of Being Pure at Heart, Kevin of Mercury Girls, and yours truly). If you weren't able to make it out, chances are most of these bands playing again. It's CMJ.

Lots more pics from Wednesday day parties at Pianos and Cake Shop, below...

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photos by Amanda Hatfield; words by Bill Pearis

CMJ 2015 Day 2 Day Shows

Shopping is The Best Band. They're also The Most British Band, sounding at times like the Slits, Wire, X-Ray Spex, or Gang of Four. Each instrument is played in a manner both elegant and sparse, which makes for nuanced, collaged melodies designed to get stuck in your head. These are three phenomenally talented people: They balance disparate and at times atonal instrumentation with beautiful, crisp vocal lines, and they can all sing. Few bands strike me as being in the same league as Pleasure Leftists, and in fact, Shopping might be the first. - [Perfect Pussy's Meredith Graves in The Village Voice]
UK trio Shopping, who draw from such post punk influences as The Slits, Delta 5 and Au Pairs, are in the middle of their own CMJ music marathon, having played a few show already -- including Wednesday's Kanine party at Pianos with Car Seat Headrest, Mothers and more. I DJ'd in the main bar for a couple hours of that party and my shift ended just as Shopping started. They are not reinventing the wheel at all but they do it very well, and with a short showcase performance like this they add a welcome jolt of electricity. They're good.

As mentioned, Shopping are part of BrooklynVegan's all-day extravaganza at Baby's All Right on Saturday (10/17) which is free and also features sets from Lilys, Martin Courtney, Stealing Sheep, The Gotobeds, plus free samosas and Bell's Beer. Today (10/15), they just played the Rough Trade free day party and play tonight (9:45 PM) at Cake Shop with Weaves, Sweet Spirit, Diet Cig, Tricot, S (Jenn from Carissa's Wierd) and Robbing Millions; and then Friday (10/16) opening for Shannon and the Clams at Music Hall of Williamsburg (tickets).

All dates are listed, along with more pics of Shopping's Wednesday day set at Pianos, below...

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photo: Lilys at Baby's last week (more by Greg Cristman)

photo: Martin Courtney with Real Estate at Radio City in June (more by Amanda Hatfield)
Martin Courtney

You already know the details for the free BV Friday day party at Baby's All Right. There's also an all-day BrooklynVegan Saturday party from 11:00 AM to midnight at Baby's.

Here's the lineup and set times:
SATURDAY, 10/17/2015 @ Baby's All Right

11:00 AM DOORS
11:30 Murals
12:15 Petal
1:00 Martin Courtney of Real Estate
1:45 Methyl Ethel
2:30 The Gotobeds
3:15 Shopping
4:00 Dilly Dally
4:45 Stealing Sheep
5:30 The So So Glos
6:15 Wildhoney
7:00 Frankie Cosmos
7:45 Jessica Lea Mayfield
8:30 Meat Wave
9:15 The Lemon Twigs
10:00 Mothers
10:45 Lilys
The day kicks off bright and early with Louisville's pastoral psych band Murals and free vegetarian southern Thai samosas off the new Baby's menu, a collaboration with Bangkok restaurant Soul Food Mahanakorn. American brunch will also be available for purchase.

Then it's Scranton, PA Tigers Jaw associates Petal. Following that is a 1 PM set from Real Estate frontman Martin Courtney, who's followed by Australia's Methyl Ethel, Pittsburgh smartass post-punks The Gotobeds, and more post-punk from UK band Shopping.

Things keep going with Toronto's roaring indie rockers Dilly Dally, the harmony-laden Liverpool trio Stealing Sheep, local punk staples The So So Glos, and Baltimore shoegazers Wildhoney. Then it's the twee-ish Frankie Cosmos, the ever-evolving Jessica Lea Mayfield, Chicago garage punks Meat Wave, the young but already very accomplished locals The Lemon Twigs, folky Athens indie rockers Mothers, and finally a very rare reunion set from '90s shoegazers Lilys (only their fourth of 2015) to wrap up the day.

Like on Friday, things kick off with a FREE KEG OF BELL'S BREWERY CRAFT BEER while it lasts. We'll also have three varieties of Bell's on tap all day and night.

photo: Frankie Cosmos at MoMA Nights in 2014 (more by Chris La Putt)
Frankie Cosmos

Again, all 12 hours of this show are totally FREE. No RSVP, no badge or anything required.

The show is one of five BrooklynVegan-presented shows in NYC this week. In addition to the Friday party, we're also presenting the two non-CMJ Front Bottoms shows at Irving Plaza.

Listen to the artists playing the Saturday party, below...

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by Bill Pearis

The Big Moon

London quartet The Big Moon, led by Juliette Jackson, make bouncy, wide-eyed, occasionally jazzy guitar pop. The band made a splash in the UK with their debut single "Sucker" and recently released a new one, "Nothing Without You." You can watch videos for both and stream another song below.

The Big Moon are one of many UK bands in NYC this week for CMJ, with four shows this week, including two tonight:

Thursday 10/15 (8:50 PM) @ Rough Trade: BBC Introducing showcase w/ Vaults, Clean Cut Kid, The Jacques

Thursday 10/15 (11 PM) @ Living Room: School Night showcase w/ Skaters, Gilligan Moss, Sofi Tucker, Monika, Hooton Tennis Club, Methyl Ethel, Miya Folick

Friday 10/16 (11 PM) @ Mercury Lounge w/ Chrome Pony, Ruen Brothers, SUSTO, Zachary Cale, Margaret Glaspy

Saturday 10/17 (11 PM) @ The Shop w/ Dirty Frigs, Vomitface, The Ghost Ease, Buffalo Rodeo

Videos and streams, below...

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by Bill Pearis

Mothers at Pianos 10/14/2015
CMJ 2015 Day 2 Day Shows

Athens, GA band Mothers began in 2013 as the solo project of visual artist Kristine Leschper and became a full band in 2014. Naming a variety of disparate influences, Mothers' music can go from delicate folk-pop to math-ier sounds that recall Dirty Projectors. Leschper's emotive voices binds it all together. The band will release their debut album in 2016 but you can stream a few songs -- including singles "It Hurts Until it Doesn't" and "There's No Crying in Baseball" -- below.

Mothers are here for CMJ and played their second of many shows on Wednesday at the Kanine/Dr. Martens party at Pianos (with Car Seat Headrest and more) and the upstairs room was packed (reportedly with a lot of various label folk) for their 1:45 PM set. Pictures are in this post. You've still got a bunch of chances to see Mothers this week, including BrooklynVegan's free all-day party on Saturday (10/17) at Baby's All Right with Lilys, Martin Courtney, Stealing Sheep, The Gotobeds, free Bell's Beer, and more. Full lineup, set times, etc will be revealed any minute. Stay tuned. HERE. Meanwhile here's Mothers' remaining CMJ schedule:

Thurs. Oct. 15 - 4:10pm @ Cake Shop (NYC Taper Presents)
Thurs. Oct. 15 - 7:15pm @ Rockwood Music Hall Stage 3 (UTA Presents)
Fri. Oct. 16 - 4:10pm @ Berlin (ROSQUATCH- an official hairy ~ sweaty CMJ Showcase)
Fri. Oct. 16 - 9pm @ Rough Trade (Aquarium Drunkard Presents)
Sat. Oct. 17 - 2pm @ South Street Seaport
Sat. Oct. 17 - 7pm @ Pianos (BirDog Promo Party)
Sat. Oct. 17 - 10pm @ Baby's All Right (BrooklynVegan Party)
Song streams and more pics of Mothers' Pianos show, below...

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CMJ Cheatahs

Sorry Cheatahs fans hoping to see them at CMJ. After cancelling shows the first two days of the fest due to visa issues, the UK-based band have announced ALL their CMJ shows have been canceled:

We are beyond gutted to have to announce the cancellation of all of our CMJ shows. Our visa situation has gone from bad to worse. We're so sorry to everyone who was planning on coming, and all we can say is that it's been completely beyond our control. We're at the mercy of the visa office at this point. To our NYC area listeners, deepest apologies - we were so looking forward to playing there.
The rest of the North American tour, however, is still on and will start in Cambridge, MA on Tuesday (10/20). Hopefully they'll add an NYC date on the end of the tour. Stay tuned. Updated dates, plus a stream of "Su-Pra" from their forthcoming second album, below...

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photos by Amanda Hatfield

Car Seat Headrest @ Pianos 10/14/2015
Car Seat Headrest

Seattle's Car Seat Headrest are on a lot of people's must-see list for CMJ 2015, and if you go to more than a couple shows this week, especially day parties, they're on your probably-will-see list as they play a bazillion shows this week. CSH's personal music marathon began Wednesday (10/14) with an early afternoon set at the Kanine/Dr Martens day party at Pianos. Main man Will Toledo sheepishly joked to the packed Pianos main showspace crowd about the number of shows they were doing. Pictures from that show are in this post.

You've got two chances to see Car Seat Headrest today (10/15) and both are free: Cake Shop at 6:15 PM, and then Elvis Guesthouse at 11 PM which is the Beggars Group party. They're also playing BrooklynVegan's free day party on Friday (10/16) at Baby's All Right (2:45 PM), with Porches, The Album Leaf, Superheaven, Makthaverskan, Ezra Furman, free Bell's beer and more.

Meanwhile, get to know Car Seat Headrest's Matador debut, Teens of Style, as the album (not out till 10/30) can be listened to in full, via NPR, below...

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photo: Mr. Muthafuckin' eXquire at BV-CMJ 2012 (more by Chris La Putt)
Mr Muthafuckin Exquire

If you're looking for a good rap show at this year's CMJ, High Water Music x UP x Friends and Lovers are throwing the Squeeze Radio Showcase on Friday (10/16) at Friends and Lovers (641 Classon Ave) with the Nas-inspired Your Old Droog and local staple Mr. Muthafuckin' eXquire. Tickets are on sale now.

Last week, eXquire released the new Live Forever EP, which you can watch the "Ice Cups" video from, below. And Droog put out The Nicest EP over the summer. That's streaming below too.

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by Andrew Sacher

Dilly Dally on Output's Roof - 10/13/15 (photo via @przemekgulda)
Dilly Dally

I kicked off my CMJ this year at the co-sign Rooftop Bash on the roof of Output last night (10/13), where one of the acts who won me over last year, Dilly Dally, were playing. Watching a band on a roof in nice 70-something degree weather, surrounded by drunk people at 8 PM on a Tuesday, and with the smell of fried food coming from somewhere, it felt more like a weeknight in Austin at SXSW than CMJ. (Because let's be honest, if you live in New York a weeknight at CMJ feels like "that one time of the year I go to Arlene's Grocery.") And Dilly Dally were great. They played most of their all-hits debut album Sore which came out last week on Partisan/Buzz, and did a gnarly grunge cover of fellow Toronto artist Drake's "Know Yourself" (during which Katie pointed at her bandmates when she yelled "RUNNIN! THRU THE! SIX! WITH MY! WOES!").

There's are other chances to catch Dilly Dally while they're in NYC, including tonight (10/14) at Santos Party House for the NME, PopGun, House Arrest CMJ Party with Protomartyr, Downtown Boys, Shopping, Yung, Nico Yaryan, Car Seat Headrest, Seratones, Hooton Tennis Club and YAK. They play at 1 AM and tickets are still available. They also play the FADER Fort on Saturday (10/17) at Converse Rubber Tracks with YG, Baauer, Porches and more. They're on at 9:30 PM at that one, but before that they also play the BrooklynVegan Saturday party at Baby's All Right at 4 PM (stay tuned for the full lineup - UPDATE: HERE IT IS).

Their tour also returns to NYC on November 14 at Baby's All Right (tickets) an dNovember 16 at Mercury Lounge (tickets).

Listen to "Purple Rage" in Hype Machine's October HypeOn playlist. Updated tour dates are listed below.

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by Andrew Sacher

photo by Jess Flynn
Three Man Cannon

Philly/Scranton band Three Man Cannon (whose Dennis Mishko and Pat Brier are both former Tigers Jaw members) are following last year's Pretty Many People with the new album Will I Know You Then on November 6 via Lame-O Records (pre-order). Its lead single "Gold or Silver" is a scrappy indie rocker that sounds a little like if The Walkmen decided to explore their shambolic side after Bows + Arrows instead of polishing things up. Listen below.

Three Man Cannon have a few shows coming up, including the Lame-O Records CMJ showcase on Saturday (10/17) at Shea Stadium with special guest headliners, Lithuania, The Superweaks (fka The Weaks), Thin Lips, Meat Wave, Cherry, Lowercase Roses (ex-The Sidekicks) and even more special guests. It's a day show, starting at noon, and $5 at the door gets you in.

All TMC dates are listed below...

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by Andrew Sacher

photo: Wildhoney at Acheron in June (more by Carly Hoskins)

Earlier this year, Baltimore's Wildhoney released the Sleep Through It LP on Deranged, and this week they'll release the Your Face Sideways EP on Topshelf (pre-order). They've always had an underlying pop element to their sound, but they play up that side a bit more on this EP while toning down the shoegaze. Stream the whole thing below.

The band is currently in NYC for CMJ. We just caught them at the Kanine party at Pianos, and they still have a bunch of other upcoming shows, including the FREE BrooklynVegan party on Saturday at Baby's All Right. The rest of that lineup is coming very soon NOW, but so far we've announced that it includes Lilys headlining, Martin Courtney of Real Estate at 1 PM, and more. Here's Wildhoney's full CMJ schedule:

Oct 14th - Iron Pier Showcase @ The Acheron
Oct 15th - Topshelf Showcase @ Shea Stadium
Oct 17th - BrooklynVegan Pary @ Baby's All Right
Oct 17th - BirdDog Showcase @ Pianos
They have other tour dates too. All are listed below...

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As you may know, the FADER Fort returns to NYC this CMJ weekend on Friday (10/16) and Saturday (10/17) at Converse Rubber Tracks. Just a few artists were announced at first, but the entire multi-genre lineup is now here.

Friday has Aquilo, Martin Courtney (of Real Estate), Modern Baseball, Conner Youngblood, Whitney, Boogie, Kehlani and a special guest headliner.

Saturday has Bosco, Oscar, Allan Kingdom, Porches, Dilly Dally, Kranium, YG, Baauer and also a special guest (but not headliner).

Both are totally free, but RSVP is required.