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by Bill Pearis

DOWNLOAD: Zola Jesus - Night (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Zola Jesus - Clay Bodies (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Zola Jesus - Smireye (MP3)

Zola Jesus

LA Record: How would you describe your music to a child?

Nika Roza: I tried to do this with my cousin. She's an aspiring goth. I am trying to turn her into a weirdo. 'It's like pop music but it's really noisy and there's opera.' I would probably say, 'This sounds like Hannah Montana' and let their minds adjust. 'This is what Hannah Montana can also sound like.' There's got to be a Nickelodeon Black. If you turn on TV you see people yelling things and vomiting colors. But when I was growing up seeing cartoons they would have a lot of snot and bodily fluids and weird things. What is going to happen to this new generation? But I would tell the 7-year-old child it was the Apocalypse. You know what, fuck that. There's nudity and language--let them see it! If not, they will turn into bigger creeps. You have to expose children to stuff like that. You gotta be ready.

Madison, Wisconsin's enigmatic Zola Jesus (real name Nika Roza) is playing a one-off show at Cake Shop on Saturday (2/20). Posessed with a haunting wail, comparisons to Diamanda Galas, Siouxsie and Karin Andersson are not inappropriate. Check out the MP3s at the top of this post, especially "Night" which is from her new 12", Stridulum, which is out March 9 on Sacred Bones. I really dig the pulsing, slow-build arrangement and the production cuts way back on the reverb -- her voice doesn't need it. The Saturday line-up at Cake Shop is well chosen, Blacklist, Cult of Youth and White Ring.

If you can't make Saturday's show, she'll be back again on April 9 opening for Xiu Xiu and Tune-Yards at Bowery Ballroom Tickets are still on sale. She'll also be at SXSW. All dates, along with a video for "Clay Bodies" and a flyer for the Cake Shop show...

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interview & Cake Shop photos by Gabi Porter

The Soft Pack @ Cake Shop
The Soft Pack

The Soft Pack celebrated the release of their self-titled debut LP on Kemado records at the Cake Shop on the Lower East Side of New York on Friday (2/5) with a free and packed midnight show. We had the chance to chat with lead singer Matt Lamkin after the show and before the boys from San Diego hit the road on a tour of the US and Europe that will finally wrap up at Coachella in April.

That interview and more pictures from Cake Shop below...

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words by BBG, photos by Samantha Marble

Avi of Magrudergrind avec dudes going apey

Few genres of extreme music necessitate the technical proficiency and stamina required to play grindcore music. It features brief, violent bursts of blast-beat drumming accompanied by chugging, down-tuned guitars and vocals that are screeched, barked, growled, and always incomprehensible. The differences between acts are indecipherable to the uninitiated (twelve-tone music and Corsican polyphony present the same problem), but for the masochistic grind enthusiast, few groups reach the brutal purity of the Washington, D.C., band Magrudergrind. -[The New Yorker]
Magrudergrind headlined Sunday's early show at Cake Shop along with local grind faves Defeatist, Ramps, special guests Psychic Limb, and Black Kites. It was the first of two BV/1000 Knives productions over the weekend. The first was Tombs + Rosetta @ Union Pool one night earlier.

Magrudergrind and Defeatist delivered positively blistering sets (as expected - they both destroy), but the biggest surprise to me was Psychic Limb. Fronted by NYC artist Brian Montouri, the band played a spazzy-pummeling grind that was beyond fun, though a little on the way-too-short side (10ish minutes). Catch them if you get the chance, but don't blink.

PL shares a member with Ramps, who was sandwiched in between them and Defeatist. If you missed Ramps, then you're in luck; the band will hit The Charleston on 2/6 with Sourvein (but not Bezoar).

Magrudergrind will be back in NYC on 2/20 with Misery Index at Union Pool (tix), one show of a greater tour between the pair. Magrudergrind is also confirmed for MDF 2010.

Tons of pics, and some must-see Magrudergrind and Psychic Limb video below...

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by Andrew Frisicano

DOWNLOAD: Mi Ami - Cut Men (MP3)

Mi Ami

Mi Ami, the San Francisco trio of Daniel Martin-McCormick, Damon Palermo, and Jacob Long, are getting ready to release their second full-length "Steal Your Face" on April 6th and hitting the road in support of the album in the spring [April]. Keep an eye out for a European tour shortly following the initial trek and a FULL US Tour upon their return.
You can catch the first side of the Thrill Jockey band's recent 12" single "Cut Men," a drawn-out Oneida-esque jam, above. The track and the band in general explore the jammier side of punk (its members were formerly in D.C.'s Black Eyes). They travel from their California base for a tour this April. That includes a New York stop at Cake Shop on April 12th.

Album artork and tracklist and all tour dates are below...

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words by BBG, photos by Samantha Marble

Hope Conspiracy
Hope Conspiracy

Much like my experiences with Lightning Bolt, I spent a portion of The Hope Conspiracy show at Cake Shop on 1/15 testing out my quads. By pushing back on the crowd from the front, I did my personal best to pacify the onslaught of fans behind (and above!) so they didnt come crashing down on me AND the band. My best wasn't good enough.

Pointing in broad circles at the floor directly in front of their amps and the drum kit, HopeCon's vocalist Kevin Baker said, "I love that you guys are having fun, but we do need to be around HERE to actually play our instruments."

Of the times that I have seen a packed out Cake Shop, this was the most fierce crowd. Burnt By The Sun's tight front rows and rabid pit had nothing on the chaos of 1/15 that included people crowdsurfing underneath the low Cake Shop ceilings.

All opening acts impressed. Mother of Mercy's riffy hardcore comes off more metallic and muscular live even though their energetic and distinctly hardcore vocalist brings it back to their roots. As usual, Blacklisted>'s heartfelt, thundering hardcore was never better with George Hirsch's dynamic lyrical content matching his empassioned performance. Make sure and catch them again at Cake Shop on 3/8.

The real surprise for me was United Nations. Thursday has never been my bag, but this side project featuring Geoff Rickley in addition to Ben Koller of Converge (drums), Jim Carroll of HopeCon (bass!), Lukas Previn of Acid Tiger (guit), and Jonah Bayer of The Lovekill (guit), ripped through insanely great post-hardcore-y screamo powerviolence. They were tense, powerful and beyond awesome and I can't wait for their return at Union Pool on 2/12 with Unsane and MOoB.

More pictures from the show below...

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photos by Lori Baily

Talk Normal @ Cake Shop on NYE...
Talk Normal

"The Cake Shop, so deemed because it apparently sells cake, contained within it the pure essence of hipster, from its vintage vinyl chairs to its free PBR to its nerdy patrons in bangs, white-boy afros, skinny jeans, baby doll dresses and berets to its basement bar where hipsters gathered around to hear the agonizing alien death moans of the androgynous lead singer of The Screaming Females. Ethan and Roland showed up at a quarter to midnight, I introduced them to Hunter and Yulia, and they quickly disappeared. At the stroke of, The Screaming Females revved up their screeching machines and prepared to unleash their unbearable dissonance. Lead singer went,"Yeah, it's 2010...whatever..." Hunter, Yulia, and I clinked red plastic cups and Budweiser bottle, and Ethan and I exchanged a wave from where he stood alongside the band set." [Taking Pictures of Dogs]
Ha. Talk Normal, Screaming Females (who're both pictured here, above and below) and Frankie & the Outs (who aren't) played New Year's Eve 2009 at the Cake Shop.

Frankie & the Outs, who also played a NYE show at the Cameo on the same night, have a number of shows coming up in NYC, Austin (for SXSW) and elsewhere. One of them is opening for Dun Dum Girls at Mercury Lounge. That show is now on sale.

Talk Normal will be at SXSW too - they have a show set up for March 18th with The Carrots, Tyvek, Grass Widow, Wet Hair and "many more." After the fest, Talk Normal travel with Xiu Xiu and Tune-Yards to open a number of shows on their tour together (but not the NYC one which also recently went on sale). Those dates and more details are below.

SXSW 2010, which will feature a just-announced opening show by Spoon at Stubb's, has filled out its lineup with many more bands over the past few weeks. The full and growing list is on their official schedule.

Screaming Females (who will NOT be at SXSW because they plan to record their new album during that time) play a showcase for their label, Don Giovanni Records, at Bowery Ballroom on February 6th (tickets still on sale). Also on the bill are forgetters, Shellshag, The Measure (SA), Black Wine, Groucho Marxists and JEFF The Brotherhood, who tour with Screaming Females into February.

More New Year's Eve pictures and dates and stuff, below..

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photos by Tim Griffin, words by Andrew Frisicano

Happy Holidays! I take on more than I can handle. That results in a lot of unposted content. In the name of catching up, while also taking it easy during this final week of the year, here's some of that lost material.

Zazen Boys...
Zazen Boys

We were anticipating a somewhat speedy return to the US after the three NYC-area shows in March by Japan's Zazen Boys. While here, the band expressed interest (in an interview) in coming back in the fall, and then there was an October 4th show at Southpaw scheduled. But no other dates were announced and eventually that show was canceled. Here's hoping they manage to make a return to NYC and the US in 2010.

The set of pictures here are from their from Cake Shop show on Friday, March 6th, which they played with Sweden's Paper, who played the venue three nights straight. More pictures are below...

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Screaming Females @ Terminal 5 in December (more by Chris La Putt)
Screaming Females

New York Night Train, the almost-nightly dance party run by DJ Jonathan Toubin, will be hosting New Year's Eve events at three LES venues this year. Cake Shop, Home Sweet Home and Motor City (127 Ludlow) are signed on for the event with all-night liquor licenses. Cake Shop is the real highlight though. Bands playing the basement there include Talk Normal, Screaming Females, Frankie and the Outs and CSC Funk Band (ex-USAisamonster), while the other two venues get a few bands (like A.R.E. Weapons) and a slew of DJs, comedians, burlesque performers and more. More details are below.

For Frankie & The Outs, it's one of two New Years Eve shows. They'll also be at the Cameo Gallery in Brooklyn with Beach Fossils, We Are Country Mice, Lemonade and Surfer Blood. Tickets are on sale.

Screaming Females have a few upcoming shows too - they play with Bouncing Souls in Asbury Park on December 29th, and kick off their February tour with JEFF the Brotherhood with a Feb. 6 Bowery Ballroom showcase for their label Don Giovanni.

Before then, there are plenty of chances to catch the NY Night Train crew in holiday party mode. Tonight (12/21) Jonathan Toubin DJs with Revered Vince Anderson at his weekly Union Pool residency. Toubin will also be spinning at the BV-sponsored Jewltide 7 party happening at Southpaw on Christmas Eve (12/24). Tickets are on sale and the flyer is below with a full schedule...

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by BBG

DOWNLOAD: Magrudergrind - "Excommunicated" (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Magrudergrind - "Lyrical Ammunition For Scene Warfare" (MP3)


We are proud to announce the latest in the ongoing BV series of heavy music (this time in conjunction with 1000 Knives): Magrudergrind will team up with Defeatist, Black Kites, and Ramps to decimate Cake Shop on 1/23 as part of our first hardcore matinee. $8 will get you in the door, although you may need a stretcher to get out.

Magrudergrind are also on board for Maryland Deathfest 2010, which recently added a pre-party featuring greats like General Surgery, Birdflesh, Iron Lung, PLF, and many others. Tickets are available here. The full lineup for MDF is below.

Magrudergrind's new S/T full length was recently named one of Decibel's top 40 albums of 2009. The band is also scheduled to play Hellfest with Godflesh as well as team up with Pulling Teeth when DRI hits Baltimore on 12/13. DRI was originally scheduled to impact Gramercy Theater on 1/17/10, but tickets were taken off sale.

Full MDF lineup, and flyers for the BV/1000 Knives show as well as the MDF Pre-Fest are below.

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by Andrew Frisicano

DOWNLOAD: Naza Grizol - For Things That Haven't Come (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Julian Koster - Jingle Bells (MP3)

Nana Grizol @ Cake Shop
Nana Grizol

T.O. Snob: Most of the press material I've seen points out connections between the band and Neutral Milk Hotel, Elf Power, and other Elephant 6 groups. Based on that association do people approach Nana Grizol's music with certain expectations? If so, what do you believe they are?

Nana Grizol's Theo Hilton: I don't know... I guess we share some personnel with those groups in particular, and pretty much all of us were part of the latest incarnation of the Music Tapes; I love those folks and I feel like in a lot of ways we're going for the same things with our music. I guess what I'd say is that it's so nice to have a LOT of friends who are really fun to collaborate with on musical projects. I don't feel like we personally go out of our way to affiliate or disaffiliate ourselves with any organized collectives or anything, not that Elephant 6 is an organized collective. I just really want to play music with my friends! And share cool weird experiences with them!! I don't think people approach our band with any specific expectations, at least I don't know what they could be, but if anyone decided to check out our band because they like our friends band, and they like our band, then great!

Athens band Nana Grizol's tour was in town on November 8th for a show at Cake Shop. Even with ex-Neutral Milk Hotel members Laura Carter and Robbie Cucchiaro in the band and Jeff Mangum in the audience, it'd be a mistake to overemphasize the "Elephant 6"-ness of the show. The band is really Theo Hilton's gig, and as a songwriter he has his own direct, personal style. The band too has an urgency about it, with insistent melodies and rotating instruments (that pair up occasionally as double drums and double trumpets). The new album, Ruth, was present in the set list and at the merch table. The above song "For Things That Haven't Come," listed on the setlist as "Ginsburg" maybe for obvious reasons, is characteristic of their basement pop vibe (or maybe farm house pop as the case may be).

Nana Grizol's current tour continues through November 20th. More pictures from the NYC show and the set list are below.

Music Tapes ringleader Julian Koster (a member of Neutral Milk Hotel who wasn't at Cake Shop last week) will be coming around again this holiday season for an apartment/house tour. Currently the tour runs from December 7th to December 21st with the proposed NYC stops happening toward the end of the trip. But only if you invite them to play - and don't think they won't. Julian & Badger (his saw) unbelievably showed up at my place last year for a short set of songs before disappearing into the night. Even if they don't visit you, you can e-mail for the tour's location in your town. Details on how to do that are below. A track from his The Singing Saw at Christmastime is posted above, with the rough itinerary below...

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by BBG

Mind Eraser is PISSED.
Mind Eraser

Seattle's Iron Lung swung by Cake Shop on 11/8 to put the finishing touches on a tour that included dates at The Fest 8 in Florida (not to be confused with Festival 8 in California) a few weeks prior, and Fucked Up's Fucked Up Weekend 2009 with fellow Cake Shop performers Mind Eraser and Nomos (other FU performers included Cro-Mags (jam), Burning Love, Career Suicide, and even Metric). Pittsburgh's Brain Handle also came in to batter the Sunday matinee at Cake Shop that was part of Hardcore Gig Volume's on going series.

I missed Nomos completely, but caught all of Brain Handle, and though the vocalist was beyond wasted and spent literally half of his time either toppling monitors, stumbling or just plain on the floor, great performance from this quintet. Well executed old school 80s style hardcore with a special appearance from Jesse Gasface on vox for one song.

If there was ever a good thing about the whole Chuck Biscuits debacle, is it got me listening to Black Flag again. Mind Eraser's vocalist reminded me of (what was great about) Henry Rollins in Black Flag with his frumpled brow and searing intensity. As usual, Mind Eraser juggled between grind, sludge and hardcore, punishing the crowd with another excellent set. These Boston boys are a definite must see.

Powerviolence duo Iron Lung finished Cake Shop off in fine form, pummeling the early crowd with their incredible thundering down-tuned riffs and 1000 MPH blasts. Between song banter fell somewhere between joking crowd insults, and discussion about the past tour. It was my first time seeing Iron Lung, and as a fan of Sexless/No Sex, and it was good to see that LP as well as new material (!) represented. Look for Iron Lung's new one sided 7", Exposed, which the band did not have on hand at the show (but I did score a Pig Heart Transplant cassette).

More Iron Lung, Mind Eraser, and Brain Handle pics are below...

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words by Black Bubblegum, photos by Paul Birman

Black Anvil
Black Anvil

"Was soooo brutal. And just awesome. It reminded me why I love going to shows. Which is a good thing. Cause I always start to forget. Hopefully the footage of this amazing show surfaces quickly. *Ahem* *Cough*. Pardon, me." [anthony l rivera]
Before I utter a single word, I want to thank every person that came out to Cake Shop on 10/2 and 1000 Knives for making the BrooklynVegan sponsored Burnt By The Sun/Tombs/Black Anvil/Bloodhorse/Torchbearer show such a success. Much like the killer Rorschach performance at The Charleston a week earlier, the packed-solid basement at the venue was 1000 degrees and brimming with energy. I can't think of a better way to send off such an amazing band than with so much love (anger?).

Burnt By The Sun are currently heading out to Europe for a (possibly final?) string of dates. If you missed it, we interviewed Dave Witte before the NYC show.

Tombs, who were tighter than ever on 10/2, are heading to Europe in November with Buried Inside. Following that tour, Tombs will headline The Studio @ Webster Hall with Rosetta on 12/12. Tickets are here.

Black Anvil are scheduled to play Gramercy on 12/16 with a killer lineup of Marduk, Nachtmystium, Merrimack, and Mantic Ritual. Tickets are on sale. Gramercy is a KILLER bill, but thats not the only unmissable NYC date that they have in the calendar... details to come, but save the date... 10/23.

Torchbearer have one additional date on their calendar, at Rock N Roll High School in New Brunswick on 10/15 featuring a killer lineup of Seasick, Soul Control, Black Kites, and Plaguebearers. Door fee is set at an unreasonably high stokeability to cost factor of $5.

Bloodhorse recently dropped Horizoner via Translation Loss. The band currently has no dates on their calendar, but if that changes, you can be damn sure that they'll let you know via their spankin' new twitter.

More pictures and BBTS's setlist below...

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by Bill Pearis

DOWNLOAD: The Smith Westerns - Be My Girl (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Sondre Lerche - Good Luck (MP3)

The Smith WesternsAfter what seems like an entire summer's worth of epic weekends, this one is looking pretty quiet, music-wise. No surprise, as it's Memorial Labor Day which is usually a dead time for shows. But that's not to say there's nothing going on. Chicago's glam-rocking teenagers The Smith Westerns are back in town after touring with Los Campesinos and Girls. While a good chunk of their self-titled debut is so Marc Bolan it seems like an exercise in style appropriation, they do it really well. It's not new, but it's new to them and that makes it work I think. They play tonight (9/2) at Monster Island Basement with Titus Andronicus and the So So Glos; Vassar College tomorrow (9/3); and a late show at Bruar Falls on Friday (9/4) (tentative replacement for the show they had scheduled at Swat Bar). They also list a show on Saturday (9/5) as "under the High Line" but what that means, exactly, well your guess is as good as mine.

Comet Gain @ MHOW in April (more by Tim Griffin)
Comet Gain

The most exciting show of the weekend, in my opinion, is happening at Cake Shop on Saturday (9/5). Cinema Red and Blue is a Comet Gain side project featuring frontman David Feck, as well as that band's Anne Laure and Hoffner Burns. They're actually in town to record their album at Gary Olson's Marlborough Studios in Brooklyn and decided to play a show while here. I ran into Feck at a show on Monday and he told me that the album is about half covers and to expect the same from the live show. He rattled off a bunch of the songs they're covering but the only one I remember now is a Julian Cope song from his 1989 album Skellington. The band will be augmented live by former Comet Gain / current Soft City member Phil Sutton, plus JB, Andy and Kyle from Crystal Stilts. I have to imagine Gary Olson will contribute trumpet to at least one song. This should be fun.

The whole Cake Shop bill is pretty good, with Kyle Forrester pulling triple duty: keyboards in Ladybug Transistor, and saxophone in German Measles. Ladybug Transistor are one of the NYC indie world's elder statesmen and their lush sound is cool and easy like a late summer breeze. On the other end of the scale, German Measles are usually a jokey mess onstage, I saw them on Monday at Bruar Falls and they actually approached something you could might call competence. Maybe they're getting serious? Opening the night at Cake Shop are the budget baroque sounds of Jacques Detergent.

Sondre Lerche @ Bowery Ballroom in 2008 (more by Faith Ann-Young)
Sondre Lerche

And looking forward to the early part of next week, Sondre Lerche is playing Bowery Ballroom on Tuesday (9/8), which is the same day as the release of his sixth album, Heartbeat Radio. (He plays Music Hall of Williamsburg the next night.) The 27-year-old Norwegian, now Williamsburg resident, has the charms to hold the attention of a Bowery or MHoW-sized crowd by himself, which is how he usually plays in NYC, but I do wish he'd bring his ace band, The Faces Down, to America at some point, as we deserve to hear his songs get the full-on treatment live. Heartbeat Radio is another winner, I think, maybe his best yet -- with Sondre displaying more confidence in his songwriting and ease in his arrangements. (He's also been listening to a lot of Prefab Sprout, I think, with the album's "I Cannot Let You Go" clearly being a tip-of-the-hat to Paddy McAloon.) You can sample album-opener "Good Luck" at the top of this post. And whether he's with band or solo, he is always entertaining.

Urgh a Music WarAnd finally, as this is a light week, I thought I'd point out that the essential 1980 concert film URGH! A Music War has finally made its way to DVD. For those of a certain generation, this seminal document of the punk/post-punk/new wave scene was seen every other weekend on USA Network's weekend Night Flight and blew minds with footage of Gang of Four, Echo & the Bunnymen, the Cramps, Wall of Voodoo and more. Since then it's shown up on cable and film festivals in about 17 different versions, with some performances being cut for music rights reasons and other legal whatnot. These reasons have also kept it from DVD, much like the first to Decline of Western Civilization films, to the point where I thought they'd never get a legit release. I'm still not sure how legit this is either (read URGH! performer Jim Skafish's blog post about it), but you can buy it via the Warner Archive which has made available hundreds of films that the studio has deemed otherwise unworthy of proper releases. They actually burn you a DVD-R of the movie. You don't get proper menus or any extras beyond the trailer or even proper chapter breaks (they divide it up into 10 minute sections), but the picture quality is good (anamorphic widescreen), and it's almost the whole film. (Sorry, Splodgenessabounds, your footage isn't here.) And it sounds good too -- they did a great job recording the bands. And just to have the footage of Klaus Nomi, The Cramps and Gary Numan, it's worth the $19.99.

There's a few choice clips from URGH below, as well as tour dates fliers and general etc...

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by Black Bubblegum

DOWNLOAD: Burnt By The Sun - "Inner Station" (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Tombs - "Gossamer" (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Black Anvil - "Ten Talons Deep" (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Bloodhorse - "Paranoiac" (MP3)

Burnt by The Sun!
Burnt By The Sun

It's gonna be a great fall! In addition to the previously announced awesomeness that is The Blackened Music Series/BrooklynVegan present Shrinebuilder at Le Poisson Rouge on November 15th (tickets), we now present ANOTHER reason to hide your children and check off a date on your calendar...

1000 Knives and BrooklynVegan are proud to present Burnt By The Sun with Bloodhorse, Tombs and Black Anvil at Cake Shop on Oct 2nd! The show is the ONLY US date scheduled for Burnt By The Sun, and considering Dave Witte's commitments with the Massive-ly Aggressive Municipal Waste, it could be their last for a very long time. Shortly after Cake Shop, BBTS will embark on a European tour to promote their final album, Heart of Darkness. Download "Inner Station" off of Heart of Darkness above.

This show won't be the first time Black Anvil and Tombs share a bill. Most recently both bands played with Marduk and Withered at Gramercy Thetre.

Before Tombs dropped their essential 2009 LP, Winter Hours, we interviewed vocalist/guitarist Mike Hill. Black Anvil recently signed with Relapse Records, who reissued their awesome Time Insults The Mind.

More details on the Cake Shop show and full BBTS dates are below...

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by Bill Pearis

DOWNLOAD: JEFF the Brotherhood - Bone Jam (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: JEFF the Brotherhood - Heavy Damage (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Lovvers - Human Hair (MP3)


As mentioned deep within another post, both JEFF the Brotherhood and Lovvers are both set to play at Union Pool on October 24 as part of a pretty killer CMJ show, along with UUVVWWZ, An Albatross, Dark Meat, Flexions, and ZzZ. So this seemed like a good opportunity to update you on the whereabouts and goings-on of these two bands, both of whom have large upcoming North American tours mapped out. All dates below.

Lovvers (pictured above) have released their debut album, OCD Go Go Girls, in the UK -- no North American date set unfortunately -- and it's a 33-minute blast of garage-y punk, indebted to '80s Twin/Tone and SST (look no further than the album's "d.boon " for proof) as well as the current L.A./The Smell scene. Noisy, but they never forget the tunes. I saw their Cake Shop show last month and they are a bundle of energy and expect you to have fun too: trying to provoke a reaction from solemn, photo-happy girl s standing at the front of the stage, singer Shaun Hencher planted a kiss right on the mouth. (Didn't work unfortunately, she stood there afterwards like it never happened.) Just warning you for when they tour again here in October (they also play Santos on October 20th). You can check out the video for OCD Go Go Girls title track (as well as live footage from the Cake Shop show) further down the post.

Nashville's awesome JEFF the Brotherhood, meanwhile, have managed to finish their album, Heavy Days, despite near constant touring. It pretty much rocks the whole way through, and is indeed heavy (three tracks on the album have that word in the title), sometimes veering into metal territory, then back into driving hard rock, with a little surf and psych in there as well. It's out October 13 on Infinity Cat. I've written about these guys plenty this year, but I will reiterate: Jake and Jamin are great live, so do go see them as they seem to be hitting most of North America between now and November where they'll be touring with Ted Leo, Ty Segall, and Shonen Knife. You can check out two tracks from Heavy Days at the top of this post. Cover art and tracklist along with all dates and videos, below...

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by Bill Pearis

DOWNLOAD: Wicked Awesomes - Ghost Beach (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Impediments - You Want a Square (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Buzzers - Disco Kidz (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: The Horrors - Sea Within a Sea (MP3)

Wicked Awesomes
Wicked Awesomes

Earlier in the week I highlighted a few bands including Mitch Easter who is at Maxwell's tonight (8/20) and Beach Fossils who are one of many bands playing the Underwater Peoples showcase at Market Hotel on Saturday (8/22).

Here are a few more show suggestions to take you through the weekend. You've got two chances to catch Edmonton, Alberta demented psych-punks Wicked Awesomes who play Cake Shop tonight (8/20) and Silent Barn on Friday (8/21). Like their Psychic Handshake labelmates Red Mass, these Canadians seem to revel in the dark musical arts of reverb, tape effects, sonic sludge and generally out-there'd-ness. (Maybe not that dissimilar to Blank Dogs if you want a NYC equivilant.) You can download "Ghost Beach" at the top of this post, though you might also want to take in "Time Shit and Crystal Snot" from their Myspace.

The Cake Shop show tonight also features the folky/country-ish indie rock of Portland, OR's Dead Trees and the Handglops who recently moved to Brooklyn from Ohio. Friday night's show at Silent Barn, Wicked Awesomes play with Minneapolis' ultra-nasally punks The Sleaze (I like that name), and NJ's Indian Casino & Jail Hippies Family Band.

the Impediments
The Impediments

Staying on the scuzzier side of things, we've got two Bay Area bands in town as well this weekend -- Impediments and Buzzer -- both of whom mine the mid-70s glam-punk scene for inspiration. And both share members. They play Don Pedro's on Saturday (8/22), Death by Audio on Sunday (8/23) and Alligator Lounge II in Greenpoint on Monday (8/24). The Impediments, still in their teens, are pretty straight-up from the Dolls/Dead Boys school of snotty rave-ups, nothing really new added to mix, but the youthful energy brings a sense of the new to it all, and it's a sound that never really goes out of style as long as there's good songs and attitude to carry it. You can download "You Want a Square" at the top of this post. The band were interviewed earlier this year by Thrasher Magazine:

Thrasher: There seems to be a recent resurgence of bands emulating the '70s punk vibe, with a lot of songs that touch on various themes of teenage life. Is it weird being one of the few of these bands with actual teenagers in the lineup? Do you guys get turned down from 21+ clubs because of your age?

Ray Seraphin: Can't really care about it. We are so far removed from bands like The Briefs and The Riffs that I don't even think it's worth discussing. We write what comes out of us; we're not aiming for something. We're not the Stitches. We're not cool 20-somethings with spiked hair, neon colored sunglasses, and trendy heroin addictions. We're not automatons thinking that everything Johnny Thunders shot up his dick is totally rad. We're a bunch of dorky kids who like dorky records. We haven't got turned down by a venue for our age as of yet, but we often get kicked out of bars after we're done playing while they keep our draw. Fun!

Ray is also in Buzzer with whom the Impediments are on tour. The band only have two 7" singles out so far (you can download their debut, "Disco Kidz" at the top of the post), but I think I give them the slight edge between the two groups. There's a darker vibe, maybe a bit of a Damned thing going on, and both A-sides are ace. Worth checking out.


A couple more items: If you got tickets to see one of Nine Inch Nails' shows over the next week, show up early to catch The Horrors who have made one of the better albums of 2009. Like a lot of people I didn't pay that much attention to them previously but damn if Primary Colours isn't kind of amazing and totally deserving of its Mercury Prize nomination. Mind you, I'm prone to like things that owe to '80s post punk and goth, as well as '90s shoegaze, but they transcend the influences I think. Like My Bloody Valentine's Loveless, some of the sounds on the record make you wonder if you're stereo is melting. In a good way. You can download "Sea Within a Sea" at the top of this post and check out their trippy video for new single "Mirror's Image" further down. I haven't seen them play anytime recently so I have no idea if they can pull it off live, but I plan on seeing them when they hit town again next month -- Bowery Ballroom on 9/17 with Crocodiles.

Ferris BuellerFor those of you still mourning the loss of '80s teen movie kingpin John Hughes, come to Cake Shop Saturday Night (8/22) for an "All-Star 34 Band Salute to John Hughes" ending with what is being promised as "DANCE PARTY OF THE YEAR AFTERWARDS!!!! UPSTAIRS AND DOWN!!!" on Cake Shop's Twitter. As someone who obsessively tracked down all the songs from Ferris Bueller's Day Off, this sounds like fun. No word on what bands are participating, but knowing Cake Shop we should get some of the usual NYC suspects I'd think. They've still got slots to fill, actually, so if you have a band and you've always wanted to cover The Flowerpot Men's "Beat City" or Oingo Boingo's "Wild Sex in the Working Class" or The Apartments' "The Shyest Time" drop a line to the Cake Shop folks (capeshokbooking@gmail.com). And ladies, if you can't decide which dress to wear, my advice is to stitch them together into one much worse looking creation. And then choose the wrong guy.

Videos, flyers, and tour dates are after the jump...

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photos by Justina Villanueva, words by Black Bubblegum


Jucifer has announced plans to release the "super limited" Autocannibalist split EP with Show of Bedlam, due this fall on Choking Hazard Records. The band is currently streaming a black metal and blackened-doom leaning tracks on their myspace.

The EP is exciting news, but it also provides an opportunity to report that the power grid is still intact following Jucifer's usual 4 trillion watt performance that rumbled, rattled, and rocked Cake Shop on July 15th with J.A.C.K. and Mount Vicious. If ever there was a band devoted to their craft, Jucifer is it, touring incessantly and calling the Winnebago parked outside of the venue (that they will stuff with SEVEN cabinets and a full cabinet-sized rack of effects) home. Jucifer is currently back on the road as part of an ongoing tour of Canada, and on to the West Coast and on and on and on....

Jucifer released L'Autrichienne on Relapse last year. Full tour dates for Jucifer as well as pics of them, J.A.C.K. & Mount Vicious are below...

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photos by Toby Tenenbaum

Peter, Bjorn, and John

"New York City rules. These guys just finished two nights at Madison Square Fucking Garden opening for Depeche Fucking Mode, and followed both gigs up with late night sets in venues about the size of my living room." [les pensées insouciantes]
And one of those gigs was right next door to the Living Room... Monday night at Cake Shop to be exact. That's where the pictures in this post are from...
"...it was a place to hear rarities, like the first US live performance of "People They Know" from their 2002 self-titled debut ("We wrote this when we were younger and slightly pretentious"), or a string of songs from 2004's Falling Out ("Far Away, By My Side," "(I Just Wanna) See Through," and the title track), or a bunch of covers they hadn't played in years, like the Nerves' "When You Find Out" and the Television Personalities' 1981 jam "Silly Girl."" [Stereogum]
Tuesday night was at Rockwood. Wednesday morning PB&J tweeted that they "just woke up after playing msg AND rockwood music hall yesterday. was it fun? yes." More pictures from Cake Shop below...

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John (more by Tim Griffin)

Peter Bjorn & John have been no stranger to NYC this new-album year. In March there was the show in a hotel, and in April it was Webster Hall and Music Hall of Williamsburg. It's now the third day of August and they are back for two more shows, each at the enormous Madison Square Garden; they're opening for Depeche Mode (weird match, I know). In November they (PB&J) might be back again. AND, last but not least, they are playing a list-only show at Cake Shop tonight (8/3) ("after midnight") ("Peter, Bjorn and John will be playing a stripped down set in this intimate setting for friends and fans").

The Stereogum-presented, intimate show was available to Stereogum contest winners (who have already been contacted), and I have some pairs to give out as well. Details on entering the contest below...

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words by Black Bubblegum, photos by Paul Birman


Saviours and Sourvein took over Union Pool on 7/29, with an assist going out to Children. The date was one of three for Saviours in the coming weeks, including supporting The Walkmen & Dinosaur Jr, as well as Cake Shop on 7/31 where they will team up with Pollution and Bezoar.

Pics from Union Pool (is that Natalie Portman?) and tour dates are below....

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photos by Tim Griffin

"Coconut Coolouts were better than Personal & the Pizzas tonite, but both were AWESOME." - maria t sciarrino


After a short time off due to the medical issues of a member, Michigan's Tyvek are back in action. Their current tour hit Silent Barn in Queens on Friday (7/24) and Cake Shop in Manhattan on Saturday 7/25). Both dates were with the silly Coconut Coolouts and the silly Personal and the Pizzas. Personal and the Pizzas also played played WFMU on Saturday. You can listen to that.

NYC's The German Measles were added last minute as opener to the Cake Shop show. That's the gig Tim photographed. More pictures from the show below...

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photos by Tim Griffin

DOWNLOAD: Ty Segall - It #1 (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Ty Segall - The Drag (MP3)

Ty Segall

Ty Segall is one of many great garage rock acts coming out of San Francisco these days. He recently swung into NYC for a set of dates at the end of June. The pictures here are from his June 27th gig at the Cake Shop w/ Charlie and the Moonhearts and Girls (who also played Mercury Lounge on that trip).

Ty's new, second record, Lemons was released this week on Goner Records. You can peep "It #1" off that, and one track from his debut, above.

Ty's future plans include playing the West Coast portion of Shonen Knife's North American tour in October and November. All tour dates, album art, track list, and pictures from Cake Shop are below...

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DOWNLOAD: Box Elders - Hole in My Head (MP3)

Box Elders @ Market Hotel in January (more by Tim Griffin)
Box Elders

Box Elders are heading out on a late summer tour that'll run through September. The trip includes NYC stops at the Cake Shop and Monster Island Basement on September 15th and 16th, respectively. The band just completed a tour with Cursive. That included one show at the Glass House in Pomona, CA...

"But unlike the thrashing, epic moodiness bandied about by Tim Kasher and gang, Box Elders had a tendency toward the lighter side of life. Offering a no frills mixture of bass, guitar and a drummer/keyboardist (I must admit, that was a pretty neat trick), Box Elders entertained the crowd with a puree of punk, pop and surf rock vibes (a bit odd for a band from Omaha, Nebraska but maybe that was the point). Bassist/vocalist Clayton McIntyre and his bro, guitarist/vocalist Jeremiah McIntryre attacked each tune with doubled, sing songy vocals that offered a bit of force behind Dave Goldberg's heavy handed drumming on songs like "One Foot in Front of the Other". All-in-all, their vaguely second wave brand of pop punk induced plenty of sweat amongst their biggest P-Town fans which seemed to bop up and down in the center of the crowd. The majority of us were pretty content with just standing there." [OC Weekly]
The band's debut LP, Alice and Friends--"named after the band's favorite cult run vegan Korean BBQ"-- is set to come out August 4th on Memphis's Goner Records (which, along with Matador Direct, is one of the labels that's distributing Jay Reatard's Shattered Records imprint which also has plans to work with Box Elders) (cover art and more here).

The A-side off the band's debut 7-inch is above. Some videos of the band that Bill took live at Bruar Falls in April, with all tour dates, below...

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photos by Zach Stern

Mika Miko
Mika Miko

IM // UR: Is the reason why you chose to go for a punk sound because you're not formally trained in playing your instruments?

Jenna from Mika Miko: We have been formally trained in punk music and we got christened at the Church of Satan.

How do you guys cope with touring? Who's period comes first (the dominant female always goes first and the rest align with hers)?

Jenna: We cope with touring by trying to relax very deeply whenever we can, sometimes cracking each other's backs and drinking kava kava, and organizing the van so that everything is like a Tetris maze, leaving us the most room possible (not very much). Also Seth gets his period first, and it stinks.

We read somewhere that you're all pretty vinyl crazy; how does this make you feel about the whole blog evolution and what how that whole scene has affected music?

Jenna: I myself am uninterested in music blogs because I think most critics have shitty opinions. I like when people share music with people that they think no one has heard, because that's useful and sweet.

The Mika Miko/Strange Boys tour played three gigs while in NYC. One happened June 13th at the Market Hotel (the other was Todd P's acoustic BBQ at Tilden Beach). The final one was June 14th at the Cake Shop with Silk Flowers and X-Ray Eyeballs. All pictures from that Manhattan show are below...

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by Bill Pearis

DOWNLOAD: Hatcham Social - So So Happy Making (MP3)

Hatcham Social

London's Hatcham Social are direct musical descendants of Orange Juice, Echo & the Bunnymen or, more recently, Clearlake: scratchy but melodic, with an occasional flair for the melodramatic, and very, very British. In the UK, they're signed to Fierce Panda, the label that first gave us Art Brut and, um, Coldplay; in the U.S they're with TBD Records, home of White Rabbits and Radiohead. Hatcham Social's long-time-coming debut, You Dig The Tunnel, I'll Hide The Soil, was co-produced by Tim Burgess of the Charlatans with whom they'll be touring this fall.

Before that, they'll be playing a handful of choice NYC shows over the next week or so, including Thursday's (6/18) Twee As Fuck party at Cake Shop that also features most of Slumberland's current roster: The Pains of Being Pure at Heart, Crystal Stilts, and Cause Co-Motion. Tickets ($10) to that show, by the way, can be bought in advance at either Cake Shop or Bruar Falls daily from noon to 10PM. Please note: "ONLY 200 TIX AVAILABLE!" Um... 200 people can fit in Cake Shop? UPDATE: Sold out, but tickets will be available at the door. Go early if you don't already have a ticket and want to get in.

Additionally, Hatcham Social are playing Mondo @ Don Hill's this Friday (6/19), and two dates with The Maccabees and Miike Snow: Saturday (6/20) at Music Hall of Williamsburg and Monday (6/22) at Mercury Lounge.

Check out the MP3 of "So So Happy Making" above, and there are videos, flyers and tour dates after the jump.

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