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photos by Chris La Putt

Robert Ellis / Technicolor Hearts/ Shakey Graves
Robert Ellis
Technicolor Hearts
Shakey Graves

BV Austin, in partnership with The Convoy Group, Regressive Records, Eye in the Sky Collective, Tito's Handmade Vodka, and Mercy hangover prevention, presented a CMJ showcase of Texas bands on Thursday night at Rebel NYC. Here are some pictures from the shindig. They continue below...

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photos and video by Jessica Amaya

Foxygen / Field Mouse / Ex Cops @ Pianos, 10/19/2012
Field Mouse
Ex Cops

During CMJ if you find yourself on the Lower East Side with no specific plans, it's usually a safe bet that Pianos will have something interesting. For instance, BV photographer/videographer Jessica Amaya found herself at Pianos on Friday night (10/19) for The Deli's two-floor showcase and caught Foxygen and Murals downstairs (both of whom played our day party early that same day at Public Assembly, and then Field Mouse and Ex Cops upstairs.

Speaking of, Ex Cops play Glasslands tonight (10/23) with Historics and Young Boys ($10 at the door). More pics from Pianos on Friday night (plus video of Murals and Field Mouse) are below.

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photos by Nate "Igor" Smith; words by Fred Pessaro // BBG

Karoake chaos / Kirin J Callinan / Absolutely Free @ Saint Vitus, 10/20/2012
un-CMJ party at Saint Vitus, 2012
un-CMJ party at Saint Vitus, 2012
un-CMJ party at Saint Vitus, 2012

After a few days of utter CMJ madness, what better way to wash away your troubles than with Infinity Spaceship, the karaoke live band that specializes in punk/indie/hardcore and more. Perhaps due in part to the complimentary Raw Rev bars, Sailor Jerry's rum and PBR (both were free for a limited time) and a possible avoidance of hangover care of Mercy, the crowd at the BrooklynVegan un-CMJ party at Saint Vitus on 10/19 was more than ready to unwind by covering songs by Smashing Pumpkins, Minor Threat, Gorilla Biscuits and many others while backed by the current and former members of On the Might of Princes, No Way, Primitive Weapons, Nakatomi Plaza, Ghost Robot Ninja Bear and more.

It wasn't all covers and amateur hour though. The Saint Vitus shindig, one night before our metal show in the same venue, also featured a pair of performances including mind-blowing, gothic guitarist Kirin J Callinan and Toronto's precise, rhythmically-adept Absolutely Free. Pictures of both bands and the karaoke crowd are below...

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photos by Chris La Putt

Opossom @ Public Assembly, 10/20/2012

New Zealand band Opossom were here for multiple shows during last week's CMJ Festival, including the free BV not-CMJ day party at Public Assembly on Saturday (10/20) where they kicked off the second stage action. (Same day as Miguel.) Most articles you read about them mentions that main man Kody Nielson is brother to Unknown Mortal Orchestra's Ruban Nielson (they were both in Mint Chicks) and they get compared to them as well, but I don't think Opossom sound anything like UMO, owing more to a classic pop sound with baroque and psychedelic leanings. They're definitely worth checking out live... which you've got one more chance to do in NYC. Like Popstrangers are doing tonight (10/23), Opossom play Pianos on Wednesday (10/24) and advance tickets are available.

UPDATE: Opossom have cancelled their 10/26 Toronto date and are instead playing another NYC show at Cameo with ARMS and Montreal's Blue Hawaii (members of Braids).

The Pianos show, part of an Opossom tour (dates below), is also with Australia's Teeth & Tongue and Big Scary, two more CMJ holdovers, making this an other-side-of-the-world triple feature. Philadelphia's Grandchildren round out the bill.

More pictures from Opossom's appearance at the BV day party (sponsored by Pabst Blue Ribbon, Sailor Jerry, Mercy, and Raw Revolution) and tour dates are below and look for the rest of Saturday's line-up of bands soon.

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by Caroline Harrison

Car Bomb at 285 Kent, 10/20/2012
Show No Mercy CMJ

Pitchfork's unofficial Show No Mercy CMJ showcase on Saturday (10/20) at 285 Kent featured New York acts Car Bomb, Batillus, Pyrrhon, Primitive Weapons, and Theologian. Special guest Andy Stott, who played earlier in the day at a Pitchfork & MoMA PS1 CMJ show, DJ-ed starting around 1:30.

Industrial electronic group Theologian played the first set of the night, followed by Primitive Weapons who slammed through an energetic set. Singer Dave Castillo's hardcore frontman antics kept the crowd engaged.

Brooklyn's Pyrrhon played two of the new tracks up on their bandcamp during their set and anyone who worried that the bizarro metal outfit couldn't keep up the anxious intensity of their debut LP needn't have worried. Pyrrhon is even weirder than ever, and they were at the top of their game on Saturday. New York doom metal fixtures Batillus played a roaring set after Pyrrhon. Their sludgy doom was a definite genre shift following the previous three bands.

Next up was Car Bomb who assault the senses when they play. Besides immense sound and dizzying technical prowess, the band has built -- yes, built -- a number of light effects triggered by different band members. The effect is a disorienting light show not suitable for people prone to motion sickness or seizures. (Word has it that Kimbra and her band showed up to see Car Bomb.) Following the last set of the night, Andy Stott's electronic set marked a shift in the evening, and the crowd turned over.

Pyrrhon will be playing at Saint Vitus on October 27th with Tombs, 16, and Serpentine Path. Batillus will also be playing at Saint Vitus, but on Nov. 19th supporting Nachtmystium, Jarboe, Bruce Lamont (of Yakuza, who played our own BBG's CMJ showcase on Saturday), and Lord Mantis. Primitive Weapons are playing with Vision of Disorder at Music Hall of Williamsburgon November 24 and supporting Into Another at Bowery Ballroom on December 16.

Car Bomb recently self-released w^w^^w^w, their first album since leaving Relapse Records. It is available digitally on their bandcamp page, and physical copies will be available "sometime in mid-October." Andy Stott's new album, Luxury Problems, is out on October 29 via Modern Love.

More pictures from 285 Kent are below.

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photos by Nate "Igor" Smith; words by Fred Pessaro // BBG

Yakuza / Royal Thunder @ Saint Vitus, 10/20/2012
BV-BBG CMJ Showcase at Saint Vitus
BV-BBG CMJ Showcase at Saint Vitus

Fueled by Sailor Jerry's spiced rum and PBR (both were free for a limited time), the BrooklynVegan - BBG CMJ showcase at Saint Vitus on 10/20 (a measly $5 door fee at the door if you didn't have a CMJ badge), sold-out the venue with an eclectic mix of bands that exemplified "heavy music" in many different ways: the searing post-rock/post-hardcore/black metal of Sannhet, brooding cello loops by Helen Money, crusty metallic-hardcore from Enabler, Am-Rep-y hardcore by Fight Amp, searing bluesy hard rock from Royal Thunder and experi-metal from Chicago's Yakuza (check out our recent interview with Bruce Lamont). It was all six bands' only CMJ show.

If you missed Royal Thunder (shame on you), you can still catch them on tour with COC.

Special thanks goes out to Saint Vitus, Sailor Jerry, PBR, Raw Rev and Mercy for help making the show a reality. More pictures and video from Saint Vitus, though unfortunately no pictures of the amazing Sannhet, below...

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photos by Amanda Hatfield & Dominick Mastrangelo, words by Andrew Sacher

METZ at Public Assembly - 10/19/12
BrooklynVegan Friday Day Party

While much of the BV team has already seen and been sold on METZ a bunch in the last couple years, I didn't get around to it until this year's CMJ at the BrooklynVegan day party on Friday (10/19) (they went on right after Savages). And having not been fully won over on the band's self titled LP (out now via Sub Pop), I admittedly didn't go into it with the same high expectations that many of the people who packed the venue had. That said, it only took me about a few seconds into their first song to "get it," and I'm 100% sold on METZ now. If anyone else out there is a naysayer, many will agree with me that METZ is really a band you have to see live. They're ruthless on stage, naturally thrashing around in the way that you just weren't seeing in indie rock's recent years when it was still rejecting punk. And lucky for METZ (and all of us), they've come along at exactly the right time, because people are showing that they really do care about this sort of stuff again.

More pictures and a video from METZ's set at the BV day party (sponsored by Pabst Blue Ribbon, Sailor Jerry, Mercy, and Raw Revolution) , and more tour dates, below...

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by Bill Pearis

Popstrangers @ Cameo, 10/19/2012 (via @brooklynvegan Instagram)

New Zealand's Popstrangers played a few shows during CMJ, inclcluding the Carpark/Paw Tracks showcase at Cameo on Thursday (10/18) which I stopped at briefly. The trio bring the noise, making a racket not unlike their NZ indie ancestors 3D's, all buzzsaw guitars, manic drumming and distorted, flinty bass. The band are still in town and will play Pianos tonight (10/23) with Majical Cloudz, Archie Powell & the Exports and advance tickets are available.

Carpark will release Popstrangers debut album, Antipodes, on February 26. The first single from the album, "Heaven," can be streamed below.

Also on the bill, as you may have seen, is Montreal's Majical Cloudz who are signed to Arbutus Records, who toured the UK with Grimes last month, and contributed to Grimes' album, Visions. They played the Arbutus party at Death by Audio on Friday (10/20), maybe you saw them then. You can stream a couple tracks below.

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photos by Amanda Hatfield & Dominick Mastrangelo, words by Andrew Sacher

Savages at Public Assembly - 10/19/12
BrooklynVegan Friday Day Party

As Bill pointed out in his review of their live debut at the Stereogum showcase, London post-punk band Savages were probably the most hyped band at CMJ 2012. I first encountered their live show at the BrooklynVegan day party on Friday (10/19) and like almost everyone I know who caught them last week has been saying, believe the hype. We knew from the get-go that Savages weren't trying to be the most original band, with a sound overtly indebted to early '80s post-punk and goth rock, but at their shows, they prove that originality isn't everything when you can do it this good.

They play the kind of driving post-punk that has more to do with the genre's punk roots than the romantic new wave side, and they're a powerhouse when they deliver it. Piercing shouts and guitar noise are cemented by a driving rhythm section in exactly the way you want it to sound if you're a fan of this kind of stuff. Unlike fellow Joy Division lovers Merchandise, who are working on transforming a studio project to a live band, Savages have been spending their time establishing themselves a killer live band before they release a record (their only releases so far are a single and a live EP), and that's all you can really ask for from a band whose best trait is being abrasive.

More pictures and a video from Savages' set at the BV day party (sponsored by Pabst Blue Ribbon, Sailor Jerry, Mercy, and Raw Revolution) are below...

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photos by Amanda Hatfield and Chris La Putt, words by Andrew Sacher

"Miguel is worth the wait #swoonme @brooklynvegan" - Mayuri Reddy

"Miguel's set @PublicAssembly was brief but chisel-sharp. Even his bodyguards were bobbing along. Thank you @brooklynvegan!! ML #CMJ2012" - Time Out NY

Miguel at (and outside) Public Assembly - 10/20/12

R&B's new favorite posterchild, Miguel stopped in NYC over the weekend and made surprise appearances at FADER Fort on Friday, which Pitchfork was at, and the free BrooklynVegan day party at Public Assembly on Saturday (which we announced on Friday). Here's a bit about our show...

As Miguel was preparing to go on, the venue hit capacity and there were still people lined up outside the door for the singer. It took a bit of extra set-up time to get the sound right, and his set was a short one, but the crowd seemed to agree it was still worth the wait. Due to last minute coordination issues, Miguel was unfortunately without his band and was only backed by someone on keyboards/samples, but that didn't hinder anything either. Even with the small set up, he filled the venue with rumbling bass, and Miguel, as sharp a singer live as he is on record, cut through the mix with ease. There seemed to still be a bit of uncertainty in his live show earlier this year, but whatever kinks may have existed have been worked out -- Miguel's arguably strongest point is now that he's such a confident performer. He worked the crowd with suave dance moves and show-offy vocal runs that left the crowd screaming and Miguel grinning at the power he's got up there. He opened with some earlier singles like "Sure Thing" but ended the set with Kaleidoscope Dream single, "Adorn," and at that point had everyone going wild and singing along.

Major label R&B has been slowly making its way into indie rock acceptance, and along with Frank Ocean and The Weeknd, Miguel is one of the leaders of this. But if you're still iffy on him or the whole trend in general, do yourself a favor and check him out live. I don't think anyone walked out of that room disappointed on Saturday. His next announced date in NYC happens when his tour with Trey Songz and Elle Varner hits The Theatre at MSG on December 5 (tickets). (editor's note to Miguel: cancel that tour and do your own headlining run!).

More pictures from his set at the BV day party, where we were proudly sponsored by Sailor Jerry, Pabst Blue Ribbon, Mercy, and Raw Revolution, are below...

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photos by Chris La Putt

The Luyas, MNDR, and Debo Band at The Greene Space, 10/19/2012
The Luyas
Debo Band

WNYC's "Soundcheck" had a CMJ showcase last week (10/19) at the Greene Space with a typically diverse line-up: Montreal's The Luyas, Boston-based "Ethiopian groove band" Debo Band, and New York's MNDR -- not to mention the comedy styling of funnyman and BV-contributor Dave Hill. The whole thing was broadcast live and you can listen to -- or watch -- the whole thing over at WNYC. Meanwhile check out more pictures from the event below.

If you missed The Luyas while they were here for CMJ, they'll be back in NYC next week to play Mercury Lounge on 11/6 (tickets).

Meanwhile, MNDR will DJ Le Bain on Wednesday (10/24) along with DJ sets by Nick Catchdubs and Lauren Flax, and will play Santos on October 30 with Shiny Toy Guns, Colormusic, and Static Summer. Tickets are still available.

Updated tour dates for The Luyas, MNDR and Debo Band are below.

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by Andrew Sacher

Merchandise at Bowery Ballroom - 10/21/12 (via BrooklynVegan Instagram)

On Friday night (10/19) during CMJ, I made my way over to Brooklyn warehouse Villain, which has recently begun hosting shows, for Pitchfork's unofficial CMJ showcase. The venue's a pretty decent size, but with the wall running down the middle which separated the stage from the bar area, they could only let in 300 people. It's a nice location though, and they had great visuals for every artist, projecting footage of them performing blurred with trippy imagery onto the white wall behind the stage. I got there about a half hour before doors and was told that by the second act, the venue was at capacity, though with the always-crowded smoking pit and bar area, the crowd never felt too dense and it was easy to make your way to the front. I was there for about half the show and saw Angel Haze, Hundred Waters, Le1f, Daughn Gibson, Merchandise, and Holy Other. The whole lineup was great, but my main reason for going was to check out Merchandise, whose only other show this week was a post-CMJ show at Bowery Ballroom last night (10/21) (pictured above), so I'll start there.

Merchandise have been around for a few years, but they gained a significant more amount of attention this year with their impressive Children Of Desire album. And the tunes sound great on record, but the band are still without a permanent drummer and when they tried to pull it off with a drum machine at Villain on Friday, it just didn't cut it. I spent most of their set in the front and their amps were twice as loud as the drum machine (it was a bit better in the back). I've heard people like to mosh at Merchandise shows and there were a few attempts at a pit, but with such a lack of power in the band's sound, I couldn't see the motivation for one. And when frontman Carson Cox demanded the crowd "wake up," it was hard to really agree that the crowd was at fault here. To give credit where it's due, all three members of Merchandise who were on stage were great. They had totally driving bass, sharp guitar lines, and Carson's voice was just as romantic as it is on record and it's still the band's selling point -- they just need a drummer to give them the push they deserve.

A video of Merchandise from their set at the Pitchfork showcase is below.

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photos by David Andrako

"Main attraction of the night @araabmuzik @spinmagazine #cmj event CRAY!" - Amia Serrano

Chromeo @ DCTV Firehouse, 10/18/2012

It was a night for dancing not posing, but Chromeo's David "Dave 1" Macklovitch couldn't resist during the duo's DJ set at SPIN's CMJ party (brought to you by Red Diamond Wine, CABO Wabo®, Tito's Handmade Vodka, and JBL) on Wednesday night at the DCTV Firehouse in New York's Chinatown. So, just before theatrically dropping a beat and transitioning out of Moodymann's "Freeki Mutha F cker (All I Need Is U)," Dave 1, wearing his customary suit jacket, tight jeans, and hi-top poof of black curls, turned to the sidestage area and flashed his best glossy, flossy smile for a photographer, who was so tickled upon getting the shot that he ditched his camera soon thereafter to dance to a remix of the remix of Chief Keef's "I Don't Like." [SPIN]
SPIN threw a CMJ party at DCTV Firehouse in Chinatown on Thursday (10/18) with DJ sets by Chromeo (who DJed a few other shows last week), Araabmuzik and MNDR. More pictures from the party are below.

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photos by Dominick Mastrangelo

Daughter at The Slipper Room, 10/17/2012

Glassnote Records, home to Mumford & Sons and Phoenix among others, showcased some of their newest signees at a CMJ showcase on 10/17 at snazzy, newly-renovated Lower East Side club The Slipper Room. Daughter, who've been through NYC before and will release their debut album in early 2013, were headliners but the buzz came from Dublin, Ireland's Little Green Cars who seem to be very much in the Mumford way of radio-friendly folk (but who also aren't afraid to cover "It's a Long Way to Tipperary."

Sandwiched in between those two was Seattle's Robert DeLong who makes cheery electronic pop and who is currently on tour with The Faint. All tour dates for him and Daughter are below along with more pics from the Glassnote CMJ showcase.

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photos by Julie Schabel

Big K.R.I.T. at the Studio at Webster Hall
Big Krit

On Thursday (10/18), MTV presented a show at the Studio at Webster Hall with Killer Mike, Le1f, Mr. Muthafuckin' eXquire, Big K.R.I.T., and Flatbush Zombies. Andrew was there and you can read his full recap of the show HERE. BV photographer Julie Schabel was on the scene as well and her pictures from the show are in this post.

More pics below.

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Ghostface at Prospect Park in June (more by Ryan Muir)

Yakuza at Gramercy, October 2010 (more by Fred Pessaro // BBG)

tonight in NYC
* Rush @ Prudential Center
* Bern Nix @ The Stone
* Reigning Sound @ The Bell House
* Chromeo, Questlove @ Tribeca Grand
* Crosby Stills & Nash @ Beacon Theatre
* Kimbra, The Stepkids @ Webster Hall
* Small Black, Moon King @ Brooklyn Bowl
* MV & EE, Gap Dream, Herbcraft @ Big Snow
* Wild Nothing, Braids, Weekend, Forma @ Bowery Ballroom
* Com Truise, Poolside, Bonde Do Role @ Gramercy Theatre
* Theophilus London, Chip Tha Ripper, Phony Ppl @ Gramercy Theatre
* Kyp Malone, Monogold, Kelli Rudick, Bird Courage @ Autumn Bowl
* Andrew Cedermark, Twerps, Julian Lynch, King Cyst @ Shea Stadium
* LE1F, Labyrinth Ear, High Highs, American Royalty @ Cameo Gallery
* Doldrums, TOPS, Blue Hawaii, Majical Cloudz, Eola @ Death By Audio
* Car Bomb, Batillus, Pyrrhon, Primitive Weapons, Theologian @ 285 Kent
* Ringo Deathstarr, Dead Leaf Echo, Screen Vinyl Image @ Ding Dong Lounge
* The Psychedelic Furs, The Lemonheads, Juliana Hatfield @ The Capitol Theatre
* Yakuza, Royal Thunder, Fight Amp, Enabler, Helen Money, Sannhet @ Saint Vitus
* Foxygen, Ghost Wave, Sleepies, Team Spirit, Bad Cop, Metalleg @ 59 Canal Street
* Holy Other, Vatican Shadow, Autre Ne Veut, Orthy, JDH & Dave P @ Le Poission Rouge
* Sweet Lights, Correatown, Piney Girl, Backlights, Leland Sundries @ Pete's Candy Store
* Free Energy, Delicate Steve, Hundred Waters, The So So Glos, Conveyor @ Public Assembly
* Goose Hut, Mozart's Sister, Blue Hawaii, Solar Year, Valleys, C T Z N S H P @ Cameo Gallery
* Doldrums, Mr. Muthafuckin eXquire, Troy Ave, Prince Rama, The So So Glos @ Knitting Factory
* Pictureplane DJ set, Doldrums, Ratking, Dj Dog Dick, Haleek Maul, Normally Important @ Glasslands
* Poolside (DJ set), Twerps, Mac DeMarco, Prince Rama, Slug Guts, Maria Minerva, Sky Ferreira @ 92Y Tribeca
* Ghostface Killah, A-Trak, Flosstradamus, Donnis, Troy Ave, World's Fair, Nick Catchdubs @ Music Hall of Williamsburg
* DIIV, Kilo Kish, Maria Minerva, Sky Ferreira, Mac DeMarco, Slug Guts, Jozef van Wissem, Twerps, Starred @ 92nd Street Y
* The Orwells, Savages, Foxygen, Born Ruffians, Little Green Cars, Ava Luna, J. Thoven, San Cisco, Sky Ferreira, Opossom, Murals, Zulu Pearls @ Pianos
* Sinkane of Yeasayer, Slowdance, We Can't Enjoy Ourselves, Weeknight @ Union Pool
* Lemonade DJ set, Supreme Cuts, Night Panther, Gracie, Field Mouse, Murals, Francisco The Man, Opossom, Magmana, My Dear Mycroft, Old Monk @ Cake Shop
* Hunters, Starred, Levek, Psychic Twin, Trap.Avoid, Decades, Bloodnstuff @ Pianos
* She Keeps Bees, Heliotropes, Young Adults, Slothrust, Pile, Yvette, Mr. Dream, Roomrunner, Speedy Ortiz, Fat History Month, Trabajo, Geronimo!, Ovlov @ Paper Box
* Har Mar Superstar, Eternal Summers, The Sundelles, Fergus and Geronimo, Shark?, Squarehead, Radical Dads @ Pianos
* Tunabunny, Orca Team, Chalk & Numbers, Beach Day, Eureka California, Bam Bam @ Public Assembly
* Blonds, The Stationary Set, PushMethod @ Arelene's Grocery
* Filligar, Turbo Fruits, Incan Abraham, You Won't, Cultfever @ The Living Room
* Unicorn Kid, DJ Mike Simonetti, Jerome LOL, Jensen Sportag DJ set @ Glasslands
* Barcelona, Born Ruffians, Choir of Young Believers, JJAMZ @ Spike Hill
* Soulive, Lettuce, Maceo Parker, Robert Randolph, Lee Bains III & The Glory Fires @ Terminal 5
* The Weather Balloons, The Hairs, Radical Dads, Gross Relations, Lost Boy?, Puppies, I'm Turning Into, Haybaby, Butter The Children, Fan-Tan, Hippy @ Legion
* French Horn Rebellion, Gemini Club, Eytan & The Embassy, Nicos Gun, BEST FRIENDS, Noah Chenfeld @ The Studio at Webster
* The Frontier Brothers, Sphynx, Black Taxi, Quiet Company, Deadbeat Darling, The Modern Electric, Wild Adriatic, Black Wing Halo @ Mercury Lounge
* The Figgs, KB Jones, Enemy Planes, The Melismatics, Goldenboy, Golden Bloom, Apollo Cobra @ The Rock Shop
* Hank & Cupcakes, The Honey Brothers, The Skins, The Ugly Club, Joann Erdos, Blonde Summer @ Fontanas

The last night of CMJ! Do it up. Among your choices is the official BV/BBG CMJ Showcase at Saint Vitus with Yakuza, Royal Thunder, Fight Amp, Enabler, Helen Money, Sannhet.

Or if you're at our free day party at Public Assembly, you could just stick around for the NYC Popfest showcase with Tunabunny, Eureka California, Orca Team, Chalk and Numbers,Beach Day, and Bam!Bam!

Follow @bvcmj and @bvpics on Twitter for more CMJ coverage.

Like the one that happened yesterday with DIIV, there's also a free invite-only Bonnaroo365 party at The Hoodie Shop with High Highs, Elle King, Daughn Gibson,and The Stepkids.

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What else?

We're at Public Assembly in Brooklyn all day Friday (10/19) and Saturday (10/20). Here's what Saturday looks like...


BrooklynVegan SATURDAY DAY PARTY - 10/20/2012

STAGE 1 (front room)
12:00 The Orwells
01:00 Hunters
01:45 Sinkane (DFA)
02:30 Eternal Summers
03:15 Hundred Waters
04:15 Miguel
05:00 Caveman

STAGE 2 (back room)
12:15 Opossum
01:15 Tashaki Miyaki
02:00 Choir of Young Believers
02:45 Kitty Pryde
03:45 Ratking (XL)
04:30 Cities Aviv
05:15 Mr. Muthafuckin' eXquire

Like Friday, there is about 15 artists in 6 hours and all 100% FREE. Unlike Friday, we will also be giving out FREE TATTOOS on Saturday.

Like Friday, show up early for complimentary drinks courtesy of Sailor Jerry Rum and complimentary beer courtesy of PBR. you can also grab a free hangover prevention beverage courtesy of Mercy, and stay energized with free Raw Revolution organic live food bars.

Pop up tattoo shop flyer and some videos below...

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by Andrew Sacher

Killer Mike (via BV Instagram)
Killer Mike

I spent most of my Thursday night (10/18) at the Studio at Webster Hall show for the MTV-presented show with Killer Mike, Le1f, Mr. Muthafuckin' eXquire, Big K.R.I.T., and Flatbush Zombies. The show got off to a late start but were sets were quick and so was turnover, so by the time Flatbush Zombies began their closing set, they were actually a bit ahead of schedule. Despite this great lineup in a relatively small venue, the place never filled up, but the small crowd was a pretty dedicated one, with most people sticking around for every act.

Killer Mike kicked things off, coming out with little introduction to "Big Beast," the biting opening track on his excellent 2012 LP, R.A.P. Music. Killer Mike's made a few notable guest appearances early on his career (Outkast's "The Whole World" and Bone Crusher's "Never Scared," the latter of which he played last night) and had his own hit around then with "A.D.I.D.A.S," but though Mike has continued to release albums and mixtapes since then, he's gone pretty under the radar until we were hit with the impact of R.A.P. Music. He focused much of his set on it, following "Big Beast" with "Untitled," "Go," and an a cappella version of "Reagan," which Killer Mike prefaced with a story about how he's not a political rapper, he's a social rapper, and the message of that song is for us to vote for politicians who will look out for our communities and the ones that surround us. Killer Mike's set was one of the best (if not the best) sets of the night, and he definitely set the bar too high as an opener, but he had to play early so he could head over to Irving Plaza for his show with GZA.

Le1f (via BV Instagram)

Up next was Le1f, whose set was remarkably different from the rest of the bill. While most of the other acts delivered rowdy beats and crowd-working rhymes, Le1f stayed introverted with a passive flow over slower, bass swelling tracks. He was joined by two dancers on stage, both (like Le1f) decked out in camouflage. He did have a few bangers, which, just based on the mood of the show, came off best, and in that environment it would have paid off to focus more on those. But a solid set nonetheless.

continued below...

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by Andrew Sacher

Maria Minerva & LA Vampires - The Integration

As mentioned, warped pop singer Maria Minerva is releasing a collaborative album with Not Not Fun/100% Silk label head LA Vampires (aka Amanda Brown, formerly of Pocahaunted) called The Integration. The album will be out digitally and on vinyl on October 30 and it comes out on CD on November 13. GvsB just premiered the video for the album's single, "Seasons Change," which you can watch below. That's the cover art above and the tracklist is below.

Maria Minerva is playing a number of CMJ shows this week (maybe you saw her at the Panache showcase at Public Assembly on Wednesday or at Trip House or Le Poisson Rouge last night?) and you still have some chances to see her. She plays the Ad Hoc unofficial showcase at 285 Kent tonight (10/19) with Solar Year, Prince Rama, Le1f, Physical Therapy, Mykki Blanco, and Pictureplane (DJ). I just caught Prince Rama, Mykki Blanco, and Pictureplane (though it was live a set) at the Terrorbird party at Cake Shop on Wednesday and they were all great, plus Maria Minerva doesn't disappoint in a live setting, so that showcase is looking like a pretty solid show. $8 at the door.

Maria plays the 285 Kent show at 9 PM and after that she'll head to Delancey for a 12:30 AM set at the Underwater Peoples showcase with La Big Vic, Future Shuttle, Ian Drennan, and Limited. $5 at the door.

Then, as mentioned, Maria will play the Life or Death showcase at 92YTribeca on Saturday (10/20) with Kilo Kish, Sky Ferreira, Mac DeMarco, DIIV, Twerps, Starred, Dogbite, Slug Guts, and Jozef Van Wissem. $10 at the door, or you can try to get in with your CMJ badge.

A list of all dates, that video, and the album tracklist are below.

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by Bill Pearis

Death Grips @ LPR, 10/17/2012 (via @brooklynvegan)
Death Grips

On Wednesday (10/17), CMJ was well under way and day parties were widespread across the Lower East Side yesterday (and to a lesser extent, Williamsburg). Andrew was out and about, like at the Terrorbird party at Cake Shop:

Prince Rama (via @brooklynvegan Instagram)
prince rama

Says Andrew: "It was pretty easy to go in and out so it probably never hit capacity, but Cake Shop was still packed all afternoon for the Terrorbird party. I got there around 4 and caught great sets by Pictureplane, Prince Rama, Mykki Blanco, and Jerome LOL. How were the earlier ones that I missed?"

Meanwhile, BV photographer Amanda Hatfield roamed around the city, hitting the KEXP day show at Union Square Ballroom where she saw Daughter, High Highs, Cody ChesnuTT and Interpol frontman Paul Banks who was sharp-dressed as usual:

Paul Banks at CMJ Union, 10/17/2012 (via @brooklynvegan Instagram)
paul banks

Stay tuned for better pictures from that. She later crossed paths with Andrew at Cake Shop, but also spent time at the Tell All Your Friends Party at Pianos where she caught Braids, and then they both headed over to Le Poisson Rouge for Ali Shaheed, Buke & Gase, Death Grips, and Flying Lotus which was by all accounts a bananas show.

Indians at Brooklyn Bowl, 10/17/2012 (via @brooklynvegan)
paul banks

My CMJ Wednesday started a little later than planned a quick plop-down in the couch turned into an hour disconap, but I made it down to Brooklyn Bowl for Hype Machine's party to see Danish artist Indians. Andrew wrote a nice little recap of his Tuesday set at Living Room which I agree with but will say a bowling alley is maybe not the right place to see a one-man electronic act that is mostly downtemo, somber music. That said, he's got a great voice and would love to see him again not in a 7-10 split situation.

The big news from his set was that Indians pressed 500 copies of his 4AD debut on vinyl in plain brown sleeves to sell just at CMJ. The album won't actually be out till January, so this is a real treat. I wanted one, but wasn't going home anytime soon, so maybe I'll pick one up at one of his other shows this week.

I left the Hype Machine party before The Neighborhood went on, but the band did give me a glow-in-the-dark sticker while I was looking at the Indians vinyl at the merch table. Thanks, guys! I hoofed it up Wythe to South 2nd and poked my head in to Death by Audio to see what time METZ were going on (late) and then rounded the corner onto Kent to hit Glasslands for the Stereogum party where the line stretched long outside. I was lucky I managed to get in, but others weren't. The NY Times was there in the weeds, talking to folk in line, "many of them in fashionable clothes and carrying iPods."

When I got inside, I found things running late and heard the "Thank you, goodnight!" from Io Echo (who play our day party on Friday [10/17). Port St. Willow, who also played the NYC Taper show at Cake Shop today, were up next and sounded nice, but were maybe a little to mellow to follow a dance-y act.

Savages @ Glasslands 10/17/2012 (via @soundbitesnyc)

After their set I worked my way up front to catch Savages, the real reason I was there. As I wrote earlier, they kinda knocked me out. (Their rhythm section is insane.) Mind you, I am a sucker for this kind of sound (gothy post punk a la 1981) but Savages are the real deal. They play our day party Friday (10/19, 2:30) which you should totally try to make. Skip class, call in sick...whatever you have to do. It's a great line-up (The Intelligence! METZ!) and totally free.

Pitchfork loved Savages too.

Guards at Glasslands 10/17/2012 (via @brooklynvegan)

Guards (ex-Cults member Richie Follin's band) we up next and played a fine set of rousing, sing-a-long rock. Follin remarked it was nice to be back at Glasslands where they played their first-ever show.

Dum Dum Girls @ Glasslands, 10/17/2012 (via @soundbitesnyc)

Dum Dum Girls took the stage about 12:30 and seemed in good spirits, delivering the kind of all-killer-no-filler showcase set that makes festival attendance a plus sometimes. They even did their cover of Pale Saints "Sight of You" again (just like at Europa). New bassist (and talented photographer/filmmaker) Malia James is a great addition to the band, adding a little sass to DDG's otherwise cool demeanor. (She also looks more than a little like Jessica Paré [aka Megan Draper].)

And that was it for me for that night, but BBG was just getting started with a late night WIERD show at Home Sweet Home that featured Cult of Youth and Slug Guts. But elsewhere in the world...


Hundred Waters, who you can see tonight at Brooklyn Bowl with Lee 'Scratch' Perry, and who play the free BrooklynVegan day party at Public Assembly Saturday, started their CMJ run at Mercury Lounge last night with Pitchfork on hand.

Pitchfork also stayed for Doldrums who you'll find at our Friday day party at Public Assembly.

We also got a peak at the renovated Slipper Room last night. BV's Dominick Mastrangelo stopped by for the Glassnote showcase set by Daughter (who open for the Walkmen and Dum Dum Girls at Terminal 5 tonight). "Very cool space. Look forward to catching more shows here", he tweeted. Stay tuned for more on that.

Local Natives headlined a one-off show at Bowery Ballroom.

The few who stuck it out till the end at the 285 Kent hip hop show last night are probably tired, as we know Sasha Go Hard went on some time after 3am... she came straight from the airport too, and then went right back to the airport and back to Chicago right after the show!

Hopefully by now you're up at Rebel checking out a full lineup of Texas bands tonight, or maybe doing something else, and we hope to see you at our first day party Friday at Public Assembly!

Speaking of our day party Friday, you can see Sky Ferreira there. Last night she played Union Hall., Check out a video below...

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photos by Tracy Allison

"Local Natives at Bowery Ballroom last night. New album is going to be fab! " - Theresa Montgomery

"New Local Natives material is sounding amazing. Get pumped for the new album. @ Bowery Ballroom" - John Verrochi

"Local Natives at Bowery Ballroom. New songs are more pastoral, but still anthemic." - B.Q. Nguyen

Local Natives

Finally the Local Natives took the stage and went straight into some new mind-blowing tracks. Their new stuff had a completely different feel from the first album. These songs were more brooding and intensely emotional. They had a slow build to them, which usually went from a quiet solo by Kelcey Ayer into that explosive three-part harmony for which the Local Natives have become so well known... Though I love the old materials, I was more impressed with the new and absolutely honored to be one of the first people to hear it performed live. [CMJ]
Local Natives played a one-off Champion-sponsored CMJ show at Bowery Ballroom last night (10/17), for which they were announced as the secret headliner, two days earlier. Pictures are in this post. The band used the show to preview material off their new album which they announced today.

The new Aaron Dessner-produced album is called Hummingbird and will be out on January 29 via Frenchkiss/Infectious. A stream of the album's lead single, "Breakers," and the tracklist (including a song called "Bowery") are below. .

The band will be supporting the new record with a North American tour in 2013 which brings them back to Bowery Ballroom on February 2 and 3 and also hits Brooklyn for a Music Hall of Williamsburg show (2/1) a day earlier. Tickets for those shows are not on sale yet but check ticketmaster for updates. All dates, more pictures, the setlist from Bowery and new LP tracklist, below...

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NYC rap crew Ratking, who are playing a mess of shows this week during CMJ, just remixed another King...UK artist King Krule. Their twist on his new single "Octopus" can be streamed below. Meanwhile, Ratking will release their Wiki93 EP via Hot Charity/XL Recordings on November 6.

RatKing are one of the many performers at the Saturday (10/20) BV day party at Public Assembly. While the full schedule hasn't been revealed (we know, we know, soon, soon!), they'll play at 3:40 PM in the back room. Other Saturday artists playing are Tashaki Miyaki and Eternal Summers.

Ratking's CMJ week begins tonight (10/18) at House of Vans for the Complex party that also features Action Bronson, Paul Banks and CMJ-buzz band Savages (who Bill loved last night at Glasslands). RSVP is now closed for that party.

If you aren't going tonight, Ratking also play the Yours Tru.ly party at Glasslands on Friday (10/19) with Joey Bada$$ (free w/ RSVP); then later Friday night (12:30 AM doors) for a FREE show at Mercury Lounge;  then Saturday (10/19) again at Glasslands with Doldrums, Pictureplane (DJ) and more (tickets).

All Ratking CMJ appearances are listed below along with their King Krule remix.

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Flyer 10/19

Lets face it, we're barely into CMJ 2012 and already in overload. So, we've decided to add a healthy alternative to the glut of Friday night showcases...Welcome The un-CMJ party at Saint Vitus in Brooklyn on Friday (10/19)!

Sure we have some of the same things at our party that makes CMJ great- complimentary PBR, Sailor Jerry and Mercy Drink while supplies last, as well as some buzzy bands, but The un-CMJ has something else to offer as well... a chance for YOU get in on the action! Infinity Spaceship, which features current & former members of Primitive Weapons, Nakatomi Plaza, Ludlow Lions, On The Might of Princes, Ghost Robot Ninja Bear and The Judas Knife, will headline the evening with one of their signature punk/hardcore/indie karaoke sets!

Sign-up to get in on the action - the Infinity Spaceship karaoke shows are always an amazing time. Check out some video of Infinity Spaceship in action below. What song are you going to sing?

Before the ripping and personal rock n' roll experience, you can get to Vitus to catch sets from Canadian psychedelic synth-y pop band Absolutely Free and Kirin J Callinan.

Absolutely Free is the new project from 80% of the band known as DD/MM/YYYY, and the band is preparing to release their debut 12" via One Big Silence, the label run by Mike of Fucked Up. Stream half of that release, the song "UFO", which recently got 'best new track' at Pitchfork, below.

As recently discussed, Aussie guitarist Kirin J. Callinan is in town for CMJ and we can't wait to check out his gothic soundscapes in one of a very few select appearances the show.

This event goes down TOMORROW NIGHT (10/19) and will cost you absolutely nothing (it's absolutely free) to get in! So head to Saint Vitus for the 7:30PM opening ad grab a free drink at the bar. Prepare by streaming some material from both bands and checking out Infinity Spaceship below.

ALSO, REMINDER: Saint Vitus will host the BV-BBG showcase the next night (10/20). Tickets are still available. And before both Saint Vitus shows, spend the day with us at Public Assembly.

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photos by Gretchen Robinette; words by Bill Pearis

Savages @ Glasslands, 10/17/2012

It is safe to say that neo-post-punk group Savages are probably the most hotly-tipped band at this year's CMJ Festival and apparently have U.S. labels falling over each other trying to sign the band. I am a fan of what I've heard of the London four-piece, and love their musical touchstones (early Echo & the Bunnymen, PiL, Bauhaus, etc) so I was pre-disposed to like them, but was a bit wary of the hype. After catching them at their U.S. debut last night at Glasslands (10/17, part of Stereogum's CMJ showcase) I am an official Savages Kool-Aid drinker. They knocked me out.

While they certainly look the part, the live show is what brings the goods. (No wonder their first official release is a live EP.) Anchored/powered by bassist Ayse Hassan on phenomenal drummer Fay Milton, Savages were an absolute force with wailer Jehnny Beth leading the charge with a stage presence that is both static and incredibly intense, somewhat reminiscant of Wild Beasts' Hayden Thorpe. (Guitarist Gemma Thompson colored in the lines, alternating between blasting riffs and more ethereal textures.) With all the cameras going off, it's hard to forget where you are but about halfway through the "Flying to Berlin" I went over the wall and lost in the groove.

You have a few more chances to see Savages, including our free Friday BV day party at Public Assembly (10/19) where they play at 2:30 PM in the front room. They'll play tonight at House of Vans (RSVP is closed) Friday night at Mercury Lounge as well, and Saturday afternoon (10/20, 5:30 PM) at Pianos for the Bowery Presents day party (free).

Savages setlist and more pictures from last night's Glasslands show are below, and we'll have pics from the rest of the night (Dum Dum Girls, Guards and more) soon.

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Texas TakeoverTexas Takeover

BrooklynVegan is doing a total of five CMJ 2012 events (one isn';t fully announced). They are:

  4. SATURDAY DAY (noon-6pm) @ PUBLIC ASSEMBLY (full lineup TBA)
Click the links for more info, and stay tuned for the big Saturday day party lineup. This is the Friday day flyer if you forgot what it looks like:


See you there, and stay tuned for more info. More flyers below...

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