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photos by Chris La Putt

Marnie Stern

""Nobody's been in my vagina for sooo long!" If you haven't been made aware of Marnie Stern's monotone hollers and fiercely angular guitarwork by now, then maybe you've just been purposely ignoring her. Again in the Cake Shop's sweaty, packed, and miserable basement Stern and her two bandmates gave the supportive crowd her thing just so - blast beats and rapid-fire guitar taps meet in perpendicular, with plenty of raunchy between-song banter from the infamously dirty-mouthed and adorable Stern." [City Pages]
We already posted a few pictures from Wednesday's Terrorbird day party at Cake Shop. Now here is a more complete set, complete with Baths, the busy Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. , and headliner Marnie Stern who has also been keeping busy at CMJ. Catch both Marnie and Dale at the BrooklynVegan day party Saturday. Check out more pictures from Cake Shop, below...

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photos by Daniel Sieradski


As promised Adam Green showed up to sing a tune with Dufus (Seth Faergolzia and band) at Cake Shop on Saturday night, but he wasn't alone. Fellow Moldy Peach Jack Dishel also sang, and so did two other members of the defunct anti-folk band: Brent Cole and Toby Goodshank, who both also play in one of the opening bands, Berth Control. Kimya Dawson, who now spends most of her time on the other coast, was not in the house, but Regina Spektor was and she also sang a song as you can see in the pictures (it was two nights before she headlined a benefit for Daniel Cho at MHOW).

Olice Juice Music points out:

"3/4 of the way through the Dufus show [Saturday] night the fire alarm at Cakeshop got tripped (rumor has it due to some suspect smoke inhalating). Everyone had to evacuate the building while the fire department came and reset the alarm. But this could not stop the show! The band took it to the streets and proceeded to perform it's appropriately entitled song Fireman. Luckily, it was just a brief intermission for this, truly epic, nearly 3 hour last Dufus performance."
You can see the street scene in the pictures too, and luckily someone grabbed the fireman incident on video, real fireman pulling up included. You can watch it, with two other videos and more pictures from the show, below...

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by BBG

Rob Fish OF 108

After a bit of a false alarm, Rob Fish is BACK in 108 and BrooklynVegan and 1000 Knives are proud to present their return with Ensign and Incendiary at Cake Shop on January 8, 2011! Tickets are on sale, and going FAST. The show is part of a short tour that will be announced soon.

The band released the excellent 18.61 earlier this year on Deathwish Records.

Jamie Lidell

I thought, but didn't write, that there might be special guests at Dufus's final show. Adam Green confirms that there will be at least one.


Hi Friends! This is Seth from Dufus. I'm writing this to inform you of
the completion of Dufus. We're planning our last show on September
25th at Cakeshop, NYC
. This will also be a CD release (with FREE CDS!) and our 13th Anniversary Celebration.

WE NEED YOUR HELP!! Please donate to the cause so we can finish the album... It's mostly recorded but needs mixing, mastering and
reproduction. I've started a Kickstarter account for this purpose...
Kickstarter is an awesome way for artists to receive a "peoples'
grant." Plus if you donate you get prizes! Here's the site...

Also on the bill for this night will be...
Berth Control
Doug Keith
Ed Schrader (recently signed to Load Records

If anyone has any questions as to why this is happening or suggestions
as to what we should perform that night, please do respond to this.
Please pass this along to your friends! Thanks and love from me to


Get your $10 tickets at the door Saturday night. Flyer below...

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photos by Justin Tyler, words by BBG

Destroyed in Kowloon
Kowloon Walled City

Kowloon Walled City headlined Cake Shop on 9/18 as part of a tour with NYC greats Batillus. Riff Cannon provided support that night and the next in Boston.

KWC faithfully reproduce some of their fantastic guitar tones live, and then some. The four piece delviered a blistering set at Cake Shop that was as impressive as their recent recorded output. Batillus improve every single time I see them, and the Brooklyn band delivered another fantastic set that included material from their recent split with Hallowed Butchery and future/previously-unreleased material.

If you missed the show, you can catch both KWC and Batillus when the bands play Acheron with Liturgy on Oct 2nd.

More pictures and some video from Cake Shop is below...

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"Just saw Spoon for free at the Cake Shop and they played "Car Radio" and I'm seeing them later tonight too best day!!!!!!!" - Kelly Conaboy


Spoon just played a free lunchtime show in Cake Shop's intimate basement room. The occasion was reportedly a video shoot for "Nobody Gets Me But You". The written setlist was approximately eight songs long (we'll have the whole thing later), and they played "Car Radio" by request for an encore.

The above cell phone snaps show the line to get in, and the band bathed in red lighting during soundcheck (thx PP).

Catch Spoon again (if you have a ticket) tonight at MHOW.

Spoon says, "We're playing a short, free lunchtime set at Cake Shop in NYC tomorrow. Entrance at 1245, show at 1pm." Tomorrow = Monday. Cake Shop = SMALL. They play a slightly bigger show at Music Hall of Williamsburg later the same night. Sunday was their free show in Jersey. The setlist from that is below...

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photos by Markus Shaffer, words by BBG

Ben of Helms Alee, gettin' rowdy-rowdy
Helms Alee

Sleep? Who's that? While some band was filling the Brooklyn Masonic Temple with riffs and indo smoke on Monday (9/6), Young Widows, Helms Alee, and Marching Teeth were playing at a packed Cake Shop and earning beaucoup raves. Although NYCers are no strangers to Young Widows and they surely earned their own accolades from the night, Helms Alee featuring Ben Verellen of ex-(current?) Harkonen seemed to be the clear winner of the "OMG-I-didn't-know-they-ruled-so-hard" award. Cake Shop marked their debut performance in NYC and first East Coast tour since the release of Night Terror via Hydra Head in 2008.

The Young Widows/Helms Alee train has come to an end, with the Louisville boys currently at home and Helms Alee working a few dates in the Northwest on the way back out to their native Seattle. Current Helms Alee dates are below with more pictures from the Cake Shop show...

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DOWNLOAD: Elks - "Destined For The Sun" (MP3)

photos by Andrew St. Clair

Heavy Suzan Cream

The Suzan

Liquor Store will team up with Heavy Cream, Grooms, and Hunters for a show at Death By Audio TONIGHT (9/7). It's one of a few shows that Heavy Cream have/had scheduled in the NYC area. They played Union Pool and Cake Shop last week and Rock Shop last night. Pics from the Cake Shop show, which featured a headlining set from Unnatural Helpers (who played a bunch of shows in town too) and support from The Suzan (ditto), are in this post.

Heavy Cream are on the road surpporing their new LP Danny which was just released on Infinity Cat Recordings. Dig on what's left of their tour sked below.

Meanwhile, the headliners at Death by Audio tonight, Liquor Store, will also play Music Hall of Wiliiamsburg on 10/28, alongside Elks, Ninjasonik, and "hosts" Jeff The Brotherhood (who are very good friends of Heavy Cream). Tickets are still on sale.

Elks also played Rock Shop last night with Heavy Cream, and are prepping to release their new six-song EP Elks In Space produced by Brendan Tobin of Made Out of Babies. No word on when/who will release the effort, but until then, download one of the tracks above.

More pictures from the Cake Shop show (which doubled as Heavy Cream guitarist Mimi's 23rd birthday party), and UH's setlist, and tour dates, below...

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words by Kim Kelly, photos by BBG

Mel has a few choice words with the audience
Fuck The Facts

Summertime is the perfect time of year to crawl into a dingy, poorly-ventilated basement, shove up against a couple dozen long-haired dudes, and take in the aural splendor of a down'n'dirty grindcore show. Spend too much money on beer (or sneak in some forties), forget your earplugs, scream along, then leave slightly sore and soaked in a sure-to-be-unhealthy amount of other peoples' sweat. At least, that's what the fine folks of 1000 Knives and Brooklyn Vegan thought when they summoned up this unholy lineup and unleashed it upon the Lower East Side on Saturday (Aug 7th).

Hometown hellraisers Atakke stormed the stage with a characteristically furious thrash/death assault, battling through some slight technical difficulties and bringing the mosh, hard.

I've somehow never seen Defeatist before, but am kicking myself for not making a point of doing so earlier. They absolutely slayed, dealing out raw, chaotic grindcore interlaced with shards of noise and broken glass, seething with hate, and buried by grime and crust. Do not miss their next show (w/ Black Army Jacket at the Cake Shop on Sept. 4th).

Magrudergrind were on their grind as usual, busting out a short'n'nasty collection of up-tempo, bottom-heavy punk rock beatdowns. Their music is a thrashing crusty filthy mess, and god do kids love it - the entire venue erupted into chaos upon every manic exhortation and wicked bass drop. Killer.

Fuck The Facts are a strange, unruly collective, and a force to be reckoned with in a live setting. As the crowd collectively lost its shit, the Canadian quartet sweated through a head-spinning set of twisted, off-kilter grind. Frontwoman Mel Mongeon stalked the stage like a caged lion, guttural roars and all. She also showed herself to be much cleverer than the average metalhead, as her summery ensemble of tank top and paisley skirt was undoubtedly a sight more comfortable than the filthy black t-shirts and jeans the rest of us were stewing in. The sound at the Cake Shop did the band plenty of justice, and Fuck The Facts played just long enough to drive their point home. Fucking rad.

Tons more pics and some videos below...

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words by BBG, photos by Chris La Putt

Landmine Marathon
Landmine Marathon

Salome, from northern Virginia, is a doom-metal band with no bass player: one of the few... At Union Pool on Tuesday night, early in the band's second song "Master Failure" [vocalist] Kat brought the microphone to her face with both hands, enveloped two small fists around it and began a deep, dreadful growl, altering the tone with the shape of her mouth, something like yawwheeawhhhheee... It was more an earth sound than a body sound; the imagined howl of undersea canyons.

... Before Salome came Landmine Marathon, from Phoenix, dealing out a combination of death-metal and hardcore punk... The band's music can be rushed and impersonal, with riffing and shifts of tempo predetermined by its genre. But [vocalist Grace] Perry's real-time reactions to it were extravagant. In "Shadows Fed to Tyrants" she opened her eyes wide and rolled them back in her head, drew her hand across her neck, beat her fists on her collarbone and finally went marauding through the crowd for a few quick turns, pushing and being pushed. She's magnetic as she re-enacts boiling over, but then leaves her work at the office. Quickly after the last riff, she was smiling, gregarious, normative. - [The New York Times]

The above review comes from the Union Pool show which was the first of two NYC shows in three days for Salome & Landmine Marathon. That show wrecked upper Brooklyn with the assist of Wetnurse on July 13th.

Last night, July 15th, the two marauders destroyed Manhattan, specifically Cake Shop, where they teamed up with Batillus (Cleanteeth unfortunately was forced to cancel due to a funeral). As to be expected, both Salome and Landmine delivered, but I found myself transfixed by Batillus who seems to grow by leaps and bounds every time I see them. The band showcased three new songs, one of which was captured on video which you can watch below. In addition, Batillus was joined by Salome's Kat on vocals at one point, a special treat which added a touch of grimness to the proceedings.

More pictures and some video from Cake Shop below...

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by Bill Pearis


Low-fi twee pop from two continents are joining forces for a summer tour that starts tonight (7/14) at Cake Shop. Swedish duo Poppets are of the bubblegum punk variety and are as tuneful as they are tinny. Sweet Sixteens, from Indiana, are more on the cheap Casio keyboard side of the twee coin. Both are bound to be selling a variety of 7" and cassettes at the merch table. It's a veritable cute overload. Take that as an invitation or a warning.

The tour runs through July and hits most of the East Coast and Midwest. Poppets live video, a flyer for the Cake shop show and all tour dates are below.

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"Oh hey, just me and Britt Daniel, checking out Pissed Jeans and Eddy Current Suppression Ring at Death By Audio. Whatevs. #itshotinhere" - rachelcperry

photos by Diana Wong

Eddy Current Suppression Ring...
Eddy Current Suppression Ring

Eddy Current Suppression Ring and Pissed Jeans played two shows in NYC over the weekend. The first of those sweaty shows was Friday night (6/18) at the Cake Shop with Home Blitz and Bloody Gears. The pictures here are from that hot and sweaty gig. The second was the next night at Death By Audio which is referenced in the above tweet.

More pictures and video of Pissed Jeans at Cake Shop are below...

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photos by Dominick Mastrangelo

Leaving Mornington Crescent
Leaving Mornington Crescent

"The fourth annual NYC Popfest, which ran from Thursday [May 20th] through Sunday [May 23], consisted of five showcases featuring more than 30 bands, mostly those that adhered to a few key tenets: summery, lo-fi, melodic, twee, nonconfrontational. This was indie-pop in the vein of the late 1980s through the mid-'90s, a mode that has been creeping back into fashion as part of a broader full-scale pop revivalism in indie rock.

From Best Coast to Dum Dum Girls to the Pains of Being Pure at Heart to Vivian Girls to Strange Boys and beyond, pop is ascendant once again, especially the sort with debts to clean-cut '50s rock and girl-group pop and soul." [NY Times]

It's been almost a month since NYC PopFest happened, and we actually already posted a set of pictures from the first night at Cake Shop back then. BUT, like the NY Times, Dominick, who got the flu right after the fest, was also on hand. His pictures from the first two days, now finally ready for posting, continue below...

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photos by Jessica Amaya

Miracles of Modern Science @ Cake Shop
Miracles of Modern Science

Miracles of Modern Science kicked off a 3-week residency at Cake Shop on Thursday night, June 10th. Opening that show were The Royal Chains, Quiet Loudly, and The Albertans...

"You could say The Albertans are from Vancouver, Canada, and in a limited way you wouldn't be wrong. You could also say they lay claim to a creative pedigree from the Brooklyn autoclave and expect only one retort: Right you are. Musical polyglot and songwriter Joel Bravo, a native of Milwaukee, and bassist Ian Everall, Albertan by birth, met while members of New York's Bravo Silva. When that outfit ended they, along with a large and talented rotating cast of players, began playing in New York City under the name Sex with an Angel. They played CMJ in 2007, they moved to Vancouver in 2008, took up the name The Albertans and, along with a few new fellow travelers, took on the challenges of realizing a pop vision." [Ernest Jenning Records]
The residency continues this Thursday, June 17th, with Dinosaur Feathers and more. Pictures and a video from week one (of 3 of the 4 bands), below...

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words by BBG, photos by Samantha Marble


Naam headlined the Cake Shop on a rainy Wednesday (6/9) with help from newest Relapse signees Cough, Massachusetts doom trio Elder, and Brooklyn metali-garage punks Elks. The show was part of a tour for Cough / Elder, which lead them up into New England before heading back down to Cough's home territory of Richmond, VA.

Though you can't tell much from their MySpace page, I could tell that Brooklyn's Elks are on to something. The band kicked out a brief but ripping set of punk-y garage inflected metal, providing an ample kick start to the show and a perfect lead-in to the Massachusetts big riffers Elder. Cough followed Elder and blew me away with their unstoppable doomy sludge pummel. It was my second experience with the band in NYC (the first was at Northside) and now that Cough has a second guitarist in tow, they are sounding more massive than ever! Naam's bluesy space-a-delic sounds were well executed as usual, though my personal highlight was seeing the trio rock "Black Ice". It's good to know that although they normally let the riffs breathe, they can (when they want) pummel as fast and furious as any of the bullet-belted folk. More pics from the show are below...

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"Dan Deacon & Dustin Wong absolutely murdered it tonight at Cake Shop "Silence like the wind overCakes me, 5 yr anniversary!"" -corygreenwell

Dan Deacon @ Cake Shop on May 27th (via Youtube, below)
Dan Deacon

Dan Deacon played one of the last shows of Cake Shop's five-year-anniversary month on Thursday, May 27th. Also at the gig were Height, Eternal Summers, Big Troubles and Dustin Wong. A YouTube slideshow of pictures from the show is posted below.

Dan Deacon and his friends at Wham City have posted details on this year's Whartscape Festival in Baltimore on July 22-25. Confirmed acts include Wye Oak, Deakin, Javelin, Lightning Bolt, No Ave, Talk Normal, Zach Hill, Arab on Radar, Xiu Xiu, Yip Yip, Dan Deacon Ensemble and Ponytail (Beach House was intially listed but has since been removed). More bands are TBA. Tickets go on sale at WhamCity.com and Baltimore's True Vine Records on June 15th.

For Arab on Radar, this is yet another date to add to the list of reunion gigs they have scheduled in July, August and September.

Wye Oak are also playing Siren in July.

Deakin (ex-Animal Collective) will hopefully schedule a NYC show one day soon.

Dan Deacon will be back in NYC for a show on June 15th at Red Hook Park (part of a series of shows in the park that kicks off TONIGHT - June 1st).

The full Whartscape lineup and pictures from the Cake Shop show are below...

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photos by Jessica Amaya

"Veronica Falls was worth the wait and sauna-like conditions at Cake Shop. PopFest Day 1 ended very strong." - Tim

Veronica Falls @ Cake Shop on 5/20
Veronica Falls

"{Then there's Veronica Falls play the 5/20 show at Cake Shop. Maybe you saw them this past weekend when they played Glasslands on Saturday and Bruar Falls on Sunday. Their Glasslands performance was great, and they were surprisingly rockin', given the gentle nature of some of their recordings. Singer/guitarist James Hoare is a student of the David Gedge school of manic strumming, especially on their "Found Love in a Graveyard" single that becomes almost like an extended VU jam onstage." [Bill Pearis]
The 2010 edition of NYC PopFest concludes today, Sunday (5/23), at Littlefield in Brooklyn. It all started Thursday night, May 20th, at Cake Shop in Manhattan. A bunch of pictures and videos from that show, below....

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DOWNLOAD: Fang Island - Life Coach (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Fang Island - Daisy (MP3)

Cake ShopCake ShopCake ShopCake Shop

Fang Island and Dan Deacon are no longer sharing a bill at Cake Shop on Saturday, May 29th, one of the gigs that's a part of the venue's five-year celebration. That's because Dan Deacon's show has been moved up two nights to Thursday, May 27th, when he'll play with Eternal Summers, Big Troubles and Dustin Wong. (Dan also jams out in Red Hook Park on Tuesday, June 15th.)

Fang Island will instead be performing with Philly garage four-piece Univox on May 29th.

The Bundles' Cake Shop show earlier in the month ended up happening, but with the group playing as a trio comprised of Jeff and Jack Lewis and Anders Griffen (so, without Kimya Dawson and Karl Blau). A note Jeff sent us about the show, and the surprise one they played right after it at Sidewalk Cafe, is posted below.

Then, to close out the month-long celebration, on May 31st, Moonmen On The Moon, Man (the Cake Shop house band basically) will "play five times for five years," including a "1,825 song set, to represent every day of Cake Shop's last five years of live music." A video of that band playing the venue's third birthday, more details on the show, and other dates below...

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photos by Meghan McInnis, words by BBG

Small Brown Bike
Small Brown Bike

On friday I saw Small Brown Bike in NY at the Cake Shop in the Lower East Side... I walk to the Cake Shop. The entry level is a vegan bakery and bar, the downstairs is the music. Tthe 2nd of 4 bands [Your Skull My Closet] was on and they were SO GOOD. Like, blown away... I knew about 5 minutes in that this would be a special show. Then Bridge and Tunnel came on and were also insanely amazing. THEN Small Brown Bike come on and was perfect. One of the best shows ever. They haven't playing in NY in 7 years and the show was sold out and it was a... TRILLION degrees in there and we all just bonded over it... Really wonderful show, one of the best I've ever been to. -[stompthroughpuddles]
The first band of the night was Let Me Run. It was the second show of the day for SBB & B&T, and it was a sweaty one indeed. Our trusty photographer Meghan was warding off lens fog for the duration of the SBB set, and heat and condensation in the basement of Cake Shop can mean only one thing: a tightly packed group of fans having a good time. Proof is in the pictures and video below...

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by Andrew Frisicano

DOWNLOAD: Fang Island - Life Coach (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Fang Island - Daisy (MP3)

Fang Island @ Knitting Factory in April (more by Benjamin Lozovsky)
Fang Island

Fang Island will be one of the "tons more" promised at Cake Shop's May 29th show with Dan Deacon, which is part of the venue's fifth-anniversary month (a month that includes the NYC debut of New Moods this evening, May 17th).

Fang Island are currently on tour through the end of May, and this July they'll head out with the Flaming Lips. Those shows include Lips' July 4th Atlantic City show and their upstate NY shows (one of which has Black Keys and Morning Benders). All dates are below.

The band's self-titled record that came out earlier this year. Two tracks from it are above, and below are two videos directed by Carlos Charlie Perez (no relation to Danny Perez, Animal Collective collaborator, besides the sonic similarities). All tour dates and videos are below...

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The Bundles
The Bundles

Like Dan Deacon, a band called the Bundles are playing the Cake Shop anniversary celebrations this month. Their show is on Wednesday, May 12th.

The Bundles are fronted by the anti-folk dream-team of Jeffrey Lewis and Kimya Dawson, and include drummer Anders Griffen, Jack Lewis (Jeff's brother and band-mate) and K Recs' Karl Blau. Their debut self-titled record came out on K Records in April.

Also on the Cake Shop bill are the controversially-named Sidewalk Cafe staples Ching Chong Song and Only Son (ex-Moldy Peaches guitarist Jack Dishel), as well as a mysterious "Secret Guest". Who could that be? Well, two members of the Moldy Peaches are listed on the bill already, Kimya headlining would sort of be a bigger deal than her new band, Moldy Peach Adam Green is sort of big (he just did two nights at Bowery), so my guesses are:

1) Moldy Peaches (seems unlikely though right?)
2) Kimya Dawson (but why be secret when you're already on the bill?)
3) Adam Green (bigger, but does he need to be a secret?)
4) Beck (just kidding)
5) Regina Spektor
My last guess, Regina Spektor, also got her start at places like Sidewalk Cafe and has toured with Only Son more than once. I have no idea really. What do you think?... UPDATE:
hey guys, andy cakeshop here...just so theres no confusion, its not adam green.. i was throwing the idea around with his management, but it was really just an idea. the bills really strong on its own, and i should really take off the 'secret guest' thing, its been a weird week and sorry it got to this level. jeff and kimya need to play at 8 to make it to a prior commitment...anyway we're working on something cool for the 11pm, but as of yet, truthfully, its not booked! sorry for the mixup &
thanks everyone.
love, andy
"SECRET GUEST!" has now in fact been replaced with "TBA". It was fun while it lasted.

Before then, Jeff Lewis plays Happy Ending Music Series at Joe's Pub tonight (5/5). Tickets are available.

The Bundles tour the UK and Europe later in May. Those dates and videos are below...

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Dan Deacon @ Broadway Backyard in May 2009 (more by Tim Griffin)
Dan Deacon

Dan Deacon is playing for free in Red Hook Park on Tuesday, June 15th, and he's also at Bonnaroo. And he's also going to be playing the much more intimate Cake Shop on Saturday, May 29th as part of the venue's month-long five-year anniversary. Full lineup TBA ($10, 8pm doors, 21+).

Don't expect any big open spaces for dance contests like the one that's about to happen in the picture above. Do expect a very hot and crowded and fun basement show, sort of like the one in the video below...

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words by BBG, photos by Samantha Marble


"This is the first night of our European tour," Dave Verellen said as Narrows took the stage a shade past 11PM at Cake Shop on 4/24. As the first date of their tour before the band shipped off tour Europe, I guess he was technically right. The NYC show almost didn't happen though; guitarist Jodie Cox resides in the UK and was delayed due to the volcanic ash in Europe. But the hardcore gods were smiling upon the sweaty basement at Cake Shop, and molten magma could not stop the destruction to come.

Narrows was on point. The instrumental portion of the band were noisy and powerful, furious and tight - you would never know their members live on different continents. Over it all, ex-Botch mainman Verellen spent a good portion of the show leaning on the front row of the crowd. He spent the second portion doubled over and screaming his lungs out. There is a reason why some consider him to have one of the greatest voices in hardcore.

The BV/1000 Knives show also featured the badass Acid Tiger (celebrating their new LP, and with guitarist Jim Carroll of HopeCon on second guitar), the post-hardcore stylings of I Hate Our Freedom, and antisocial grind greats Psychic Limb. All four bands executed well, with Acid Tiger sounding particularly huge with the addition of the second guitarist.

Pics and tons of video from the show below...

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