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by Bill Pearis

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This week is especially filthy with good shows so let's not waste any time. The biggest deal, at least for me, is the WAVVES / NODZZZ who are playing in town three times this weekend. Both are from California, spell their names in all-caps with repeated consonants and make lo-fi punky pop. San Diego's WAVVES seem to be getting most of the attention, with two records out in less than a year - last year's Wavves on Woodsist and the forthcoming Wavvves (note the extra V) on Fat Possum (it was originally on De Stijl). On record, WAVVES is basically one dude, Nathan Williams, but live they are a duo, and from the clips I've seen on YouTube, they are slightly less imposing live than on their distortion-on-everything recordings.

I'm more excited about NODZZZ, who are a trio from San Francisco and just released a great vinyl-only 12" on What's Your Rupture. (You can also get it on Emusic.) It's bratty and nasally and sounds a lot like the Dead Milkmen, but NODZZZ aren't as overtly jokey. They play Friday (2/6) at Market Hotel, Saturday (2/7) at Less Artists More Condos, and a Sunday (2/8) afternoon show at the Underground Lounge. All shows are with Woods and Blank Dogs.

Musée Mécanique
Musee Mecanique

Good show tonight (2/4) at Cake Shop. Portland's Musée Mécanique make baroque pop, heavy with mellotron, glockenspiel, and accordion. Their album from last year, Hold This Ghost, is quite lovely. It might be too precious for some, but I hear they are really good live (especially for you glockenspiel lovers) and would like to check them out. Also playing are locals Soft Black (not to be confused with The Soft Pack) who are starting to get some attention. I haven't seen them live but their new album, The Earth is Black (and Other Apocalyptic Lullabies for Children), has some good songs on it. And as this site mentioned previously, Dave Deporis opens.

Savoir Adore
Savoir Adore

One of my favorite new local bands, Savoir Adore, are playing Thursday at Bowery Ballroom, opening for Francis and the Lights. Fronted by Deidre Muro and Paul Hammer, Savoir Adore make the kind pristine guitar pop you used to hear a lot with '80s bands like The Go-Betweens and Let's Active but isn't so much in fashion these days. They aren't too far away from what Stars do, either, though less grandiose if you know what I mean. Ther EP Savoir Adore have out on Cantora Records is good, but is a concept record fairy tale thing that is good but not a very good introduction to the band. (Their proper debut will be out on Cantora this summer.) I've seen them a couple times and they are very, very good live. If you don't check them out at Bowery, keep their name in mind. Definitely one of my Bands to Watch in '09.

The Pains of Being Pure at Heart
The Pains of Being Pure at Heart

The Pains of Being Pure at Heart released their great debut album this week and are kicking off a month-long tour with The Deprecation Guild with a show this Saturday (2/7) at Mercury Lounge that also features their Slumberland label-mates cAUSE co-MOTION. It's sold out, but TPOPBAH play The Bell House on March 13 with awesome UK band Let's Wrestle (who are also playing a Todd P show but more on that later) and Knight School. Tickets are still on sale for that one.

The Mommyheads
The Mommyheads

Also Saturday (afternoon) at Union Hall is a (2pm) show that seems transported in a time machine from Brownies in 1997, with Babe the Blue Ox, Ida, and The Mommyheads. The night is actually the second-annual memorial tribute to Mommyheads drummer (and later for Beekeeper) Jan Kotik who lost a three-year battle with cancer in 2007. The Mommyheads, who I was unaware were back together, put out a new record last year, You're Not a Dream. As for Babe the Blue Ox, I never really got into them but they had a fervent following in the '90s. The original line-up got back together last year and are working on a new record so I'm told. And Ida have been making truly lovely folk-pop since the early-'90s, having grown from a duo to a four-piece over the years and are now on Polyvinyl, who released last year's underheard Lover's Prayers. Also on the bill: The Ditty Committee and Mighty High. It's a free afternoon show!


And finally in this overstuffed post, Cake Shop is having their first ever Yo Doo, a monthy swap meet type mart that is best explained in this press release:

YO DOO is a brand spanking new art + comix + small press + record fair that happens on the first Saturday of every month at New York City's Cake Shop. From noon till seven you can see + hear + buy + trade with the cream of D.I.Y. crop on both floors of the store, followed by a special live musical performance. We are looking for small publishers, record labels, printmakers, zinemakers, comix manufacturers, artists and crafters who want to want to sell their wares and have a good time. At YO DOO, Cake Shop is your shop.
Among the vendors will be Cake Shop's in-house label Cape Shok and this week Yo Doo also features performances from Love Panther and Baltimore's Sick Weapons. A full rundown of vendors at the Yo Doo blog. It's free admission. Buy stuff, it's what the goverment wants you to do!

Tour dates, flyers and videos below...

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photos by Fresh Bread


so many things have happened since we last spoke, dear internet

sweaty magic EP getting mad love globally :)
east coast tour from FL to NY, super rad!
arizona tour with why?
working on the new album a lot
sang a song for yo gabba gabba! (season 2, ep 12)
made lots of dj mixes/mixtapes that i'll soon share with you
heading to the east coast again at the end of jan
heading to sxsw with some buddies
having crisis of mind about the next record and how to make it feel like it feels
trying to do a lot of pushups
still no tattoos
need a pedicure like no-one's business
listening to a lot of magically great music - trouble funk, toumani diabete, debbie deb, flying lotus, 808s & Heartbreak :)
trying to go dancing and failing
eating a lot of raw cauliflower
ok that's just TMI
peace out
Rafter (Dec 22, 2008)

Rafter came through town this weekend to play Cake Shop (1/31) and then DJ Union Pool (the same night). Cake Shop was decorated in streamers because it was THE WORLD'S BIRTHDAY PARTY...
who is born in THE MONTH OF JANUARY (and is over 21), gets
FREE ADMISSION, FREE CAKE, a LITTLE GIFT from us to you at the door,
and 2 drink tickets!!
each party will be different in its own way, but rest assured it will be all about YOU.

we will be doing this every month for the rest of our existence!!
EACH FORTHCOMING MONTH will be curated by someone
who CAKESHOP would consider AWESOME and
also born in that month, that would construct an
dream bill of their own for themselves &
everyone else!

This show was curated by Derek Evers of Impose. Anamanaguchi was also on the bill. Rafter was accompanied by a drummer. More pictures below...

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Rafter is back. That wasn't long. Saturday night (1/31) you can catch him play a live set at Cake Shop. Later that night he'll be DJing at Union Pool. All dates below...

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photos by Fresh Bread

DOWNLOAD: Thomas Function - Belly of the Beast (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Thomas Function - Conspiracy (MP3)

Thomas Function

Thomas Function played Cake Shop in NYC Saturday night (1/24). FB wrote, "I missed the the openers except for three songs by Spanish Prisoners. Thomas Function came on shortly after 11pm and were off by 11:45. A good number of people in the crowd sang loudly as the band raced through their songs. Their geeky garage rock vibe came across as endearing. All was good during the set except for the few seconds when it smelled like burnt carpet - an amp shorted out and was a few seconds away from causing a fire..."

Thomas Function also played inside Other Music record store on Friday, and they play again tonight, Sunday January 25th, at Mercury Lounge with Don Chambers and Goat and Trampled by Turtles. More Cake Shop pictures below...

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by Andrew Frisicano

DOWNLOAD: MV & EE and the Golden Road - Anyway (MP3)

MV and EE

The New England psych-raga rockers MV+EE and the Golden Road are playing tonight (1/20) at Cake Shop (set at 11pm, $7, 21+), and tomorrow (1/21) at Monster Island Basement with Spectre Folk, Kurt Vile, Pink Reason, and Christian DeRoek of Little Gold (8pm, $7, all ages). After a Jan/Feb tour down the East Coast, MV+EE will then get back to NYC for a February 27 gig at Lutheran Church of the Messiah in Greenpoint with Marissa Nadler and Mountainhood (a.k.a. Michael Curtis Hilde who's hosting the gig as part of his The Story series - this one is Chapter XII: Blisses).

Today, MV+EE and the Golden Road dropped a new duo-and-friends LP/CD, Drone Trailer, this time on San Francisco's Dicristina Stair Builders label. The band, fond of recording and releasing albums, worked with Thurston Moore's Ecstatic Peace label on 2007's Gettin' Gone and last year's Astral Bleachers/Big Moment limited-edition live bootleg. The band's blog also reports that "[MV+EE] got some deep live archives being waxed for heroine celestial agriculture[EE's label] for the jan/feb tour as well as a sweet deluxe C.O.M. - all heads be united." I'm not really sure what that last part means...

Thurston Moore recently gave his Top 10 of 2008 - listing MV Carbon's The Dislodged Parahelion CD at No. 7. MV Carbon, a Brooklyn multi-instrumentalist, is a similarly dubbed, but totally different person than MV+EE's Matt Valentine. All tour dates and a video below...

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photos by Lori Baily

DOWNLOAD: These are Powers - Life of Birds (MP3)

These Are Powers
These Are Powers

These are Powers headlined the New Years Eve show at Cake Shop this year. Electric Tickle Machine and Dan Friel opened.

These Are Powers' upcoming shows include opening for Ponytail January 23rd at Bell House (Pattern is Movement is also on the bill) (tix), January 30th at Danbro Studios, February 6th at 92yTribeca, and February 13th at Secret Project Robot in celebration of their new Dead Oceans album All Aboard Future (out 2/17).

With All Aboard Future, These Are Powers have embraced collaborators, demonstrating their participating in not only a music community, but a community of ideas. The band invited 13 artists from Chicago, New York and Beijing to interpret All Aboard Future, either drawing from the musical ideas of the album or solely the album title. The artwork adorns the pages of All Aboard Future's accompanying booklet. Photography, painting, collage, text and more--the record becomes the collective expression of artists creating in many media.

All Aboard Future was written and recorded in Chicago during the summer of 2008, and follows the band's 2007 debut LP, Terrific Seasons, and 2008's six song Taro Tarot. All Aboard Future is not just a new album from These Are Powers. It's a seismic shift. A new idea. And the sentiment is real. All Aboard Future!

Grab the first officially released MP3 from the album above. Dan Friel NYE pics HERE. The rest from Cake Shop below...

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photos by Chris Becker

Dirty on Purpose @ Mercury Lounge in NYC - Dec 31, 2008
Dirty on Purpose

Dirty on Purpose said their final goodbyes at Mercury Lounge in NYC on New Years Eve. As announced less than a month earlier, they're "going the way of the dodo", but "reserve the right to change our minds and get back together in six months". Regardless, as they also pointed out, there are pleny of side other projects to keep them busy and us entertained.

Joe and the Flying Spoons (Joe's band) and Purse Snatchers (Doug's band) have a show scheduled this Sunday (1/4) at Cake Shop with Uninhabitable Mansions. As we've also pointed out before, Uninhabitable Mansions includes CYHSY's Robbie and Tyler, and Au Revoir Simone's Annie Hart who is also in Purse Snatchers.

Au Revoir Simone's Erika Forster used to be in Dirty on Purpose. As you can see from the picture above, they brought her back to join them for their final show at Mercury Lounge that A Place to Bury Strangers headlined (and helped ring in 2009) (Mr. Brownstone played the late-late show in the same club later the same night).

Purse Snatchers also have a show coming at Cake Shop (again) on February 26th with Coin Under Tongue who are also playing Death By Audio on February 28th with Sisters. Death by Audio is the warehouse space in the same Brooklyn building that houses Death By Audio the effects pedal company which is owned by Oliver Ackermann whose band is A Place to Bury Strangers and who oversees is associated with the new Death By Audio label (where all the bands do everything for themselves according to the below comment). The two bands currently signed to the Death by Audio label are Sisters and Coin Under Tongue. George from Dirty on Purpose is in Coin Under Tongue.

More pictures from New Years Eve below...

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here's some new pictures & tour dates with a sort of old interview (that I'd rather post than throw away) (hope you don't mind)....


words by Black Bubblegum, photos by Lori Baily

Dan Friel @ Cake Shop, NYC - New Years Eve (Dec 31, 2008)
Dan Friel

ATP NY (2008) (think all the way back to September for a second) was littered with luminaries. We've previously documented our run-ins with some of the great performers, but we also ran into a few artists who were just there for the good time. One of those artists was Dan Friel.

Friel is probably best known for his participation in Parts & Labor, the Brooklyn experimental noise pop/rock band he formed in 2002 with BJ Warshaw (also of Shooting Spires). Over the years, Parts & Labor have released three LPs and multiple seven-inches, contributed to many a compilation, and even dropped a split LP with Tyondai Braxton (Battles). All along, Dan Friel has been working on solo material... dropping EPs and a cassette leading up to 2008's triumphant Ghost Town, out now on Important.

We cornered Dan Friel at ATP (literally... he could NOT escape) for a couple minutes to discuss the festival and his plans for the next few months.


So Dan, what were some of the motivating factors for you coming to ATP? What are some of the bands you really wanted to check out?

Dan Friel: Today I'm pretty excited about seeing Polvo. I've been sort of starting to listen to them again, a bunch in the last couple of years which I think a lot of people have, and it will be great to see them play again. I haven't seen Lightning Bolt in a couple of years, so that'll be pretty cool. I've never seen Low, and that's kind of a big deal because I like their records quite a bit. And Fuck Buttons and Alexander Tucker are both friends and amazing people. So I'm excited to check that out.

continued below...

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photos by Chris La Putt

Melpo Mene

Melpomène ("to sing" or "the one that is melodious"), initially the Muse of Singing, she then became the Muse of Tragedy, for which she is best known now. Her name was derived from the Greek verb melpô or melpomai meaning "to celebrate with dance and song." She is often represented with a tragic mask and wearing the cothurnus, boots traditionally worn by tragic actors. Often, she also holds a knife or club in one hand and the tragic mask in the other. On her head she is shown wearing a crown of cypress. Melpomene is the daughter of Zeus and Mnemosyne. Her sisters include Calliope (muse of epic poetry), Clio (muse of history), Euterpe (muse of flute playing), Terpsichore (muse of dancing), Erato (muse of erotic poetry), Thalia (muse of comedy), Polyhymnia (muse of hymns), and Urania (muse of astronomy).

In Roman and Greek poetry, it was traditional[citation needed] to invoke the goddess Melpomene so that one might create beautiful lyrical phrases (see Horace's Odes). [Wikipedia]

Sweden's Melpo Mene performed four times in three days in NYC, all solo. His first was at Mercury Lounge (where he wore blue makeup). His third was upstairs at Cake Shop (where he wore red). Later that night (last night) (12/12) he played a show with Takka Takka and Loney Dear at The Bell House. More pictures from Cake Shop below...

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Gary Lucas
Gary Lucas

Lucas has played and collaborated with Leonard Bernstein, Captain Beefheart, Jeff Buckley, Chris Cornell, Lou Reed, John Cale, Nick Cave, David Johansen. He has also worked with Mary Margaret O'Hara, Onetwo, Peter Stampfel, Fred Schneider (B-52s), Bob Neuwirth, Geoff Muldaur, John Sebastian, John Zorn, Bryan Ferry, Patti Smith, Kate and Anna McGarrigle, Matthew Sweet, DJ Spooky, Damo Suzuki, Iggy Pop, Dr. John, Allen Ginsberg, Graham Parker, The Dark Poets, Future Sound of London, Van Dyke Parks, Adrian Sherwood,Richard Barone, Bob Weir, Warren Haynes (Allman Brothers, Gov't Mule), Kristin Diable and many others. Jazz collaborations include Roswell Rudd, Steve Swallow, Joe Lovano, Dave Liebman, and Billy Bang. Some of these collaborations appear on his retrospective album Improve the Shining Hour, which also features his film and TV music for ABC News, 20/20 and Turning Point. He has produced albums for composer/saxophonists Tim Berne and Peter Gordon, and for the French avant-rock band Tanger. He co-wrote Joan Osborne's Grammy-nominated song "Spider Web" from her triple platinum album Relish.

Lucas co-wrote two of the songs, "Grace" and "Mojo Pin", from Jeff Buckley's popular and critically acclaimed album Grace. Early collaborations can also be heard on the recent Jeff Buckley and Gary Lucas album Songs To No One, which charted internationally with worldwide sales approaching 100,000. [Wikipedia]

Tonight/Wednesday at Cake Shop in NYC: Gary Lucas's band Gods & Monsters, Tommy Ramone's bluegrass band Uncle Monk, and Radio I-Ching (Andy Haas) with special guest James Chance - all on sthe same bill. Lots of talent and legendary status in the basement tonight (12/3).

The show is the first in Dee Pop's returning monthly Freestyle Music Series. According to Dee Pop, who also plays in Radio I-Ching, "Freestyle does not mean Free Jazz. It means free of categories. It doesn't mean anything. It means everything.". The January 21st show will feature Brown Wing Overdrive, Sediment Club, and Mostly Others Do the Killing. The dates after that are February 25, March 25, and April 22 - all at Cake Shop. Check out an Uncle Monk video below...

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(King Khan and) BBQ @ MHOW, CMJ (more by Kyle Dean Reinford)

today in NYC
* Fastball @ Maxwell's
* Jim Gaffigan @ Town Hall
* Arlo Guthrie @ Carnegie Hall
* Harry Connick Jr @ City Center
* Fishbone @ Knitting Factory
* Real Estate @ Cake Shop (free, late)
* Dr. Lonnie Smith Trio @ Iridium Jazz Club
* They Might Be Giants @ (le) poisson rouge
* Devon Williams & The Feverfew @ Cake Shop
* Ewan Pearson & 2020 Soundsystem @ Studio B
* The So So Glos, Lidia Stone, Radiates & Banzai @ Silent Barn
* El Guincho & Prefuse 73 (both DJ sets) @ (le) poisson rouge
* Gang Gang Dance, Marnie Stern & 18th Dye @ Santos Party House
* Amazing Baby, MBAR, The Muggabears & My Best Fiend @ Mercury Lounge
* King Khan & BBQ Show, Golden Triangle & The Jacuzzi Boys @ Music Hall of Williamsburg

What do you think of Fishbone in 2008? They play Knitting Factory tonight.

King Khan is also at Bowery Ballroom on Sunday. That show is with Vivian Girls.

Dr. Lonnie Smith (master of the Hammond B3 organ) and Jim Gaffigan (comedian) also continue their multiple night NYC runs on Sunday.

The Game was born today in 1979.

Tina Turner hits MSG on Monday - the same night Snow Patrol play their small venue show at Bowery Ballroom.

"I feel like I invite music into my life rather than solicit it. I like peppering my career with very successful music as opposed to going out in a very highly competitive field and missing a lot to get the occasional hit. I have the luxury of doing that because film is my primary career." - says John Travolta on singing in Bolt.

They Might Be Giants play Apollo 18 in its entirety at Le Poisson Rouge tonight (early). El Guincho and Prefuse 73 DJ Le Poisson Rouge tonight (late). They Might Be Giants play Le Poisson Rouge again on January 31st. El Guincho plays Le Poisson Rouge on December 2nd.

The Real Estate show tonight at Cake Shop is a free late show after the 4-band bill Devon Williams is playing.

Todd P isn't currently listing any shows, but says, "...a bit of a quiet spell for me. Don't worry though, there are a whole lot of secret(ish) shows in the works, plus some much much bigger plans still in the early but very time consuming stages..."

The Christmas tree lighting @ South Street Seaport is today. The Big Apple Chorus will be there today and every weekend until Christmas. Ice skating and other (more fun) live music is coming to the Seaport soon too. Rockefeller Center's tree gets lit on December 3rd.

Jdimytai Damour, RIP

Video of Reverend Billy preaching in Union Square on Buy Nothing Day (Black Friday) (yesterday) below...

What else?

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Devon Williams

"As the leader of one of most infamous Socal and Epitaph punkrockbands during the late '90s and early 2000s, Devon Williams from Osker has inpired hearts and souls all over the world. Even since the bands break-up in 2002, Osker is still considered one of the most underrated punkrockbands Epitaph ever had to offer. Since then he has moved on to different musical projects such as the folk quartet "Lavender Diamond", his own "Fingers-Cut Megamachine!" and more recently his pop/rock band called Devon Williams & The Obvious Answer. They just put out their first full-length called Carefree" [Never Go Inside]
LA's Devon Williams is on tour with the reunited 18th Dye, and for that reason both artists will be in NYC on Saturday night (11/29), but for one night they won't be on the same bill. 18th Dye managed to get themselves on the super Santos bill of Marnie Stern and Gang Gang Dance, SO Devon will be playing at Cake Shop instead. Check out a video of Devon and band performing in Amoeba Records over the summer, and all tour dates, below...

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80s Hardcore

80s Hardcore bill themselves as "The World's First and Only 80s Hardcore Cover Band", and although their MySpace doesn't list any of the members, we do know that the masked man is Vice co-founder Gavin McInnes, who if you didn't know last week, you may have learned about in that recent "hipster" "news" video.

80s Hardcore is playing a free show at Cake Shop tonight/Friday (which means there are at least two reasons to go to Cake Shop today). What songs do I think they will play? Funny you should ask because their entire planned setlist, along with the flyer and a video, is below...

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DOWNLOAD: Rafter - Sweat (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Rafter - Salt (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Rafter - Juicy (MP3)


The EP began as a collaborative project with photographer Lizeth Santos to complete an art project a day. For Rafter, this often meant a self-made song entirely from production, vocals, to instrumentation, accompanied by a corresponding photograph from Lizeth. Asthmatic Kitty published a handful of these on their website, and they made their way onto blogs and forums from there.
Rafter's Sweaty Magic EP was released by Asthmatic Kitty in September. Three of the seven tracks on the disc are available at the top of this post for free. One of those songs first appeared on this blog last year.

TONIGHT (Friday, November 21) Rafter plays a very rare NYC show at Cake Shop at 8PM (his actual posted set time). That's it. 8 PM on a Friday, one Rafter show and then he's probably going right back to San Diego to live in obscurity for another two years.

A video and his only other scheduled date, below...

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photos by Kyle Dean Reinford


"In Norway, Casiokids' shows involve props, shadow puppets, papier mache heads, streamers and balloons, but judging by this show [at Cake Shop on Saturday] they don't need all that to make a great party. Armed with a bunch of bargain basement keyboards (most of which were, yes, Casios), homemade shakers (that I thought were bottles of some weird creamy drink till they started shaking them), and a whole lot of enthusiasm, Casiokids barreled through a 25-minute set -- once they finally got all their equipment to work. While I'm not so crazy about their 2007 debut, Fuck Midi!, they did mostly new material at Cake Shop and all of it was great. Poppier, funkier, better..... Casiokids, please come back soon!
[Bill Pearis]
Denmark's Kirsten Ketjser,the UK's Bearsuit, Casiokids, and Casiokids' friends from Norway Real Ones all shared a Friday afternoon bill at Seaport Music's 'On the Side' venue. More pictures of Casiokids from that show below...

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Photos by Kyle Dean Reinford


The marathon, which concluded on Saturday night, was created in 1980 by the weekly college-radio newsletter once called College Music Journal and now known as CMJ New Music Report. It started as a pre-Web way to share information, practical knowledge and contacts among the many do-it-yourself bands discovered and nurtured by noncommercial college radio, groups that at the time were just beginning to create lines of communication between local scenes. [NY Times]
Cake Shop and Pianos are a set of conveniently located neighboring LES venues that each host bands almost non-stop during CMJ week. Throw in the Livng Room, and Ludlow between Stanton and Rivington can be a very efficient area to spend time during the days of the festival. Kyle spent Tuesday at the Pop Tarts party at Cake Shop before heading to Music Hall for the official BV showcase. Among the many bands on the Cake Shop bill were Women who went on to play many more shows throughout the week including the BV one at Knitting Factory on Saturday afternoon/evening. More pictures from Tuesday (10/21) afternoon below...

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by Bill Pearis


Even if you don't have a badge, CMJ (Oct 21-25 in NYC) can be overwhelming... especially these days with the proliferation of day parties, unofficial showcases and afterparties. Running around like a crazy person trying to catch everyone you want to see can be fun, but sometimes it's not such a bad idea just to pick one place and stay there. With that in mind, I've picked one day party and one evening showcase for each of the five days, as well as late night parties where applicable. The guide to Wednesday (10/22) is below...

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photos by Kyle Dean Reinford

Parenthetical Girls can be very touching
Parenthetical Girls

Evangelicals bring the creepiness to Cake Shop's basement

Parethetical Girls played an emotional, energetic and crowd-interactive show in the cozy basement of Cake shop last night (Oct 02). It was the first show PG played here in a while - their last scheduled NYC appearance was cancelled due to mechanical issues. Pwrfl Power, who played a show at Union Hall one night earlier, was in the crowd...and blogged about it...

I headed to Cake Shop after dinner where my big brothers Parenthetical Girls played.
They played very good. it gets better everytime.
I didn't catch the Evangelicals.
He missed another great set then. Miracles of Modern Science and Muggabears were also on the four-artist bill. Rude Bear was also in the house. More pictures below...

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Pogo in Togo

POGO IN TOGO preents:
@ Cake Shop


Even if you've never heard of Belaire, you might recognize one of the members in the picture above. You can catch the Austin band TONIGHT (June 27) at Cake Shop with Adventure and Jeffrey Lewis and then again tomorrow at Market Hotel with the Trachtenburg Family Slideshow Players. All tour dates below.

Speaking of Jeff Lewis, he's been so busy lately playing shows with everyone and their mother including two local ones just this past week with Herman Dune. Now tonight he has two shows scheduled. First is the Cake Shop thing (he's on at 8pm) AND then I guess he's rushing over to Sound Fix as quickly as possible because they've also got him listed:

Jun 27, 2008 8PM Jeffrey Lewis & more (Jesse Garbacik benefit)
Jeffrey Lewis (anti-folk on Rough Trade) + Kate Ferencz + Archipelago + The Best Thing Ever + Laura Stevenson. Benefit for the Jesse Garbacik scholarship at USM. Free show/donations accepted.
All dates below....

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photos by Zach Dilgard

Loto Ball Show

Loto Ball Show played Knitting Factory with Silver Apples last night (June 24, 2008).

Loto Ball Show reminded me of Fugazi if you fed them a boat loat of crack cocaine. I was very surprised that they were the band preceding Silver Apples set - it was a bit of an odd pairing but somehow worked well together. -Zach
Tonight (June 25), Loto Ball Show play another NYC show - this time at Cake Shop with Indian Jewelry (one of their 3 NYC shows). Silver Apples (who Loto Ball show is on tour with) isn't playing, but Simeon Coxe is DJing the show that also has Pocahaunted and a couple of other bands on the bill. The flyer and more pics from last night below....

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photo by Accidents Will Happen, words by Nick Masi

Love is All

Love Is All played their first of three NYC area shows last night at Cake Shop as a part of the annual NYC Popfest (June 12, 2008). The sold out show had a solid bill and included Oh! Custer, who, like Love Is All, hails from Sweden.

The band played a few cuts off their soon to be released album A Hundred Things Keep Me Up At Night. The songs were great and had that classic Love Is All sound. They also covered A Flock of Seagulls' "I Ran (So Far Away)," which is available on their tour-only covers EP. Nothing compared to the old stuff though! Songs like "Busy Doing Nothing" and "Aging Had Never Been His Friend" got the crowd fired up. As the band came out for the encore, they asked for requests. Their frantic song "Spinning and Scratching" won. and the show ended with lead singer Josephine Olausson joining the crowd on the floor - jumping around, and screaming the lyrics!

Love Is All have two more NYC shows to go - one at Market Hotel on June 14 (tomorrow) and the other on June 16 (Monday) at the Bowery Ballroom. They're also playing a few more places on the East Coast. NYC Popfest continues tonight at Pianos and Don Hill's.


"just announced: this show is RSVP only! there is a hold limit of 2 per person. Please email your full name to: cakeshopnyc@gmail.com to insure entry & pay at the door."

This is a NYC Popfest show. Popfest passes are sold out. That means they opened this RSVP for the difference between Cake Shop capacity and the total number of passes they sold.

You can also see Love is All @ Bowery Ballrom and Market Hotel.

Love is All

soon. very soon.

i tend to wake up way too early when excited. and getting up at five this morning must indicate that i'm very, very excited about leaving for new york soon. it could also have something to do with the fact that the sun rises around 3 am these days. or the seagulls that live outside my window. oh, well. i still don't have the visa in my hand, but it should be on it's way to gothenburg as i type.
yesterday we made another 100 copies of that cover cdr to bring to over to sell at the shows. and last weekend i screen printed a bunch of tote bags in my kitchen. we are all set.

so, yeah, there's another show booked, at the bowery ballroom. i understand that the place is big. and the tickets kind of pricey. that all makes me very nervous. for those of you who decide to come we promise special treats, we will sell our merch a little cheaper and maybe play songs we don't play that often. requests are welcome.

it looks like it's going to be another very sunny day here today (it hasn't rained here in over a month), i must try to go swimming in the sea again before we're off.

can't wait.

josephine (Love is All)

Crystal Stilts have been added as opener to the Bowery show. Crystal Stilts lost a van back in February. Crystal Stilts got a really high Pitchfork review in May.

Crystal Stilts are also playing Cake Shop on June 29th with Tickley Feather, PWRFL Power, and Rings. Tickley Feather and Rings are on the same record label.

caUSE co-MOTION! have been added as opener to the Love is All Market Hotel show. caUSE co-MOTION! and Love is All are on the same record label.

The Love is All show at Cake Shop is part of NYC Popfest.

All Love is All tour dates HERE. All Crystal Stilts tour dates below...

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Olive Juice

"Jeffrey Lewis, Paleface, Roger Manning, Schwervon, Toby Goodshank, and Huggabroomstik, are Among the 30+ Bands and Artists to Perform May 24th and 25th at Cake Shop...."

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